Having problems with your 1997 Ford Expedition ?

Check engine blanks runs a little ruf has a little hastation

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You need to check if there are any codes stored in the computer that you can retrieve,that will tell why your light blinked
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Check engine blanks runs a little ruf has a little hastation

You need to check if there are any codes stored in the computer that you can retrieve,that will tell why your light blinked ... 1997 Ford Expedition

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus SEL, the check engine light is on and when I had them run the codes they said it was running "lean" on both banks. What could cause this? Some have said it could be the O2 sensor or a fuel pump. The car only has 49,000 miles on it and runs fine. Gas mileage is down a little but overall it runs smooth. I cant get an inspection sticker until the check engine light is taken care of. Any help would be very appreciated.

... 2003 Ford Taurus

I have a 91 honda accord automatic with 2 fuel problems. one is when you run the car for a little and the check engine lights comes on sometime the car will when coming to a stop get a low rpm and shut off. it will restart tho but only run up to 2500 rpm but miss like crazy backfire and barley run. other problem is if you start the car and check engine light is in rite away the car has a rev limitor at 3000 rpm for some reason does anyone know what this cud be?

Your master air flow sencor has go out or you need to have it clean sound like it has moister build up get a can of mafs cleaner at your local auto parts ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have 2003 baja with check engine light ON. I check the code P0030. I did replace catalytic converter and both sensors with new one. After replacing both sensors I did reset code with code sensor. but still CHECK ENGINE LIGHT turned OFF until car running. When I turn the car off and little later starat the engine CHECK ENGINE LIGHT comes back. Is this normal or it takes some time to reset light?

... 2003 Subaru Outback

I press the gas at stop, and it barely moves. As i let up off gas it does move a little more. seems like the less gas , the better it runs. Ihad a check engine light and it said replace o2 sensors which i did. Now theres no check engine light but truck is still doing same thing. If i turn truck off and restart it, it will run okay for a few blocks, then back to the hesitation

... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 1999 saturn sl it has 130000 miles it runs good the check engine light came on with code po113 had it check at auto zone it says air intake temp circut it runs good but when i reach 50 on the highway the steering wheel just shakes a little nothing major when i turn on the car in the moring the sterring wheel shakes a little it says sensor open or shorted replace sensor i cant find that sensor can you please tell me where it is in a pitcher where its located and if i can replace it mysel

1st the sensor is part of the sensor array for the engine's fuel injection system and has nothing to do with the front end, that sounds like u have worn front end parts like tie rod ends or worn Constant ... Saturn SL

92 cadillac 4 door 4.9 engine 256 k, basically won't run right. Won't keep timing , goes around corner and konks out. Won't start some times , only to start and won't even run in idle, in idles engines runs rough, backfires and speeds up and slows down by it self. Mechanic checked all grounds and computer would not give any codes or just blank. So he replaced computer and used same prongs from old computer to new one , just as book calls for. Still car won't run right , Mechanic says car doe

Check the distributor. See if the shaft bushings are loose. ... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1986 4wd p.u efi that that i got from relatives who put an engine in thier selfs the motor runs alittle rough ive changed the fuel filter checked plug wires distribter cap rotor put some fuel additive in it still nothing and also has a little noise when you accelarte wondering if the timing is off alittle tryed turning the distribter alittle bit makes it run alittle faster but still runs rough how do you check the timing and if needed set it

Well timing can be check with a simple timimg lite it should be around 10' of advance, but for running a little rough those engines are notorius for that,these also have a timing chain instead of a belt, so jumping rarely happens, make sure you are u ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

I have a 2007 Saturn ION, been wonderful so far, I have a little over 90,000 mi on it, now my "check engine" light appears then disappears, I'm getting the p0300 error, something about it misfiring, It idles poorly and when the "check engine" light is lit up, it tends to "kick" as I accelerate, but seems to run well when the "engine" light is NOT lit up, any "idears"

I've had the same problem before. Autozone had a code reader and said that it was/had misfired on cylinder #3, which will trigger the check engine light. Start with the cheapest and easiest fix first, install new spark plugs. If that works, great! ... 2007 Saturn ION-2 Quad Coupe

I have a Can OBD2 scan tool my check engine light came on saw it PO171 system too lean bank #1 checked engine did not find anything loose or whatever so I cleared the light it came back on in two days same thing is this a oxgen sensor or where do i go from here. the engine is running a little rough

The codes I hear about most from Ford owners are P0171 or P0174; Fuel system lean, Bank 1 or 2. Now these codes indicate the engine is not getting enough fuel. This can be due to several factors, a bad Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS), vacuum leak ... Ford Explorer Sport

My '03 Ford Explorer has only 77,000 mi. on it. check engine light came on so I took it in and the mechanic said to get a tune up, which I did. Check engine light remains on and it runs a little rough,( mostly when at a stop light or when it idles) . SO we took it to the Ford dealer. they ran a bunch of tests and said they need to pull the engine and replace all the piston rings. Cost would be about $3,000.00.also , it is sucking gas like crazy. Any ideas out there? 3 mechanics says its "safe" t

Is it blowing blue smoke out the exhuast pipe or lose of compression? Then that means you have bad rings. What where the codes that they got out of the computer? Sounds like the dealer is trying to rip you off unless you never did oil changes to the ... 2003 Ford Explorer

When braking the engine revs reduce so far that the engine cuts out, it starts with a little difficulty but runs a little unevenly, revs dipping. It is possible to drive and behaves itself at speed but again when coming to rest the engine will either dip it's revs or cut out. Checked plugs, ht leasd, coil etc any clues

Sounds like an air filter cloged or a vacume leak. Check your air filter, and look at all the small hoses for rot or a break in them. Pulling in too much air will cause this also, ie vacume leak.  ... 1993 Chevrolet Astro

95 honda accord dx with 2.2 non vtec won't stay running. Checked the ignition switch and main fuel relay. Changed fuel pump and filter. I am getting fuel to the fuel rail but the engine isn't getting gas. The car starts for about one second then dies. If fuel is added thru the air intake it will stay running for a little bit. Any ideas on what to check next?

Hello\015\012You say you checked the ignition switch, you are 100% sure that isn't the problem? this year and indeed most 1990's Honda"s has a problem with the electrical contacts in the ignition starter switch, the symptom is the car will run ... 1995 Honda Accord

2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5SL car bought used, overheats while running in parking lot or extended slow driving <5mph. Has done it three times. No overheating or symptoms while driving at speed. Fuses seem to be okay. Fans are simply not coming on when needed and there is no check engine light when it happens. Checked underhood fan fuse block with meter and both fan fuses are good (little green block with ignition and two fan fuseable links encased) I can't say that I've ever heard the fans run on

Something that you can check is to unplug the fans. There should be a connector that unplugs on each fan. Check for DC voltage on both fans. One fan should come on when you run the A/C and the other fan should come on when the car gets over 190 degre ... 2006 Nissan Maxima

2005 ion-2/ check gas cap light came on.... I stopped the car(still running) removed the gas cap & tightened it back on. When I got in the car the gas cap message was off but the engine light was on. drove for a little while(car acting normally) then stopped & shut the car off for a few minutes. Turned the car back on...Engine light still on. Help.... Car is running normally...accelleration is ok. What is possible problem or Sollution? Thanks for your time. Marc

When you remove the cap it set an evap code nothing to worry about. take it to a garage and have the code removed. ... 2005 Saturn ION

I have a 2006 nissan frontier with a 2.5 litre engine that has a misfire in the #4 cylinder. Compression is good, the fuel pressure checked out good, the wiring connections, coil, fuel injector, and sensors have been replaced, but when driving the check engine light will come on and the vehicle will run a little rough. What else may be the problem?

... 2006 Nissan Frontier

Ford Taurus 1998 3.0 engine v6 How do I check the wiring that plugs into the alternator? The plug has 3 wires. I do not know what they do so not sure if when checking if engine needs to be running or off or what is ground and what is power. I do know the main red wire going to alternator has power. #1(orange & gray stripe? This wire is a little heavier gage than the other 2) #2(White with black stripe this wire loops back into the alternator with a plug) #3(green with black stri

Testing the amperage output of the alternator is good for measuring the amount (not the level) of voltage the alternator can produce. This test can be tricky because if the alternator is weak it can still show it as producing amperage. Which is good, ... Ford Taurus

Starts up then dies sometimes idles but sounds like **** smells like gas in the cab real bad it happen when i was going down the road it was running fine then i was going up a hill and gave it a little gas and it started sounding like it was running out of gas but i still had a quarter and the reduce engine power light and check engine light came on

Better have it scanned for codes ... could be anything from a bad 02 sensor to a plugged catalytic. Make sure you have a look around for a leaking fuel line as well. ... 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4. The check engine light came on a little bit ago, and ever since then it's had problems shifting out of first gear. I'll be running 4000 rpm for miles before it shifts. The transmission fluid is full, and it doesn't ever overheat even though it's running so high. I've taken it to several shops, had diagnostics ran, and every shop says something different. We replaced the speed sensor and that helped a little but it still doesn't work properly.

It is most likley the throttle position sensor"mine wouldn't shift into 5th gear because of it" if it bad or worn out it not sending the correct signal to the computer telling the transmission to shift out. before you get lied to by the auto parts st ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

ABS Light went on, followed by check brake light, engine started running a little rough. Pulled over brakes and fluid OK, Tried to start car turned over slow, and fired, Tach very erratic and at 1500 RPM. turned off car, went to restart, sol clicked would not start dashboard dark. Checked Battery pos term dirty, cleaned term, reattached term, Did removing the term re set computer? car started and appears to run fine. Any ideas?

A bad electrical connection can cause a number of lights to come on, have any lights returned since cleaning and reinstalling the terminal? if not then the loose connection probably caused all that you saw. Hope this helps, let me know. ... 2004 Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 Monte Carlo, LS, 3.1L. Having a little charging system issue. The battery appears to be dead (does not start engine). So, I jump the battery with a portable jumpstart device (from Costco and works perfectly everytime). But, I can run for quite a distance and as soon as I turn off the engine and immediately go to start back up.. same thing.. no juice. Now, I check the voltage on battery, not running, and it reads around 10-11 volts.. same as with my F350(and no problem in start

Providing the battery cables are in good condition,it would be the alternator again as the rest of the system is all internal in the alternator. ... 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

My 1997 ford contour will not stay running. I can turn it on and will run for a little bit but once you hit a higher speed the car dies. I have had the alternator check and the battery they are both working great.ON this i have replaces the engine, water pump, belts, and timing. I am now being told it has something to do with the wiring of the car. I was told when the guy took out the engine and put it back in he did not hook up something right. I think need the wiring mad for the car. Oh and it

... 1997 Ford Contour

Engine light came on checked problem and got code P0420 / P0325 with the message, Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) Knock sensor 1 CKT Malfunktion. The only symptoms are running a little rough at idle and seems to be using a lot of gas (a little over 10mi/gallon). It Fail smog check . any information you could offer would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

Hi,\015\012\015\012p0420 is ur bank 2 o2 sensor that mean is the 02 sensor either on the cat or on the engine pipe and knock sensor for the car is always go bad.\015\012\015\012You will need to replace the knock sensor unless ... Nissan Xterra

I have a 99 dodge ram 1500 with 5.2 the check engine light comes on for a while then stays off for a while the only codes I found its multiple misfire codes I put new plugs and wires still does the same thing one cylindle shows low compression when check engine light is on but off it runs a little better what could that be.

... Cars & Trucks

My 2001 Ford Expedition started making a clicking/knocking sound from the 5.4L engine, u can really only hear on driver side. I have never had any oil problems, no oil leaks, etc. I checked for any loose items...nothing found. When the vehicle is driven the sound gets a little louder when accelerating. I suspect that a rod may be bad but the engine runs great, good power still, etc. The vehicle has 134K miles on it. Are there any checks I can perform to determine what may be the problem? It does

If it's awd check front driveshaft, I have a 01 awd an had the same thing when I give it gas knocking get loud, I removed the front drive shaft an the sound is gone an my mpg has went from 10 mph to 17 mph, their Is a bearing on the trains, that goes ... 2001 Ford Expedition
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