Having problems with your 1997 Chevrolet Lumina ?

My 97 Chevy lumina runs good then it dies and then won't start at least 30 minutes

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Answers :

Things like this are tough to find due to the defect resetting itself. The time element is interesting. Does it run about for about the same length of time, like always 1 hour or 3 hours or does it cut out after the same 30 minutes?

Sometimes coils overheat, Relays for the fuelpump fail and reset, and fuelpumps overheat and then recover. The "check engine" light can not pick up on everything. You did not say any warning lights appeared on your dash. Day to day temperatures can affect when some defects happen and how frequent.

The Dealers and better repair shops will have a machine which is connected to your car and then the car is driven with the machinery hooked up. There are more electronics inside this machine than a regular hand scanner has. It is much better at intermittent defect detection than other testers.

About all I can tell you is try to detect whether you have fuel pressure or spark to the plugs when it stops running. Some of the cheaper parts to replace are the fuelpump or ignition relays, and the coil. Do a fuel sample and change the fuel filter in case some junk is clogging the lines and then clears up when the engine is off.

Your problem really makes your car undependable and dangerous because it can strand you at an intersection in traffic. Onceyou eliminate the cheaper parts problems you would be better off to get someone with the best testing equipment available and it will save you money in the long run.

The parts places like Autozone Oreillys, and Advance have basic scanners and will hook them up for free. But without a "check" light they usually will not look at your car.

I hope my solution helps you.
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My 97 Chevy lumina runs good then it dies and then won't start at least 30 minutes

Things like this are tough to find due to the defect resetting itself. The time element is interesting. Does it run about for about the same length of time, like always 1 hour or 3 hours or does it cut out after the same 30 minutes? Sometim ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

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1990 chevy lumina 4 dr sedan. If you use anything electrical on the car without it running, it gets drained in less than 5 minutes and won't start. Yet you can have the radio on acc and it starts just fine. Also after the car has this issue, if you let it sit for at least 20 minutes or so it will start back up no problem. Or if you jump it right away it will remain fine. The battery was checked and it's fine so it's not that. I am baffled as to what is causing this. Please help???

Check voltage at the battery wiyh car running, If you have anything less that 13 V , suspect the alternator, Shoud be between 13.5 and 14.5 ... 1990 Chevrolet Lumina APV

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It is one of 2 things fuel pump or Crank Shaft Position Sensor. Best bet would be the Crank Shaft Sensor, and what that does is tell the computer where the crank is and when to fire the right plug at the right time ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

My 96 chevy 1500 cranks but wont start. i have used starting fluid and it runs for a second and then dies. changed fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter. have ataquite fuel pressure to engine.also have good spark. no DTCS present.it ran perfect before it died on me while idling in parking space. i dont want to just throw parts at it that i may not need. does this sound like an ignition switch? or possibly an ecm?

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Hi, my 97 chevy truck has intermittent problems. It runs fine most of the time but sometimes it wont start and the fuel pump wont kick in. But then a few minutes later when I try it, it runs. Sometimes when im driving it will all of a sudden just quit and then fire up as im still in motion. it will do that a couple of times and then die. so then i'll pull over to the side of the road and check things out. tap on my fuel pump relay sometimes or disconnect the wire harness to the fuel pump and rec

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Its your distributor, its whats known as a mechanical advance i know it sounds wierd that distributor has 2 two modes cold start wich is for however long choke is set for and idle, trust i had the same problem and i only met 1 person that had the rig ... 1984 Chevrolet Camaro

03 chevy silverado, problem with battery dying. It won't start unless I jump it. put volt meter (Amp meter?)on battery and it showed it was dead. Jumped started the truck and let it run for fifteen minutes, as it was still attached to the jump vehicle. Took off the cables and it still showed no charge getting to the battery. The amp meter (volt meter?) on the inside showed at least 14. My problem is, I am not sure if I need a new battery, as it is too dead to take a charge or my alternator is no

If the alternater light is not on the battery.probably has a bad cell ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

My 1992 chevy lumina will start and run for about 15 minutes. Then it just shuts off on its own. Upon restarting I have to use throttle, and it sounds like its missing and just running rough, and wont idle on its own.

Change the fuel filter ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

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Got a 92 dodge Dakota i have problems starting it, when i try to turn the truck on it wont fire over but if i leave the key to the run position it takes about 10 minutes before i can hear the relay start ticking that ticks for a couple minutes then when it stops the truck will start up and run good. i just put a new fuel pump in it and I've swapped out the relays and there still good. can someone please help me?

Did you figure it out? i have same problem? [email protected] ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

98 chev 6.5 turbo diesel,changed fuel filter 2 weeks ago truck is running great,went to start truck after it being of for 10 minutes will not start.left it for a day now it starts but runs for a minute then dies.go to try it again wont start,wait few minutes then it startes then dies after a minute or two.

Try a additive foe gelling,and also,one that will clean,like power service,and change the fuel filter again,it sounds like fuel contamination. ... GMC C3500

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Sounds like either you have a clogged fuel line and or clogged fuel filter or the fuel pump is failing. What happens when the vehicle runs the fuel pump heats up, as it heats up it produces less and less fuel for your car. Eventually ti stops working ... 1991 Plymouth Acclaim

Hello i got a 92 chevy lumina apv with a 3.1 it starts and runs slugish and dies i disconected the map sensor and it ran good could this be my problem

Yes this could be the problem. the pcm is getting the wrong info and shutting engine down. ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina APV

I have a 91 Chevy Lumina, just replaced the injectors and all the coils on saturday and ran fine but when driving it would have trouble it seemed shifting, starting today when you hit the gas the car dies and when it does run for a minute it idles rough and once you hit the gas it cuts off completely

Your ignition spark control module is going bad,your coils pack are located right underneth them. this is what tells your coils packs to produce spark to your spark plugs. they are easy to replace just make sure you mark you coil pack with some tape ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

94 Mustang GT starts great and runs good, dies after running 10 min like someone just turned off the ignition. I have noticed when it does this the fuel pump continues to run. If you cycle the key a bunch of times untill you hear the pump prime then stop then the car will start again but as soon as its ran for a few minutes it will die again and you can hear the fuel pump running constantly once again,

Have you changed the fuel filter yet? They do clog up. That or you may have trash in your tank, and the screen is clogged. Hopefully its the fuel filter. The pump screen is located in the tank, and that means dropping the tank. hope this helps ... Ford Mustang

My 97 s10 4x4 4.3 vortec quit runing wont start was stumbling randomly then started lossing power over the course of two days ingtion system is good good spark i think its fuel related pumps working least its priming check engine light is on mostly stumblked uneder load till a few minute before it got really bad then stalled at idle and wont start

Does sound like a fuel pump ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Car will start but dies after about 10 minutes. Will restart after about 5 minutes but dies again after running a minute. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, attempted to clear codes by disconnecting battery, check engine light was on when running but after disconnecting battery the check engine light is no longer on. Checked the wiring harness in fuel tank, all connections are good. When the key is in the on position there is a buzzing noise that sounds like it is coming from behind the manifold.

How to change cam shaft sensor on a 2004 kia optima ... 2004 Kia Optima
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