Having problems with your 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup ?

4.3 1997 reading mis firing changed knock sensor plugs plug wires ignition module coil still misfiring any suggestions on fixing it

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Answers :

Check the TP sensor its common for it to be out range and will give you a misfire.
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4.3 1997 reading mis firing changed knock sensor plugs plug wires ignition module coil still misfiring any suggestions on fixing it

Check the TP sensor its common for it to be out range and will give you a misfire. ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Code P0300 misfired detected. I have cylinder 1 and 4 that doesn't spark. I'have changed one of the coil pack and still no sparks. I have voltage tested on the coil wire (brown) and it shows around 13 or 14 volts. I've changed the plugs and check plugs wire. Next step seems to be the CMI...or any other suggestion ? How do I check the Control Module Ignition?

Sound like bad ignition module.make sure where coil pack set in module contacts is clean and making good contact.also make sure plugs and wires is good. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Ford Freestar 2004, 3.9L V6, While on vacation, oil return hose got a hole in it, which caused lurching. Had to drive for a few days to return home since mechanics couldn't locate problem. I later fixed problem but had misfires so I replaced coil, plugs, wires. I still have misfires and now a clicking noise is coming from front of engine. Is the problem related to fuel injectors, oil pump/pressure, ignition timing? What should I do?

Hi.If by clicking noise you mean typical knocking coming from the engine, that is caused either by valve problem or by a bad knock sensor.I suggest driving to nearest garage and doing an OBDII code scanning, then coming back t ... 2006 Ford Freestar

I have a p0300 code and a p0404 code and i have replaced the egr valve and replaced a coil pack and 2,4,and 6 spark plugs and wires and added a fuel additive due to my problem is that it runs sluggish from 15 to 30 miles per hr and doesnt seem to have any power and still pops a check engine light with the p0300 and the cylinders are still misfiring is my ignition module bad or whats going on

Have a back pressure test run on the exhaust system..could be a restricted catalytic converter ... 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Code p0303 has good spark and fuel. compression on all cylinders 120. replaced spark plugs, wires, ignition coils, injectors, fuel and air filter and still have misfire on cylinder 3. what will fix my nightmare ?

SWAP COIL PACKS to another Cylinder... See if it Follows the Coil Pack2nd, Swap the INJECTOR to another Cylinder.. See if it follows the Injector.You will get your Answer ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Multiple misfires, rough idle, cuts off at stop. replaces injectors cause dealership said was bad.. stopped for a few and then continued...smell gas and using alot of gas. Have replaced fuel filter, ignition module, coils and plugs.. does not have wires cause its a 2.4L. any suggestions?

The fuel injectors are more than likley again your cause the are known for leaking and the smell of fuel usually means one or more was either improperly installed or defective ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Engine miss I am looking at buying a 1990 Ford Taurus SHO The guy is telling me that it has a miss in it when it warms up and that the car just acquired it after it set in his garage for 6 months my thoughts on this is that it is bad gas. This is what he said though that he put all this on new and that it still didnt fix the problem new parts 02 sensors,map sensor, plugs, wires, coil pack, filters, ignition module he also said that he had bought a couple trouble shootin guides vacume trouble

Ok i think that the problem is the thermostat if you change it and still the same maybe is possible that is getting water into the heater and you need to buy a new ones ore go to rectificate where is the crack in your heaters and ... 1990 Ford Taurus

I have a 1992 Cavalier, 2.2 L. The car will start, but runs rough, always trying to stall out until it eventually does. I replaced the ignition module, coils, and the crank sensor. Still has the same symptoms. The computer keeps giving me a 42 code-electronic spark timing malfunction. Plugs and wires are good as well. I've read up on the other possibilities such as ground and what not. I don't know where to go from here. Someone suggested that a fried fusable link could be a possibility.

... 1992 GMC Sonoma

89 Chevy k2500 ignition circuit problem 350 v8 My truck turns over but will not start. I have no power coming out of the coil. If I leave the battery in hooked over night the truck will start. Once it starts it runs great until you shut it off. I've replaced the ign. Coil, plugs wires cap rotor, and the ignition control module. I still have no power from the coil to the distributor. Also the ignition control wire that goes to from the pcm to the distributor has no resistance but when I measur

Is your coil seperate from distrubiter or are they built as one? ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 2500

Have a 2000 ford winstar with check engine light code was ignition coil misfire. changed ignition coils, plugs & wires. reset code & code came back on still idle is rough?

Basically this means that the the car's computer has detected that not all of the engine's cylinders are firing properly.A P0300 diagnostic code indicates a random or multiple misfire. If the last digit is a number other than zero, it corresponds ... Ford Windstar

91 geo storm gsi, car will crank over but won't start. We have checked the distributor cap, ignition module, wires, fuses, plugs, injector pulse, carb, fuel pump, timing belt, and coil, all are fine. Any ideas at all of what it could be?..... I replaced the coil, cap and rotor the wires not to mention both components inside the distribitor ..... I even went as far as pulling the crispy brittle plugs and wires that lead to the dist with new and still no spark

... 1991 Geo Storm

04 kia optima dohc v6 2.7 liter has a misfire but not throwing any check engine light codes I've changed the plugs and wires still same thing when the car is running I started to pull plug wires one at a time off coil and on each coil one side sparks harder than other is this normal or are coils going bad idk any suggestions

It could be normal. The coils fire a negative and a positive charge at the same time. So cylinder one gets a positive and the opposite cylinder gets a negative at the same time. A positive jumps from the electrode to the base and a negative jumps ... Cars & Trucks

Engine constantly has a misfire. Have changed plugs, wires and had coil packs and control module tested, were good. Any suggestions?

Check fuel injectors ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 88 suburban 350 it runs great i shut it off after work tryed to start it the next morning it would not start just turned over with plenty of power but would not start i found out that it was a ignition module it ran fo a day then broke down again i put a brand new ignition module still wont start so i changed all the plugs and wires cap and rotor and also a coil and nothing some people told me that it could be a pick up coil or the distributer.....any advice would help

Did you change the plug ins in the the rotor and yes try replacing the pick up coil ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 1999 oldsmobile bravada i have replaced plugs plug wires ignition coil ignition module and distributor cap and button even reprogrammed the computer and it still will not start. it will turn over but will not start. this vehicle has been sitting for about a year. the fuel pump runs and the injector and fuel line seem to be working properly.but yet it still wont start! can someone please help me??

... Cars & Trucks

I am having troubles with my 1999 Monte Carlo, it's seems smogged down, all of the exhaust system checked out good, I pull #3 and #6 spark plug wires off with the car running, no change, but coil checked out good, changed #3 and #6 spark plugs and wires no change in how it ran, so replaced coil anyway, still runs the same, had the ignition module checked and it appeared to be good also, doesn't seem to be fuel injectors, did the stethoscope diagnostic and they're all firing, could it be that the

I would be doing a compression test , could be burnt valves or a broken camshaft . I have seen the V6 3.8l Buick engines snap camshafts just in front of the 2 rear cylinders this causes the front 4 cylinders to work perfect but the back 2 do nothing ... 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 97 grand prix. It won't start. It seems that the fuel pump is working. Gas is getting to the regulator. However, I have no spark in the module. I replaced module and one coil because plug was rusty on second coil. However, I am still not getting spark. Spark plugs are good. Getting 12 v across fuses. Any suggestions this one seems like it could be wires or ???. Please help

Check the cam and crank sensors, If no pulse is detected the ECM will not fire the coils. Check your wireing harness at ECM and terminal conectors. Check your ground at coil packs...Last but not least...possible bad ECM.Good luck...i hope this ... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 99 grand am SE 2.4 4 cylinder and my problem #2 misfire, repalced spark plugs with AC delco rapid fires, replaced coil packs, replaced coil pack housing, changed spark plug boots, had ignition module tested (passed), still #2 misfire, i am at a loss...

A misfire doesn't always have to be ignition... it's just the most common cause. Faulty or plugged injector, low compression. You need to check fuel pressure and test the fuel injector flow. Then check compression. If you don't have tools for the ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I have a 1991 Dodge Stealth, non turbo, dual overhead cam. I have a misfire. I have replaced emc, all 3 coils, ignition module, new plugs and wires. I am getting fire TO my center coil but not FROM my center coil. I can switch any coil to the center spot and its always that center position thats recieving but not sending fire. It seems to run good most days for about 5 miles before it starts misfiring but other times its right from the start. What could be wrong with my car? Could it be a ground

... 1991 Dodge Stealth

I have a 1991 Ford mustang 2.3l that is misfiring i have already replaced the dis module, spark plug wires, spark plugs,coil packs and i have tried everything i know to do but it is still misfiring so i took it and had it tested but the only thing that the test was reading was cylinder 4 so the first thing we did after that is checked the spark plugs again but they seem to be fine i just dont know what else to do so plz any help would be great

... 1991 Ford Mustang

92 Honda accord no spark to the plugs I've changed the plugs, distributor cap,rotor bug,ignition coil and still no spark.I've done the test with the threads to a bolt and a space between the plug and engine no spark.I even held the wire in my hand while cranking no jolt either.Can you plz help me could it be my Ignition Control Module?

Check all of your grounds: There is one in front of the transmission leading from the negative wiring from your battery. Another goes from your battery wiring to the inside of your fender area. 10mm bolt. There is another on your driver's side motor ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 04 sebring with the 2.4 dohc it started running bad and coded random cyl misfire and ignition ckt b malfunction i changed the wires plugs coil pack timing belt crank and cam sensors still no go have 12v+ on center wire at coil 12v- at front wire and cranking intermitant voltage at third

... Cars & Trucks

96 chevy cavalier 2.2 turns over but wont start have changed the following: fuel pump fuel filter map sensor crank shaft position sensor ignition module ignition coils plugs wires ran a ground from ignition module. It still wont start I need to get it going. I need ideas on what it could be

... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

98 f150 cylinder 4 misfire(4.6)- replaced plug- but wire tip in valve cvr is corroded- plug was fouled(only 6 months ago replaced wires plugs and pwr packs/aka coils- lotsa fire but still missing- suggestions????

It mit be out of time try advance your disbutor ... 1988 Ford F 150

Have a DTC po305 (misfire #5 CYLINDER) on 2006 chevy equinox, So far I have replaced the coil pack, spark plug, plug wire and injector. Still have the p0305.No apparent vacum leaks. Checked injector pulse with noid light and pulse seems fine.. Check with snap on solous, only misfiring while at idle, give a little fuel and misfire in engine goes out. Any suggestions on where to look next?

On the 3.4 engine used in the equinox the crossover pipe from the front manifold dumps in at the corner of #5 cylinder, therefore this area in subject to more heat than any other cylinder. #5 is very commonly known for burnt exhuast valves because of ... Chevrolet Equinox
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