Having problems with your 1996 Plymouth Voyager ?

How much trouble is it to put belt on

\015 What tools do i need\015
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What engine?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1996 Plymouth Voyager

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How much trouble is it to put belt on

What engine? ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

How do you tight the serpentine belt in a matrix. when i am putting in the alternator back in place but am having trouble putting in the belt on it.

It takes a long wrench to turn the bolt for the tension pulley.You release tension on the belt to remove it, then let go of the pulley when you have the belt back on.The tensioner is spring loaded and keeps the belt tight.There is a video ... Cars & Trucks

[email protected] am trying to change the belt it's not releasing enough tension to give the slack i need to put new belt on is there and easier way to put it on it has air conditioning too please help me desperate thanks so much

You need a breaker bar to pull the tensionor all the way forward or a pipe extention on the rachet and pull hard ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Have a 1993 Cadillac Deville who's drive belt came off.. put back per diagram in hood but has about 5 to 6 inches to much slack still.. could it have stretched that much or am I missing something here? belt was replaced about 2000 miles ago

Call a different parts store and make sure you have the correct belt, be sure to check the drivers side door jam for the production date (this can sometimes be an issue). If you do, then your missing something. ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 94 camry V6 XLE with 150K miles. It overheated and the mechanic says it's the water pump. But he also says the camshaft seals are leaking and this will make the timing belt break. My question is whether to just replace the water pump or pay $850 for the seals and new timing belt. Is it worth putting this much money into the car? Any advice? (I don't know if the timing belt has ever been changed; it could be the original belt)

94 w/150k? This your call. This vehicle is 15 yrs behind in technology, It's condition mechanically will get progressively worse at a faster rate.In the 70's the life expectancy of the average vehicle was 3-5 yrs, in the 80's,5--7, 90's 10-15 yrs ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Hello. I am having constant problems with my 1997 chevy cavalier serpentine belt. My old wrecked belt was working fine but when it started wearing too thin i got a new one. As soon as the new one was put in it starting squealing very loudly when i accelerated. My mechanic used sandpaper to wear down the edges of the belt a bit and that worked at first but the loud squealing returned. This time i used sandpaper to eliminate the noise but i guess i used it too much because the belt soon shredded

Has anyone checked the tensioner and pulley.th etensioner should operate smooth and without any side play. if the belt is too long, the tensioner will not be able to pull out the "slack" in the belt. the tensioner will have a mark of where it should ... Chevrolet Cavalier

I have 94 Mercury Tracer 1.9L I did most of the work to replace the broken timing belt except i couldn't remove the crankshaft sprocket to replace the timing belt which I bought,how much time would it take for a shop to only remove the sprocket & put on the new belt & back together? thanks Don

Maybe 2 hrs labor, some shops may not do it because you took it apart but some will, good luck. ... 1994 Mercury Tracer

Belt squeals 1994 saturn sc1.several belts put on the last belt was fine until a week later what's the problem and how much will it cost at saturn?

A squeal alot of the time a bearing going bad on a part..... it can be from the alternator.... the belt tensioner.... the idler pulley..... the water pump...a/c compresser pulley.....you can go to autozone and ask them to look at it ...they might f ... 1994 Saturn Sc

I have a 2005 kia optima and had the timing belt and the balancer belt change at the same time in may/11. when I got it back from the shop there was a slight vibration in the engine, I took it back to the shop and the rechecked the timing and balancer and found that there was no problem with the timing in either belt according to the timing marks. The problem is the vibration has got much worse , to the point that you can see the steering wheel shake when you put in gear at idle speed. Also ther

... 2005 Kia Optima

The serpintine belt shredded on one side, and fell off. Much coolant was released from the vehicle. Don't know which happened first. The pulleys all move freely, except for the crank pulley, which I believe drives the belt. The pulley at the water pump, however, is wobley, but it does turn. I was thinking about replacing the belt, and putting coolant in it. What do you think?

Your problem is the waterpump. The bearings on the pump have failed resulting in a "wobley" pulley. ... 1992 Buick Park Avenue

Just had harmonic balancer put on and new belts he fogot the loctite glue so now has to undo bolt and put that on dur! but i am hearing a squeak in the wheel right hand drivers side AU car of my 1997 626 mazda v6 It starts as I accelerate and seems to stop for a bit when I put brakes on any clues much appreciated yes im a girl lol

It sounds like your brakes need to be replaced. the squeaking is actually a brake pad indicator rubbing on the rotors letting you know that the pads are low an need to be changed soon. if you let this go on for too long you may damage the rotors and ... 1997 Mazda 626

I have a 99 Grand Caravan. Put new serpentine belt on because it keeps coming off when wet. Now there is a sqeal. How doI trouble shoot the squeal?

... Dodge Caravan

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L. 2 major problems: The car has been having overheating issues for a month now. First I put in a new Thermostat. As soon as I did that the interior heat quit working so I installed a new water pump and timing belt. Everything was working great until the brand new water pump began to leak from behind its pulley. Returned it and put in another new water pump and it is now leaking from behind its pulley! Whats going on? Maybe there is blockage or too much pressu

Hi, my name is John I will do my best to assist you.\015\012 \015\012After looking over all of your post's in this thread here are my thoughts.\015\012 \015\012\015\012Your water pump does in fact require ... Volkswagen New Beetle

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L. 2 major problems: * The car has been having overheating issues for a month now. First I put in a new Thermostat. As soon as I did that the interior heat quit working so I installed a new water pump and timing belt. Everything was working great until the brand new water pump began to leak from behind its pulley. Returned it and put in another new water pump and it is now leaking from behind its pulley! Whats going on? Maybe there is blockage or too much pressure in th

Most parts from the parts store are made in mexico, reconditioned from old pumps that were sent back.Replace the pump with a FACTORY part. As for your poor running engine, I would recommend replacing the spark plug wires and spark plugs. ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

Please help me, I have a pontiac grand am 2002 had the tune up and change of oil 2 weeks ago, and one day as I was driving the motor start turning very fast for no reason so the day after I went to my dealer and they put the scanner to find the problem and they found nothing, the trouble happened when the motor was hot ,I had to shut the ignition on drive, if I put it to park the motor turn much to fast what can it be? Thank's for your help Please reach me at([email protected]

Check your idle air control for carbon buildup,, ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I believe im having a problem with my fuel system i put new spark plugs and wires and rotor already but it still has high idle or no idle at all it wont start at times or just dies as im driving. and when at times it doesnt start right away i smell heavy gas fumes and now im starting to smell a rotten egg smell and now my car is having more trouble starting i need to know where the fuel filter is located so my husband can put it in thank you so very much

The rotten egg smell is a catalytic convertor going bad. here are a few symtoms.--- you should notice a drop in power and also a higher running temperature,also at night you may notice a slight glow from this thing if its heating up,it will also loos ... Chrysler Laser

The alternator belt on my 97 Mazda protege LX has squealed for a while but the battery and everything was always fine. I just tried to start it after the car sat for 2 months and it runs for a while but the battery light is now on if you start putting on headlights and stuff everything gets dimmer so i shut the car off. I was wondering- does this sound like it could be the alternator belt and if so, how much does it cost to repair it on average?

Is the alternator belt still squealing? if so, tighten it. The light should go off unless your alternator is dead. ... Mazda Protege

Mazda 2002 MPV Mini Van: Drive pulley fell off the shaft of the power steering pump. Threaded shaft lost its nut and pulley slid from shaft. A local garage returned the pulley to the shaft, installed a new nut but then could not put the serpentine belt back. They said the belt was too tight and was impossible to install. They replaced it with one a bit longer. Result was much rumbling noise sounding like a loose or defective or dry bearing. Towed it back to the shop. Is there a r

Hi!!\015\012I could not find any recalls for this type of problem on your vehicle. What I found, is that there is the following notice on the installation instructions of the power steering pulley.\015\012\015\012 ... 2002 Mazda Tribute

I have a 87 chevy silverado R-10 the altenator belt keeps squeals everytime I put heater on high,its like its pulling to much from the battery. I had a heating problem and replaced the heater core,waterpump,hoses and belts. It turn out that the altenator and power steering pump pulleys needed to lined up. But it still squeals after awhile.

The squeal is most likely caused by belt slippage or a defective idler pulley. The drive belts when properly aligned,are sensitive to tightness and deflection. I have posted a diagram on belt deflection specs. I would also replace the id ... Chevrolet R10

I've replace the head on my 94 eagle talon with a 2.0L engine and i'm having trouble getting the timing belt back on. Is there an easy way to put the timing belt back on

Did you compress the timing belt tensioner? \015\012\015\012There should be a small hole in the upper part of the timing belt tensioner housing and also on the end of the timing belt tensioner plunger, and the plunger must be compressed b ... 1994 Eagle Talon

1995 dodge caravan lots of miles,lots of repairs, engines ,tranny sensors etc but here is my problem and this is not the first time . ive worked on this car so much i forget for what the car hestitates or stumbles , bucks on accleration i have changed crank sensor cam sensor swapped dist coils, fuel regulator ,fuel pressure ok. swapped map sensors to no avail i used to if i remember right put in a new o2 sensor and the trouble went away or was it the input out put sensor. as you can see ive chan

This is a common dodge problem since yo have tried everything else so far. Have you checked your fuel lines you may have grit in the lines and or the fuel tank. The debris may be not large enough to completely stop fuel flow just cut it down. Not eno ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

How do you remove the powersteering belt on a 2000 nissan sentra gxe (1.8L) ? i've loosened the lock nut on the tensioner and the tensioning bolt. no movement. then i found 2 bolts on the tensioner plate a 10mm and 12mm and removed the 10mm bolt. i left the 12mm bolt in but loose. help. all ive never had this much trouble with belts.

... 2000 Nissan Sentra

2001 Cavalier LS, 160,000 Miles 2.2L Engine. On my way home today the engine stalled out. I put it in Neutral and tried to turn it over and it would not start, I coasted into my driveway. There is a clunking sound coming from the front of the car by the belt when the you try and start the car. The car was running fine up to this point. Does this sound like my timing belt? and how much of a project is this to fix?

Yes it is a timing belt,it will cost you about 450 ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

When i turn my air condition on my belts start to scream and it doesn't get that cold, actually it use to get cool and now it doesn't. it seems like my compressor is putting to much tension on my belt. does low freon cause it to do this.

The compressor may be locked up.\015\012With engine OFF try to turn the front of the a/c compressor pulley.\015\012Then start engine , LOOK to see if inner part of pulley is spinning.Turn a/c on , inner part should start and stop.(cycle) ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4WD

I have a 1990 Camaro I was told the engine is from a 1989 Blazer. Hi I have no luck with the blazer starter. It put the gears even further apart. I believe it's a 153 flyweel I put in a starter for a maual 1990 Camaro still way to far apart. I've never had this much trouble installing a starter in my 25 years working on cars

I know you probably have already returned the old starter for the core charge but if you have not compare the old starter with a posible earlier year or later year starter to match them up or rebuild the old starter. Was the old starter acamaro star ... Chevrolet Camaro
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