Having problems with your 1996 Mazda Protege ?

The motor is not starting when I plug in the airflow sensor wire

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The mass airflow sensor could be fouled out. If you have a K&N or other oilable filter, it can let oil get on the sensor and foul it out. Buy and use a dedicated MAF cleaner. Don't use anything but a dedicated MAF cleaner. If cleaning it doesn't work, then you should replace the sensor. Expect to pay over $200 for a new sensor.
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2002 2.7 intrepid motor blown. Replaced with 2001 2.7. I used 2002 wire harness so matched computer. All sensor plugs matched except knock sensor so changed plug to match. Also used 2002 intake on 2001 motor so all vaccum lines matched. Started car, check engine light on. Codes are 016,340,344 indicating cam shaft posision. Put cam sensor on from 02 motor same thing. Check cam sensor plug, had 5v on left, gnd in middle and 4V on right signal. Had continuity from plug to computer. Same thi

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Troublestarting sometimes My 1991 Honda Accord worked great all winter not the weather is warm I'm having some trouble.only happens about every 2 weeks. When it starts runs for a second then won't start. If I remove a plug wire and using a screwdriver in the plug wire and ground it to the motor it will start. I let it run about 15 sec. shut off and reattach the plug wire and then it will start on its own. any suggestions? someone told me it was a bad sensor in the coil. someone else suggested a

The igniter in the distributor may be going out. The main relay is under the dash and it very well could be an issue as well, but ususally when it goes bad, the car won't start at all. ... 1991 Honda Accord

The motor is not starting when I plug in the airflow sensor wire

The mass airflow sensor could be fouled out. If you have a K&N or other oilable filter, it can let oil get on the sensor and foul it out. Buy and use a dedicated MAF cleaner. Don't use anything but a dedicated MAF cleaner. If cleaning it does ... 1996 Mazda Protege

No start. It all started when accelerating down the road it would cut out. Finally after a few days it will not start at all. I have check fuel pump there is 45 lb pres at port on motor. The coil and ignition mod is good. pickup in distributor is good. I put new distributor cap and rotor button on,new plugs and wires, new cold sensor. I can splash gas into top and it will start till that's out then quit.If I take a plug wire off and check spark its strong but is yellow/orange. not blue. Does any

You have fuel pressure but the TBI could be clogged. You have spark and the engine runs when given gas. I would look into the TBI. Don't believe it's in the timing either.\015\012\015\012Good Luck ... 1993 GMC Safari

Ok, here you go,a 1988 F150 that i bought this summer ran great all summer and fall but when cold weather hit(35 or colder) the truck just turns over but won't start.When the weather warmes up it'll start easy.We changed both temp. sensors and the sensor in the intake,new ingnition,coil and wires,intank fuel pump and on the fram fuel pump oh yea their is this thing on top of the motor that a wire plugs into we chanded that too,still won't start in the cold!!! I tried to start it this morning it

Have you scanned the computer for any codes? Even though it may not have a check engine light, it still may have codes that might put you on the right course. Fords of that era have issues with ignition modules (by the distributor). It is OBD1, so ... 2005 Ford F-150

My battery light came on so i was inspecting my wiring harness for signs of ware.i found that my crank sensor harness was soaked in oil, leaking from the front main seal. i fixed the leak and cleaned the oil of the wires. i unplugged the quick disconnect crank sensor to clean it,but forgot to disconnect the neg. battery terminal.after rerouting the wire harness through the motor to the crank sensor and plugged the sensor back into the other end of the quick disconnect. now the car wont start

Unplugging or disconnecting battery will rest the computer every time. Here's a simple solution that should work for you. If the battery is in good shape and holding charge, then disconnect the ground to the battery. Allow 15 minutes to pass, ... Mitsubishi Mirage

1999 K3500 7.4 genVI wont start. Fresh motor, built myself. New coil, dist,cap, rotor, wires, etc. Ran fine for one day then died while driving. Cranks but will not run. I verified fuel pres at rail 55 psi, spark at plug, comp is good. Re-checked all timing, verifing comp stroke TDC and wires to correct location, tried moving dist 1 tooth each way. Verified all sensors to be conected. Plugged in to Mac tools Mentor and get no fault codes. did relearn of timing, etc. Still cranks will not start,

Just a thought, remove valve covers and check lifter action, also check compression ... Chevrolet C3500

Ten codes which should I start with ? P0506. P0507.p0410. P0106. P0107. P0306. P0335.P0385. So I'm thinking I have bad sensors and more the one vacuum hose crack of disconnect. I just got this car cheap. 2001 dhs. After looking for disconnects and changing oil and spark plugs and wires. Which code should I tackle first? Crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor? Mad airflow sensor or secondary airflow injection system? I will fix it all just takes time. Thanks.

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I have a 1995 dodge caravan with similar problems. It has trouble starting and you have to rev it just right when you turn the key to get it started. After a while it will die and not want to start back up. The fuel pump is new and it works. It has a new tps idle control motor plugs wires rotor cap and distributor hall effect sensor. The ignition coil's resistance is in spec and the altinator tested good at autozone. All the wires seem to be good. Had a trouble code for tps voltage and asr relay

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Motor is running rich, hard to start, will not restart after shutdown. I have installed new sparkplugs, wires, cap rotor, coil, injectors, fuel regulator, MAP Sensor, EGR Valve, Temp Sensor and O2 sensor. Plug check after running - #2 & 3 are wet, but look brandnew, all other plugs are wet and have black and sooty. Compression check, 90-95 lbs.

90-95 is to low, is this a 4 cylinder or a 2.8L V6 ? remove the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator and see if there is gas in the vacuum hose if there is replace the regulator again we see them fail all the time on both the 4cy ... 1987 Ford Ranger

1992 Lumina Backfire - I have a 1992 Lumina Euro, 77K miles, 3.1 V-6. Under moderate to hard acceleration the engine will backfire and you can smell gas. The spark control module, coils, wires, plugs, ECM, crank sensor, Idle speed motor, throttle position sensor, map sensor, EGR valve, injectors, intake gasket, fuel are all new. The car starts up and idles ok, a tiny bit rough, and runs / drives ok unless you accelerate then starts to backfire around the 3000 rpm range, if you back off th

I know you mentioned the EGR valve has been replaced, but you may have a bad 'new' part. I know the car is electronic, but has anyone checked its ignition timing (timing belt been looked at, I know it only has 77k on it). Is the fuel pressure regulat ... Chevrolet Lumina APV

1999 dodge ram 1500 motor 318 sputter or chugs. Also, now when I let it idle for about 2 or 3 minutes it starts to idle way down and practically starve itself and then all of the sudden it will pop right back and run somewhat OK. I've replaced idler air control, map sensor, wires, plugs and throttle position sensor. Before this problem my catalytic converter was plugged so I cut a hole in it and bored out all the **** in it about a year and a half ago. The funny thing is I have no check engine l

It's not that either I have same prob with my Dakota did a complete upper end still the same ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

I have a 1994 Dodge Stealth 3.0 DOHC Non Turbo. It won't start. It only gets fire on one coil. All teh coils are good fule pump works, New crank sensor, New spark plugs and wires, motor been port and pollished so motor is good. Any one have any help on this? Why won't it start?

Look did u replace the censor where harmonic balancer is an the an the crank censor they are both like magnitos theres a metal fan blade looking thing that rotates through it make sure its not damaged an locked down let me know my email is lildevil62 ... 1994 Dodge Stealth

Choking out engine still cutting airflow after changing mass air flow sensor. have changed plugs, plug wires, o2 sensor, distributor cap, rotor button, air filter. it starts choking out randomly even while driving. check engine light comes on but i'm not sure which type of computer to use to check it.

Change fuel filter.OBDI ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

99 tacoma has hard time starting, runs rough idle till warm. Have replaced, fuel filter,spark plugs and wires, new IAC motor, cleaned out throttle body. smells of gas while starting, as if it's flooded. has new tps sensor, and engine coo;ant temp sensor also. gets a code reading for misfire on 1, and 3 cyl. replaced both ign coils. looking for answers.

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1996 Achieva starts then stalls after 2 mins. It is the 3100 V6 motor. The car will start and run fine for about 2 mins then it is like someone has turned the key off. Once it has stalled it will fire right back up and run for 2 mins. We have replaced the ICM and Coils, Fuel Pump, Fuel Relay, Wires, Plugs, ECT sensor, PVC sensor. Also when you replaced the ICM should there be dielectric grease under the coils as we did not put any and do you have to some how reset the computer to read the new IC

The only thing that you didn`t replace was the crack shaft position sensor.There are 2.One on the back of the motor and one by the crank shaft pulley.What you should do is remove the one in the back of the motor and look it over for cracks or swellin ... 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva

1996 s10, 4.3, started getting hard to start in the morning, to the point of needing a jump. Battery was fully charged but it seemed to need that extra boost to start. Battery new, starter new, coil new alternator new, fuel regulator new, spider near new, fuel pump near new, motor sensors new, plugs new, dist cap new, rotor new, wires new, now won't start even with a boost. Spark related, plenty of fuel. Possible related symptom, awhile back it started acting like it might be missing a beat goin

You didn`t mention a check engine light.But even if the light has not come on check for codes.The code for the crank shaft position sensor is a po338 and will not illuminate the check engine light.This can cause a hard start,no start,slow start,backf ... Chevrolet S 10

Have a 1999 dodge dakota sport 4 wheel drive with a 5.2 liter motor 158,000 miles my problem is every 3 or 4 days when i go to start it it in the morning will not start after about 5 or 6 times cranking it it starts but it acts flooded ,I checked fuel pressure and it is good,their are no codes comming up on the scanner,and no dummy lights come on,I even tried to unplug the map sensor when it would not start but it did not help the ignition wires,plugs,cap and rotor are about 3 months old can'

A vehicles crank shaft sensor sends a signal to computer, as to tell what revolution the crank is on. you may not get a check engine light. check injectors for leaking in to cylinders, it can cause an excess amount of fuel in cylinder. this may ... 1999 Dodge Dakota

Mazda protege 96 very hard to start when cold, once started it will restart for 3 hours. Plugs, wires, gas pump, temp sensor, seem good (Tested with computer). motor definitely gets flooded every time I try to start cold I need to disconnect the injectors 4-5-6-7 times to get it started

Check the mas air flow sensor(is this the 6 cyl) the sensor has a problem with the nose piece inside not moving enough to tell the ecm the propper air flow for the cold start,also check throttle valve for dirt build up around it-if its a four cyl rep ... 1996 Mazda Protege

I have a 99 s10 4.3. Will not start. Got fire and fuel. Fuel will not go threw injectors. Got fire there but when u put a test light on the injector wiring harness the light just stays on when start the motor. They r not blink. Have changed the cam sensor and fuel filter and plugs. If u put gas down the body it will start up until the fuel burns out.i changed the ecm. Any help would be great full.

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I have a 99 s10 4.3. Will not start. Got fire and fuel. Fuel will not go threw injectors. Got fire there but when u put a test light on the injector wiring harness the light just stays on when start the motor. They r not blink. Have changed the cam sensor and fuel filter and plugs. If u put gas down the body it will start up until the fuel burns out.I changed the ecm. any help would be great full.

Up on top of intake there is a large connector remove the grey wedge then squeeze and remove connector inspect terminals for corrosion or bent or damaged pins if none found then re-install connector see if vehicle will start now i have found several ... Chevrolet S 10

I have Porsche 944 1985 2.5L.When you Start the engine run smoot in low idle,w/out the airflow sensor, when I plug-in the sensor the motor cuts off.Can you help me with this problem. Alot of mechanic tells me it is the computer ECU or DME they call it defferent. some are ECU some are DME.


Car barely starts, when it does start it barely runs, have to flutter gas pedal to keep it running, put new mass airflow sensor and new fuel filter in, checked timing belt, new plugs and wires, gets plenty fuel, exhaust is open, compression is good. What else could be wrong?

Hi! Just a thought on this. Changing the MAF sensor is good but im suspecting a faulty O2 sensor and TPS (throttle position sensor). I strongly suggest that you replace both. Good luck on this and thank you for using FixYa! ... 1998 Subaru Legacy

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6cyl, when i crank my jeep after about 1 or 2 min it will start idling very rough and the exhaust smells very rich. Seems like the motor is starving for air but there's no vacuum leaks. I have already replaced the idle air control sensor, fuel pump, fuel regulator, plugs, plug wires and air filter. Its not throwing any codes and even though the check engine light doesn't come on Ive still check it numerous times. Has anyone else experienced this or know wh

Have you checked the coolant temp sensor. They also have something called a MAP(manifold absolute pressure) sensor that could be causing this issue. This sensor will have a 4 pin connector and 1 vacuum line going to it. Should be on the firewall, jus ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 92 ford bronco, about 138,000 miles on it, had a cracked head, gor it all fixed, i did a full tune up, fuel filter, thermostat, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, even a new distributor, the problem im having is, my trucks perfect when its cold, when it warms up and i turn it off for a few minutes i can barely start it, and when driving hot or cold, truck temp, it will spetter/miss, and loose power, i have tried replacing, the throtle position sensor, fuel pressure regulator, mass airflow sensor

I had the same model and guess what it was the fuel filter now this thing has 3 pumps and filters one under by the driver side door under neath and one in gas tank and another in the engine compartment Check those i sold my bronco for $1 ... Ford Bronco
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