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Car engine is shaking and exaust has strong smell of gas

\015 Once put in drive or reverse car shuts down\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Car engine is shaking and exaust has strong smell of gas

... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

Why is car engine shaking and has strong smell of gas in exaust

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Gas smell After I turn on the car, there is some gas smell inside the car. After turning off the engine, when I am outside the car, the gas smell is also strong. Is this a huge problem? Shall I have it fixed right away? Could I get some kind of solution or something to stop leaking (somewhere) myself? Many thanks. I truly appreciate all your help.

Well it sounds like a problem ....either there is a hole in gastank or a hole in the gas line somewhere ....if it smells after you start then it it is probly in the line coming from the tank....if you park on a clean driveway or somthing ...start the ... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Vehicle running fine--stopped at red light and engine died--very hard starting it back--had strong gas smell--drove appx 150 miles on expressway--exit off & stopped--no problems--was stopped appx 25 min.--car started & ran fine--drove appx. 40 more miles & had to slow down because of accident and engone died and again very hard to start and strong gas smell again--got past this & drove another 45 miles and exited off and engine died at first red light--same senereo!!!

You may have a fuel leak. when there is odor of gas there ia a leak somewhere. Pop the hood and check with your nose where the smell is coming from. Once you isolate the location of the odor check with your hands. if your hand is wet and smells of ga ... 2004 Ford Explorer

I have a 2005 Pontiac G6. I smell a strong odor of gas coming from the tank. Its smells really bad after I shut the car off and when i come near my car in the morning to get in it. And also when someone is riding in the back seat. The engine light just came on after about a month. I have noticed my gas has been running out a lot faster. There doesnt seem to be any leaks as far as I can see. Please help.......Im getting gassed out of my car

Excessive fuel pressure\015\012breach in the vapor canister assembly (most likely)... this is near the gas tank\015\012quick disconnect line near the tank is breached\015\012filler neck is breached ... 2005 Pontiac G6

Hi, 2002 dodge Dakota, 4.7l, got home from work and shut off. 10 minutes later, went to start and made a noise like a car makes when you try and start car when it is already started, then idle was rough, shut off and had strong smell of gas in exhaust. Thought to be timing chain had jumped, others said to change the cam and crank position sensors. Changed them and still running rough, engine vibrates bad if I can get it to start at all. Still have gas smell in exhaust. Do the timing chains jump

The chain could jump a tooth or two, but normally a chain or gear breaks. You could pull the spark plugs and check compression to find out.It sounds like one or two injectors may have failed allowing liquid gas to flow into the cylinders. ... Dodge Cars & Trucks

This morning I went to get gas the car started fine. When I got home I got ready for work and went back to the car. It started but the check engine light came on, the car had a strong pulsating and when I opened the hood the engine was visibly shaking and making a loud noise. I went to restart the car and it would not start.

... 2006 Mercury Milan

Hello, I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am that seems to have a fuel leak somewhere in the engine. I can smell strong gasoline fumes in my car when I'm stopped or after I shut off the car. My husband thinks it is the fuel pressure regulator, but when we took the car to a mechanic they said they performed all kinds of tests that were not conclusive. Now I'm smelling gas...again. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated! Thanks. Jennifer

Hi!!\015\012\015\012If nothing came up on the tests the leak may be too small to be noticed because when fuel touches the warm/hot engine it evaporates. I had a 3800 engine that did the same thing, replacing the Fuel Injector Seals solved my p ... Pontiac Grand Am

My car started shaking very badly about a day ago. And i need to know whats wrong also i smell very strong fuems and exhaust coming into my car. The engine looks like its shaking when i open the hood what wrong with my car?

Check for bad coil packs ... 1992 Oldsmobile 88

I have a 1994 Lincoln Town car When starting the engine shakes and you smell gas fumes. Later when it warms up the Idle smooths out. There seems to be an oil leak but I don't know where its coming from. After 15 Minutes of warm up time the car regains power then moves normally after you give it gas a few times.

... 1994 Lincoln Town Car

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Strong odor of gas in Pass. comp. No odor in engine Comp., Could not find any leaks fuel filter cnaister fuel lines. Odor is stronger on passager side. aired it out but still smells, gas is a strong hydrocarbon.Will clean the car's carpet because lack of finding anything.Other suggestions?

Lift the back seat and their should be an access panel on the floor pan where you gain access to the fuel sender which houses the fuel pump and i suspect that their is a leak here on the pressure side ,now if your unsure about tackling this type of j ... Ford Escape

My car was shaking yesterday, smelled like gas inside and towards the front of the car, and had poor acceleration but today it shows none of those symptoms...any suggestions?

Year --model---this problem can be anything if ur getting a code[engine light goes on]u can bring to most auto parts stores and they usually will give u code for free if no codes problems can be bad fuel--fuel filter clogging---problem with throttle ... Cars & Trucks

Check engine light flashing, car shaking and smells like gas

It could be anything have the code checked odds are it is a bad sensor ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

Car has been running fine..check engine light does stay on..today driving it..acted as if gas was hung up..moving right along without touching pedal..now will not crank..acts as if it is not getting any gas although there is a strong gas smell like it's flooded and there is black smoke coming from the tailpipe when you do try to crank it...any ideas?? thanks..desperate

Will not crank or will not start? it may be running rish..that ;s way the gas smell, the cylinders may be washed down with gas , and do to that lost compression, you will need to pull the plugs , put some oil , just a bit and let it seat for a minute ... 1995 Volvo 960

1995 nissan maxima. When starting the car I have to count to 3 then it turns over and makes a screeching noise for 1 or 2 min (especially when it's cold). The last time i was at the shop they said it may be 2 of the belts inside.When the car is on and while driving, it shakes. When I put the heat on it smelled like gas, right now it is not doing it ( for 4 days now). Also, my check engine light is on.

The screeching noise may be your belts beeing loose or cracked and dry. the fact that the check engine light is on and the car smells like gas may mean that you are not firing on all 6 cylinders and thats why it shakes and also you are just dumping ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I have a 93 lexus es300 my mechanic put the scanner but no codes came out the problem is that in the mornings when the engine is cold the car wont start i have to press the gas pedal to start so it wont turn off and also when i'm at a stoplight the engine starts to shake and when i press the pedal it runs slow and white smoke comes out the mufler and smells a lot like gasoline and is also waisting a lot of gasoline i already change the catalyc converter also clean the egr i changed the spark pl

If it were my car , I would first be sure that there are no vacuum leaks anywhere on the engine . Also I would check to be sure that all of my vacuum hoses our OK . No cracks , collapsed hoses , or sharp bends in any of the hoses that might inhibi ... 1993 Lexus Es 300

Tonight my car brakes locked up and it smells strongly of burnt rubber,right before this smell the engine was hesitant when I was trying to push the gas to go, it didn't really go anywhere. Any id

Your hose going to your brake booster came off or has a hole in it. It is a big vacumm hose, about one inch in diameter, coming from the engine to the round black thing behind the master cylinder. This boosts the brakes using vacumm from the engine. ... Cars & Trucks

Car cranks and starts after a few tries, if I turn it off and start it right away it starts perfectly. The exaust pipe smells like gas andthe service engine light comes on but shuts off. The car is a

Mines doing the same thing 98 jimmy 4.3, wouldnt start this morning, found the ground was stripped out on battery and hadnt been charging correctly so i charged it and it started right up. before i charged it the motor turned over fine it just wouldn ... GMC Cars & Trucks

It seems when the engine warms up it stalls out does not do it all the time also smell strong oder of gas and exaust when it does this. the mass air flow sensor has been changed engine control module and tune up has been done.

Probably abad coolant temp sensor its telling eng its cold when not causing to run rich 20 bucks at auto parts located on intake ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 1994 oldsmobile 88. I park my car front side up on driveway. I dont know why this would make a differance but this is when car really acts up. I try to start and it starts but immedietly losses power as if there is no gas and there is also a strong gasoline smell. I finally keep it runnning and once i take off when i accelerate if dies. But turns right back on. I have changed the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump and filter. Could the fuel pressure regulator be the problem? Also the engine

Check you exhaust. you may have a damaged cat or a broken baffle in the exhaust eather of these will stall the engine and you will have a strong smell of fuel. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

I have a Hyundai Tiburon 2003 V6 car and at start up it smells strongly of gas. The engine check light has come on and off about five times all relating to failed oxygen sensor. OEM number to cross code is P1154. My mechanic changed one of the O2 sensors. I don't believe it is the O2 sensor from researching others who had similar problems. The car has about 70,000 miles and check light first appeared when I had to run over a truck tire the size of the road that was lost in front of me. T

Could be a wire issue with the o2 sensor, because you hit something. ... Hyundai Tiburon

My car has a strong gas smell on the right side of my car. We jacked it up and noticed it was wet underneath the car. My gas miles have been good & it doesnt look like im loosing any gas quick it just smells really bad and anyone who is buy my car can smell it. Should i not be driving it? Ive been having this smell since Sept 10. T

Don't know year make model but if you can smell gas and you see wetness underneath you should have it checked out. a small leak even though your not loosing much gas can be deadly especially if vehicle is in a garage or closed area cause the ... Chevrolet Equinox

Fuel Leak I have a 1996 Saturn SC1. When I start the car first thing in the morning it doesn't want to kick over right away. After about 3 or 4 attempts it starts but I smelled gas. I happened to look under the car and saw a puddle of gas right under the engine. After the car is running the gas leak stops. It doesn't leak when the engine is running. It doesn't leak when the car is shut off and the car starts immediately after it has been running. Any suggestions for the gas leak when I initially

I wouldn't drive or start it with a fuel leak, it needs to be up on a lift to see it all clear, before any proper diagnosis. ... 1996 Saturn SC

Recently purchase used 2004 explorer with 100,000mi. on way home from thanksgiving diner wrench light came on and car lost power to gas pedal. Pulled over and stopped. Wrench, throttle control valve came on and service engine soon light on. Stepped on gas does nothing, engine will idle . shut off and started up , all lights still on engine idles slowly , if i step on gas - sputters slowly but does not increase engine speed. where do i start. Day before when shut car off noticed unual gas smell.

Sounds like it may be the catalytic converter ... 2004 Ford Explorer

2002 Impala LS 3.8 engine will not start. When I try and start car it seems like the engine is flooding and will not start and idle. Only way to get car started is to hold gas pedal down when starting, however once gas pedal is released the car stalls again. Smells like gas when trying to crank however it seems like the engine is getting too much or too little fuel. Changed plugs and wires, checked coil packs and plate for spark, changed crank shaft sensor, also changed fuel filter however nothi

It sounds like the timing chain jumped or is worn out. ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala
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