Having problems with your 1997 Chevrolet Blazer ?

My 1997 Chevy blazer will stall and will start after then run for like 5 mins and will stall and will not start after

\015 We changed the fuel filter becacause it stalled before and had dirt in the gas\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My 1997 Chevy blazer will stall and will start after then run for like 5 mins and will stall and will not start after

... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

1997 Chevy Cavalier engine light is on and it runs like it wants to stall i drive it for about 30 mins and when i stop and state to go it i can put my foot to the floor and not go any place and it will back fire and start to go but if i got to stop again it will die i got to restart it and go again after it cools for a long time i can go again for 30 more mins please help please

Coil may be weak ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

D 1996 chevy 3500 deisel 1 ton starts runs for 5 min. stalls ,starts again runs for 5 min. and stalls third time startsand runs a little longer


Bucking problem chevy venture It runs fine for 3 min then starts bucking and and dies. You can start it up and it will run for 3 min then starts bucking and stalls stalls.

... Chevrolet Venture

1996 Achieva starts then stalls after 2 mins. It is the 3100 V6 motor. The car will start and run fine for about 2 mins then it is like someone has turned the key off. Once it has stalled it will fire right back up and run for 2 mins. We have replaced the ICM and Coils, Fuel Pump, Fuel Relay, Wires, Plugs, ECT sensor, PVC sensor. Also when you replaced the ICM should there be dielectric grease under the coils as we did not put any and do you have to some how reset the computer to read the new IC

The only thing that you didn`t replace was the crack shaft position sensor.There are 2.One on the back of the motor and one by the crank shaft pulley.What you should do is remove the one in the back of the motor and look it over for cracks or swellin ... 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva

STALLING When it was cold my car would stall backing out of parking spot.Mostly in the am, but when i would leave it set for more than 4 hours. I assumed it was because i didn't let i warm up enough. So now it is 50 out all the time and i still can not just start up and drive off, i still need 5 min of warm up. and then sometimes it still stalls at stop lights and stop signs for like to first 5 min or so. now this am it almost didn't start. i did finally get it to. i let it run for about 8 min.

Needs a new temperature sensor for the cold start ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

Never overheated (and still not certain I did) BUT Sat nite(Feb 6 2010) after a run about 20 miles the 2001 venture started to loose ground like it was runnning outta gas. HAd plenty. It was -10 C outside, heat not seeming to do more then warm up at #5 fan(Highest)fan setting and high heat. so she felt like she was stalling then died 1 min later. Would start, stall. and after holding foot to pedal down all the way I finally started her and she seemed to be better. But the 2 miles home dodging re

One of your intake manifold gaskets went bad and it is sucking in air where it should'nt be. This problem is very common on this motor. I'm 100% sure that is what it is. But no ofense if you can't figure out how to get your radiator cap off , then th ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

I have 1 1992 Chevy 1/2 ton pick up with a 350 engine. The ECM failed and the engine would not start, no ignition. I replaced the module and it fired right up drove like 30 miles all fine. Then it stalled, and I have a different condition, it will start and run fine but begin to idle rough in like 8 to 10 seconds then it shuts down, stalls. You can then immediately turn it over and it will start and repeat the same failure in 8 to 10 seconds?

Try taking vacuum hose off the egr and see if that makes it run.if it does then the egr solonoid bleed filter under the cap on the sol. may be plugged clean it and try again.sol.may be bad to. ... 1992 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2004 Chevy blazer V6. The last few mornings I have had a lot of trouble starting it , almost like it's flooded. You can smell gas. After you get it going it is kind of jerky but after you've run it for a while it runs smooth like there is no problem at all. This morning I thought was going to stall out after a red light, it crept around the corner almost like something clogged then took of and was fine. It seems to start right up the rest of the day after the first time in the morning.

Sounds like a faulty fuel pressure regulator.Pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator.If fuel runs out of it replace the regulator. ... 2004 Chevrolet Blazer

2001 V-6 Camaro 5spd 160,000 miles starts, stalls, wont stay running. Let it sit for a few minutes will start again but still sputters and shuts down. Feels like it is not getting enough gas,wont stay on. Fuel filter,plugs,wires,air filter are all good. You can hear the fuel pump working.Has been a great smooth running car so far, Love it but what else is it most likely to be? It is not acting like a Chevy Blazer did when its fuel pump went out its different.???

I had a 94 do that it was the pcm fuse that's the power count module fuse inside drs. side door ... 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

1989 chevy blazer It start good runs great for 15 to 20 mins than starts to spudder & act like its running out of gas

... Cars & Trucks

I have a chevy 350 in a 1999 express van. the van has been sitting for 2 years.. The van would not start.. I replaced the battery the van started right up and ran for about 1 hour. then it stalled like someone shut off. Then wouldnt start back up. I replaced the computor, it had started after that but will only run for about 2 sec.s then shuts off like your turning the key off. when it starts and you give it a little gas is acts like its backfireing thru the intake?? any suggestions??

Replace fuel filter and check fuel pressure. ... Chevrolet G20

Truck stall as soon as it get hot(10 min)wait 5 to 7min fire back up runs a min or 2 then stall again wait again fire back up and etc... Fuel pump is ok and running when i crank it and it wont start,looks like no fuel out the injector and dont know if i have spark. truck is a ford explorer 93 with 120000miles v6 4.0l

Just becouse you ear the fuel pump runing when you crank the engine,does`n mean that has the right pressure,make sure you have the right pressure. ... Ford Explorer

After getting stuck in the snow , Countinously spun my back wheels and after about 4 min. the truck stalled. After I started it back up which it started without any problems. It now runs rough(shifts alright I don't think it is the transmission) What could I have broken on it. 3L V6 2WD. Also i would like to add that it started to lose power about 30 sec. before it stalled. Again I feel strongly about it not being the Tranny.

Could have gotten hot, could have skipped the timing belt? ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

My 1991 chevy 1500k 5.7L truck is really hard to start when cold. i can cranck it over and over then it will fire and die i will repeat this about 10-15 times when it starts i have to let run for 15-25min befor i can drive it warm up time. to me it seems like the fule injectors are not dumping into the bolw and letting it run.

Sounds like low fuel pressure. Check the pressure. It sounds like a weak fuel pump. ... 1991 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 99 dodge ram 1500 5.9 we put a fuel pump with regulator in and a relay .still would not start it will start with the fuel relay out the psi will drop down to 0 and still will run just at idle but still run as soon we put relay back in it stall like it getting to much fuel

... Dodge Ram 1500

2000 chevy runs rough changed fuel pump fuel filter o2 sensors o2 sensors still show bank 1 #1 lean bank 2 #1 lean will run 200 miles i will shut it off do what i have to do start it up and go 3 to 4 miles and it will stall it will start up after 5 min and go 20 miles somtimes 100 miles

Fuel pressure regulator might b leaking .. pull vacuum line off of it and see if there is fuel.... if soo replace it ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

94 chevy suburban:engine died on hiway,now it wont start.It'll rotate but wont fire. couple of days earlier it hesitated like it wanted to stall but continued to run ok.later i was goin out of town for the holidays and it hesitated like bfore but it stalled,now it wont start.

Do you have Spark at the spark plugs? Try checking for spark by removing wire from the spark plug put a screwdriver into the sparkplug boot hold it 1/4 inch away from a good ground don't hold the screwdriver or your get bit. If there is a brigh ... Ford Expedition

92 grand caravan starts poorly, then runs ok when warmed up, then poorly after 30 min. to 1 hr. of driving. Then stalls and won't start till 30 min. or so later.

\012HelloThe engine\012and automatic transmission in this vehicles drive train\012are fully electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM\012(Power Train Control Module). Whenever a problem like this occurs ... Dodge Grand Caravan

Suntom generator runs for 20mins stalls starts again runs 10 mins stalls starts then runs 5 mins stalls and carry on stalling every 5 mins any ideas why

... Cars & Trucks

1998 chevy Monte Carlo z34 3.8L My car turns over but won't start up, been having a anti freeze leak problem I think coming from water pump or intake manifold. The other night I drove without warming the engine up as I usually do and my car began behaving like it was running out of gas, and the check engine light came on. I stopped it then it wouldn't turn on for 20 mins. After that I drove it home and the next day started it up fine but didnt drive. It hasn't started since. The code that came u

You would need to cover the basics first - does it have spark to the plugs and normal fuel pressure at the injectors ?Low fuel pressure could cause the code, as well as a vac leak.There could be a problem with the coolant temp sensor telling ... Cars & Trucks

Car wont start after overheating, trying to get home my car came to a stall. It was running great until it stopped. The engine would start after that but would act as if though it was misfiring. The engine would idle, but wobble like crazy. Brought the car home, changed the spark plug but wont start now. It's on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo, 3.1 engine. Thinking maybe ie would be The ignition control module, but don't know how to check the module

... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

2002 chevy malibu 3100 v6 83,000m, still has no start condition after crank position sensor behind balancer and cam sensor were replaced. fuel pressure is 56 even while cranking and does not leak back after key is off for quite some time(15 min. or more). No engine light on in cluster, has spark to all cylinders. Starts with ether but wont stay running, sometimes while cranking sounds like it wants to start but then does not and makes a backfire type of noise

I think your problem is injectors not firing, and is linked to the Powertrain Control Module. Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes to reset the PCM. Reconnect the battery and try to start the car. ... Chevrolet Malibu

Car will run about 10 min. when it wants to start .do not want to put a new ecm unless it would fix the promblem .the car has 309674 miles on it but runs fine when it starts but stops running and will not start but acts like it wants to .tried several times yesterday to start and would not. tried today and after several attempts it did start and ran for about 10 min with part throtle.acts to me like stoped up catlilict conver? what do you think?

It would be easy to test the catalytic converter, just remove the O2 sensor and see if the engine will run if so replace the converter, you did not list what engine so i cant really giv ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My 1987 chevy silverado r10 starts when its cold and runs fine for about 15-20 mins then starts to spit and sputter like its not getting gas so i replaced fuel filter and its still doing it wat could

... 1987 Chevrolet R10
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