Having problems with your 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser ?

Landcruiser VX 1996 will not start since I changed the battery

\015 Starter is turning but no fuel or spark.Key fop has been tested and approved but it seems that it will not turn off immobiliser\015
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Answers :

Dealer only to re programme key into car it can only be done with vehicle, not away from it .Sorry for no easy fix unless you want to disengage the factory immobiliser,which if its a diesel is a fairly simple procedure but not for a petrol engine
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Two weeks ago, when I went to Acura deller for oil change, they sugested me change the battery, since I never got a problem for start, so i did not change the battary. But next day I can not start my car, I went to O'reilly auto part got a new battary. one week late, I can not start my car again, I jump start the car and went to O'reilly test the battary, the battary is ok. the old Acura battary is 550 CCA, the new one not a Acura battary,is 720 CCA. to day I start my car without problem, could

First make sure the terminal and posts are clean and greased.\015\012\015\012Then make sure the alternator belt is tight.\015\012\015\012The type of battery makes no difference as long as it fits. \015\012\015\012 ... 2003 Acura 3.2TL

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Car wont start. when turn key to start position there is nothing but a click sound under dash on passenger side. there is lots of power from battery. this has been doing it since nov.2010 and after clicking it a few time then it would start. But now it wont just clicks. I have had the anti thelft relay module changed and a couple other switches changed and still doing same thing. could it be a dead spot in starter or a short in starter burning out switches to ignition??? Please help!!!!

U could try the old school technique.....have someone turn the ignition key, as you get under the car and tap /hit the starter with a hammer, or a block of wood....if it all of a sudden works ..then yeah..you must have a flat spot on your starter..gi ... 1998 Oldsmobile 88

2008 vw R32 strong vibration at on cold start ( but not everyday) and sometimes the car will not start. I come back later and it starts normally with no vibrations. Took it to the dealers twice (since its under warranty) the first time they changed the battery but didn't solve the problem) and the second time they did a detailed check and says nothing is wrong with the car ( since it didn't vibrate or anything in front of them). I don't know what to do. A friend suggested it could be a senso

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The vechile is starting suspect the battery may be weak. not changed the battery since purchase since 2007. kindly advice good battery.

On the side of the battery there should be a small round sticker, if not there will be a letter and number that looks like it was burned in with a hot pointer. They correspond with the year and month, (A - January) and the number is the year, (6 - J ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

No start on a 2005 jeep grand cherokee It is a random problem. I read that the ignition switch was the problem and changed it two wkd ago, since then the problem M has shown 3 times. Click but no start. Have read that the starter is not the issue... What else? FCM? Not the battery for sure. Tonite, I pulled the positive cable from battery ( reset the module) but no success , then unplugged the negAtive one alone and it worked.... Coincidence I guess but it is killing me because it happens

I had the same problem it is your Key Fob. By taking off the negitive battery connection it resets the key fob. After resetting it may work for a week,month, etc but will need to take off the negitive connection again. Jeep said I need new Key Fobs ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Just recently purchase a 2000 Grand Am V-6....Had problems with starting it, so i changed the battery(new).. its been roughly a month since the replacement of the battery...car worked fine after replacement of battery.roughly 2 and half weeks.now its total dead.unable to jump start car.hoping to get some help before taking it to the shop to have it look over..

Your charging system must be bad. Therefore, the battery started the car but did not get continuous recharging. J. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

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By what you have said the car now runs so the battery was the problem. I would also check the charging system to make sure the alternator is working and recharging the battery properly. The battery may be the only problem you had but check to be safe ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

OK so I am fixing my 2004 mercury mountaineer after my bro had left it in new Mexico sitting for about a year. After changing battery, fuel filter, oil and air filter, I started it and everything was fine. When I started to drive it around the service engine light came on. I had it checked at auto zone and it pulled the code P0193. I know it has something to do with fuel but where do I start. Also since this light came on my MPG has dropped to low 9's on the gauge. I still drive it around to

Code 193 is a problem with the fuel pressure sensor in the fuel rail near the injectors.The problem could be the sensor, or you could have a fuel pressure issue. ... Cars & Trucks

Changing oil We have let our 1998 Four Winds 5000 motor home sit for 5 months without driving. We have,however, started it every 3 weeks to charge the battery. Before parking we had only driven about 700 miles since the last oil change. Is it necessary to change the oil again before hitting the road? Thanks, Keith

In all probability, oil is fine. However once used and stored it does tend to build up some acidity. For the price of an oil change, I'd hate to see you loose the engine! I have never seen an engine fail from too many oil changes!!! ... Chevrolet 3500

Still having a problem getting car started. It has been intermittent. When I try to start car it just makes a clicking noise. I have tried different batteries and changed out starter,but problem still persists. It is broke down about 2mi. from my house so I am desperately seeking good advice. Also I can't jump start the car,so that is why it isn't at the house yet. So I have to cancel any advice about getting a volt meter or other services done on the car since it isn't near a auto repair shop.

Sound like a short somewhere in the electrical system or a load \015\012that staying on constantly draining the battery ... Ford Escort

My interrior lights, radio, and power side view mirrors suddenly don't work on my 1999 Dodge Neon?! --My car wouldnt start about a week ago so I replaced the battery & starter to find that it still wasn't starting. So I took it to a garage thinking it was an electrical issue. Well, they sent me home with a new starter and it's been starting fine now (knock on wood). But every since they've changed it my power side view mirrors, interior lights, and radio wont work when they were before. HELP?!

I think you can fix this yourself, I just need you to get out the book everyone fears (the owners manual).I want you to go to a section in the book called fuses and relays. Now, in the book, they will have a diagram of the fuse panel with numbers on ... 1999 Dodge Neon

My 1997 chevy truck isnt starting,....new battery, starter is good as well as alternater. I have been told to change my filters, I never have changed a fuel filter, but would like to install this $10.00 item rather than pay an expert since money is tight

Just change the fuel filter, and take the air filter off the carburetor. Let somebody start your engine, and choke the carburetor with the palm of your hand and open a little and close again. Observe if your car tend to start Also find if some ... 1997 Chevrolet C1500

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited wont start. I turned the ignition over but didn't let it go to full position and immediately turned it over again. I don't know what that triggered but it will just click like it's trying to relay everything but wont turn over. Before this happened, it started just fine. The battery is new and since this has happened the starter cylinoid has been changed out. Still nothing. However, if someone is under it and crosses the possitive and negative on the starter, it

Your reply really sucks. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2006 model golf 1.6l, and recently when i turn on my car the rear wiper turns on for a few seconds and then turns off on its own although the switch for the rear wiper is in the off position. also, the driver windows wont work for the first 3 or 4 seconds after i start the car. note that the battery has never been changed since i got it in 2006. can a bad battery cause such problems?? thank you in advance for any help

Hi! Your battery is fine, in this case you might have an open electrical circuit problem that is grounding into the metal or weak motor relay and probably the motor it self is grounding into other electrical wire. You may want to c ... Volkswagen Golf

I just changed the Battery on 1997 Grand Am, since then the car starts and dies in 1 sec. Theft light is flashing. Old battery froze.

Need to reset anti theft ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

My 86 volkswagon cabriolet died while on a freeway on ramp and would not start again. (Have since changed the spark plugs and wires) but will still not start. Suggestions on what to check next? Alternator? Battery? Fuel pump?

I would check the timing belt. Verify that the fuel pump underneath the passenger rear seat is coming on when you turn on the key. I would also check the fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay that's mounted under the driver's side dash, if the fuel pump ... 1986 Volkswagen Cabriolet

My car stop on me 2 weeks ago. It made a loud squeeking sound before it cut off on me. I changed spark plugs wire, belt, battery, & starter. It turned over for about 5 seconds and cut off, it hasn't turned over since. Now when trying to start it, it makes a charge like sound, like it wants to start but it doesn't. What could be the possible problem?

Have you checked the timing belt, or tried to turn the engine backwards by hand with a socket and T bar, don't forget to leave the ign. off. if it turns try and turn it one and a half times round. If it turns backwards one turn or nearly you might ha ... 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Hi,i have a 96 accord 4 cyl. vtec. just recently there has beeen a power loss issue. i have changed the alternator,check the ignition switch,tested fuses , battery seems fine,connections are good no corrosion,but cannot find problem. the car will start drive for abit then gauge lights start dimming out ,speed and tact go to 0, till the car dies out it wont restart.its jumps fast,ande runs for alittle while then same,everything dims out and dies

Check the alternator voltage , it has to be 13.8 to 14.4 vdc. it sounds like your car is running off the battery alone. Sometimes a bad battery will take out an alternator,and after replacing it goes again.Check all connections,and check the feedback ... 1996 Honda Accord

Took our tahoe in for oil change they also put in fuel injector cleaner since the we have had a hard idle problem that happens between 0 to 5 miles an hour then occasional it dies after you first start it. what do you thin is wrong we change the spark plugs to bosch plugs and new wires and a new fuel filter but it still did the same thing. We had it read at and it is still saying 8 is the problem so we put in a new silinode what do you think?

Most likely the fuel injector is the problem. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Nissan 2002 frontier 4cyl all guages dropped to 0, gas, temp, rpm, speed. then truck started chocking out but continued to run until i got home. turned it off tried to restart it and it wouldnt start. next day bought a new battery and no change

... 1998 Nissan Frontier

BMW 323i 1999 takes a long time to start in mornings and after short layoff. Engines seems not to want to crank. Battery OK. Changed sensors, fuel pump & relay. Dealer cant find fault. Starts after long journey for a few days but then goes into limbo. Chaged top gasket last year and since then intermittent problem has occured.

... 2000 BMW 3 Series

2001 3400 impala: no crank at any time. have tried to install jbs universal learning bypass module, no success. maybe installed wrong since there is no remote start? if I jump the starter vehicle will run for appros 2 sec before it quits, I assume that is all the fuel supplied before security cutout. display rotates thru- security,battery,service,change oil, etc... these lights contiuously cycle and do not change in at least a one hour time frame. any ideas on how to get this thing to run? do

... Chevrolet Impala

1996 buick lasabre won't start in cold weather the battery is new--it cranks great--this happened once before late last year when it got realy cold. When it got into the 20's I was able to start the car. I put Heat into the gas tand and then filled it up. Working fine since then, until yesterday when the temp plunged. Put another container of Heat into the tank and tried again today--no change. Please advise

Buy a more expensive battery and check the fuel injectors to make sure they are not clogged from the heat that you pured into the tank. i do not recommend putting heat in a gas tank of any vehicle ... 1997 Buick LeSabre
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