Having problems with your 1996 Volvo 960 ?

I have a 1997 volvo 960 with a 2.9 engine, i have a oil leak which I think is the rear main seal but there's a slim chance it maybe coming from higher up on the back side of the engine. is there a sending unit or something of that natuere that is a common area on the backside that might be the cause of this leak that anyone might know of i can check before facing the doom of pulling the auto trans?

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I have a 1997 volvo 960 with a 2.9 engine, i have a oil leak which I think is the rear main seal but there's a slim chance it maybe coming from higher up on the back side of the engine. is there a sending unit or something of that natuere that is a common area on the backside that might be the cause of this leak that anyone might know of i can check before facing the doom of pulling the auto trans?

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My BMW (1996) e35 318i engine has excessive blow-by thus it blow fumes out of the brather pipe and out of the unit the dip stick goes in if I pull the dip stick out. I have ben told that the rings need to be replaced although the car does not smoke. This extra air is causing pressure in the oil chambers and thus the car is leaking oil out of one of the gaskets. I am also worried that it would cause too much pressure on a long trip and blow up the engine or something although the engine does n

First thing to do is replace the PCV valve. Next thing is have a compression test run on all cylinders. This will tell you just how much wear there is. If there is just normal wear and the engine is not using allot of oil and is running fine then you ... BMW 318

My S belt snapped on my 2000 Saturn SL2, and the engine immediately over-heated, and something cracked, causing radiator fluid to leak everywhere. I was told by a friend that it's part of the heating system, but is not sure what it's called, and I need to know to find the part at a salvage yard. it's behind and to the right of the head(?) area, or the part of the engine that says "16 valve, twin cam". anybody have any ideas?

Does your engine look similar to this. IF you're referring to the wording on the cover, this is the valve cover. This is the only piece i'm thinking that has ... 2000 Saturn SL

What might be the source of an antifreeze leak? It appears to be coming from the engine front up and to the left of the oil filter on my V6, '95 Camry. I find the small puddle after the car has stopped, but it only seems to leak when first stopped. I see a 2 or 3 inch plate in the area of the engine that is bolted by two bolts. This plate area looks suspicious, but the leak seems to start above this plate, unless this plate leaks and sprays some coolant upward. I have heard about a "water coolan

Yes it could be a bypass hose it could be a freeze out plug going bad it may be a bad head gasket it may be a bad water pump these are a few items to check. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Need engine schematic for oil flow I have an oil leak above the oil filter around the oil pressure sending unit (I think). The filter doesn't have much oil in it, so I think something is plugged. I assume I wouldn't have the leak if the pump was bad. It only leaks when the engine is running and it leaks pretty bad (not driveable).

Hi common fault with hondas change your oil switch it will cure your leak pumps brilliant on these cars plus if oils coming out the pumps working yates210456 ... 1996 Honda Accord

Engine check light read p0171 and p0420, noticed a leak of engine oil on cylinder 2 area of head gasket when checking the sparks plug, is that the cause?

P0171 code is described as: lean condition bank 1, oxy sensor 1. If your vehicle is a 4 cylinder, which I believe it is.. you have got a lean air/fuel mixture being found by the ecm(computer).This can be caused by several things. The first of which i ... 2003 Toyota Camry

1998 bmw 318i replaced thermostat and housing, top and lower hoses i guess the thermostat was stuck cause the vehicle over heated causing antifreeze to leak from rear of engine after inspecting the leak looks like theres a plastic piece that has two hoses coming from it that has broke cant seem to find out the name of that part and would it be something that could be done without alot of removing of parts

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Got cut off... when i start the car thereis a loud squeeel sound from the >>lower<< left hand side of engine...where one of the belts is connected to. What is that unit down there and why is this unit locking up. I don't think its the compressor cause that i think is on the upper engine area...like the alternator/starter.

Mine dide the same thing. I replaced both belts and the noise stop. ... 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis

I need to find schematics or photos of 4.6L DOHC engine for 1993 Lincoln MKVIII. I am trying to locate oil leak above the oil filter & I believe there may be an oil filter gasket that is leaking, if this car has a separate mount for the oil filter that connects to the engine. If it does, how do you get to something like this to remove it, I can barely get the oil filter out of this area?

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Coolant Leak I have a 1997 Pontiac Transsport that is leaking coolant. The leak occurs when the vehicle is sitting overnight, and appears to be coming off the rear of the transmission pan. The coolant is not leaking into the transmission, just the drip is from around the pan. What could be leaking from the rear of the engine or in this area to cause this?

It' s a guess. First I would for any engine frost plug leaking. If equipped with a block heater check it for leak (depending where it has been installed).\015\012If I'm wrong let us know and we will go further.\015\012Hope it will help ... 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport

Oil leak Have a 2004 Pontiac sunfire. Have leak on right side of engine (above the cylinder head gasket). Appears to be coming from oval shape plate just above hoses. Is there a gasket in this area that may be causing the leak to avoid removing cylinder head for fixing?

The round oval shaped object in question should be the canister where your oil filter goes ,yes there is a gasket on the inside that may have been broke or left off on your last oil change ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T coupe 3.0. I have an oil leak coming from the back of the engine, where the head meets the block. Can streched bolts cause this oil leak? It is leaking from the passenger side of the car, in the general area of the power steering pump.

For one this motor in this car ant a dodge motor it is the 3.0 mitsubishi motor and they are very good ... 2002 Dodge Stratus

I have a diesel leak on my ldv pilot van engine, comming from the top rear of the engine, and running down the bell housing of the gearbox. it is a peugot 1.9 diesel engine, does any one know what might be the cause please ?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 focus with 2.0 spi - recently getting a ticking or rattle from engine compartment when car is first started once engine warms the noise goes away for the most part it seems to coming from the egr valve area on the backside of engine but hard to tell for sure - the sound actully reminds me of an exhaust leak but checked all that out and is in great shape - please help

Replace the motor mount located next to the timing belt enclosure. ... 2004 Ford Focus

Ok. guys. i am losing coolant. it is not showing up in the oil and i have no external leaks. i did replace the head gasket and all associated gaskets about two months ago. also have changed the upper and lower radiator hoses, the thermostat, the water pump, the engine coolant temprature sending unit, the serpintine belt, the tensioner pulley , and also the instrument cluster. my question is: is this leak most likley caused by the intake maniflod gasket leaking? i do have bubbles coming up in my

If the coolant is leaking at the head gasket or the intake manifold gasket slowly, then new gaskets will have to be installed. The bubbles coming up is a bad sign that the seal of the coolant system is bad or it's overheating the coolant to the point ... 1997 Buick Century

About six weeks ago my 93 Accord engine heat gauge went to the top. I took it to a shop and they replaced the thermostat and radiator. It ran for a while and today the engine heat gauge again went to the top. I brought it to the same shop. What do you think is the matter? A few days ago someone at an auto parts store poured in too much power steering fluid and some of it leaked over wires and things under the hood. Do you think this may have caused something to make the engine overheat or may

Did you over heat the second time? or did the gauge go up with no over heat? alot of time in my expeirence severe over heat can destroy the temprature sending unit, causing false readings on your dashboard. The sending unit is housed on your thermost ... 1993 Honda Accord

1990 Ford Econoline E 350 Lazy Daze Motor Home. Unit has a Fuel Accumulator. What is it, Why is it leaking, will it cause my 460 to not start?? Can it be bypassed?? It looks like an oil filter and there is 2 fuel lines in and 2 out. When I try to start the engine, the accumulator starts leaking fuel onto the pavement. I have never had a problem starting until now. Thanks

... Ford E-350

Where in a 1995 Ford Explorer would I find the ECM unit. I need to know specifics not just either engine compartment or under dash. Where in those areas is the ECM unit? Also, the local Ford Dealership service department tells me it's $86 to check it out. Are their cheaper alternatives? Are other car repair places likely to have the capabilities to do this? FTM is their something i could buy to check this out?

Hi,The ecm passes through the passenger side of the firewall. Looking in the engine compartment, you can see where the wiring harness is bolted to the end of the PCM. The body of it is inside behind the glove compartment. ... 1995 Ford Explorer

My protege 94 leaks black smoke from engine after traveling 1 or 2 mile. When I see cooling fan after starting engine, it does not rotate. what might be the possible cause.

The fan does not rotate all the time.\015\012\015\012Temp. senor provide reading to the computer ECU and it will trigger a fan relay to turn on the fan.\015\012\015\012The three leakable items are\015\012\015\012oil pressure sender/ ... 1994 Mazda Protege

Alright,I have a Cadillac SLS 1996 and I had it for 4 months then it said a/c off for engine protection STOP ENGINE and went into safe mode.I assumed it was the Headgasket after asking a couple mechanics,Which is 5 grand in my area(I got the car for 990$)so I just used bars leak copper seal,which worked like miracle in a bottle,I was driving it on 100 miles trips every weekend so it worked great.Then about 3 months later it over heated,I ended up having the car imounded cause i left it there for

Sir, you may have some real problems. The radiator may be stopped up, the thermostat may be stuck closed and there still remains the fact that the head gasket(s) may still be leaking. You can get a tool or have a shop che ... 1996 Cadillac Seville CA Value

My daughters 1999 Jetta GL, 2.0 liter AEG engine, has trouble starting after refueling. After that, it starts fine. I have been getting a trouble code for evap emission control system malfunction. I'm not sure if this system could cause the starting problem. I have replaced the gas cap and fuel filter,and checked the hoses,next would be the purge valve or EVAP canister and leak detection pump if this might solve the problem. Any suggestions on the cause of the starting problem?

Check the fuel pump pressure ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

Water leaking from heater core area, in engine compartment, near blower motor and ac components, what causes the leak?

Ussually the problems is coused by too much pressure in the system or worn heather core hose or by a faulty water pump or blown head gasket check system for air buble while engine running if no air bubles change termostat and water pump and the p ... 2004 Chevrolet Express

I have leaking freon but the problem is its leaking right by the right side of the condenser (right side when you are looking from back to front). its almost to the bottom of the condenser, what I'm wondering is what might need to be replaced? the whole unit or like a gasket or something?

If it's leaking from the condenser, you will need to replace the condenser. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can a warped or cracked head cause an external coolant leak underneath the waterpump and pulley area. I just had the water pump replaced and it is still leaking from the same spot. I was told by an expert that a warped head could compromise the seal on the water pump, but isn't the water pump attached to the block not the head? By the way there is no coolant in the oil, no white smoke out of the exhaust and the engine is running perfect.

I think he means that a warped or cracked head can overpressurise the cooling system and blow out the seal (maybe). If the radiator cap is doing it's job, I'd expect to see coolant released there at a lower pressure than the water pump seal. If the r ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a subaru impreza 1997. My transmission makes a clicking noise like metal to metal. no performance is effected or anything but the noise is annoying. im thinking it might have to do something with the fly wheel. its something in the tranny close to the engine area

Muffler heat shield loose possibly. check when cold. or your starter gear could possibly be the problem ... 1997 Subaru Impreza
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