Having problems with your 1997 BMW 328 ?

Check engine light stays on

\015 When I bought the car which is a 1998 750 BMW the engine light wasn't on. Put gas in the car and the engine light hasn't went off. It rides very smooth, no problems other than check engine light stays on. have noticed very little Idleing up every now and then. oil change done, light still on.\015\012\015\012Please help!\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Make sure the gas cap is there and is fully tightened (it will click), a loss or missing cap will turn the check eng light on.
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About EGR valve, alot codes could mean several things to check or diferent ways to solve it.We need to know exactly what code is stored there; send us this code number to look specific information about your diagnostic and solve method. T ... 1996 Isuzu Trooper

I was driving my 2000 Honda Civic to work and all was well with it. However, as I started it up to drive home, the dreaded Check Engine light came on. I bought a new O2 sensor, and installed it, but the check engine light stayed on. I took the battery off, let it stay off for a minute, and then put it back on. I restarted the car, the light went away, I drove for an hour, and the light stayed off. However, I turned my car on this morning, and lo-and-behold the light came back on. In additio

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My 2006 chevy trailblazers check engine light comes on and a large reduction in power occurs when i put the pedal to the floor and activate the kickdown. It loses power, check engine light comes on and idles really rough almost to stall. If i shut off engine for approx 2-3 minutes it starts back up and runs fine but the check engine light stays on until the next day when i start it up the check engine light is off. Any help would be appreciated.

You will need a OBD2 Scan tool to retrieve proper code to repair guessing is to expensive. ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

2001 Isuzu Rodeo 54248 miles on engine. rough start and engines dies. Restarts easily, idiling high and engine will move car without my using accelerator. Check engine light was coming on when accelerating and when accelerator disengageded check engine light would go off. Now check engine light staying on and engine seems idiling high when at stop light unless brakes fully engaged.

Hi.If problem is only on startup and when idleing, then the problem is likely IAC system, also a vacuum leak will cause the same problem.If problem is not only on startup and idle, but also when driving, then MAP sensor and EG ... 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

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Topic: 1990 1.8 L engine in Subaru Loyales. Loyale No.1 Engine check light is staying on after replacement of oil sending unit (oil gauge still doesn't show pressure), EGR value, and the oil fill cap. A second 1990 Loyale has a check engine light, its only visible problem was very dirty engine oil and the valaves need adjusted. Question: what other conditions drive the Check Engine light on the 1990 1.8 L Loyale?

Have vehicle scanned for codes auto stores such as auto zone /advanced auto do it for free this gives u a starting point as for ur question about 25 different sensors there are about 60+ different codes and anything from bumper to bumper can set off ... 1990 Subaru Loyale

Fuel pump relay flutters light a machine gun, engine will not start. Once it stops and the engine starts, the check engine light stays on, while it is on, the engine runs very rich. If the check engine light goes out, the engine no longer runs very rich and operates normally. Also, while the engine light is on, going up hill is almost impossible.

Check your fuel regalater sounds like you are getting to much pressure ot the injectors ... Cars & Trucks

1996 Buick Le Sabre. 3.9 v/6 Check engine light came on and found out plastic intake manifold was cracked. Replaced the intake and for a few days light was off. Then the same check engine light came back on. Car surges sometimes and will almost die while idling. It runs ok, most of the time, but check engine light stays on. Got any ideas?

My light went out after i replaced egr valve---twice--then came back on....then i had a fuel system "clean out" done by national chain...light went out--milage went up--GOD BLESS AMERICA!! ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2006 jetta gli turbo with about 82000 miles on it about four months ago the check engine light came on but nothing noticeable was going on with my car or the drive. recently when it started getting colder out when i would start my car the check engine light would start flashing the engine would rev up right aobut the 1 RPMs and then after about 20-30 seconds of idle it stops shaking and drops down below the 1 RPMs and the check engine light stops flashing but stays on. occasionally as w

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I have a 97 wrangler 2.5. Check engine light is on, running lean, loss of power and high fuel consumption. I have replaced the o2 sensors, reset check engine code. light stays off and engine runs great for a couple of days and then goes right back to running poorly / check engine light back on. I know its not the o2 sensors...what else could it be?

Something odd about what you posted. An engine that is running lean shouldn't be using a lot of fuel. Lean is when there isn't enough fuel going into the engine. Two other sensors that regulate fuel flow are the map sensor and throttle position sens ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I have a polo 2006 1.6 bah engine the oil light comes on I. Have changed the oil switch. Light stlill stays on checked oil pressure with oil pressure gauge oil pressure is 0.5 bar speck is 2 bar . Changed oil pumb oil pressure still 0.2 bar. Checked big ends and small end bearing no fault with bearings . Removed cam shaft ,cam shaft and cam shaft bearings ok. U.can drive vehicle no engine noise but oil light stays on please advise regards papa joe

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2000 gmc sierra 1500 for last month check engine light stays on - previously, for several months, the fuel gauge would (still does some) not work when started up (whether warm or cold) until I put it back in park a little hard & then the gauge would read normal. Now that the check engine light is staying on, the fuel gauge light just rarely comes on, sometimes when have just filled up with gas. ???

Have vehicle scanned most auto stores offer this service for free the trouble code will give u a start point towards correcting that problem as to the gauge sounds like a different problem from check engine possible connected but doubt it check the w ... GMC Sierra 1500

My check gages light come on as well. When it happens, my oil gage drops as well. When check gage light goes off, the oil gage returns to normal. Lately, the problem is getting worse. Then check light is staying on for long periods of time. In addition, the check engine light stays on as well. I am really tried of this car (Dodge Durango), but can't afford a new or like-new ride right now.

I don't see the problem\015\012You have a check light on, most of the time.\015\012Check lights have been on vehicles for 31 model years now. Surely you know why! You have a system malfunction, get the code read, as soon as the light come ... 2001 Dodge Durango

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport SOHC. Check engine light came on and started flashing. Took it to have it checked. They told me engine misfire in a couple different cylinders and o2 sensor. I changed all plugs and wires, put a new coil pack and a new o2 sensor. Also cleaned throttle body and air filter. Used gas treatment. Still having same problem with check engine light. Also idles rough and is very sluggish. Doesn't stay on when idling at light or stop sign. What else should I do?

Fuel filter,module. ... Cars & Trucks

2002 SAAB 9-3 SE. Check engine light came on. Car was laggin,loosing power,and hard to stay started.Had codes read. 1)crank position. Replaced. car ran good for about a month,then check engine light again.Codes this time was for O2sensor, cat-converter,mass airflow sensor. Replaced both sensors first and check engine light went off but no power,feels like its misfiring now. Bought the cat-converter,but now mechanic says code is not coming up for cat-c anymore. code is for mass air flow again!.go

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Have 2004 isuzu rodeo 3.5 L 2 wd 82,000 miles ,.. firing order 1L 2R 3L 4R 5L 6R check engine light came on,. diagnostic said misfire on cyl 4,.. had mechanic replace all plugs,. they needed it,.. he chose to switch 2 and 4 as a pre diagnostic measure in case check engine light came back on, and if it said cyl 2 ,.. the problem would be easier to diagnose,.. 2 weeks later check engine light comes back on... at first flashing then turning off, now 24 hrs later it stays on,..

No. The ignition coils most of the time when you get a misfire, are not the problem. Most of the time it is the plugs, or wires. Usually when a coil goes out then it is out. Or will quit firing when the engine is warm. Then fire again when the engine ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

My son just purchased a 2006 GMC Envoy and Check Engine Light kept going on. Dealer said it is due to Secondary Injection Pump (Code P0410),which my son paid them to replace. Again, Check Engine Light still goes on and again he brought it in to them and they now say water in system due to son going thru too many puddles, stay away from puddles??? 3rd time he brings it to them for Check Engine Light and they say they found a crack in the Windshield Fluid Container and this must be the culprit

Until yesterday, I have never had a serious mechanical issues with my 2006 Envoy Denali, which only has +/-60K Miles (under extended 100K Mile warranty).\015\012\015\012Yesterday, however, while taking an interstate on-ramp (I thin ... 2006 GMC Envoy

Have a 1991 honda accord. I will be driving along and the speedometer stops working, and shortly, the check engine light comes on. After I drive a mile or two, the speedometer starts back working, but the check engine light stays on. When I kill my car and restart it, the check engine light is not on.

You need to replace the vehicle speed sensor located on the trasmission. ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 1997 chevy blazer with check engine light on, speedometer and rpm not working and gas gage stays at 1/2 tank. First it was just the check engine light on. Got a tune-up, checked the computer on truck for problems, had wires traced for possible shorts. Check engine went off for couple hrs while mechanics checked out car. It came back on while I drove it home. I called mechanics and they don't know what the problem is. Since then, the speedometer, rpm, and gas guage stopped working. I cha

It sounds like you have a lose or bad body ground!!! ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer
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