Having problems with your 1996 Pontiac Bonneville SE CA Value ?

Motor stop running

\015 While driving but start right back\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Try driving it in drive as opposed to overdrive, we had the same problem and our mechanic told us it was the fault of a computer chip, the chip in older Bonevilles that cause this problem are located in your transmission and will cost more than it is worth to replace, so I suggest leaving off with putting it in overdrive.
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My wipers don't work right. Snow slid down the windshield while they were running and caused them to stop while the wiper motor was running. The wiper motor still seams to run but the wiper don't move unless I push them with my hand. I think the part that attaches to the motor shaft has been striped . Can this be replace without replacing the whole wiper motor. How do I get to the motor to ***** the damage.

A screw is missing from the part u attatch the whper to ... 2002 Toyota Sienna

Blower fan didn't work on setting #1 on Silverado. #2 thru #5 did. Suddenly while on fan #2 the fan jumped to #5 and continued to run even after turning off ignition. Only way to stop fan from operating was to disconnect the harness at the blower motor. After unplugging the harness the motor stopped but as soon as I turned the dial on the dash the motor went to #5 and had to do the unplugged all over again to make motor stop. What goes with this????

You will need to replace the blower speed control, it is shorted. ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

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Hello on sante fe 2003 crdi 120ch i have Error code U0009 and U0010.The Santa fe stop immediatly ,the MIL light is on. After 1mn it's OK the mil is on, after reset the MIL if the motor run over 3500rpm it's stop immediatly if the vehicle rolls, not if motor run aver 3500 rpm and vehicle immobil Thank's

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My antenna motor runs then stops for up or down position. Antenna stuck in up position. Motor does stop running after a few seconds.

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2.4 petrol rodeo/ Engine System light comes on motor stops restarts after a short time. New Coil Pack/ Crank angle sensor/ ECU Unit. Systems are still the same. Engine can run for up to a couple of hours no problems - other times it might only run for 20 mins before it shuts down. When it stops Engine Systems Light comes runs very rough then stops/ sometimes it will re start after a few mins but engine light remains on until vehicle is started the next day. Can you help ??? Regards Kevin.

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2000 TOWNCAR -- blower motor has run eratically for awhile now - the car is climate controlled -- it runs high / then low / then high again -- now the motor has stopped working. Is there some kind of control that maybe has quit working. It doesn't seem like the motor itself would run like that but something controlling the speed If there is a control part - how hard is it to replace?

Not to hard but it is the control panel.......hope it helps ... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

Engine Stalls I have a 99 Mercury Mountaineer, and this problem doesn't depend on the weather. On startup I have to keep the motor around 3000 RPM's in order for the motor to continue running. Also, as soon as I startup the Oil Pressure gauge will not register at all... After about 5 minutes the Oil Pressure gauge will shoot up to 1/2 way and then the motor will stop idling erratically- however if I stop giving it gas at that point the motor will still die. After so many minutes of frustrati

For the oil pressure guage issue you need to change the oil pressure sending unit. ... 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 1992 cadillac sts seville the blower motor stays running after key has been took out put new motor in still runs changed the power control module (3) of them and it stills runns i can take the relay fuse out and it stops but runs again as soon as i put it back even with the keys in my pocket its a v8 4.9 not the northstar... thanks

All electrical(radio wpiers and blower motor) will stay on until drivers door is opened. ... Cadillac STS

Car runs then stalls. i drained fuel filter. my misubishi pajero runs then stalls it is a very irregular occurance more often than not happens during wet weather although it has happened on dry days. Sometimes its been running perfectall day then i start it after stopping for a while and 500m up the road it stalls. The motor kicks over but once the revs reach 1000 you can hear click click click of the electronic control and the car shuts down. i'll turn the motor over sometimes it takes 5 tries

Is it a outlander or a pajero that this is happeng on if its a outlander i know that the 2liter modle is a vw engine and it has problems with the crankshaft senor an this would cause this hope i could help ... Mitsubishi Outlander

1998cav 2200 motor runs great after driving 10 miles come stop the engine starts to shake as if a miss. Start driving runs fine won't miss all the time. Had parts store use a code finder it said multiple cyl missfire. Did change plugs and wires no change still have periodic miss at times when stopped . I know answer don't stop rite.

HA hA At least you have a sense of humor. Check the timing ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

I bought a 98 Isuzu Hombre, motor stopped running going down highway. I tore it down and put a new timing chain tensioner and gears. Turned over with starter off and on for 3 minutes. It finally started I killed and put it back together, hasn't cranked since. Took to several shops and finally one told me it didn't have enough compression. Bought a used low mileage motor (2.2) I heard it run and helped the guy pull it. Put motor in and it won't crank. Put new fuel pump, checked pressure 52 lbs. I

Check the compression in the cylinders, did you time it correctlly? ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Blower motor. Runs then stops. Start the car turn on blower (no go) drive a while then it starts up. Starts off running slowly then faster. Shut off car and restart it then try the blower and the blower will not run but ... then after a bit it will. Is it the motor or the controls?

The brushes are worn out in the blower motor ,just renew it ... 1998 Mercury Mystique

I have a 5 series BMW and am puzzled by a very quiet electric motor sound that comes from very low on the centre consol behind the temperature display panel. It is not the heater fan motor. The noise is there at all times and never stops, even when the keys are removed and doors closed. The result is that the battery gets run down by this small motor running thre whole time, and needs constant re-charging, in spite of a new battery being fitted. I have listened with a medical stethoscope, and

Have BMW do the diagnosis. The noise you're hearing is the "re-circulate fan". It's supposed to run for up to a minute after you turn car off. It re-circulates oaf through front vents/cabin filter. Trust me, you do not want to "operate" on that dash. ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

Starting problems when cars has stopped for a few hours. Car starts and stops after a 2 seconds. After a couple of times it keeps running. If you start driving no problem at all. In the winter i had another remarable issue: The temeperature of the coolant rises to maximum and the cars says: stop the engine. The temeperature decreases directly and motor is running fine.

Mcdevito75 here, The temperature riseing to max the cooling off fast, could be a stuck thermostat of the fan switch for the radiator could be faulty. The hard start after a few hours could be a dirty gas filter. Bset Bet, have your local auto repair ... 2006 Fiat Pininfarina

1985 mercury grand marquis. Starts then stall, usually more then once. Once started motor surges and then may stall again when put in reverse. Motor surge continues as you begin to accelerate and proceed down the road. When stepping on the accelerator, no response for a few seconds, lift foot and press again, might respond. When stopped with foot on brake, motor continues to serge and must keep foot on accelerator and brake at the same time to keep running. Then sometimes, it runs like a t

Maps sensor ... 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

Hay ive put a new motor in my Isuzu mu and runs heaps more power but when i take my foot off the gas and *** to stop and it just rips out with blue white smoke lots off it and when i put motor in the vacuum hoses were disconnected so didn't hook them up on new motor as i don't now were they go only the diesel pump has a vacuum line hooked up and the rev counter isn't going also. could that be causing it to smoke when coming to a stop and would you have a diagram for what vacuum hose goes were an

The vacuum lines attach right before the compressor if the turbo - there are special nozzels for that in the intake piping. And no, they have nothing to do with the smoke. The blue-white smoke is coming from burned-vaporized oil. There's a majo ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

Hi all. I have a 1998 Landcruiser GXV with the 4.7L V8. The starter motor is jammed in the on position, it will not stop running and the only way to stop it running is to pull the battery lead. Even with no keys. I have tried to remove all all relevant fuses/ relays and still it continues to run. As you know it is burried inside/under the valley and it is major work to get to it Any Ideas. Regards Phil

Try pulling the ignition fuse for the key switch. Either the ignition switch is bad letting constant power go to the starter or the solenoid switch on the starter has shorted out and is getting constant power from the battery to the solenoid. Find t ... Toyota Land Cruiser

I have to keep adding a little coolant every 2-300 miles. It seems to drip more than normal for about 30 minutes when I stop. Makes no difference if I use A/C or not. Engine never gets hot or runs rough. A/C works perfect, Passenger inner fender well is wet, but I see no leaks with motor running or stopped. Where is the coolant going?

Same problem with my 1997 Suburban. It leaks fluid when warmed up but not necessarily when cold. I am guessing I have a leak at the water pump gasket. ... 1997 Chevrolet Suburban

The wipers stopped working on my car - both at the same time so I think it was the switch and not the motor. I want ot run a new switch and just put power on the motor to make it run, I don't need intermittent speeds or anything - just on or off. but there are several different color wires going up there - which one do I put power on?

Odds are it is the motor, which runs both wipers at once. They are not fun to replace on the S-Series, since you need to remove the cowl AND dashboard cover to R/R the unit. ... 1998 Saturn SL

Windshield wipers stopped running. Fuse is good, motor runs. Blades work in-sync when moved manually. What must I do to either replace the motor with a working used unit or fix the present system?

If the motor is running, it's probably the wiper bushings are worn out. Get a set(Motormite)at your local parts store and replace. ... 1991 Dodge Dakota

The wipers stopped working on my car - both at the same time so I think it was the switch and not the motor. I want to run a new switch and just put power on the motor to make it run, I don't need intermittent speeds or anything - just on or off. but there are several different color wires going up there - which one do I put power on?

Slow speed is brown, fast speed is purple.\015\012hope that helps. ... 1998 Saturn SL

I Just replaced the motor with a used one. Run's great, except at take off from a stop it seem's to miss. Once the RPM comes up it run's great.???????????? The used motor was rebuilt, apperantly with a performance cam. Did a diagnoses check and came up with code P 1345 crank sensor, replaced, did not help. Any idea's??

Performance cam will deliver more power.More power equal more AIR and FUEL.Can you go back to the same yard to pull the fuel pump,fuel injectors,fuel regulator?===Check for vacuum hose leak. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

2002 Intrepid 2.7 motor just shuts off when stoping check engan light came on and code was a map sensor changed it still stoped running hade the light reset and it just came right back on this time tpsenser code changed that had the light reset no light but still stopping engan running down to 4 rpm than stops iam lost for a words need help

Check for vaccum leak at map sensor or anywhere else no vaccum to map will show up as bad because the computer watches the voltage on it and the vaccum changes that voltage , no vaccum meens no voltage change and computer throws the light on to let y ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I replaced the tranny on it. hooked everything up. started the truck. while checking the tranny fluid, the motor stopped running, just like someone shut the motor off by the key. now it wont start. i changed the crank shaft sensor, and the cam shaft sensor, and the oil sending unit. and checked the brain box with a scan tool. it says the codes are fine. but there is no firing anywhere. still not running. i checked all possible places to check with a tester, it shows no fire anywhere, even the co

Check the electrical connector coming off the distributor to make sure you didnt pinch any wires when you put the transmission in. ... 1994 Dodge Ram
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