Having problems with your 1997 Buick LeSabre ?

The speedometer registers as high as 100mph at normal speed and then flucuates back an forth

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Answers :

If its anything like the 1994 Buick regal there's a plastic worm gear in the speedo that wears out. Keep your eye out for a used cluster.
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The speedometer registers as high as 100mph at normal speed and then flucuates back an forth

If its anything like the 1994 Buick regal there's a plastic worm gear in the speedo that wears out. Keep your eye out for a used cluster. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I have 2nd car 2005 mustang gt and it has less than 20,000 miles on it. First the fuel guage stopped working, next the speedometer gave a few very strange readings and now it reads way off the actual speed. Next the tempature guage read very high but motor did not seam very hot and no water loss. Then temp guage went back to normal and now sometimes reads normal sometimes never registers. So far tachometer and digital mileage counter working fine. I have taken battery cables off in an attempt to

Probbably a bad body earth, Check allyour body earth connecions!\015\012Hope this helps.......Bruce ... Ford Mustang

I have a 1992 chrysler lebaron 3.0 v6 and im having speedometer issues. it will work for a little while and then while im driving it flips back and forth between speeds while i havet changed speeds. ill be going 40mph and itll flip from 80mph down to 20mph and on the high way itll read from 120mph down to 40mph

Replace the speed sensor its in the tranny hanyes makes a good manual if it helps please give me thumbs up ... 1992 Chrysler Lebaron

Transfer case problems on a 2000 GMC Sonoma 4x4 sls 5-speed manual tranny -- 4.3 litres engine. 3-way switch. History -- over the past 4 years in winter, wouldn't switch into 4high setting for 4x4. Drove for a bit and then when warmed up or moving switched back and forth normally. Last winter ago, switched into 4 high ( 4x4) and terrible sounding gear noises resulted when stepping on gas. Down hill at a coast no noise ( only under load ). Jacking up vehicle and running all 4 tires ( 4x4 ) rev

Since the noise appears only at load it means that the bearing supporting the front shaft is pretty much destroyed. There is no noise when there's no load because the few remaining ball from the bearing are still doing what they can to keep the shaft ... GMC Sonoma

Grinding noise front end left side at highway speeds and when turning wheel back and forth at high way speeds

Sounds like front wheel bearings.Does the sound go away when swaying one way or the other?If you way left and ot gets louder it should be the right bearing and opposite for swaying right ... 2004 Ford Explorer

My speedometer on my 91 Toyota corolla stop working sometimes and while I'm in drive it sound like it in neutral because my car stalls sometimes on the road which I mean that the car doesn't speed up but it takes it time then it speed up and my speedometer goes back and forth until it catches up to the real speed and then it goes back down

... Cars & Trucks

1997 Dodge Caravan speedometer goes haywire. Once the engine is driving for awhile the speedometer jumps back and forth continuously. 50 to 80 to 120..back and forth and the engine starts to stall and takes a while to regain speed. Any suggestions?


My 2000 Ford 1.6 lt. Laser Automatic; at around 60 km/h speed, suddenly Gear changes back to a very low gear (engine rev goes up to 4000-5000 rpm) and goes back to normal in few seconds. runs normal at high speed 100 km/h.

TPS (Throttle posision sensor) would be my guess ... Ford Cars & Trucks

On my 1994 S-10 Blazer, the AC/Heater stopped blowing on high speed about 2 years ago. By switching the speed control quickly back and forth, sometimes High would work. But not anymore. I had the A/C compressor replaced 2 weeks ago and settings 1-3 still worked, but still no High setting. Now, it only blows on Low no matter what the control is set on. I replaced the blower motor resistor assembly (attached to the blower motor housing) AND the blower motor relay (5 pin relay attached to the ba

Sometimes the electrical connecter burns on the back side of your switch. You can get just the switch and replace it and repair the connecter when possible. ... Chevrolet S 10

Speedometer on a 2004 GMC 1500 Extended Cab Speedometer not registering actual speed. The speedometer will all of a sudden show double or even triple the speed it should show. Then after starting numerous times it will gradually return to normal & stay for a while then it will repeat the problem.

Gm has had many problems with the clusters used in those models ... Cars & Trucks

Dodge, 92, V-8, 318, electrical shut-off, engine cranks but no spark at least from coil back, no codes even after multiple times, intermittent problem, then wait several hours spark comes back and car starts. Put spark light detector first on distributor for spark plug, no spark. Then put it on wire between distributor cap and coil, no spark. Problem has happened several times in the past even on the highway at high speeds, or normal speeds and is now happening even in the driveway overnight

Check that your have primary 12 v to the coil when it won't start.Can there be a loose connection?Coil is inexpensive to replace,Does distributor have a capacitator? Small cylinder by points.Change it too.I would check all grounds and connections cle ... Dodge Ram 250

Hi.i have a 04 audi a4 1.8t quattro 91k on the clock.The idle speed is too high about 1.2 and fluctuates to normal and then sometimes revs to 2,5 and then settles back again after a couple of seconds.I have also noticed the temp gauge is not moving and no sighn of the fan coming on.Are these problems related.My car just failed its mot due to high exhaust engine idle speed 7.3.d.2.a.. Thanks Tony

You need to have OBII scan performed. The fluctuating idle sinus like a MAF sensor, Temp & fan are separate issues. Get scan done, that should identify exact issues. ... Audi A4

Engine acted like it was going to stall, then tachometer(rpm) and speedometer jumped up high, gas gauge dropped to empty level though there was half tank of gas acted like it wasn't getting gas pumped gas pedal then gas gauge went back up and tachometer and speedometer back to normal next day car stalls and now it will not start . What could cause this? I have a 1999 Mercury Cougar 6 cylinder

... 1999 Mercury Cougar

Speedometer problem My speedometer works when it wants to. It will work fine for 30 miles or so and then it starts jumping around and drops to 0.......it will not register for a while, sometimes my whole trip (100 miles or so) and then it will jump back up to speed and work the rest of my drive..Someone told me it was probably the speed sensor but where is it and how do i change it?

Is this electric or cable operated? if cable, it could be a faulty cable......they go bad with age. ... 1996 Buick LeSabre

2001 Town and Country has only high speed fan both front and back fans. Connector to fan has 12v only on one of the 6 leads. Grounding the lead with the 12v on it turns fan on high speed. Where is controller for this? Also driver side temp control does not affect cabin temp on that side it only blows hot air. Passenger side cools and heats normally. Related Problems?

If the blower only blows on high then it is you blower motor resistor that is located behind the glove box it has two screws that hold it in place ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

High idle Truck Idles high in between gears, and when sitting. Once in a while it will kick back to normal idle, but mostly its high. Dang thing increases speed without gas in all gears

Time for a IAC (idle air control ) motor ... 1991 GMC Sonoma

I have a jetta 2000 ... 2.0 am facing problems with my speedometer which is suddenly indicating 240 km then going back to normal speed, once i press hard on the gas when ever the indicator reach max speed while am driving at 100 km hour the engine stops . also lately the engine would start for 30 sec and turns off, i by passed the car to a scanner it show i got a problem with the speed sensor, also sometimes while driving in up the hills the transmission starts getting weird , as if the gear box

Change the Engine speed sensor. This can sometime cause your dash to do all sorts of weird things when they fail, such as setting the low fuel warning off as well. strange but true ! good luck ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Speedometer My speedometer stoped works when i go high speeds then bounces back down to zero what can i do

If you look on top of the transmissio there will be a black rubber connection with wires comming out of the top this is your speedometer sensor you can replace it or try to clean it if cleaning it dosent work replace it any sensor off a same series m ... 1992 Honda Accord

My 2002 dodge caravan is not shifting from first gear. when im driving the speedometer goes up high to 200 then down to 0. all the lights are on where you shift, like park reverse all of them have the box around them. the abs light is on and so is the emergency brake. also the trac off light is on which i've never seen before. the shop says its the shift module but i seen alot of questions here saying it could be the speed sensor. it also jerks when the speedometer goes to 200 back to 0

... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy. It starts off great in 1st and 2nd gear every time. When I'm barely pushing the gas (thru neighborhoods, school zones, and slow back roads) it won't shift past 3rd. It winds up past about 30mph and acts like its in neutral til about 4000 rpm where it slowly starts to accelerate. If reaching highways speeds, when the motor runs up to 2500-3000 rpm between shifts it runs totally normal. Any ideas would be appreciated. (speed control sensor is brand new and my speedometer w

... 2001 GMC Jimmy

I have a 94 mercury sabel with 70,000 miles on it. The problem is when going down the road it seems to have a vibration at slow speeds. None at high speed. When I jacked up the front end you can move the front tire on the passenger side back and forth a couple of inches of free play. Looks like it is in the rack and pinion steering drivers side is not as bad but also has some play. CV joints seem fine, kinds scary should not have that much play. Zero play up and down, just side to side

Wheel bearings are bad ... 1994 Mercury Sable

While driving all the dash lights (airbag,seatbelt,every warning light flashed) and the speed odometer and tach jumps back and forth for a second and everything went back to normal. The truck never missed a beat kept running fine?

I am not positive about my answer but I figured I would give my feedback anyways. It is possible that your alternator might be going out. In my experience, I had a '95 Maxima where, as I was driving, the battery and brake light would come on for a se ... Chevrolet C1500

Speedometer bounces back and forth when ridding at about 70mph but car actual speed is constant. Then car has a hard time to reach speeds above 80 mph.

Check the wheel balancing of the car to make sure that it is properly fixed and that it is okay. ... 1999 Volkswagen New Jetta

The speedometer of my Cadillac Allante 1992 started going crazy between normal speed reading and suddenly jumping to a higher reading and back. Digital speedometer even says 5mpg sometimes when car is simply idling in park. What is causing the problem? Thanks

Electronic Brake Control Module needs to be replaced ... 2000 Cadillac Catera

My 98 Pontiac grand prix's speedometer is not working properly. It works fine while the car is cold but as it starts to get warm, it begins to malfunction, stopping at approximately 50 mph even though im driving about 65. As I swerve back and forth, the speedometer moves drastically to different speeds. How would I fix this problem?

I have the same issue in my 98 Grand Prix. My car does NOT use a speedometer cable, even though I assumed it would, as the speedometer and odometer appear to be analog. However, it is all circuit board. there is no cable. ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire
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