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Manual gearchange "snatching" as one moves thru the gears

\015 1996 Passat Cl/manual. snatches/doesn't move through the gears smoothly.\015\012Tried adjusting mechanism atop the gear-box housing, made little difference either way, just made the gear change stiffer, fully adjusted lost 5th gear!!!.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Manual gearchange "snatching" as one moves thru the gears

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I have a 1994 2.2 manual chevy calvalier I was driving and I heard a pop then I lost speed as soon as I put my foot on the brake it was like they all locked up and the car hopped to a stop. After that I was having trouble moving the shifter from one gear to another I was still able to go in reverse I put in manual transmission fliud and that seemed to fix the problem temperary then the car would not move gears and came to a skidding stop and now it is stuck in first gear

Sounds like you have broken a main shaft in the gear box due to lack of lubrication\015\012it needs to be inspected\015\012good luck\015\012Cheers Rob. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a '94 F150, straight 6, 4wd, 5 speed manual trans. My transmission shifting knob popped out of it's position and was stuck in a gear. I opened up the cover and was able to move the gear manually and replace the knob. It worked for a couple of days except I didn't have 1st and 2nd. Now I found first but it wouldn't shift out of that gear. To make a long story short it is in a gear (not sure which one), with the engine off I can rock it and feels like it is in a gear, but the same happ

It seems like your shift fork is in between gears you must remove the shift tower and align all the shift levers then drop the shift knob into the middle being neutral tighten it up and it should be ok but remember the replacement could be slightly t ... Ford F-150

Hey guys, my 02 dodge ram 1500 2 wheel drive NV3500 manual transmission had no prior transmission problems and all of a sudden on the highway in 5th gear on cruise control it slipped out of gear. I tried shifting gears but the only one that would engage was 4th gear. I can put it in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and reverse but it only revs up and doesn't move; only 4th gear will move the truck. I can let the clutch out in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th and the truck wont stall out, only when i do the same in 4th g

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Gear stick does not move though the gates and is stuck in one gear. From under the bonnet I can change the gears to allow me to move the car, however once back in the car you cannot change gear from that selected under the bonnet. The car is a fiat punto 1.2 year 2004 with a 5 speed manual gearbox.Please ignore "choose a model"

... Fiat 124

Bought a 1990 Bronco II from one of my troops and somehow he drove it over here. It's a manual transmission as well. But once I put it in first gear, it feels like something is stopping it going forward. It goes in reverse and drives fun in reverse. I tried to start it in second gear as well and I can feel the back end trying to move the truck, but something in the front end is keeping it from moving. Even in neutral the vehicle doesn't even want to move. So I'm clueless to what it could be.

1. Check front brakes & front wheels bearings. Lift the front of the car and see if each front wheel turns freely by hand. If not, repair front brakes by removing brake calipers and pads. Install new brake caliper round seals & clean carefully all ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

I'm replacing half shafts on 94 mazda 626 w/auto trans. Front end is off ground and supported. After removing drivers side axle shaft, I replaced it with a new one and while installing it turned it a little (enough to move wheel on passenger side). Am I in trouble because I might have moved differential side gear out of place? How do I know if I did? Manual says to use special tool so that diff side gear does move out of place, unfortunately I forgot this part while doing install.

Your okey\015\012You have to turn the new axle\015\012after you install it to check it out\015\012\015\012The other side is going to turn,\015\012if it didn't ,you wouldn't have the \015\012replacement axle even in ... 1994 Mazda 626

Bought a 1990 Bronco II from one of my troops and somehow he drove it over here. It's a manual transmission as well. But once I put it in first gear, it feels like something is stopping it going forward. It goes in reverse and drives fun in reverse. I tried to start it in second gear as well and I can feel the back end trying to move the truck, but something in the front end is keeping it from moving. Even in neutral the vehicle doesn't even want to move. So I'm clueless to what it could be.

It sounds like you may have a brake caliper sticking (if the issue is really coming from the front). Does it pull in one direction? One way to check is to jack the front end up and try to spin each tire by hand. They should turn relatively freely. An ... 1990 Ford Bronco II

My Mercedes c230k manual is hard to select gears and didn't like to go into 3rd gear seems like its being blocked sometimes and didn't like to go into reverse aswell and sometimes I put the car in a gear and let the clutch out the car won't move but u can tell its in a gear cut the car wants to stall its like trying to pull away with the hand brake on when it's not on ??? I thought it could be the gear celector sovi got a new one and still have the same problem ??? Any idears

... 1987 Mercedes-Benz 230

Mine is manual..........when i put it in gear and try to move it hardly moves especially if the ground is sloping, its as if the clutch is not responding, it just raves in one position, when it does move it wont go above 30km/hr. Also a check engine warning light is ON.....today i had the filters, oil and plugs changed but the problem remains, after moving it for about 10mins, I could smell a smokey like smell almost like tyres burning....wheni switched off the engine the dashboard lights stayed

Your clutch is completely burnt out you need to change it immediately before you damage your flywheel. ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

Jeep 1997 Wrangler. 6 Cyl Manual Having real trouble getting into gear, especially from stop. Grinding noise when backing up. Easier on gears 3/4/5 once moving. Can it be something as simple as clutch adjustment or transmission fluid level? At least where should one start, rather than just being told you need to get an entirely new transmission! Thanks

I would lean towards clutch h hydraulic failure or leaks. Che k your slave cylinder for leaks. Pull back the rubber boot. If there's any fluid that's the problem. If no check the master where the pushed goes through the fire wall. Near cloth pedal ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Hi, Drove my 1973 super beetle to work last friday. No probelm getting there. Leaving that afternoon, was able to backup then pull forward out of the parking lot. After first stop sign, the car would not move forward or backward. I cycled thru all gears in the manual transmission but wouldn't move. I thought it was the clutch, so dropped the engin and replaced the entire clutch package, pressure plate, clutch disc, bearing. No improvement. Now I wonder it something gave out in the

Check any linkage adjustments, air in master cylinder, low pressure, Sounds like all the other parts are new and should not be at fault ... Volkswagen Beetle

My 2002 x type (manual) just shuts off sporadically, 5 times in one day, then it might run perfect for a month, today its back to shutting off on me, it will turn right back on, however then it starts raceing like I am in the wrong gear?? and if I move it to drive it sounds like something is dropping out of the car. Both lights are on, the ! and the engine when this happens. My mechanic cant figure it out as if I do tow it to him, it starts right up and works fine. Please SOS!

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have a1997 Saturn SC2 manual transmission. While my wife was backing out one day, the gearshift lever felt like ''Jello'' in her hands. The car will not go into all gears, just 1st and 2nd. It will move, so it's probably not the clutch - I suspect the linakge could be aproblem, what can I do to troubleshoot and fix it?

Pull the boot up around the stick shift. You will see two heavy cables there, one of which used to be connected to the bottom of the shifter. Now remove the console and get a saturn shift cable repair kit off ebay for about $15.00 and fix it yourself ... 1993 Saturn SC2

2004 a4 2.0 sport petrol,estate,automatic transmission.112 000miles the car does not move at all . also i cannot change the gear range 1,2,3,4,5,6 when pull the gear stick on the manual gear change section (+-) . i can move the car by pushing it when put on ''D'' or ''R'' or (+ -) .i've lost the ''R'' for a moment a few weeks ago,but it was ok again after that.the gear indicator it's NOT flashing just shows normal information but can't change a gear or move! thank you very much !

The first thing to do is to plug in a diagnosis machine and check for errors in the gear system. From my experience it could be a sensor in the gearbox or the ECU. ... 2004 Audi A4

Passat 2.8 Synchro Auto 1999 Gearbox operation issue. Gear goes in with a substantial ****, engine idling normally. Gear display on dash appears totally in negative in any selected gear position Tiptronic inoperable in as much as gearstick moves into position buit has no effect Engine behaves as normal in neutral or park, but has no real power once in gear and moving as if one gear is fighting another. JB

Hi there, I own a 2000 4 motion v6 passat tiptronic. last year october as i pulled away the car did the same thing showing negative on the dash and left me next to the road. through endless troubles i finally got it to a person who can "fix it". 6 mo ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Manual transmission ok when i dont have the car started i can put it in all gears but as soon as i start the car i cant put in gear unless i force it in gear. i can start the car with in already in gear but its like i have already released the clutch. Ive already justed the cables on the top back of the transmisssion to make sure they moved when u put it in gear and ive checked the clutch cable in the front top of the transmission and they all move.

Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing most likely need replaced if the cable assembly to it is working properly. Those parts release the transmission from the motor while running thats why its doing that to you. ... 1993 Toyota Paseo

Manual transmission will not shift into any gear, even when the clutch is completely depressed. It's a hard shift to begin with and now when i have to come to a stop and say move it out of 4th gear and try to get it in to 2nd, it will not move into gear or any gear for that matter. i've turned the car off, started it, managed to shift into reverse and then get it into 1st then 2nd. happened suddenly hope it has something to do w/ the clutch and not the transmission.

The problem sounds like the clutch. If you put it in 1st., then start it up, does it try to move with you foot on the clutch? Does the clutch pedal feel different than normal. ... 1998 Ford Escort

Lack of power when first began moving until transmission shifts thru all gears than its runs good. If I stop at a red light it goes thru the same behavior (lack of power until transmission shifts thru all gears). I have checked the timing belt and it appears to be in time, does not miss,and I've changed the gas pressure regulator.. Pease help!

Clean your injectors ... 1991 Lexus LS 400

Tried to start today and the key went in but the key will not budge one way or another, the steering wheel will also not budge one way or another, the break will not decompress to release the gear that does not seem to be all of the way into park and the dome lights will come on but the head lights will not. I have tried moving the steering wheel one way and then the other and still cannot release the ignition, i have also tried forcing the gear shift into and out of park neither have worked wha

... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I was driving my 91 GMC sierra, manual transmission, 5.7 350 engine, with 4wd, and i put it into second gear while i was turning onto a street. Then i heard a loud clunk clunk, and my truck would not move anymore. So I put in 4wd in first gear and it moved a couple feet, then it went clunk clunk and it wouldnt move again! So would it be my transmission to blame, or my transfer case? any help is appreciated. thank you!

If you put it 2 wheel drive will it drive. If it does then it's the transfer ifnot then transmission problems. ... 1991 GMC Sierra

Have 1996 jeep grand cherokee larado with chrysler 318 engine and auto transmission, all the time four wheel drive with I believe to be a NP249 transfer case...have not used the low gear range for years....just never needed it....now went to use it and could hardly get shifter to move....finally got it to move to low position, but when put from neutral to drive, hear hear grinding in transfer case like it is not going all the way into gear...one time it did go into gear and it drove in low range

... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a 1994 Probe with a 5-speed manual transmission. First thing that happened was all of a sudden every time I would put the clutch in, it would make a loud "screeching" sound, & if I was not moving, the car would die. Next day, had trouble getting into the gears,(moving or not). Tried to move it the next day and wouldn't really do much. Same things, trouble with gears. also, even if I had the clutch in, when I started it, it jumped as if the clutch wasn't in. Noticed it was making a noise fro

It need to change the clutch and drum of transmission ... 1994 Ford Probe

On1989 Mazda B2600 manual ute. Intermittent problem. Gearchange mechanism occasionally locks,preventing gearstick from selecting any gear. This can be remedied by stopping engine and selecting gear while engine is stopped, and then starting engine in gear with clutch depressed. Sometimes gearchange locks while driving, and this is initiated by slight metallic clunk from vicinity of gearbox. Is this a linkage problem?

G'day\015\012As painfull as this sounds you will probably have to take off the cover around yor gear stic and do a visual inspection. Most manufacturers use plastic bushes in the linkages that once worn seem to lock up at the most annoying time ... Mazda B2600

Ssangyong rexton When switching the from one gear to another the car does not move. You start the car and change gears but the D and R gears do not make the car move

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