Having problems with your 1996 Volkswagen Jetta ?

99 jetta check engine light on, runs fine, speedometer not workin

\015 I've had it in the garage several times and have had the computer codes read and the following items already replaced:\015\012crank shaft sensor\015\012battery fuse box and battery power wire\015\012EVAP purge solenoid\015\012Oil Pressure switch\015\012\015\012The car will go 2-3 weeks between the light coming back on and appears to run fine but this latest time the speedometer/odometer stops working after driving for about 20 mins and then comes-and-goes. Any ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

O2 sensors will put your check-engine-light on. it is attached to the exhaust (closest to the motor)and rusts-out sometimes. you could try to fix it by buying the o2 sensor and use a socket-set to see if it loosens. i 'm not a mechanic but have had the issue, in the past, with the jetta II's and a 1997.the guys at vw dealers are great with info, if your a hands-on kinda guy/girl.

I took the speedometer cluster out and drove the car while applying pressure on the top plug and it worked so I then took a tooth pick and wedged between the plug and where it plugs in this has fixed the problem. so I believe the problem on most speedometers is bad plug in back of cluster
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99 jetta check engine light on, runs fine, speedometer not workin

O2 sensors will put your check-engine-light on. it is attached to the exhaust (closest to the motor)and rusts-out sometimes. you could try to fix it by buying the o2 sensor and use a socket-set to see if it loosens. i 'm not a mechanic but have had ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1997 chevy pu 1500 4l60e 4 speed auto. two wd and when you drive for a while, and then come to a stop and then take off it slips through out the whole range of gears. and if you shut off the motor and wait 5 seconds and restart it does not do it no more. any idea It also turns on the check engine light, and check gauges light. Tach and speedometer go to zero, but the engine is still running fine.

OK this is an electronically controlled transmission, the very 1st thing u do is have the system tested for fault/trouble codes, this is key to finding out the root cause of this, but if the transmission is slipping that is very bad n ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

The check engine light is on the transmission changes funny . When you pull off the speedometer goes up and down. It will go up to 70 back to 0 and in between. engine runs fine no skipping. Runs out fine.

Go to autozone and get a computer scan for free and report the codes back here before buying anything. ... 1999 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma with 65,000 and check engine light came on. Had platinum plugs put in at 35,000. Vehicle runs fine but check engine light is or so disconnected negative battery terminal for a minute then reconnected and light is off. Will it come back on and why did it come on in the first place as I change oil regularily so it is in good shape. Is check engine light just for dealers to make money or does it really have a purpose? Truck runs fine but light is out now since I disconne

It has a purpose, but the problem isn't always a big deal. \015\012Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5932051-check_engine_light_ ... 2002 Toyota Tacoma

My dodge is a 1996 dodge ram 1500 with a 3.9 v6. my truck runs rough most of the time, i took it to autozone and they said that the check engine light was indicating that the truck was running too lean. after we checked the code i started the truck and let it idle for about 5 minutes after it was all warmed up and the check engine light turned off and the truck was running just fine. the trick to this is that it only runs fine for a couple of hours and then goes to running rough again. any sugge

Intermittent lean condition may be caused by leaking intake manifold gaskets. Get some carb cleaner and start the truck. Open the hood and spray carb cleaner on the intake manifold gaskets. If the engine reacts at all, you have a gasket leak. If ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

My 91 accords speedometer only works about half the time...so something is going out and i need to know what to replace. also, again this only happens sometimes...the check engine light comes on, when it does the car still drives fine but at an idle the rpms drop so low that the car almost stalls out. but when the light isnt on the car runs fine all around

The speedomoter may be the cable in the back of it,and if i were you i wpould take the car to autozone when the check engine light is on, have them run a free diagnostic check engine test, and tell you what the problem is so you know what to fix ... 1991 Honda Accord

Have 95 eagle tsi fwd, passed smog check ecept no check engine light operating. opened panel up check engine light is removed, put a new bulb in, check engine light stays on engine runs terrible and scanner just says error. Bulb out engine runs fine. Any solutions?

... 1993 Eagle Talon

2001 Saab 9-3 was driving and while driving the speedometer went down to zero, my check engine light, TCS light, ABS light, hazard light all came on. Also at the same time when I stopped at a red light the car idles a lot harder than normal, then when i accelerate it runs fine. When I shift the car from drive to park, the hard idling stops.

Take the vehicle to your nearest saab dealer and ask for a diagnostic scan, yuo have a sensor failure, if left it could be expensive. ... 2001 Saab 9-3

Check engine light comes on, car sputters, loses power, and shifting becomes irregular. Dealer mechanics say it's fuel line related (checked gas cap, all was fine) dealer checked codes, but said they couldn't find any problem, reset the codes, two weeks later same thing happened. Have appt to bring back in. When the check engine light is off, the car runs fine, there is no sputtering or shifting issues. Not sure what triggers the check engine light, but once it comes on all the troubles star

You need to change you crank shaft positioning censor ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

So, My 2007 chevy aveo was running fine...then the check engine light comes on and the hold light begins to flash. The car runs fine. However, when I stop and begin to accelerate, the car will kinda "jump" when it shifts to 2nd and 3rd gear (i have an automatic, by the way). Later the hold light stopped flashing and it changed gears perfectly, but the check engine light remained on. What's going on???

... 2007 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

Battery, brakes and check engine light came on but the car will still run when driving with the problem lights on the car transmission would shut down but the engine still runs if you shut the car off it won't start back up and the engine turns over as if the battery is dead. After towing it home and in my driveway the car started and run fine and the only thing on the dashboard is the check engine light.

Year make and model ?On some cars the brake warning light and battery warning light are on the same circuit. A problem with either system will turn both lights on. The check engine light means there are trouble codes in the computer that need t ... Cars & Trucks

Dash light,speedometer, and rmp gages go haywire after i turn on the heat or AC then my check engine light stays on...The truck runs fine but the contstant beeping and lights flickering is anoying!

... 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport

Honda Civic Dx 1996, The check engine light came on, the speedometer stopped working, and the lights were pulsating. No other noise or problem, the car still runs fine. All interior and exterior lights pulsate, fading in strength and then going back to normal.

1. Check the fuses\015\0122. Check the battry terminals, rub clean with sandpaper and tight them firmly ... 1996 Honda Civic

2004 santa fee diesel. serviced, fuel tank cleaned out new filters. runs fine take it from high revs through the gears engine cuts out engine check light comes on. wait a couple of minutes engine starts check light stays on. replaced everything. if one does not change down through the gears runs fine. stumped Paul

Was the C.A.N voltage failure resolved when the control module was replaced? Once that is resolved, the issue should be fixed.\015\012Good luck.\015\012Regards, ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

I just replaced the ECU on my Catera 1998. Everything worked fine untel after a few miles the Check engine, TC, and ABS lights came on. The speedometer stopped working. The Tachometer and other gauges are working fine. The car runs fine. What is going on?

I would try to get a replacement ECU since the speedometer is controlled by it.Partial functionality of the ECU should be sited as the reason for the exchange.Also, did you change the EPROM over to the new one?Are there ... Cadillac Catera

I have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 with 80,000 miles on it,my check engine light came on and the code showed a P008 camshaft position system misalignment.I have taken it to several places and they have yet to fix the problem. The car was running fine even though the check engine light was on. But today the car began stalling and the check engine light began flickering. I was told to bring the car in tomorrow but I have children and need the use of my car and am tired of getting the run around. Is there an

Did you resolve this problem? I have the same car. 2007 77k miles in it just the light came on and not sure why the repair shops don't know that code. If you did could you email me pandor96 at hotmail? ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

I have a 2004 Jeep GC 6cyl 4WD. My check engine light is on, scanned and got P0203, P0300, P303. Changed the spark plugs, fuel injector #3. Started it up and ran rough, I left it in the garage all night started it up in the morning and ran fine for 3 days. This morning on the way to work it the check engine light came back on with the same codes. Got to the daycare, shut it off for a minute got back in and ran fine. Three miles down the road check engine light came back flashing and running roug

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2006 chevy trailblazers check engine light comes on and a large reduction in power occurs when i put the pedal to the floor and activate the kickdown. It loses power, check engine light comes on and idles really rough almost to stall. If i shut off engine for approx 2-3 minutes it starts back up and runs fine but the check engine light stays on until the next day when i start it up the check engine light is off. Any help would be appreciated.

You will need a OBD2 Scan tool to retrieve proper code to repair guessing is to expensive. ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Obd1.5 check engine light on ,checked obd1 connector to run jumper from grd A to powr B . theres no B pin. obd1 block only has 3 pins. this is a 95 buick regal 3.8l , OBD1 or OBD1.5 . engine sputters and coughs. the check engin light comes on then the engine runs fine. ? changed tps and no change in operation.

... 1995 Buick Regal

Speedometer on 98 dodge neon not working properly so changed out speed sensor check engine light went off but came back on got diagnostic test and got code PO743 but car runs fine just sometimes speedometer doesnt wok other times all guages quit working

... Dodge Neon

My 2003 jetta with a 1.8 turbo will up and die at slower speeds and stops but sometimes start right up but sometime take a little longer abd when it dose start the EPC light is on and so is the check engine light seems to run fine when u get it started again just want to know what is going on

... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

This is for 98 dakota 4 wheeler. ABS and brake lights on. Check engine light on also, No speedometer indication at any speed . all seems fine as far as running and starting What is the problem and what should i do

Replace the speed sensor on top of the rear differential housing. ... 1999 Dodge Durango

94 Jetta runs fine until car warms up then check engine light will come on and car will run a little rough with some loss of power. After the car cools down the problem goes away until car warms up again

Check the injectors, as these are a electrical part when the engine warms they may fail, if you are familiure with your engine (i.e. fuel rail and injector plugs) when this happens (i would recomend somewhere safeto puill over) hop out and in turn un ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

Have 2002 chevy astro van with check engine light and missfire code. Did complete OEM parts tune-up, engine still missfires. Occasionally the check engine light goes off and engine runs fine, then light comes on and starts misfire. I was told to try injector cleaner, I did and check engine light went off for about a day then came back on again. Need help, any idea where I go from here???

... 2002 Chevrolet Astro

1990 f-150 xlt lariat, 5.8l truck runs, check engine light comes on it runs rough and dies, i can hear the fuel pump in the back running erratic. If i turn the key a few times the pump will charge and stop, then the truck starts fine. it will run and the check engine light comes back on, and it dies again. when i turn the key forward the pump will continue to run and erratic, truck will not start. when i turn it forward and it runs and stops quickly it will start. I replaced the fuel pump relay

This seems more issue with the ignition switch than the fuel pump. Do you face any issue with the dashboard light while moving the key forward? \015\012check if the key worn out, \015\012get the it checked i think replacing the ignition s ... 1990 Ford F150
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