Having problems with your 1996 Toyota Previa ?

My 1996 Lucida 2.2TD is missfiring and smoking at 2500 revs upwards and will hardly rev past 3000 new fuel filter hasn't helped.

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Ok we really need more info. what color smoke is veh overheating. One thing for sure if veh is smoking you are going to have a clogged converter take a front o2 sensor out and see if the engine will rev. if so must fix smoking problem it will be fuel or oil if blueish color or if it is white could be head gasket.let me know a i can help you
My lucida gives out light blue smoke on tickover and missfires any help plz
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My 1996 Lucida 2.2TD is missfiring and smoking at 2500 revs upwards and will hardly rev past 3000 new fuel filter hasn't helped.

Ok we really need more info. what color smoke is veh overheating. One thing for sure if veh is smoking you are going to have a clogged converter take a front o2 sensor out and see if the engine will rev. if so must fix smoking problem it will be fuel ... 1996 Toyota Previa

2000 kia sportage wont rev past 4000 when warmed up about 45 min drive. new rebuilt motor. compression all around is good new sparks plug new wires and just passed etest with flying colours. Revs to its redline before the 45 minute mark. new walbro fuel pump and the filter has been changed. If i try to push it past 4000rpm i get a lean condition ban 1 check engine light. Ihave wired the fuel pump directly and disconected the fuel feed line and its flowing alot of fuel.. and finally changed the

... 2000 Kia Sportage

Ii have a 03 cavalier i changed plugs,coil,and ign module two weeks ago now the miss is back this time with no acceleration hardly it wont go past 60 cut cat off seemed to help but you rev it up it cuts out them picks back up i checked fuel press its good then i if it is the module again what could More i have a 03 cavalier i changed plugs,coil,and ign module two weeks ago now the miss is back this time with no acceleration hardly it wont go past 60 cut cat off seemed to help but you rev it up

To start you may need a new new Coolant Temperature Sensor, the fan is not supposed to start at cold.Data on coolant temperature is also used by the ECM, even if main data on temperature to regulate injection is obtained from the AI ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 98 dodge Dakota 4x4 auto 5.2. Air idle controle valve was loud all the time and wound load up on fuel n die and also rpms wont go past 2000. So I changed both o2 sensors. Now air valve is not loud at idle most of the time. But still won't rev up. When I try to rev it up it bogs down n smokes alittle n some soot sometimes comes out. Fuel presser is 45 psi @idal new o2s new air temp water temp new tps used map used air valve. Please help

Here's a link on what may be wrong.Here's how to ... Cars & Trucks

Just replaced my dirty fuel filter last week, after replacement its noticed in hard restarting for almost 1 day used. For the second day in the morning I started my Starex CRDI 2005 model and won't start until now. What are the posssible defects since the fuel filter had been replaced with new one? I pump the fuel filter pump just to removed the air bubbles, It has been successful, there's a fuel going to fuel pump.Please help of what are the specific defects with my crdi engine. Your assistance

Well if the fuel filter was plugged it has already caused damage to the fuel pump, first thing you need to do is check to see how much pressure is getting to the fuel rail, then check the volume, if this is all ok then you may have a dirty injector.. ... Hyundai Tucson

Here's one for the books. 2000 Jaguar S Type 4.0 Sport - no fuel pressure past fuel pump. Checked inertia switch, fuel pump fuses and relay - all good. Installed new fuel filter, fuel pump was shot - replaced fuel pump and I can hear the pump prime when turning the ignition switch on, but NO fuel pressure at fuel filter and fuel rail. Engine started with starter fluid, any help would be appreciated.

Check if the input side of the fuel pump has a restriction . a perished rubber hose can be a problem , the pump should be able reach a pressure 35 psi + and a flow of a quart every 30 seconds at this pressure. ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Hi, I have a 2005 xjr and it pinks at about 4000 rpm when accelerating hard, I always use high grade fuel, just had new plugs, air filter, fuel filter. but it still does it. it runs smoothly poodling around only when under hard acceleration. can anyone help???? thank you, Lee

The pinking is due to either lean burn, high temperatures or overly advanced timing. \015\012If the mass air sensor is dirty then it may underestimate the volume of air entering the engine and therefore call on shorter injection cycles meaning less ... 2005 Jaguar Xjr

My van very hard to start in the mornings, have new fuel pump,new filter, new fuel pump relay, new battery, new starter, new alternator, but still the trouble persists, infact getting worse coz now its not just in the mornings. Please help. Gee

My first question is has anyone put this an a scanner to look at data. You have several sensors that could cause this. When cold, looking at data will tell them exactly what is wrong or not wrong . If it all looks good we would scope the ignition s ... GMC Savanna

Fuel ignition, in the past I have a check engine light,O2,gas cup,manifold,:I had change O2, gas cup, spark plugs, fuel filter,I gas low in fuel, filed up in a gas station, (engine light never when of), the blazer star actin up,fund my self on the side of the rod no long after,it was like it have very low fuel,two day after i ad a fuel treatment just in case if have some water,dint help, empty the gas tank clean the injectors,but steel doesn't help,4 weeks after we ad new clean gas star for

White smoke from the exhaust is usually anindication of coolant in the cylinders, from apossible bad head gasket or other gasketsMay be time to parts with it, when you findout the repair cost ... Cars & Trucks

1978 thunderbird 351m starts but want stay running. new fuel pump new fuel line new filter new sending unit new carbarador. will idel fine rev up fine all the time but when driven 7-9 miles spits sputters dies starts back but will not run HELP!!!!

... Chevrolet Cavalier

1987 Pontiac 6000 4 cylinder - I have spark (new plugs and wires) I am getting fuel, car will turn over but won't start. Brand new battery, the starter will crank over several times and then the starter acts like it is having a hard time cranking over. We installed a new injector, new fuel filter and replaced the ignition switch on the steering column. HELP!

Do you have a good spark at the plugs? ... Cars & Trucks

Took our tahoe in for oil change they also put in fuel injector cleaner since the we have had a hard idle problem that happens between 0 to 5 miles an hour then occasional it dies after you first start it. what do you thin is wrong we change the spark plugs to bosch plugs and new wires and a new fuel filter but it still did the same thing. We had it read at and it is still saying 8 is the problem so we put in a new silinode what do you think?

Most likely the fuel injector is the problem. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

My 1999 toyota corolla is consuming so much fuel. it is a 1500cc capacity engine. it consumes half of the full tank on a 200km trip. everything has been changed which include fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and new oil. on idling the rev. count keeps playing, it is not steady. please help to fix the problem!

... 1999 Toyota Corolla

Hi my Audi 90 KV 5 CRANK ENGINE WITH K tronic fuel injector system behaving badly rev OK when standing but under load jump like a kangaroo just leap forward and cut out had new pump ,re con head, new injectors fuel filter,spark plugs lots of work to get it right but no change help please its jack email [email protected] mobile 07805555808 any suggestions ?

... 1989 Audi 90

I have a 87 conquest, i just rebuilt the engine and it runs great. but, i can start it when its cold but i cant rev past 4000 rpms. it starts to backfire in the intake and it sputters through the exhaust. when it does that and i turn the car off and i cannot restart it.. it wants to crank but when it does it sputters and shakes real bad and it dies. i have new plugs and wires and i installed a new fuel put about 6 months ago. if yall could help i could sure use the help.

... 1987 Chrysler Conquest

I put on new fuel filter and the line coming from the tank it rottin it just crumbles. I noticed I only have about 2 inches to work in. Due to it being up against the rail the line is on top ( this is where it turns from thin plasticto metal) of 4lines total How do I get to it or should I go back and cut the metal line and run a rubber fuel line to the filter? PLease help I am disabled and its hard to lay on my back a long time thanks, Steve

Your best bet may be to cut the metal line and replace with rubber hose and use a connector to connect with another hose. This would make it easyer in case you have to replace filter again, Good luck to you. ... Ford Expedition

Sun I have a 2005 sunfire and everytime my trac off comes on my tranny starts to shift hard. So far i changed out my tranny for a new one and it's still the same. so i bought a new PCM and had it reprogram,but guess what?? It's still the same!!! So i changed the fuel pump,fuel filter,and last but not lease the intake air temp sensor.That helped for awhile then the trac off started coming on again so i don't know what is wrong with it!!! I gave up hope for it. someone told me it might be the cran

For some reason the traction control is being told to be turned off, this could be for a number of reasons. Check the coil packs, they are know to go bad, but you should at least have the computer scanned for faults, it can save you a lot of money, a ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Engine problem I have a 1995 grand am with a quad four. It started running very hard one day so we put a new fuel filter and spark plugs in it but that didn't seem to help. We then took it to a friend?s garage and found out that the two right cylinders aren?t firing. We put in a new coil on that side and that didn't help. We know that there are sparks when the plugs are outside of the cylinder and that the cylinder is good because we did a compression check. If you have any idea of what the prob

I would look at the injectors being dirty or not coming on when theyre supposed to also older injectors cause alot of rough running probs ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 94 Caprice 4.3 v8 and the past week it will run fine the acts like it's not getting enough fuel back fire real loud and die and it takes bout 10 mins before it will start again then when it does start it will run perfect when u punch it it does it again starves for fuel back fired and dies it back fired so hard it busted a hole I the muffle does anyone know what could cause this I changed the fuel filter though it might be the fuel pump any help would be nice

... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice

Put new battery in car. Now it is hard to start. Replaced fuel filter no help. What could the problem be? Engine cranks ok. Seems like fuel not getting to engine. Seems to run fine after it is started. Suspect fuel pump. Where is that located?

Fuel pump is in the tank but don't think that it is the problem if it runs fine after started. sounds like a cold start problem alot of these vehicle have what they call a cold start injector that supplies the initial fuel to get the car started and ... 2002 Daewoo Nubira

Got a 99 silverado 4.8 misses intermittant missing bad, mostly in mornings and rainy days. Does it for about 10 min and after warm up it does better usually, sometimes not? hasnt ran right for 4 months. Replaced,Mass Air sensor and 4 other semsors on intake (got package deal), repl,NEW intake,all fuel injectors, rail,fuel filter, plugs, wires, and do regular fuel pressure tests when running bad and good. right at 60lbs. HELP PLEASE. I have spent over $800 in last couple months

Sounds like a cracked distributor cap or a bad coil. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1999 chevy silverado 4.3 new plugs,wires,battery,belt,fuel pump,fuel filter. wont start in the morning. turns over just very hard to start. once started runs and starts fine, if truck sits for an hour wont start again, I bought a fuel pressure regulator, I dont know were it goes? do i have to take off the intake? is it an easy fix? were can I see a picture of location? Help!!!!

I just replaced the fuel pressure regulator and now I am hearing a vibrating noise from the fuel line under the truck. What do you think the problem is. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Truck wont start fuel gage bouncing 3/4 to full and then empty has3/4 tank .when igiggle truck gage bounces all over place . i can herefuel pump ingaging replaced bad battery,fuel filter seems like something wrong eletrically. truck was running stopped hard and it died. help poor check fuses could this be relay switch or do ineed new fuel pump this one only has 40,000

... GMC Jimmy

Ok ..what i have at this time is heavy misfires and i can get it to start hard sometimes and easy others ... start up you get a heavy fuel odor. probably flooding after it starts up and you can drive it. it with hesitate between 0-25 mph.and be missing real bad ..what i have is a code for misfire 1 for possible break in a vacuum hose. and the vap line for the canister.I have replaced the fuel filter only right now. no help tho.i have the 31 liter engine. I pulled plugs 2,4,6..6 looked nor

Sometimes you need the more powerfull spark plugs look the old ones and see if they math ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a vwt5 transporter diesel. started running really rough. put a brand new fuel filter in , filled it up with deisel fuel went fine for 300klms then did it again. its really bad hardly driveable filled it back up just did it around 150klms . Nedd help urgently ? what can i do to stop this ??

Hi Chris, as this was 2008, you have obviously solved this or moved on to ... I cannot think of what to move on to, anyway. I had a coolant leak on my t5 and have replaced the water pump which does fail regularly on t5's and vw will give you money ba ... Volkswagen T5
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