Having problems with your 1996 Volvo 960 ?

Volvo 960 gle estate self leveling suspenstion 1995 model. car lying low onto wheel arch when not loaded

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IF self leveling (gas struts) are faulty,when you come to a stop after driving for about 10 mins,the rear will not have risen to level.(still low).then they will need replacements fitted,they are not that expensive,compared to some air suspension types.(just in case im not clear,the rear pumps itself up AFTER moving off/driving and will settle when stopped for awhile after.)
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Volvo 960 gle estate self leveling suspenstion 1995 model. car lying low onto wheel arch when not loaded

IF self leveling (gas struts) are faulty,when you come to a stop after driving for about 10 mins,the rear will not have risen to level.(still low).then they will need replacements fitted,they are not that expensive,compared to some air suspension typ ... 1996 Volvo 960

Honda CRV 1999 model 4WD (SUV). Vibration when power applied, shaking car at high speed and thumping/bumping at low speed. Stops immediately when power backed off; not evident coasting down hill. Vibration/thumping occurs at all speeds, and seems at about road wheel frequency. Comes and goes; not consistent. Not evident with hand break on and clutch slipping in either 1st or reverse gear (to test engine under load while wheels stationary).


I have a nissan pathfinder 2007 model it is stuck in 4 wheel drive low when i turn the key to 2 wheel drive mode the car stil feels key it is in 4 wheel drive mode as the revs are very high even when the car is traveling at a low speed, and the 4 wheel drive low flashes on the computer even when its changed to 2 wheel drive mode

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Toyota Cavalier Hello, I live in New Zealand and am having a brake problem with my 96 Toyota Cavalier. Approx 6mths ago I had the rear brakes replaced (pads & cylinders) at local garage . Due to a bad water leak inside car I have had car parked up for 3-4mths. When I moved the car about 1 week ago it was going fine with no binding of brakes. In last couple of days I gave car good wash (incl wheel under wheel arches & mag wheels). I then a couple of days later (yesterday) went to move car &

I know brakes inside and out. I'd love to come down there and fix them for you. I'm unemployed, single male, with nothing else to do.If trans could be arranged, I'd love to fix your brakes. I've always wanted to see Australia. more women than men I'v ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

When I put the vehicle into 4x4 low and turn there is a loud clunk sound coming from what sounds like the direction the car is being turned to. The car also feels to be getting some resistense when it is in corners in 4wheeldrive. also in auto, high or low and the vehicle needs traction on the front wheels there is a squeak that apears to occur every rotation of the wheels.

The Squeak per rotation can be the CV joints inside the rubber boots. The boots are behind the front wheels. A dry joint will fail if not lubed. Sometimes it takes a little friction to warm the grease inside the joint so it will flow to every port ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

2005 Equinox, have had a low growling noise from 15 mph up in speed. Taken to brake specialist and they said it was not in the brakes. Yesterday the ABS and no TC lights came on for the first time. Before this, one week ago, had snow conditions and car did not feel like it was in all wheel drive state. Felt more like two-wheel drive and slid around alot even at low speed. Growling noise is not heard outside of car, only inside.

... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Car was low,low on fuel,put half tank in car.drove about 3miles onto 4lane and kicked it. when car tacked out in passing gear it started heasitating.eased off the accelerator and shifted fine.kicked it again same thing when it started to shift. drove home no prob. next day drove fine , pulled into traffic pretty hard into first ,when tacked out to shift car hesittated again so let off accelerator and car went.dead, would not start .let sit about an hr.and car cranked. now car will crank n idle w

Replace the fuel filter. That should fix the problem. You can follow the fuel line back to the fuel tank to find it. It is usually in the middle of the vehicle near the edge of the vehicle, like right under the passengers or drivers door. ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with a 4.6 engine with the auto 4 wheel drive electric push button system (4x4 auto / 4x4 high / 4x4 low). When running in 4x4 auto (normal running mode), making hard turns the front wheels clunk badly. I lifted vehicle clear of ground. Under low load (800-1000 rpm) just the rear wheels spin when in drive. When rpm is brought up to 1000-1200 transfer case will engage front wheels so I assume the transfer case is transfering power to the front wheels properly. With al

Your issue sounds like normal operation of a light truck 4X4 system. The front differential is geared to pull the truck. The differential will be an open differential on the front. The popping your most likely feeling is a combination of the stearing ... 2002 Ford Explorer

I have hit the kerb with my front wheels in the snow and this has affected the steering of the car making the wheels rub against the wheel arch when I reverse. I can drive the car but the wheels rub when I reverse into a parking space can you give me a worst case senario.

Worst case scenario is a bent chassis but that is unlikely. More likely will be a bent lower control arm. This cannot be repaired but it is easily replaced. If nothing else is bent, it will need wheels to be aligned and you are away again. Whole jod ... 2006 Jaguar X-Type

My 2004 PT Cruiser 4 cylinder has 117K on it. When I come to a complete stop and wheels stop turning the car's rpm's dip so low that the car sounds like its about to clonk out. About 3 out of 5 times the car idles that low it stalls out completely. I just had the air intake sensors cleaned along with all new spark plugs put it. It seems to make no difference if the ac is on or not. When the car is in nuetral whe can only rev it to 4 rpm's. I am not sure if that is signifigant or not. What

You said you just had the spark plugs replaced, could be that a spark plug wire was connected in the wrong spot, I would check that first, also does the car run smoothly going down the road? clogged fuel filter perhaps. Check engine light on? could a ... 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Hi there. I have a 1991 toyota SR5 limited 4Runner. ai am interested in finding out on how the 4 wheel drive system works on these things. I got stuck on a hill today and the back left wheel was spinning and the front wheels werent doing anything. once i got the car back on flat ground in a mud pit, I once again put the car in low gear and in L4 put the foot down and only the back wheels were spinning. I also lost the green light on my dash a few weeks ago. please help

Solenoid on the gbox needs to be checked out. ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

Hi im driving 2002 lancer cedia wagon 1.8 with cvt trans,when driving engine under load the car has a bad vibration that feels similar to a wheel being out of balance but as soon as you take the load of it stops, Ive had wheel alignment done wheels balanced replaced rear engine mount and checked most bolts for tightness but problem is still there can anyone help

Hi. Maybe what you need now is to have the ball bearings checked. If they're fine, the thing to do is to pack them up with grease. If need replacement, they'll provide you with a new set of them for a modic price at any auto parts store, but my perso ... Mitsubishi Lancer

I have a 2008 acura tl-s with 7600 miles on it. I just brought my car in this past Saturday for it's B1 service. I was told that the brakes are very low and need to be replaced. The service request writer showed me the car, with the wheel on and pointed t o a metal tab near the brake caliper and brake pads stating that tab shows the brake pads are low and need to be replaced. I just checked my car now and I still see the same tab. I want to know if that sounds right, what that tab is for, s

The tab is to let you know when you need brake's, it will make an ugly squeeky sound when it rubs on the brake rotor, that you will want to have it check out, I think there trying to get over you, but that's only my guess, with out me looking at it. ... 2008 Acura Tl

I own a 2007 Jaguar x type 2.5 litre petrol estate. I have damaged a wheel and wish to replace it. There seem to be a baffling array of potential makes and models. The only distinguishing features on the damaged wheel are that it bears a Jaguar stamp, a 'made in Hungary' stamp and a makers name of SUOFTEC. There are various other numbers which may be model numbers but I can't find a match on the internet. The wheel is a 17" alloy which has five spokes each split into two. There are several alter

... 2007 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 Sedan

I had a strange problem with Hundai Santro GLS (2007 model). Car ran 60K approximately. One day, I suddenly found that the battery drained out completely and not able to start the car. After consulting helpline I could make it run by manual push. Later I found the **** during low speed and car getting stopped (turned off). I had to start it again. This problem faced only during low speed. Then I gave it to service center for diagnosis. They also spent lot of time in diagnosing but not able

I can almost GAURANTEE that your problem is your alternator. You need a new one. Hope this helps ... Hyundai Santa Fe

I own a ford festiva 1992 model, the car has been very reliable. just yesterday I notice a knocking noise that seems to come when turning the steering wheel from left to right even if the car is stationary. The nocking nise is louder if someone is seated in the car. Note: I had both front wheel ball joints replaced approx 2 years ago. Any assistance in pointing out what the probelm could be would be greatly appreciated.

Wheel bearing, steering tie rod ends, steering rack or maybe but not likely a bad cv axel, only a few possiblities, i had this exact model car for few years and anyone should be able to figure it out if you take your time and jack car up or drive on ... 1992 Ford Festiva

My 91 Dodge Shadow locked up on me while my friend and I was trying to get it unstuck from backing up onto a snow pile. I put it in neutral and we pushed it off the snow pile. When I got back in my car to try and start it, I couldn't turn the key nor the wheel. Now my car is sitting in the middle of the road with no way of moving it and other cars can barely get through. Please help me out. How do I get my key to turn and wheel unlocked?

You're going to have to jostle that wheel pretty roughly from my experience...If it's an Automatic Make sure you are truly in park or neutral before removing the key. If it's a manual you might have to rack the release button ... 1991 Dodge Shadow

My 1990 Audi brake pedal is hard And after pushing on the pedal for a short time it goes to the floor, This car say's quattro in the back window which means it's a all wheel drive, but it's a front wheel drive only! What the heck? Looking on the Internet is even more confusing, they list several different master cylinders for 100 and quattro models individually with many different bores and diameters. Which is the correct one for this car?

Check the right part according with the model: carpartswholesale.com/AUD ... 1990 Audi 100

Have a 2000 Blazer stuck in Hi-4 wheel drive and the warning light is on. Tried disconnecting the battery for default. Did not work. Was able to engage in neutral for the towing as per manual. When I started the car and pressed 2 wheel drive the light flashed then went to Hi 4wd again. This is a low mileage car. Can live with it in permanent Hi 4wd but will this cause further damage? What to do?

Check on the front differential and see if there is a tranafercase switch mounted on the outside it should be easily accessible with a 2 or 3 pin conection connected to it disconnect it and see if it does the trick for you if it dont unscrew it from ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

The steering on the 2003 corolla returns to the center position after a turn ,to quickly, feeling like its spring loaded. All my other cars, the steering wheel returns smoothly to the neutral position as the car straightens out. Is there any way of dampening out this sudden return of the steering wheel after a turn?

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

I try to turn my car and it makes a clicking noise (sounds bad). My steering wheel locked. Right before it locked I heard another sound. I can start the car but the steering wheel will not turn. My power steering fluid is fine. It's in between full and low.

... 2000 Kia Sportage

I just put a rebuilt power steering pump on a 2003 taurus 3.0 liter single cam set up. I jacked up the front of the car and had both wheels clearly off the ground and turned the wheel right and left all the way for many time. I had the cap off the pump and when i was turning side to side, i noticed the fluid level rise and overflowed out of the top of the filler neck. Later on i started the car and pump was making noise like it was low on fluid, and i added some and it got quieter. i continued t

Having the pump/lines off allowed air to get in them, with the cap on turn your wheels boths ways without locking them all the way in either direction, if it starts to whine add fluid to the full spot on the reservoir and continue the process once it ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Our 2005 Trailblazer has started to make a strange noise somewhere in the right front wheel area. I jacked the car up and checked the C/V joints, the wheel is tight, the brakes seem fine. When I was jacking the car, the spring/shock squeaked some when loaded and unloaded. For a day after, the noise went away but has returned. I thought maybe it was the shock, but the noise doesn't only happen on bumps, it sounds like it might be coming from a rotating area. It sounds almost like something is rub

Most likely the wheel bearing, outer tie rod or ball jointwhen the noise returns, slightly steer left and right quickly to see if the noise changesif this works then the wheel bearing that needs replacement is opposite the dir ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

STEERING WHEEL mY CAR IS kia classic model 2000, engine 1328cc. The steering wheel is non-power and very hard. Could it possible to get rid of it and bcome normal cars. Thanks and look forward your reply. Regards

In order to do this you must buy and install a non powered steering rack and pinion, a very expensive job, it would be cheaper to fix the power steering on it now. ... Cars & Trucks

My 95 Taurus Sho 3.2L, stalls every day. All lights comes on when it stalls. The coolant reservoir is full but, the light in the panel shows LOW COOLANT. Ford Dealer can't find the problem. They used the scanner for Codes and no results. I changed the Coolant Temperature Sensor and the car still stalls, and the light stills shows low coolant. Ford Dealer Changed the ignition Model, but no result. In the morning with cold engine, the car will stall for sure and I have to wait 20 minutos to start

This most likely one of two things. Either you have a bad crank sensor or you have a water pump that is trickling coolant down on your crack sensor. I have experienced both of these scenarios with my 92 SHO. Good luck. BTW, the low coolant sensor is ... 1996 Ford Taurus
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