Having problems with your 1996 Oldsmobile 88 ?

1996 Oldsmobile 88 V6 idles too fast, have to drive at least 20 miles to get normal idle speed

\015 Car starts and runs fine except for the fast idle. Tried tapping accelerator but speed doesn't change until after maybe driving 20 miles or so.\015
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1996 Oldsmobile 88 V6 idles too fast, have to drive at least 20 miles to get normal idle speed

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Sitting in car in parking lot with engine running - it dies, won't turn over... I get a jump start No changes in termperature gages at all Idles rough, check engine light on, reduced engine power reading - will only drive about 10 mph pull over and turn off - 3 minutes turn it back on and power seems normal - drove it 10 miles at normal speeds Check engine light still on, no more reduced power reading Autozone check reads - P1516 Manufacturer control vehicle speed, idle speed control, auxiliary

Hi and welcome to FixYa!It is safe to drive and I assume that you are on limp mode. This is to restrict the speed to avoid further damage to the engine. You can be facing some sensor issues like the MAF (mass air flow) sensor or TPS (throttle p ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

My 2003 Ford Taurus LX has 47,000 miles, a 3.0 V - 6 cylinder OHV engine (engine code 2) and is not firing on cylinder No. 5 when idling. At speeds above idle, all cylinders appear to be firing OK, but the engine runs roughly when idling. I am getting normal mileage of 25 mpg on the Interstate at full speed. The amber ?Check Engine Soon? light is ON steadily, but if I am sitting at a red stop light for a minute or so, the ?check engine light? starts blinking and the engine really gets mu

All system checked already, try that, direct the injector positive wire to 12v constant @ battery post, direct the ignition coil ground to engine mount, and make sure that the fuel pressure is not less than 30psi, check all the supply voltage for ac ... 2003 Ford Taurus

2001 Dodge Durango 5.9L R/T. 93,000 miles. When driving on the freeway, the idle sometimes jumps. I will be driving at 60 miles an hour at 2,200rpm. Sometimes it will jump to 2500rpm and back down again or maybe jump up to 2700rpm and back down to normal. The other day after getting off the freeway sitting at a red light, the idle was dipping from 400 back to 600. That was the first time it had done that. My dash lights would fade when the idle got slower but not the headlights. The suv doesn't

I had the same problem at highway speed.\015\012Change the throttle position sensor. ... 2002 Dodge Durango

My car overheats when at idle or in heavy traffic. The temperate is fine at high speed driving. The fan is coming on as the temperature rises. If the temperature only goes slightly above normal the temperature drops when the car gets upto normal speed, but if the temperature goes well above normal the temperature then keeps rising,

The engine is kept cool by a liquid circulating through the engine to a radiator. In the radiator, the liquid is cooled by air passing through the radiator tubes. The coolant is circulated by a rotating water pump driven by the engine crankshaft. The ... Ford Taurus

I drive my Escort about 100 miles per days delivering newspapers, lots of stop and go. About midway through the route, when I am doing store drops in a small nearby town, the engine begins to racing, over 2000 rpm even without the gas pedal being drepressed. I can only get it to resume normal idle by punching the gas pedal and then it often takes doing that several (or many) times before it resumes normal idle. Once I am back out on the country roads it doesn't do this. Any suggestions?

Sounds like your throttle position sensor is getting stuck open, could be the linkage is dirty, I would check the sensor first ... 2002 Ford Escort

Engine surge to 4k rpm and sticks there. 1992 Cadillac Eldorado touring coupe, 4.9 liter engine so I will be driving along at about 45 miles per hour the rpm kicks up to 4k also as a temp fix I have to shut the motor off and then start the car in park, after shifting into drive it normally returns to normal idle speed.

Hi,To start with, Do you see check engine light being ON? If yes, kindly mention the error codes that would tell us what needs to be fixed.http://www.fixya.com/cars/r4008552-check_engine_light_beingLet me know,so t ... Cadillac Eldorado

I have a 1998 Eagle Talon ESi, 2-wheel drive that I bought one week ago with only 43K miles on it. It is throwing a P0302 OBD code for misfiring in cylinder 2. It was running great when I bought it, but it started to idle a little rough after having it about 4 days. Now, it starts a little rough, idles a little rough, and really starts missing when accelerating from a stop. It does seem to straighten up and run normally once you get over about 25-30 miles per hour. Everything I can see about the

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I have a 1997 Ford F-150 Lariat, and when pulling a trailer it makes a chattering noise when the gas pedal is pressed down to pick up speed. When going up a hill it will not go passed 40 mph and starts to shift hard when pressing the gas pedal. In normal driving without a load and getting on a highway and picking up speed the first two shifts are hard and then smoothes out. The truck has around 130K of miles on it, mainly highway miles. What could the problem be?

If tranny is manual shift you may have a bearing and or bad gear. Try changing tranny fluid. Check manual for correct fluid may use tranny fluid rather than gear oil. I recommend using Royal Purple fluid or gear oil. This very expensive but will slic ... Ford F-150

Engine sputters and nearly dies at idle. moves down the road just fine. after driving highway speed for 30 miles I parked it in the driveway and the service engine soon light came on. I was told by mechanic it was probably the throttle control intake and there was no danger in driving the vehicle as is but it may quit at a stop sign. Does this sound right and may I drive it a few days until I can get it in for repairs?

... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

My 1990 isuzu trooper 2.6 manual 5 speed has a new reman. its starts & runs good.but when it runs 10 miles or less the engine idle speed starts to rev up to 1200 to 1900 rpm, then the engine starts to get hot it normally runs at mid heat range until the engine speeds up and then the engine overheats. what is up with that? GB.

... 1990 Isuzu Trooper

I have a 91 tercel that will not pass smog, unable to read codes, idles too high that if you put the car in gear before it warms up its jerks hard, appears to idle normally after warmed up, smokes pretty bad in the morning after being started once the car warms up the smoking stops, but otherwise runs great, gets 30 miles to the gallon. what should the idling speeds be before and after warm up? and how can i fix the smoking and emissions issue?

The smoking is probably due to worn valve guides.. the oil from the top..the head.. is leaking past the valve stem into the cylinder.. next morning or a few hours later when you start the car.. it burns this oil up..and the problem although still the ... 1991 Toyota Tercel

I have an Audi 80 1.8 petrol 1989. The car starts from cold with no trouble settling to a normal idle speed. However as you drive for a mile or so and come to slow down the engine dies to a extremely rough and lumpy running - barely above a stall. Pressing the accelorator produces no revs and the engine ''hunts'' firing only on a one or two cylinders. Eventually the car will start again and as long as the revs are kept high it will drive again, although when the revs go lower the engine dies aga

Also check the vacuum system and the injector insert o-rings for air leaks.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1989 Audi 80

2009 Honda Fit with 66,000 miles (I know....I drive everyday for work). Last week it when I was idling it would sputter. Figured it was bad gas. Went to get oil changed and had them take a look at fuel filter. Said everything was fine but that I needed the Transmission oil changed and it was dirty. They suggested that I get fuel injection cleaner. I did that and everything was back to normal for two days until this afternoon. I drove car all day with no problems and on my way home it started mak

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Truck misses at idle and at highway speeds and after driving a few miles the truck idles at 2000 to 3000 rpms when you push in the clutch but if you turn the key off while your going and turn it back on the rpms drop to normal but then it will do it again

... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

1986 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon with carberated 1500 engine. Engine loses power after a short time at high power output like on the freeway going up hill or lower speeds on steep hills. After pulling over on the freeway and stopping for a minute or so it will accelerate like normal until getting up to 60 or 70 miles per hour then starts to slow down again. On normal around town driving with part throtle it runs good. I seemed like it may have been leaning out so I checked fuel pressure and flow, dirt


Over the last 4 hours of driving my 84 911, it has been gradually loosing low speed torque and throttle response. idle seems normal and no ignition misses so I doubt its electrical. Valves are a bit out but not bad, spark plugs are a little more than half life. O2 sensor is only 800 miles old. It seems to have normal power at mid and high rpm. Has the same feeling my old hot rods had when I had a vaccum leak or a disconnected vacum advance on the distributor. Up until a few days ago throttle res

Check fuel and air filters ... 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera

97 nissan 4x4 kingcab 4cyl 5 spd manual When outside temperatures are warm to hot engine will cut-out, not die and idle smoothly around 1K rpm after about an hour or so of driving. Acts like it is not getting any fuel. When you give it gas, it sorta chugs and then returns to 1K smooth-as-silk idle speed when you take your foot off the gas. Shutting the engine off for at least 15-30 sec. clears whatever the problem is. It can occur again in as little as 5 minutes or not at all for days, even mon

Try the distubutor cap it may have a hair line crack when the engine get warms up it expands and trow off idle. ... Nissan King Cab

2005 F150 5.4 Cuts off when driving at constant speed and show "Engine Fail Safe Mode" on display. It will crank back up and run for several hundred miles before doing it again. P2112 Throttle Air Control System Stuck Closed - P2104 Throttle Air Control System Force Idle - P0506 Idle Control System RPM Lower Than Expected & P0420 Catalyst Effeciency Below Threshold Bank 1 are the codes that I get. Is there a simple fix? Thanks

... 2004 Ford F150

I have a 92 maxima se , i have replaced the water pump, both temp sensors near the fuel rails. the car will idle fine and drive fine, until you get up to highway speed, then it slowly starts to run hot. when i pull over and let it idle it cools back down to a normal temp. oh yeah the fans are working also. a few yrs back i had the overdrive off and drove it above fifty mph for a while and the temp started to climb in the same manor.

Check if your coolant decreases. If it does it may be a leak on the system. Check for the radiator cap that may need replacing and the radiator hoses for loose or bad hose that needs replacing. Check the water pump found inside the engine. Becaus ... 1992 Nissan Maxima

I have a 88 chevy cheyenne 1500 2wd work truck. It has 103k miles on the engine. It is a automatic 4.3 v6. I just purchased the truck. The only problems are the wipers will not stop; But the problem I really need help with or at least some direction is that it idles very fast and will not slow down. I've checked to see if the cable was stuck and so forth. I can't figure out why it won't kick down to a normal idle speed. The truck sat for awhile.... yr or so. It is a fuel injection/throttle body

Idling very fast could be vacuum leak or the temp sensor look 4 a bad vac hose or a leak around the intake manifold gasket as 4 the wipers thy are known 4 that when thy git wet i have tried drying them it worked 4 a little wile till i could re pla ... Chevrolet 1500

Go out in AM, car is cold, starts and runs fine. Drive short distance, stop and restart, runs fine, idles fine. Drive about 8 miles at 50-55 mph, pull up at a red light, when speed gets down to ~25-30 mph, car stalls. Carburetor has been rebuilt. Put car in neutral or park right after it stalls - it starts right up and will run until you slow down to 30 mph or slower, stalls, As long as choke is closed enough, it seems to run fine. We really appreciate your help. It has been

The EGR valve is unserviceable which causes a bad or insufficient fuel control for em-missions......Hope this helps you out........EGR valves are not very expensive. ... 1985 AMC American Motors Eagle

Have 1987 nissan sentra wagon 1.6 carb.engine the problem is an idle problem when I start in the morning or when its had time to cool down I depress the accelorator pedel to set the choke and high idle cam and it starts fine a idle at high idle speed when it warms up and returns to normal idle speed it will not remain running on its own at idle speed it seems to run out o.k. at normal driving speed until you return to idle then it dies thanx for any help

Check your Ignition timing before anything check your plugs see what color they are red or orange means carb is to lean , blackor oil means to rich then you can go from thereand set mixture screws on carb , let me no how you m ... 1987 Nissan Sentra Wagon

I have an auto transmission with problems. When the engine is cold I get all the auto transmission speed changes from 1st to 4th, but a few minutes later driving it, it gets like disconnected and I get the first speed ONLY and I Do not get the Second , third or even the Forth speed and the Engine works to hard driving it after going over 20 miles. Could you help me with some information about what could be the problem?

You need to change the transmission oil.After doing that and the problem is still there then check the transmission oil cooler is not blocked.Good luck. ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

I have a bad miss at idle... smell gas... put new iridium plugs in and still the same...i have nology wires... i cannot figure this out...check engine light is on and had checked... said plugs or wires possible cause...i checked wires i have 3 ohms. means? very low resistance? HELP 2001 sierra 4.8 seems to drive ok at speed, and sometimes hard to start, hit or miss... normal or crank alot... getting on the highway once i gunned the motor and a great burst of smoke came out and pinged alot... it

Pull out the distributor and see if the gears are worn to a razor blade sized point,if so you need a distributor and a cam shaft replacement. ... 2001 GMC Sierra Crew Cab
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