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I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel with an aftermarket alarm system that I'm uninstalling. There are two large gauge wires from the ignition bundle, black/yellow & white/red that have taps on them. A third smaller gauge wire, white/black that was cut & installed on the alarm bundle. I removed all taps (including two power taps on the fuse box) and reconnected the black /white wire. Everything else was removed. The problem is the car wont start. I get acc. power & everything electrical works.

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Answers :

Check the motor starter wire, may be it was disconnected while the alarm unit installed.
Something is obviously wrong with the wiring try reinstalling the old system and letting a n experienced mechanic install this other one for you wiring is everything
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I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel with an aftermarket alarm system that I'm uninstalling. There are two large gauge wires from the ignition bundle, black/yellow & white/red that have taps on them. A third smaller gauge wire, white/black that was cut & installed on the alarm bundle. I removed all taps (including two power taps on the fuse box) and reconnected the black /white wire. Everything else was removed. The problem is the car wont start. I get acc. power & everything electrical works.

Check the motor starter wire, may be it was disconnected while the alarm unit installed. ... 1996 Toyota Tercel

Bought a used 1998 chevy suburban yesterday and found that the reason the dome lights cig lighters etc and the power windows dont work is because someone put aftermarket electronics in and did a shoddy job of it. they tapped into a wire under the dash and oversized the fuse and the wire seems to have melted throughout t he entire length as well as melting the insulation on some of the other wires bundled with it .... should i just try to remove the dash and replace the entire harness with a used

I would try to repair the wiring that is damaged with similar gauge wire, solder and use heat shirk tubing. Trying to replace the entire harness would be rather involved. I would remove all the aftermarket electronics. ... 1998 Chevrolet Suburban

I just rebuilt my 96 CX civic's entire interior. The only wiring changes that were made were to add a 98 civic ex's floor mounted wiring and door wiring so I could install power windows and locks. I also installed a new gauge cluster that includes an RPM gauge (my old one only had speed, fuel, and temperature gauges). I also added two new 10 volt fuses and a relay to the interior circuit box in order to power the power windows, locks, and potentially mirrors that are about to be installed. Al

Is there a emobileliser in your civic? ive a 98 hatchback civic with an emobileliser in it and if i set it off same thing loud click and wont let me take out the key,,then i reset it from the side of the steering wheel ,with this special thing i have ... Honda Civic

I have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee lorado that has been stuttering for a couple of weeks but once i would give it alot of gas it would be fine, now it wont turn over at all no power to my gauges,radio,or my alarm. a machanic has checked everything possible , he thinks it might be a shortted wire or a sensor, but not sure which one.

There is a fuseable link near the power distribution panel.it sounds like it's blown ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

96 grand cherokee, gauges inop,power windows inop.door locks work good and truck runs fine. previous owner said problem showed when a alarm system was removed. i have a manual but the wiring diagrams dont match this truck. i suspect a buss problem but dont know where to start

Start looking at the ign switch. If you find why the windows dont work, you will find the other problems as well. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dodge Power Ram 250. Engine quit. Coasted to stop. Small fire, resulting burning through two small wires, exposing two other wires. the wires coming from a single larger wire. I twisted jumper wires across the two broken wires, taped the expose wires. Started the engine and drove it five miles to my home. Then soldered the splices. Retaped and bundled the wires. When I started the engine, it died imediately, smoking from the same wires. Are these fusible links? I don,t have a wiring diagram.

I would need to know the engine size eigth and tenth digit of vin and is it 4wd or 2wd and i would need to know precise where these wires go to send you correct wiring diagram, or if you choose to go live i can chat with you there and get you all the ... Dodge Pickup

I'm trying to remove my 02 lancer ls car alarm. I've removed the box and all the wires that was connected to the box but my car still will not start. I've even replaced the starter and it still won't work. The only thing that stopped was the alarm sound. But I think I didn't remove everything I need too. So could you please let me know how to remove the whole car alarm myself?

The alarm had a wire to not let the car turnover/crank, is that what you mean, or the car turnsover/cranks, but wont run. If it wont turnover, usually its a larger wire that was cut and the alarm wired in, you will need to get this wire reconnected ... Mitsubishi Lancer

1998 jeep wrangler.will start fine for a day or two then will not start, I leave it for a short time and it starts. I have cheched the red wire going to the coil and I'm getting no power to the coil. Also the gas gauge is not working but when I disconnet the wires from the coil and the battery then reconnect, the gauge will workfor about 10 second and then stop working again? is there some conection between the two? When the jeep is running it has never cut out on me but when going up hill it mi

Just a few things to check...... Is there oil pressure showing when you crank the motor? Some of the computer systems will cut power to the igntion system if no pressure is sensed, the sender may be faulty. \015\012 They are also known t ... 1998 Jeep Wrangler

The wiring diagram for 2000 honda civic ex. it had an alarm that someone install themselves. Had to take out radio. thats when the wiring was found. removed the alarm wiring and wired the other stuff back up and now theres no power to ignition? is there a relay or something missing?? please help

... 2000 Honda Civic

I am trying to connect an aftermarket alarm to my 1998 Pathfinder. Everything is connected and working, except the remote door lock and unlock. There are two output wires from the alarm (1 for lock and 1 for unlock). Either wire can be set to have a positive or negative pulse. When set to a negative pulse and each wire connected to the light green/red(lock) and brown (unlock) wires on the pathfinders keyless entry module, only the passenger doors and rear doors work. The drivers door does not lo

... Nissan Pathfinder

Lately when ever it is damp or rainy outside, my factory car alarm goes off randomly. Not while I am driving though. Is the there a fuse I can remove or a wire I can cut ? My mechanic said the alarm is "aligned" with the the power locks. So if alarm is disarmed I will not have power locks. He also said that if he disconnects the horn----problem solved, but I am not willing to do that due to safety concerns. He tells me it may end up costing me up to $300 in time & labour for him to find answer

Bull....,.get a can of silacone spray oil and spray it on the wires coming out of the alarm if this stops the alarm then you have a short on the wires ,why not take a look and see if you have a wire without plastic,ie a short in the wires it might be ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

1999 Chrysler 300M 3.5L (VIN # 2C3HE66G4XH738857) I removed the dash board due to the fuel sending unit and the fuel gauge was not communicating correctly. The fuel gauge would go from the correct level to empty, over and over, with no consistently. I drove the car without the dash board in due to an emergency. I reinstalled everything, but in the process the wires in the data-link connector fell out and I have no idea where to put what color wire in what slot; 8 wires, 16 slots). In o

There are repair cd manuals that have electrical component locators and wiring schematics available on ebay motors for about 20 bucks you need the schematic the shows the switch which will show the order in which the wires connect into the plug, they ... Chrysler 300M

We purchased a 2006 equinox that was in a rollover accident to rebuild it. Someone I think removed a remote starter/car alarm. Can't seem to get the key to start the engine. We have taken a hot wire and started it by applying it to the starting wire to the selenoid switch, but the vehicle only runs for a couple seconds. I also think there was no power to the coil pack.(Had to supply power to that also.) Is there some kind of reset switch to push to restore the power from the ignition or fuel pum

Their is a safety cut out switch which looks like a inch square with a red or black rubber cover ,it should be under the bonnet but some older cars had one in the door pillar ,behind the footwell covers,in the boot ,when you find it just push in down ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

I have a 2004 mercury mountaineer 4.0 liter. Had to remove the visor to replace so cut wires to visor light to remove and now the power window along with the radio and gas gauge don't work. Need adv

Check fuse 17(15amp) in the interior fuse panel. ... Mercury Mountaineer

2001 Jeep wrangler not charging. Alternator has been checked and tests good. Check gauge light on. Alternator not charging power to the field wire from the battery and power to the back alternator on one of the two wires.

On the field wires ones a posative and one a negative and the single post gets connected to a wire that runs straight to the main fuse box in the engine compartment then is fused to another wire that goes to the battery have that fuse checked it coul ... 2001 Jeep Wrangler

3.0L The radiator fan will not come on. I have changed the fan, the engine temp sensor and radiator fan relay, cleaned the ground wire to top of the engine, what else is left ? i also don't understand why there are 4 wires in the connector to the fan when the schematic only shows 2 ? a ground and power ? The vehicle is used on a mail route. Basically the gauge reads about midway for the first two hours or so then when the vehicle starts to climb a low grade hill and idles the gauge creeps up to


Electric fuel pump will work if removed from vehicle and connected directly to a battery. There are no blown fuses. The relay to fuel pump is OK and power is passing through the relay. There is no power at the gas tank wire connection. Somewhere after the relay and before the pump the circuit is lost. I noticed that there is continuity between the two wires that connect to the fuel pump, and I don't think this is normal. any ideas on this? I'm not a mechanic or have much experience in thi

Check fuse box under hood. Also my son had a corrola that had a fuseable link under the back seat check there also hoped this helped. ... 1992 Plymouth Acclaim

Have a bmw z3 2.2l 2001. fitted alarm, since then speedo not working, fuel gauge goes to full when ignition turned on, brake warning light and airbag warning light on. Steps already taken, removed alarm, checked all wires, checked fuses, put back to pre alarm status. still no joy

Another case of boy racer alarm problems ,this vehicle is fitted with a factory immobilisor ,if i wanted to steal this car the alarm wouldnt stop me i would just lift vehicle up with a flatbed breakdown truck and no one would even look twice .best de ... BMW Z3

Installed aftermarket radio in 1997 4runner and now dash lights dont work. Everything went pretty smoothly, once i by-passed the factory amplifier and the only questiomable wire was the orange diimer wire on the after market wiring harness. The radio was great and even the power antenna works but I noticed last night the lights for the dash(gas gauge, speedometer, etc..) doesnt work. Any advice?

... 1997 Toyota 4Runner

Starting Issues 1979 F150 1/2 ton 4wd with 351M and c6 auto trans. brand new starter, battery, and solenoid. most of the time ill have power to the switch. sometimes i dont. but when i do if i turn the key back to the acc my radio and everything is fine but when i turn it to the run position with out even tryin to start it the solenoid makes a weird noise and i loss all power until i go mess with the wires a lil bit and then i got power again to the acc position. on the solenoid, mines got two w

Brandon, \015\012I would replace the ignition switch itself.\015\012You can go to Alldata.com on line and get all the information on your vehicle to get the wiring correct. \015\012\015\012Good luck ... 1979 Ford F 350

Have power to one side of ignition coil nothing on other wire. Where do the two wires go? Don't want to tear wire bundle apart if not necessary.

Chrck ignition module mounted on side distributor those go bad all the time ... 1991 Ford F150

After market alarm went off and could not be reset. disconnected the system that was tapped into the ignition wires. still no power to anything including lights power locks windows ect. black box mounted above and to the left of fuse box (looks factory) is clicking....... Any idea's

What year is the Mustang? It does sound like the factory keyless entry module and the clicking is a relay inside of it. In order to disable the clicking, you would need the factory keyless entry remote or the aftermarket alarm system would have to ... Ford Mustang

We recently bought a 1981 F-150 XLT Ranger 4x4 for our daughter. The truck runs great but is experiencing an intermitten electrical problem. The turn signals, dash gauges, radio and heater/AC loses power. I thought it was a short where some auxillary equipment that was wired into the fuse panal. I unhooked all of that wiring and the problem seemed to be eliminated. Yesterday we were driving and it happened again, I jiggled the ignition key switch and everything started working. So, a cou

Hello! Make sure the wheels are straight... Disconnect the negative battery cable...Pull the steering wheel...Remove steering wheel column cover and bottom dashboard cover...Disconnect ignition switch plug...Inspect both ends of the connector f ... 1981 Ford F 150

I need a fuse diagram for a 1999 chevy s-10.I just bought this truck and removed a power wire that was running from an amplifier from the bottom of the truck. Unfortunately, it killed the truck, b/c the wire was worn almost in two. I found a fuse under the hood that was blown and it didn't change anything. Is there an inline fuse between the battery and the starter or??? I need help!

A fusable link is embedded in the wire to the starters solenoid just a few inches away from the terminal nut. pull on the wire and see if the insulation will stretch. if so the fusable link has burnt out inside. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 1995 Oilmobile Aurora. My power windows will not work. I took it into a shop and they told me my Master Switch went out. Is that the real problem? Also my gauges do not work, but they can not find a wiring or fuse problem. They are charging me more because they say they need to remove the entire dashboard to see what the problem is. Would any one have an idea why my gauges wouldn't work???

Yes it sounds like the master switch if no windows work and the fuses are good.\015\012I would think you should pull out the speedo cluster before i took out the whole dash. it could be just a connection or a printed circuit board. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette
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