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We have been trying for a week now to take out the drive axle on a 96 Kia Sephia. Could not do it, took it to a mechanic out where we live, he tried for 6 hours to get it out and also could not do it. He even removed the passenger side to try to push it out, no go. Something about the drive axle and the transmission with the left cv axle. On a lighter note since he could not do it he only charged us $35 as he felt bad for it being our only transportation.

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I hade the same problem with my spectra i hade to use two wedges one on top and one on bottom and then turn it a lil each directionand it poped out if u get it make sure u put some kind of lubracant on it when puttin it back in
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We have been trying for a week now to take out the drive axle on a 96 Kia Sephia. Could not do it, took it to a mechanic out where we live, he tried for 6 hours to get it out and also could not do it. He even removed the passenger side to try to push it out, no go. Something about the drive axle and the transmission with the left cv axle. On a lighter note since he could not do it he only charged us $35 as he felt bad for it being our only transportation.

I hade the same problem with my spectra i hade to use two wedges one on top and one on bottom and then turn it a lil each directionand it poped out if u get it make sure u put some kind of lubracant on it when puttin it back in ... 1996 Kia Sephia

I have a 2004 GMC Envoy and I am having some major issues. First my transmission started slipping and then one night driving the Check Engine light popped on and it cut off on me. I was able to crank back up and go home. Also when driving over ten miles or so there is a loud scrubbing noise coming from the back of my truck it almost sounds as if the axle is scrubbing. Could this be the problem? Also could the scrubbing have something to do with the transmission. I have taken my truck to the Chev

If the dealer said your trans is close to a rebuild,\015\012you should do that,now, and not at a dealer,a trans\015\012shop\015\012\015\012Then work on any other issues if they still exist ... 2004 GMC Envoy

I need to remove the outend of the drive axle and am having troubles getting the axle out of the hub. Every other place has indicated that it just slides nicely out with little or no force. However on this vehicle that is not the case. Could there be something that I missed or is this just stubborn. It is on a 2001 Kia Rio driver side axle with a standard transmission.

Put the axle nut back on backwards (flat side out, so flat is even with the axle end...give it a sharp blow with a decent sized hammer and it will break loose. ... 2001 Kia Rio

I have an auto Transmission. In the morning, when I put it in drive it doesnt shift out of 1st. after i drive it for a little it will finally shirt into 2nd. It shifts hard when it does, but after that it runs all day. It only does it when I left the car sit for a few hours. Also, when i try to switch to the triptonic, it doesnt even show that its going into manual. Could this be something electrical that causing my shifting problem?


Something underneath my 1995 cadillac deVille is making noise when driving. it feels like it is in the middle of the car when mashing the excellerator. i have fixed the ball barings and axle on the left side. what could be causing this squelling and vibrating while driving?

A baking plat or ur cat sheld is loos ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

2000 Mercury Mountaineer awd. Less than 2 months ago aamco charged my daughter around $2600 to rebuild transmission. Then the truck still made noise from the left front wheel so they replaced some kind of hose in the engine. It still made noise and now they say it is the left front axle. They say it will cost around another $1000 or more. Someone online said it could be the cv? Is this something I can fix by myself and what should it cost?

... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

2003 S-10 Pickup. When I drive on the highway after about 10 minutes the front axle starts to humm. When a put it in 4 whell drive it stops. I'm guessing that the fork is half engaged do to vacuum loss. I have replaced the diaphram and cable. It fully disengages during normal stop and go, and only happens during longer cruising operations. Is there something in the transmission that creates vacuum that could be going out?

You might have the front wheel bearing assembly going out on you. I had a 1998 S10 that did that and I replaced the bearings and it was gone.\015\012\015\012Good Luck. ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I had the left front axle replaced at the dealer this morning. I just noticed a weird kind of clicking noise from the left front tire. It wasn't making this noise when I took it in on Tuesday. Could something be loose or improperly installed? I'm taking it back in th a.m. Should I be worried driving it there?

The sound is the bearing not greased enough. You do not have to worry about driving it back. There should not be anymore cost to you sense they did not put back together right. ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

1994 Ford Ranger (2.3 Automatic)TRANSMISSION My problem is with my transmission. Headlights weren't working--we messed around with the fuses in the power distribution box to see if any were bad. Didn't see that any were--lights just started working again--the next day the transmission goes out completely--shift to drive--nothing--just revs. Could we have inadvertantly messed with something that could make the transmission go out--it hasn't been slipping or giving any warning indications--


Hello I have a 1997 Chevy Astro van with a 4L60e transmission, yesterday I lost my transmission and found fluid leaking like a sieve from the rear seal on the transmission (where the drive shaft connects) the leak is so bad it required a two gallons to drive 5 miles to get the van off the highway to where I could park it, do you think the problem is only the rear seal or may there be something else going on, (another seal for example) , the trans has 157,000 miles on it. Ron

Get a new van like i did ... 1997 Chevrolet Astro

I have a hard clicking sound coming from the front left tire of my 2003 durango. The clicking occurs when turning in reverse and accelerating going straight. When I lifted the front left wheel I could turn it about four inches, but the drive shaft going back is also turning. At first I thought it might be the CV joint but could it be something else.

I have run into this same noise on a friend's son's 2003 Durango. It seems the left drive shaft is very loose on the stub shaft coming out of the front differential on the left side. A new shaft did not take out the slack and it still makes the noi ... 2003 Dodge Durango

2003 KIA spectra transmission jerking when accelerating or when turning, feels like the axle is about to break, but I inspected the axles and they seem ok. Could it be something in transmission? Thanks

... Cars & Trucks

My car started pouring out transmission fluid while driving on the freeway earlier today. I had my transmission inspected yesterday at AAMCO because my car was shifting late. They determined that the speed sensor was malfunctioning and replaced it. I assume they messed up on something since it started dumping out fluid so quickly after their work. Is there something involved in replacing a speed sensor that could cause a leak? I just want to be prepared for when I talk to AAMCO again on mon

... 2002 Nissan Altima

Automatic transmission Hello there. My 1999 chevy malibu was garaged for 11 months and now is having some transmission problems. It shifts too early from P to R and to D and it makes a noise as it hits something when it desengage from P. Shifting from D to R and 1 to 2 to 3 and to D is not a problem. The problem seems to be engaging from P to R or D. Also after about a minute it starts driving you could feel when it goes from one gear to the other (only one time after it starts driving and the

My 99 Malibu is doing the same thing... it turned out to be a transmission pressure regulator. $400 it was fixed. ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD with a front end vibration. Vibration is a very distinct popping that is synchronous with ground speed and causes the left front tire to deflect. Could this be the front differential. So far I've changed out the ball joints, upper control arm, the left drive axle, and had the front drive line balanced with new u-joints installed. I'm at a loss.

For my truck 2003 GMC HD I had a vibration and I changed my rotors they were worped and that solved my problem ... 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Engine light came on about 5 days ago, took it to a mechanic who turned light off, but it came back on later that day. went back to mechanic and he plugged his machine up and said a code came up indicating that i needed to have the transmission taken apart to diagnose problem. he asked if i had any problems the car shifting when i drive. and i have not had any problems. he said i could probably wait until something does happen cuz it could just be something as simple as a sensor, etc what do u r

I would consult a good transmission repair shop or a Dealership and get there opinion on the code that is coming up, if there is a real problem, it may be a simple fix, but if let go, it could possibly cause some real damage. Did he give you the code ... 2001 Chrysler LHS

This 2001 chrysler concord has a loud vibration, almost like something is rubbing but nothing is. It only makes the noise while driving and if you **** the steering wheel to the left alittle bit while driving it let's some tension off and the noise goes away somewhat.I changed the passenger side axle and it helped alittle bit for a couple days now its back to the same.I'm woundering if its the driverside axle and its just transfering the noise to the other side or if its the differential carrie

Sounds like wheel bearing but i would need to drive the vehicle before passing any comment ,ask a local mechanic to have a drive for me and post comment ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

1998 Dodge Caravan is leaking pink fluid and we think it has something to do with the front axle as its jerking while steering? Power Steering fluid is full, but the transmission fluid is empty. Could it be the axle or transmission seal?

Your definetly on the right track /pan gasket or axle housing seal. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I was driving onto an uphill on ramp and while accelerating the transmission downshifted and the rpm's shot up. I heard something breat, I emmidiately let off the acceleraater when i heard something pop. I thought i blew a valve so I tried to drive the car and it drove fine, there were no warning lights on. When i arrived home 12 moles on the highway later I could here a knocking noise comming from waht I think is the oil pump. I checked the oil and it was about three quarts low. The car runs wi

It could very well be a valve or lifter. The low oil may also cause the lifters or rods to knock.As long as you aren't loosing oil or coolant, jeep runs good, and the knocking is not extreme, than add oil and you should be ok. ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

1991 Honda Accord had the brakes change new rotors and pads. Drove 50 miles and the front drive axle where it goes into the front wheel looks and acts like it is stripped out. It's making bad noise if you try and drive. Could it be related to the brake job? Is there something they could have not tightened to cause this.

Brake Disc (Rotor) \015\012REMOVAL & INSTALLATION \015\0121990-95 Accord \015\012\015\012If equipped with an air bag, disconnect the negative battery cable and properly disable the Supplemental Restraint Syst ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 1987 Dodge caravan with 216K on it. I have a humming - grinding sound coming from the front. I replaced the left front wheel bearing assemble ( it was pretty bad) but still have the same noise and it is getting louder. To see if the left wheel bearing was going, I jacked up the car and let the wheels spin. I could not hear any difference between left and right and I am starting to think it is the transmission. Does this have a trans-axle that would make a grinding noise like that? Thank

Try making tight turns to the right and then to the left. see if the grinding noise comes and goes. It could be your C/V joint and they need to be replaced. The noise will only come when your making the tight turns, you don't have to go fast. ... Dodge Caravan

2007 Lincoln MKX, The traction control causes the engine to stumble when turning left or right under normal driving conditions ( dry weather and not driving in a manner that should cause traction control to engage ). If traction control is turned off, the car will drive normally. Could the traction control be over sensitive or need something replaced?

... 2008 Lincoln MKX

1993 Toyota Corolla AE92 won't kick down when driving. If I put in neutral it revs up fine,when driving I usually put it into 2nd gear and she goes but if I put it in drive it won't kickdown. Its a automatic. I'm thinking maybe transmission problem but wondering if it could be something that needs fixing. Thanks

Have you tried changing Transmission oil and filter? Most automatic Transmission problem gets resolved by just changing the transmission oil and filter.If this doe not work. Have it checked by you trusted mechanic and it may need replacin ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

1999 fleetwood limited which is a deville stretched one foot by superior coach for cadillac. Car has 120000 miles mostly freeway. Transmission all of a sudden started whining a bit then started slipping in all gears. Only drove the car 3 miles and it barely made it into the driveway. Just replaced front axle brake pads and major tune up 10 miles ago. Does it need a new transmission or could it be something else on the transmission?

... Cars & Trucks

Transmission jerks I have a 2003 chrysler town and country limited edition, and i've had it know for 3 months now, and i've noticed that my transmission jerks really bad going into 2nd gear, all of the other gears change really smoothly, but its just second gear. It mainly does it when i drive off slow, and it jerks really bad when i make a right or left turn at a slow speed, and i dont know what it could be. First, i thought its a sign that my transmission is about to give out, but it only has

One possibility is that the speed sensor is going out. When that happens the computer gets bad information and thus makes bad decisions. When the car goes into 2nd all of the solenoids are actually off. That is so if there is some kind of problem the ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country
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