Having problems with your 1996 Toyota Camry ?

Sometimes it idels fast and sometimes it cutes off wont start untill about 15 min

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Sometimes it idels fast and sometimes it cutes off wont start untill about 15 min

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Immobilizer I drive a 2000 wrx. When I put in the 4 digit code in the immobilizer pad, I hear a buzzing sound then a click and the car starts. Lately I put the code in and no buzzing sound just a click and the car turns over but wont start. I have to wait untill the immobilizer resets and try again. Sometimes it takes 5 mins and sometimes up to 40 or 50 mins.Plz help

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Got a 1993 mercury topaz ,idels high ,trouble starting like its flooded,sometimes it wont start,then 15or20 mins later it will,is this a slipped timming belt or chain?

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Drive 2007 grand prix. wont even turn over or click.lottsa batery. Everything works. Just wont start or turn over. When starts and I drive it, then stop and turn off,sometimes wont start. Half to sit a few min. then will start. sometimes. May not start till next day. Can stop for gas then try to start and wont. half to play with keys to get to start.


Chevy cavalier wont start randomly! makes one click and a humm sound my lights come on the radio comes on but the car just wont start, ive had battery replaced along with the ignition switch, fuel pump, fuel filter, starter and alternator. sometimes it wont start for 5 min sometimes it takes hours to start, or i can go 2 weeks with it working perfectly or it wont start a few times a day! HELP PLEASE!!! ive spent a fortune trying to get it fixed and the mechanics i took it to said they couldnt he

Ok then, from your description and the\015\012make/model/year of the car you have there,\015\012it appears you've reset the VATS.\015\012\015\012The car's security immobilizer\015\012reader at the key switch \015\0 ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Have a 2001 suzuki swift, sometimes when starting just turns over without starting, 5 mins later starts first time, week later wont start without bump start. 2 days later wont start, then 10 mins later starts first time. Green flag been out and said spark plugs working fine and not sure whats wrong? anybody got ideas??

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1995 grand cherokee.It just dies out sometimes. Then sometimes it'll start back up and sometimes it wont start for 5 to 30 min. When it wont start its not getting fire.I replaced the coil a few months ago,but it still does it. Its driving me nuts so I hope someone can help me. Thank You Paul

See a dealer to have the camshaft sensor replaced ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wont start I'v had it for a while and now it wont start. We replaced spark plug wires, relay switch, distributor cap, and had the ignition module checked. It starts if you move the distributor cap but wont stay started. Need help its my only transportation. It will stay running for a while but when u shut it off it wont start. Sometimes it will only run a min.

If i drive my bronco to work shut it off it wont start sounds like it has a dead battery if i let it sit for an hour it will start back up can you tell me if you know what it is ... 1989 Ford Bronco

The abs light and traction control light are on. and te 1998 olds. silhoutte runs fine when the lights come on but after you get to where you are going and turn the van off it wont start up again. then after you leave it sit sometimes 5 min sometimes longer it will start again and those 2 lights go off, until you drive it again and they come back on and it drives fie again til you shut it off again then it wont start again.

Please tell me what to do when the abs light and service tractions lights show on my 2004 oldsmobile silouette van ... 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Control box One of the relays in the control box is clicking very fast when the key is in accessories. Check engine light is on. Car wont start. Sometimes it sounds like the main relay clicks fast too but that isn't the issue because i just replaced it and the relay in the control box will do it without the main relay clicking. If i unhook the wire harness on the left the clicking stops but the check engine light stays and the car still wont start.

Try replacing the relay that is clicking ... 1992 Honda Accord

Shane my 1992 honda accord 2.2l sometimes it starts fine then sometimes it wont . it turns over and the gear selector on the dash (d4) blinks and wont start . but 20 mins later it will no blinking please help

RZ 0088 is main relay's part#. You can change this with a new one, or you can repair it. http://techauto.awardspace.com/mainrelay.html\015\012this site ... 1992 Honda Accord

Sometimes it will start fine and run fine and sometimes it will start and than die and I will have to wait 30 or 45 mins. before it will start again. It cranks but just wont start after first starting and dieing

Hi there. Sorry to hear about your car issues. There are a few things that could be causing this. A bad ignition coil, bad distributo and a bad gas cap to name a few. The first thing i think you should try is changing your gas cap since it is the che ... Volvo C70

1995 sl1 car runs fine with no problems then it'll loose power and stall out, i turn the car off and let it sit for 10 mins an it'll run fine again sometimes for months it wont act up again, sometimes days before it acts up again, sometimes a few miles down the road, and sometimes it just wont start again. any help would be great

Replace ignition coil ... Saturn Cars & Trucks

I have a 3.5l 97 chrysler intrepid that turns over but wont start.it started jerkin as if it wants to stall whenever i was accelerating and decelerating usually when changing from the 1st gear and sometimes when it was idling it would do the same thing as if it wants to stall and then the engine light started coming on and today after i parked it it wouldnt start 15 min later. it does turn over but wont start.

Possibly it could have jumped time. ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

1983 porsche 944 car sometimes car sends signal to the coil for spark and other times it doesnt. sometimes it starts and runs for 15 min and shuts off and other times it wont start at all but a half hour later it might start run and start several times in a row. wondering what part sends the signal to the coil

Could be the oil pressure switch or a computer ground problem ... 1983 Porsche 944

94 towncar cranks and bogs down pops in the intake manifold . minutes before it started fine and ideled great . put in drive and it quit . when it start it runs great . sometimes it quits rounding a slow turnaround . wont start then . come back latter it sometimes starts and runs good

Check your intake manifold--the plastic ones age poorly and crack, allowing vacuum leaks the computer cannot compensate for. ... 1994 Lincoln Town Car

When you yurn it over it does not start but when you let off the key it try to start but dont it swill start sometimes but wont rev up fast it will if you gradually give it gas but if you hit it fast it dies already replaced eletrical part of switch also

I'm having a similar problem with my 97 pathfinder 4x4. It'll start sometimes sometime it won't. When it does finally start after boosting it then it cuts out like its not getting gas.I've changed the fuel pump relay and the fuel filter. But it hasn' ... 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

Engine sometimes runs rough. shut off engine and sometimes it wont start up , if you put gas in carb it will start and run for just a min. Other times it will start up and run ok

... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

When the jeep has been dirven for about an hour it starts having power problems when u try to speed up it bogs down really bad and wont allow u to speed up starts to back fire a couple times when u stop it idles fine untill u want to take off again and it will try to die but if u turn the jeep off for a few min. and start it up again it runs fine for about 30 mins then acts up again

Hi there,\015\012\015\012if the problem is under load as you are describing it to be, then perhaps you have some bad fuel, maybe water was in there. You could also have a timing chain problem if it back firing that way. But double check ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 ford f250 v-10 sometimes wont start turns over fine but nothing I usually mess with the air filter then try it and then switcth out the relay switches and try it usually after 20-30 min it will start like nothings wrong it has happened 4 or 5 times in the last month. Sometimes it starts right up and when it runs it runs great

It sounds like a problem with the tumbler, my sierra has done this before, next tim it does this dont try the fuses, just turn the key to the off position and give er a whack on the underdied of the column right under the key area. some trucke for wh ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

My 98 max wont start sometimes you turn the ignition nothing happens, eventually it sarts, sometimes immediately, sometimes 10-15 mins later it starts

Sounds like ignition cylinder has gone bad, try sliding key in and out while turn key and if key slops around cylinder is bad ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Ford fusion starting problems i have a 03 plate semi auto starts up when it wants if i go out to the car and try to start it the dase board lights come on as normal turn the key to start and nothing will happen if i leave it and try a little bit later it will start but then sometimes it still wont start it seems like to me how i would explain it is if you had a auto car and left it in drive and then try to start it dase board lights would come on but car will not start untill you put it into par

Hello, The first thing you need to have someone look at is the Brake pedal lever under the dash. This part of the starter Interlock system is the one which requires you to have your foot on the Brake before trying to start the car. With a St ... Ford Fusion

My 97 cadillac deville wont start right away it wants to spit and sputer then after a few min it will start then it seems to run fine what is the problem? I turn the key on and the fuel pump runs. I let it run for a few and doesnt help. I also tried giving it a few pumps of gas. It's like the pump is fine but the gas wont get there fast enough, mybe a filter issue?

... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1992 gmc sonoma and it starts fine when its cold and runs good but when it warms up it dies and wont stay running and sometimes wont start till it sits for 15 20 min

Sounds like a bad ignition module check for spark when it dies if you do not have spark at plugs check between coil and coil wire if still no spark most likely module it is under rear of distributer cap resembles a black wafer board with two electric ... 1992 GMC Sonoma

So I drive a 1999 chevy Cavalier and ive been having many problems with it. It blows black smoke sometimes from the exhust, on the hot and cold gauage the needle works its way to the hot end all the time, it smells like my car is on fire when driving, has a high idel sometimes, wont start up the best.. when started it shakes like a race car, and today baking it into the parking lot it just shut off! it was only driven for about 25min at minium... and when i tried to restart it, it would not star

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