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1997 ford exibition xlt my interior light and running board lights wont go off along wiith the door ajar light on dash board. please help

\015 1997 ford exibition xlt\015\012my interior light and running board lights wont go off along wiith the door ajar light on dash board. please help\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Take some WD40 and open the doors and spray a liberal amount into each of the door latches. Then open and close the doors firmly several times. This will work most of the time to unstick the ajar switches.
Are they on on both sides or just one? It may be the switch inside the drivers side door. The switch is part of the door latch assembly. The other things could be a broken wire in the door jam or the timer module is defective.
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1997 ford exibition xlt my interior light and running board lights wont go off along wiith the door ajar light on dash board. please help

Take some WD40 and open the doors and spray a liberal amount into each of the door latches. Then open and close the doors firmly several times. This will work most of the time to unstick the ajar switches. ... 1997 Ford Expedition

I also have 98 neon with "door ajar" light and buzzer staying on but ONLY when all doors are closed. key doesnt evan have to be in ignition! also the dome light works perfect with the door and light switch both. (on when open, off when closed.) alredy checked all rubber and is perfect. didnt start this prob till replaced dash cluster 3rd time. only way to not have buzzer is remove lightbulb from dash. WTF please help... this is the 3rd dash. im sick of neon electrical!!!!!!

Sounds like their is a short in the wiring to the dome light and buzzer... i know you don't want to hear that... if it is grounded somewhere that is why it quits when you remove the bulb... possible wire caught behind the dash when you put it back ... 1998 Dodge Neon

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I have a 2002 ford windstar Es: wen the van is turn of, some times the lights inside stays on and the turning signal on the mirror, I go to drive the van and the doors signal stays on at all times and the bell doors too, some ather lights comes on the dash board too, some one told me about the ecu? How can I find the problem and to fix it? Please help!!

The ecu runs every thing on the motor and transmission. you have a common problem with the multifunction control module . depends which model windstar . most of them are on the right hand kick panel ... Cars & Trucks

I have problem with the Mitsubishi montero rear wheel drive light left one it disappeared of the dash board while i was entering to my drive way the active skid control light began to flashes along with the rear wheel drive light then the light of the left one rear wheel drive it disappearded please help me on how to fix this problem thank you

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I have a1998 GMC Jimmy 4x4/ 4 door slt. The blinkers don't work on the front or back of the vehicle. No indication of the green arrows on the dash board our a relay tick either. Also my brake lights don't work. Running light work but when I press the brake, only the third light works... Any solutions? Please help!

Turn on the hazard, does it come on, this is also th e blinker. Sometime the reverse happens when a hazard not knowing it is not working is on and the turn signal dont work, So do this turn the hazard on. okay does it come on. that device is also the ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

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The same thing happened to my car (2004 impala ss) yesterday aug 23, 2010 in the afternoon..... al palicz 732-904-3663 ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

The dome light, door locks and drivers side power mirror and window inop, trunk sensor has been disabled, help are they connected. does not appear to be burnt out bulb in dome light, the check engine, pass lock and trunk ajar light all come on in dash and headlamp light flickers in dash, is this major, looking at buying this car, and this all that is wrong, help

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I have a 1986 Fiero GT. Recently the lights in the dash board turned off. The light isnt dead, because the lights in the battery gauge and oil gauge are off too. The switch is working for the head light when i push it all the way up, just not the dash board. Please help, thank you.

Ya could have a loose wire ... 1985 Pontiac Fiero

Dash lights half lit and stay on after turning off car. By dash lights i mean the odometer reading and PRND21 lights. also the Tach needle is at 1000 rpms and didnt fall to 0 after shutting off car. Light that says door ajar is lit and all doors are shut tight. Temp out side is down to 15 degrees I live in Central Pennsylvania but i dont think that the weather is the reason. Any body help me here , thankyou yancy C.

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Battery keeps going dead,dome lights will not shut off,door ajar light on dash never goes out,bought a new door jamb switch, need help installing it,if that is the problem or need help installing ignition switch if that is the problem. thanks BBmom.

The most likely culprit is the door jamb switch. Depending on the year of your vehicle, it may be one where the switch is incorporated into the door latch. The switch is either sticking (or broken), or the door itself is not aligned properly. General ... Ford F-250

Last week, flashed head lights and dash board flickered for a moment, parked it up and locked it once, fine, went to double lock nothing, would not unlock, five minutes later fine, however since then all lights can flicker for long or short periods and sometimes not at all, again yesterday flashed a car and dash board went out for fraction of second, the clock and radio have reset twice, got alternator checked its fine, using any electrics while driving seems to worsen it please help as have lon

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When I slammed the car door the seatbelt was in the door frame and dented something in the door. Now when I close the drivers side door, the light on the dash remains on showing that the door is ajar. Also the light on the drivers door will not go off. Can someone please tell me what do I need to do

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I have a 1998 olds silohouette mini van. The dash lights, hvac lights, and radio lights stopped working. However the dome lights work with the doors open and when the doors are shut you can turn the dome lights on with the switch but no other inside lights work at all. I have checked all the fuses and they are all good. Help me please!

Check the bulbs. ... Oldsmobile Silhouette

Sensor Lights I have a 2003 325xi and I have Sensor light on my Dash that looks like a circle but on each side of the circle it has 3 dashes on the outer ring. I just recently replaced the brakes and that light was on before hand and thinking it would go out. What is this sensor telling me.It is on my dash board on the right hand side next to my sensor that says Brake.Can you Help me please

Did you also replace the brake sensor wire with the brake job? its similar to #12 in this pic for the front axle( ... 2003 BMW 325

Headlight high beam indicator light was flashing on and off when engine was turned on. I manually switched on the headlights, and the indicator light was gone. When I turned off the engine, the instrument panel light was still on for a about 5 seconds and then off. If I opened the driver's door right away, the open door indicator light would turn on along with the beeping sound, even the engine was already off. Please help

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Door ajar light stays on and dash board lights don't work

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Hi. Please help. While re-installing the rear interior plastic panel, I noticed my dome light shut off. Non plussed, I finished the task and moved on. Now my taillights and dash lights shut off whenever I open the d-side door and my trip odo resets every time I restart the car. No issues on p-side door. Dome light non-op.

It sounds like the dome light circuit is not properly grounded. and when you open the door, the power is feeding back through the interior light, some ground got disconnected. ... 2003 Hyundai Accent

I have a 1996 Cadillac deville my Digital dash board went out last week the only thing that you can see is the check engine light and yesterday I drove it to church it ran just fine and when it came time to leave it wouldn't start the lights on the dash where still off and the check engine light will still come one but its wont turn on but I can hear a clicking sound coming from the the engine please help thank you!!!

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My 2001 Monte Carlo with 115k on odometer has an electrical problem... first off my air fan speed control only works on number 5, second, as I am driving the vehicle the door ajar light will come on and the dome lights come on and the doors lock and unlock automatically. It is driving me nuts and I need to fix it! I also get out of the car thinking the dome lights will go off after I lock it and walk away... when I come back they are still on and never shut off! Please help me!!!

... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The Central Locking system on my Vauhall Vectra has stopped working. When I press the key the indicater lights flash, the inside light comes on, and there is a faiint swishing sound. But the three doors without key holes remain locked along with the fuel door. I can open the drivers door with the key but thats it. I can't even put fuel in. Can you help me with this problem please?

I beleive you need a new battery in your remote.First thing to check ... Volkswagen Jetta

I have a BF 2006 Wagon, the door ajar light will not go out. all doors and tailgate are secure. The chime sounds quite often and always when right blinker is activated. The interior light also flashes in conjunction with the chime. My auto electrician shrugged his shoulders and wants me to leave the car with him for a few days, the car is a taxi and is my livelyhood, behing without it for a few hours is bad, but a few days would be severe. Please help me, I will sit and stare at the 'puter waiti

99% is one of the switches in one of the door jams has become faulty. The switch will be coverd by a rubber boot. You can remove the switches and test them with a multimeter to find the bad one. ... Ford Fairmont

Dash board lights are not working on the dash board i have the same problem, but with a ford fiesta 2001, but i do not think i have a dimmer switch. any help please

There is a dimmer switch just below headlight switch is either faulty or if not one there as on some models a wire has come off the back of that unit on a bridge to bypass switch ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a Peugeot406 coupe hdi,and it apears on the dash board a orange light,and ac foult comes on the dash board as well,please help!!

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