Having problems with your 1997 Buick LeSabre ?

I turn the key to on i have power when i turn key to start it goes solid dead what is it

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Answers :

Have someone give you a jump start. If that does not start you car, then I would say it is time to look at the starter.
\015\012Please let me know if it starts with a jump, if not please let me know and I will walk you through the process.
Turn the head lights on and see if they stay on or if the car goes dead this could be a low battery or a bad connection at the battery
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I turn the key to on i have power when i turn key to start it goes solid dead what is it

Have someone give you a jump start. If that does not start you car, then I would say it is time to look at the starter.\015\012Please let me know if it starts with a jump, if not please let me know and I will walk you through the process. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2002 Honda Accord. Apparently I have a relay issue with the starter. Battery 12V check. Fuses ok. When I turn the key, and the relay engages which shuts down the nonessential systems prior to starting, I hear a "frying" sound behind the passenger side fuse panel and the power goes dead. No starter no radio no lights. Remove the key and wait a few minutes. I put the key back in and I have radio, lights, etc... Everything seems fine until I turn the key to the start position. So

Ok so that wasn't it. Three days later problem came back. Replaced battery cables. Problem goes away for another few days. Came back again and found what I think is finally it. Engine Cut Out Relay in the power distribution box. (of note the e ... 2002 Honda Accord

Ok here is a weird one, my truck has power, I put the key in, and I have no chip in my key by the way, I turn the truck on it goes through the motions, when I hit the start position all it does is goes "click" and then my readout says check gauges and my security light comes on almost solid red and the truck will not start. Sometimes it will start, sometimes it will not, it has also just quit running once but when I stopped and restarted it fired right back up and ran. Any help with this??

I have seen this before. And I would almost bet your Battery Voltage at the starter will be 6 Volts or below 9 Volts. It is a combination of several things. There are some TSB solutions for electric problems but you need to get a code from a scann ... 2004 Ford F150

This was an intermitten problem until yesterday. When you turn the key to start the van everything goes dead. Sometimes when i would place the gear shift in neutral all power would come back and the van would start. now everthing is dead. The battery is fully charged and in good shape. When i pull the key out of the ignition one of the relays in the fuse box vibrates. Any ideas?

Sounds like a ground problem start with your battery. Check cables clean them anyway. If to much corrosion in cable itself replace. Check all grounds broken wires. When you move the shifter check for anything rubbing against it causing the system to ... 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

When I try to start my 93 Ford F250 4x4, when the key gets to the on position there is power when I turn it to start everything goes dead. It will start if the Key is on by arching the solenoid. I have replaced the key switch and it does the same thing. I have checked all the ground connections.

Help dumb poor girl, 1996 chevy silverado replaced started already but, when I turn the truck over I have lights (accessories) will not start and all lights accessories go dead. Did get it to turn one time after I put new starter on then shut off???? ... 1993 Ford F250

My 1981 corvette won't start...there is no power getting from the battery to the engine...how can i fix this? I have tried charging the battery and jump starting it. I have also purchased a new battery. When the new battery is hooked up and the key is in the igniton on the auxillary position, it shows that i have between 12 and 18 amps. when i go to start it it goes dead without even turning over...killing all of the power.

If you have no power to anything, such as headlights\015\012radio/wipers etc. The fusable link at the starter may\015\012have fried. Try using a jumper wire from the battery connection on the alternator to the + post on the batt.\01 ... 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

Ignition Problem.When I turn the key to start there is no electrical poweras if the battery is dead. If I wait 30 seconds electrical power comes on but when I try to start engine there is a click and electrical power goes out again. Does not engage starter. Can't start. Is this my starter or something else?

... 1991 Lincoln Mark VII

Got a focus 1.8 deisel zetec 2006, had an engine systems fault light on for past few days, lack of power at speeds up to about 50 mph then seems to clear and call pulls away and light goes off, maybe fuel blockage? Any way, waiting for my mechanic to look at that over weekend. But, car has on 3 occasions over last 2 days, not started for about 10 minutes. I turn the key and there is nothing, completely dead, doesnt even turn over. If I wait a few munites and try again it just starts as normal, b

If no lights on dash then the battery terminals are corroded high resistance, if you have light in the dash and still the eng doesnot turn then I would suspect the starter selonide. As for the system light you migh have to get it scanned look into Hi ... 2006 Ford Focus

I have a 95 firebird. I had to replace the ignition tumbler because I found the vats wires to tumbler broken. Had new key and code done at dealer.problem is nothing when key turned to start position. Checked power with testlight crank fuse at fuse panel. And relay box under hood. Power good can here clicking sound in engine compartment when key turned . Removed fuse at box insert testlight turn key o.n light on turn to start click sound and testlight goes out. Also hook up remote starter switch

It's when the security light starts flashing that the infamous "chip" in the key becomes a nightmare to many. Gradually the car begins not cranking anymore or if it cranks it would start and die in a second. Randomly it will do this more and more oft ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 2001 Jimmy. Frequently when I try to start it the dash board lights come on when I turn the key and then it goes dead. Nothing electrical works. If I disconnect the battery positive lead for a few seconds something resets and the truck will then start. Recently it even died at highway speed, causing the loss of power steering and brakes. Any Suggestions?

Sounds like there might a draw somewhere or else a bad alternator...and when you're driving, its not charging up your battery and you drive off the battery...when you turn you radio and accessories on, then it has no output...perhaps check for draw f ... GMC Jimmy

When I turn the key to start the truck everything goes dead. Lights on the dash and interior lights go out. Starter is ok,power to starter.Is it a bad ground or a bad key switch? thank you

The interior lights wouldnt be affected by turning the key to start vehicle,now what i would do here is to use my test light and check the power on the back of the ignition switch ,now three wires to worry about the permant 12v feed ,then the power t ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I have a 2004 olds alero that i purchased for my son. This has happened twice now where he goes to start it and nothing happens. Turns the key and dead silence and it doesn't crank over. The battery has full power and the accessories work. there is no noise of any kind what so ever. tried it about 15 times last Friday. got up Saturday morning tried it again and it started right up. Do you think that this may be ignition related or starter related

I would suspect the ignition switch. Luckily, it's mounted on the instrument panel and relatively easy to access.\015\012\015\012Another angle to consider is that a security system is disabling ignition. If the lock symbol in the instrument ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

I went out and started my vehicle acted like battery was dead. Realized the vehicle was out of gear (it is a automatic) placed vehicle in park tried to start. It over turned however would not stop turning over. I removed the key still cranking over. I had to remove the battery terminal. When you place terminal back on it starts to crank again without key(I had starter and silinoid checked, no problems) with the starter removed for testing I checked ignition. It turns all power on (fan starts to

I think the only possible solution is that at the back end of the steering lock is the ignition switch itself ,it has two screws that hold it on and this switch is the problem ,the contacts inside have collapsed or broke loose so its shorting inside ... Ford Escort

Ok i have a 1983 mazda b1800 it starts great and runs perfect but when i turn the key into start position the car starts but then if i let go so it goes to on position, the car engine turns off??? i have to hold the key in the middle of on and start, for it to continue running. its ok but trying to drive with no power steering one handed trying to hold the key in perfect position is a night mare. please help me

You need a new ignition switch..\015\012\015\012Have a great day ! ... 2000 BMW 3 Series

Power goes dead when I turn the key

... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

My 2007 S40 won't start, no power at all,for a moment the dashboard lit up but as soon as I try to turn the ignition key all goes dead and there is a click, click noise

Your battery needs to be replaced you probably have a dead cell and the only repair is replace it ... 2007 Volvo S40 2.4i Sedan

Bought a 99 Sable a few months ago, it was running fine. Several times this week I got in to start it and when I turn the key all power goes out - no lights etc. There is a ticking under the dash that stops when you depress the brake. I waited a while and suddenly the lisghts came back on. THe clock needed to be reset but otherwise the car ran fine again. This last time it when off and came back - but this time when I turn the key the power just goes out again. There is no alarm system that I kl

Have you checked and cleaned the battery posts and all connections (including the ground connection)? Another possibility is the accessory feed relay. ... 1999 Mercury Sable

My truck is a 1994 with a V6, the power comes on when you turn the key on and then when you try to start it it just clicks 1 time on the starter and then everything goes dead. It has a good battery and alternator and the starter is good as well

Sounds like a bad connection. Clean and tighten battery terminals and let us know if that doesn't work. Could also be solenoid. ... 1994 GMC Sierra

I have a 1996 jaguar xj6 and was driving it and i heard a warning chime and about a mile down the road the car turned off. i could not get the car started and noticed all the dash lights and instruments were off. with the key turned on all of the other elecrical things worked ie power seats windows etc. however the car would not start it was completely dead would not even turn over. after a while i still had the key in the ignition and the dash lights and instruments started working. the ca

Hi,Could you tell me if this problem only happens when you are stationary or while the vehicle is moving?ThanksJason ... Jaguar XJ6

1997 tarus not starting have power to some stuff not to other like some accessories work like the radio wipers when you turn the switth to on not start the fan comes on but when you turn key all the way it quits. i have power to coil pacs but seems like i got no power to fuel pump. wint start when jump starter but starter works. also there is a black wire under dash that goes from one of the major wires in the harness out the firewall that is black then sodered to a bare wire is there any way i

The very 1st thing u must do is to have the system scanned for fault codes, this is #1 in the repair sequence, the codes received will give direction to what needs to be repaired,remember this system is completely electronically controlled, all the m ... Ford Taurus

The car starts fine, sometimes, but at other times, when i turn the key, everything "goes dead" -- no electrical @ all. After turning the key to off, the lights & such work again, but when i turn to start, the same thing happens. Jumping the car does get it to start. Any ideas?

This sounds like you have a bad connection at the battery. Take a look at the battery terminals and clamps. If they are corroded clean them off with a battery brush, apply a coating of petroleum jelly to the terminal and clamps. Make sure clamps are ... 1987 Jaguar XJ6

2001 PT Cruiser turn key to start nothing, no power, lites etc... I jump start it and it starts right up. turn off and try to re start, nothing. jump started again fired right up, while running tested battery holding around 12.25,no drop in battery voltage. tested alternator under load w/ lites & heater on around 14.10 stays around the same when not under load. turned car off, will not start, no sound of any kind when trying to start everything completely dead, but fires right up with a jump s

Whats the battery voltage when you turn the key on or try to crank it? Have you checked to make sure the terminals are clean?An almost dead battery will still read 12 volts until there is a load on it. Then you will see the voltage drop t ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My honda accord goes dead when i turn the key to start so i check the cables at the battery and when i move the negative ground lights come back on the car so i start to start again everything goes dead again what could be the problem

Replace cables,they are not getting a good connection,clean battery terminal. ... 1997 Honda Accord

Brand new battery installed 2 days ago. When I press the brakes, the navigation screen goes black & everything in center console resets itself. Absolutely no power now, can open doors only manually. won't start with key or remote. Key in ignition in start mode & nothing, no lights, doesn't start, completely dead. wait a few minutes then everything works as normal, shut off ignition & goes back to nothing working.

... 2007 Cadillac ESV

Just jump started my 1999 lincoln town car and when I turned it off and tried to restart it - nothing. No lights, no ding when the key goes in, nothing. It's like there is no electrical power getting to the car. Car started when I jumped it and prior to that it clicked when I turned the key and the dinger dinged when the key was inserted. Now, nothing at all. Any ideas of what to do?

First, check the battery cables. From your description, it sounds like there's zero power in the car which often is due to a bad connection to the battery. If there's corrosion around the battery terminals, remove and clean them (or there are produ ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car
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