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I pusrchased my 1997 saturn from someone and the next few days the service engine soon light came on. first flashing off and on and now just on. how do i fix it. and also i am having to put brake fluid in every three days or so. i see fluid behind the rear driver tire. what is that

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Answers :

You need to find out which problem the check engine light is activated by. Only way to do this is to have the error code read, either by a mechanic or by buying your own diagnostic device (over a $100 usually). Often it's anti-pollution equipment like the oxygen sensor or catalytic converter underperforming which turns the light on. You can drive with these conditions for a while but will need to get them fixed if emissions tests are required.
The brake fluid leak is caused either by a hole in the brake line near the rear wheel or by a leaking brake cylinder at the wheel. Get these fixed soon; the brakes will become less effective and can suddenly fail if the leak expands.

This is on my parents honda civic it means something in the engine needs to be fixed or needs new oil.HOPES THIS HELPS!!!!!
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I pusrchased my 1997 saturn from someone and the next few days the service engine soon light came on. first flashing off and on and now just on. how do i fix it. and also i am having to put brake fluid in every three days or so. i see fluid behind the rear driver tire. what is that

You need to find out which problem the check engine light is activated by. Only way to do this is to have the error code read, either by a mechanic or by buying your own diagnostic device (over a $100 usually). Often it's anti-pollution equipment l ... 1996 Saturn SL

Constantly needs brake fluid refilled , every three to four days my emergency brake light keeps coming back on when my brake fluid is even slightly low,and if i dont put brake fluid in every 3 days the brakes are very squishy.i put the brake peddle all the way to the floor and my car barely stops!!

Proportion valve. Same problem I had with my '02 Spectra ... 2002 Kia Spectra

We have a Ford Windstar 1998 and for the past few weeks have had to keep adding power steering fluid every few days, because the steering starts to make a whinning noise and then its gone once we add fluid. Also since having our brakes fixed several months ago, every time we take a left turn or go around a left had corner there is a grinding noise. Whats that all about ??

Per power steering. if u keep having to add fluid u have a leak somewhere. ... Ford Windstar

Overheated to red line. Driver stopped then turned on the fan and made it home. Mechanic added 4 litres of fluid but says no external leaks visible and that compression test (?for 5 hours) also shows gasket is ok. Other fluids also show no sign of being leaked into but driver still has to add a litre of fluid every other day or so.

If the freeze plugs leak, there should be loss of pressure. Water pump or theromstat could be non operational and causing the heated water to be pushed out through the overflow. ... 1984 Chevrolet Camaro

Driver door do not open, hhr 2007, the latch broke again and I can't open the it from inside only from outside, I need the schematics so I can fix it my self, I have taken this car to the dealer to fix it twice for the same problem and I still have to pay $500 for a pitty piece of plastic so they can fix it again, nuber three. I want to learn to fix it my selft and maybe better than what the dealer have, I will modify the part so it does not brakes every three months, they are just tryijng to

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My 1989 chevy s10 Blazer has had no back brakes since the day i bought it, the dealer ship says the bleed the lines before we got it but the brake light is on, ive also spent 70 dollars or more on parts for the drum brakes and got it fixed but the brake light is stayed on, we opened the master cylinder for the back brakes and the pedal went straight to the floor but when the while the back breaks were getting changed there was brake fluid in the back passenger side brake. im not sure what else t

... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I also have a problem with pumping gas into my 2002 Hyundai XG350. It starts pumping than cuts off as if the tank is full and you can't continue to fill the tank. It won't go to FULL, which causes me to have to fill my tank a little every two days! It's driving me crazy. How can this be fixed? I shouldn't have to put gas in my tank every two days.

... 2002 Hyundai XG350

1999 Honda Accord when I am driving down the road the car just shuts off. Not running hot, has full tank of gas, automatic shift. I put it in neutural and the car starts right back up. Code for Egr valve, fixed it and it still does it, just every blue moon. On the highway last time doing 70 in flow of traffic, just cut off, dead put in neutural and cranks back up. Also I can not get the check engine light to go off, unpluged the battery cables and it went off one day, next day came back off and

My 99 accord was doing the same thing and after alot of research I found out it was a bad igition module. Fairly cheap 200$ part but took care of the issue. ... 1999 Honda Accord

Break Fluid Leaking, empties every three days

You should be able to look around each tire and see where it is coming from, let me know if any of them have brake fluid on them, if so it is a brake cylinder leaking, if the leak is somewhere else than I may can help you with that, oh and when you d ... 2000 Ford Windstar

Front brakes drag (more on left than right) while driving in rush hour stop-and-go traffic. Both rims get hot the left more than the right. Also have some steering wheel vibration and brake pedal pulsing. Everything clears up after a few minutes of driving at a steady speed or just stopping and waiting. read something in the Drivers Handbook about this but no permanent fix is offered. Plan right now is to replace stock brake pads with ceramic ones and put on new discs. what's your opinion o

Sounds like the pads are completely worn or either crystallized. The crystallized happens when the brakes get hot and cool water hits them, this will also warp the rotors. With the brakes pulsating, it may be the rotors are warped and have worn the ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Have a 1985 Mercedes 300D. Transmission fluid line rubbed against engine and created a hole. 2 1/2 quarts of fluid leaked out. Fixed the line. Put in fresh Dexron iii/m. Container said also suitable for Mercon transmissions. Took around the block worked fine. Next day all it would do is shift when the speedometer needle reached the dots on speedometer face (in other words high rpms). I believe vacuum plays a role in the shifting and I have at least 15 inches. Did I use the wrong fluid which in t

Unless you observed the utmost in cleanliness when repairing the line and addling fluid, you may have gotten some junk in the tranny. The smallest impurity in transmission fluid can cause operational difficulties. If your lucky (and clean) you may ... 1983 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz S Class

My brake light indicator has recently began going on and off...do I just need to fill up the brake fluid level? I have an '03 Mitsubishi Galant. Also, I recently had my heater fixed and new tires put on...do you think something was done by mistake to have this indicator start coming on?

Nothing done my mistake, from what you've described. It could be the fluid level, the amount of pads/shoes left, or the ABS module ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2003 chevorlet suburban 1500. I had an oil change at speedy last saturday and they told me that I needed to flush the brake fluid and the transmission oil. They also told me that the battery was borderline. The suburban has 72000 miles and these services have never been done. But the truck has been running great without any problem. A couple of days after the oil change the car will not start due to weak battery. I jump started it and it worked fine. For next three days the battery c

First off make sure your oil level is good. I dont trust my oil changes to anyone. at 72k miles im sure your automobile is due for a tranny and brake fluid flush. These are pretty simple maintenance things. As far as the codes. Take the truck to any ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

2005 pontiac montana SV6, last 6 months blowing the same rear drivers signal light( fishy ) so i cleaned the connection and put dielectric grease, problem solved( i thought ). recently the "service park lamps) " warning turns on with no other issues. then one day weeks later both signals (rear is also brake light) front and back stop working, however 3rd brake light still works, light in the van flashes real fast both sides. What i've tried... changing fuse #20 10a fuse(park lamps), blown- repla

Never replace a circuit with a fuse that is stronger than what is asked for as you will then burn the wiring.i would get my hands on a wiring schematic and trace the problem with a tester.once found replace the bad wiring or relay with the right part ... 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6

New rotors and calibers, with pads replaced and now every three to four days must add brake fluid and brakes work fine no sponge feeling.

Check for leaks around brake calipers or cylinders, check for leaks around brake master cylinder, may be leaking from master cylinder into brake booster, remove vacume line from booster and see if you can detect oil inside, if your adding oil to bra ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Every 5 months or so the ABS, Airbag, brake, and P/S lights come on for a day on my 07 Rav4. Also, I have no tach, no odo, no temp, but I do have fuel gauge. Runs sluggish, also. 25,000 miles. I have a Toyota case #, but no one seems to do anything to fix it. Please help. I am now out of warranty.

... 2006 Toyota Corolla

My 2004 XL-7 engine light has gone off and on the past two days. I am at about 69K miles. Is it possible that it is just telling me to get a 70K check-up? Also, I failed inspection the other day due to a leaking axle seal that has leaked fluid on to my brakes. Do you think that I could just order the parts and have a friend fix it? (he has over a decade of experience working in shops, but is not a Suzuki "sepcialist") Or, would you recommend sucking it up and getting to the nearest deale

Your friend can do the job of fixing the oil seal on the axle and changing the engine oil, the required check up for the enigne/car for 70K. But since the OE spares must be sourced from Suzuki, it would be best ideal to have the check up done at the ... Suzuki XL7

Just bought my 2000 elantra last week. Since then it had been back to the shop three times, I have had the driver and passenger window regulators replaced and an oxygen sensor and another sensor. I was told it had a thirty day warranty so I am not paying for any of this but I have been on the phone with the garage I bought it from every day since I got it. Just got it back today and now the battery and brake warning lights have come on, very dim. I had driven the car for about a ten mile drive t

Take the car back and get your rmoney back, you have purchased someone elses problem child. ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Leaking master cylinder on 1989 maxima. Can I replace myself? Or do I take it to a shop? Leaking at the join between the reservoir assembly and the master cylinder. Its a fairly significant leak as I have to add fluid every couple days. Obviously the braking system is one of the most important, and I need to fix this ASAP. Thanks for any advice you may have.

It could be the reservoir has a small split in it, or it could just be the gasket between the two parts, the thing is if you take it apart you may have to bleed the system again ... 1989 Nissan Maxima

I have bought a 2002 renault espace 10 days ago the service light came on so i put it i for a full service to find out that it has a few problems middle exhaust silencer is corroded and holed a serious power steering fluid leak the 02 sensor wiring corroded and the rear brake discs are corrodedand the airbag light is on are they major expensive problems to fix

... 2002 Renault Sportwagon

I have a 2007 Infiniti M35X (AWD) with 90k miles. It has been making a "clicking noise" from the rear everytime I pull out of a parking spot or a red light (when I start driving slow). It goes away in the act of driving. Could this be the rear axle? Also there is a sandpaper like sound coming from under the hood on the driver side near the brake fluid, every couple of minutes. What could this be? Thank you.

Have the rear axlenuts retorqued and noise should go away.other noise under hood not ringing any bells. ... 2007 Infiniti M35x

Transmission dripping About three weeks ago, I had to slam on my breaks and I locked up my tires. Well when I put my foot back on the gas I heard a thunk that sounded like it came from my transmission. I dove it home and it drove fine. The next day I noticed transmission fluid under the van. I was wondering what the sound was. Also was wondering are there any hoses that run from the back of the transmission. I found two hoses that come out of the front of the transmissions that seem to go to the

Those hose are to go to your cooling tank in radiator they are a return line maybe they blew off on the sudden break slam? they are rubber line? if so to small clamps the size of a dime hold them on but you should be pissing transmission fluid out wi ... 1997 Plymouth Voyager

1997 Ford F250 light duty, 5.4L triton. Dash lights are off when exterior lights are on. Headlights, taillights, brake lights, and backup lights all work. Blinkers are stuck on, both sides, all the time, very dim. They do not blink at all. Everything worked fine three days ago. I'm guessing something is shorted out, but a clue as to where to start would be great. Also, 4wd doesn't work. I bought a new dash switch, hoping that will fix it, but am afraid to install the new one with the cur

... Ford F-250

Have a 1989 Mercedes 190E and runs very well only, in the midst of driving, it cuts right off then I put it into park - wait about 3 minutes start it up again and off I go - until it happens again. THIS IS NOW HAPPENING QUITE FREQUENTLY THE LAST FEW DAYS. Also the drivers left side window and the right rear passenger windows are not opening. Please advise a senior who does not have a lot of money to spend on this car. Should I get a rid of it? Is it expensive to fix this problem? Very worried.

Hello,have you check your fuel filter for contamination? maybe ignition side (transistorized switching unit ,plug,rotor, high tension wire) or injection system (fuel pump motor, nozzle,fuel relay,excess voltage protection) one of this maybe the cause ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190

Power steering fluid is leaking from the cap which puts it all over the outside of the reservoir and that side of the engine compartment. Have to refill every other day. How do I fix it or do I need a new cap?

Did you overfill the fluid resovior? the cap is vented and provides no seal, so it the tank is overfilled it will bubble out the cap, if the tank is not overfilled you have a defective steering rack that is pulling in air through a defective seal and ... 2002 Hyundai Accent
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