Having problems with your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

Engine block does not heat up

\015 I have changed the rad, heater core, thermostat 3 times and the heater hoses and still can not get the block the heat up enough to open the thermostat. This is on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4litre.\015\012 Rob\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Therefore, the fan clutch is bad and should be replaced... I don't remember if I said or thought this in the beginning, or if I just thought you had checked it. Anyhow, change it and you're done!!!
Bypass heat control valve, and if this work's,replace control valve.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Engine does not heat up. I think thermostat is bad but can't find the location. It is not located a the engine block where the top radiator hose is connected to the engine block. It is a 1996 Toyota Rav4 (2wd)

Its on the front of the engine block under the alternator. Follow the lower radiator hose til it meets with the block, you have to take that hose off of the block and the thermostat is inside mounted to the block. When you replace you'll want to repl ... 1996 Toyota RAV4

My 1997 Geo Prizm engine is overheating and the heat is not working. I noticed the heat problem first, then the engine overheated the next time I drove it. Already added antifreeze (the reservoir was empty) then drove it around the block a few times. Engine did not overheat, but cold air was still coming out of the vents. Did I just not drive it for long enough, or is there some other problem?

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Ex450 hitachi excavator, 6rb1t isuzu engine. radiator is new , new thermostat, new water pump, flushed the block out sealed around the radiator for heat return, still gets hot, 76 degree thermostat and the radiator is 76 degrees (checked with a laser heat gauge) . but the rear of the block still gets 95 + degrees. and that is just in the yard no buck moving the dipper arm in and out and boom up and down. has anyone else had similar troubles or is there a common fault or something? any help woul

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1996 chevy corsica 2.2 liter engine. Coolant temp never reaches above one-quarter hot, therefore no heat. I've put in four thermostats, installed new radiator, disconnected the cooling fan, still no heat. Am I correct in installing the thermostat with the spring facing inward towards the engine block? What else could be the problem?

You may have a stopped-up heater core. It's a little radiator inside your dash; it's where the heat comes from. I don't understand why the temp gauge isn't reading any higher than that... ... 1990 Chevrolet Corsica

I have flushed heater core, replaced coolant temperature gauage,replaced thermostat, water pump, timing belt, flushed engine block, and radiator. Got a lot of brown sludge out of heater core and radiator. All is clean now and still using G012 coolant. Only get heat in Econ mode, no heat at all in Auto mode. I pressed recirc and econ and the only code shows up is 513 which is engine temp is too low and air control module is not correct. But I have resolved both of these. Pressing fan down,cold b

I envy people like you.You understand this car really well. I had this same issue with a car VW to be precise and until I took it to the dealership in Nigeria I couldn't get it fixed.You have done virtually everything any expe ... Volkswagen Passat

Only thing left that could cause overheating of my 97' Chevy Cavalier is the engine block restricting flow and boiling the coolant because i now have a new pump, thermostat(put heat to it and it works at proper temp) flushed the radiator and hoses checked everything else up to the block and all passageways are clear so the only thing left thats possible is the passageways through the engine itself. just not entirely sure how(apprears to have a fairly new head) and my dad bought the car in florid

Do a combustion test at the radiator\015\012\015\012I bet the head gasket is failing ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a Chevy Venture 2001 that has serious problems with the engine overheating. I already replaced the thermostat & antifreeze. When I drive it just a block, the needle on the heat dial jumps from cold to hot. Then when I stop the car it jumps back to cold. I suspect it's the water pump that doesn't work, because sometimes when I take the cap off the radiator it appears the water is moving, and other times I take the cap off & it it's not moving. Also when turning on the heat the heat blows c

You should probably replace the temperature sensor first, make sure the car is indeed overheating.\015\012\015\012If after replacing the temp sensor, and the problem does exist, then buy a flush kit, and back flush the system, it may be c ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

Overheated motor I had replaced piston rings and piston bearings and had the head skimmed and valves seated after over heating but the problem is when the engine is cooled down, the radiator hoses sqeeze closed as if there is a vacuum in the radiator. The temperature is normal on short distance and the starting is no problem although I lose about 100 - 200ml of radiator water.The engine had no piston ridge so was not needed to rebore. could the block or head be cracked as this was not checked? B

Hi\015\012Have you replaced the radiator cap and if you have a expansion tank fitted check that also. As the water temp rises to normal temp it send water to the expansion tank and when it cools down it sucks it back. Check that yo ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

Radiator fluid is spewing over the engine block. Have to add fluids continuously, however engine is not over heating.

If its not a split hose or a busted rad, have a "sniffer test" done on the water in the rad,,,,a "sniffer test!" \015\012is slang for a hydrocarbon test,,,its a quick test were they **** some water out of the rad and mix it with a chemical if t ... 2001 Dodge Durango

My 1995 Lumina is overheating all the time can only drive it a few blocks before heat gauge goes to the right all the way and hot light comes on. Had thermostat replaced and it seemed to help..for a couple of days, then problem re-occured. Engine fans are not coming on so we replaced the fuses...no help there. It is not loosing coolant as radiator is full and coolant tank is also full. Also the internal car heater does not produce any heat at all. Could a bad head gasket be causing all of t

... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I recently changed the thermostat because it was overheating. It worked fine for a few weeks, now the temperature is fluctuating all over the place. What's strange is the engine will be hot and I'll have no heat in the car, but when the gauge comes back down to the normal level I'll have heat, and vice versa. There's coolant in the reservoir. I'm not sure if the new thermostat is defective or if there a problem with the water pump or if it's a partially blocked heater core. What do you think it

I'd start by checking the head gasket. Engine misfiring when first started in the morning or extra dirty coolant might be an indication too. ... 2005 Honda Civic

Jetta TDI 2000 engine won't start when cold say -15 C and lower even after repeated heating of glow plugs . Will jump start -though No such problems when temp warmer than -15 C Is there a block heater available for this engine?

Replace your Glow plugs. ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

99 blazer wont start. there is combustion, fuel, fuel pressure is 50-60. try to change the all the ignition system and nothing happen just the same result. nothing wrong with the heads and the gasket. there is no cracks in in the engine block. the computer said it got hot but we dont see and heat damage. the engine turn and combust but nothing starts. please help

Well sounds like you have the three things an engine needs to work, compression, igintion, fuel! So If you really have those three then it would be a timing issue. Or you are not getting fuel to the cyliners. Like the injectors are plugged maybe ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2008 kia spectra engine light stays on took it to auto zone code poo11 one of 4 causes 1.) blocked oil passage 2.) low oil pressure 3.) failed crankcase actuator 4.) michanical timming issue I have changed the oil engine light still on not over heating or knocking running good sometimes a slight hessitation while driving starts good How can i self diagnose please help

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Toyota Corolla 2003 CE. Car started overheating, Pulled over and steam was coming from engine. Found out radiator seemed to be leaking. poured antifreeze into radiator and heard liquid splashing on ground else where near radiator. Towed vehicle to house and next day pulled radiator out and found one hose that led to engine block seemed to have become detached. Re-attached hose and radiator. filled with antifreeze and this time no Splashing sound, but first test run car still over heated after ab

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My 2001 Ford Focus ran out of gas last while heating up in my driveway. I put around 2 gallons of gas in the tank this morning and it turns over but the car will not crank. I changed the fuel filter and also checked to make sure the fuel pump is cutting on. After changing the filter the car still won't crank and I check the cutoff . I believe there isn't any gas getting to the engine block or coming thru the lines. I was thinking the sediment in the bottom of the tank is blocking the gas flow so

Get a 5 Gallon gas can fill it up and Pour it ALL in Tank (splash effect)\015\012 then turn key ON NOT START just ON till all Dash lights show then turn it off do this 5 times at Liest, and then try Starting Engine.If no start ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have to replace an exhaust manifold gasket on a 3116 cat engine . do I have to heat the bolts at the block to get them out of the block? Do i have to let the turbo go from the manifold or can I leave it together?

It should just bolt to the turbo,, no need to take that off? ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

Hi, ihope you can help with this one. I have a Toyoa celica Carl sainz model. My garage has swapped the engine block, the old one had a crack. But now it is direcly overheating while the radiator stays cool. They tried everything but cannot cannot find the solution. They found out that: There is no circulation in the cooling system untill the engine is shut of by key then there is a slight natural circulalation. (I think because no heat occurs at the termostat it will not open.) Waterpump i

Remove thermostat (temporarily) to verify if coolant passage ways are blocked. If it circulates with thermostat out, then your thermostat needs replacing. ... 1991 Toyota Celica

Heating problem I recently purchased a 6 cylinder toyota petrol motor after running for about 15-20 minutes the machine starts to run very hot ! I left the radiator cap of and dirty rusty looking water came out of the top (obviously very dirt water and need good flush out I took the themostat housing apart (no thermostat inside ?) do you think I should put one back in? also do you think that once I clean system ( flush radiator and engine block out ) my heating problem should be sloved ? No ob

Milky oil means water is mixing with it might be a gasket ... Cars & Trucks

Says overheat! Changed the heat sensor out on the engine block of a kia rio and when drivin the gauge says its overheating. Car is not smoking, or showing indication of overheating but i did realize the inside fan doesnt come on when this guage shows overheating. No check engine light comes on so its hard to diagnose, any one have any Ideas???? Could this just need a fan replaced or some other sensor????

Fan switch ... 2003 Kia Rio

I have 85 Civic 1500. , 124,000 miles, the cam sprocket loosened and bent some valves. Head surfaced, new cam and new valves on #3, Prof done. Now no heat, mechanic checked the heater and mix controls, says water not flowing properly through block, On temp gauge would overheat, then go back to normal, mech said this was vacuum lock in engine. then head gasket blew, he replaced at no charge saying defective gasket and had plugged the water passages so that why no heat. Well with new head gas

The air needs purged from the system. the mechanic should have done this. Any way remove the radiator cap ,start the car, Have some coolant ready to pour in. As the car starts to warm up it is going to push some coolant out.when this starts rev the e ... 1985 Honda Civic

Engine block does not heat up

Therefore, the fan clutch is bad and should be replaced... I don't remember if I said or thought this in the beginning, or if I just thought you had checked it. Anyhow, change it and you're done!!! ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2001 Mazda Bravo over heated and twisted the head, we had the head repaired and the block dressed, put it all back together we have good compression and the timing appears correct however the thing wont start unless the timing is very advanced then when it runs we ****** the timing and the engine runs fine you can drive it and its the best it has ever been. But when you stop it and start it again it just wont go. Do you have any ideas Thanks Russ

Recheck valve clearance, recheck timing sounds like timing is off by a tooth ... 1997 Mazda B-Series

There is a warp on the cylinder head and block of my E46 2004 BMW 318i 4 cyl. engine. Is there a way to repair without machining? Like some gascket maker that can resist high heat.

Unfortunately, the correct and best way to approach a warped cylinder head is to measure the flatness of the head (head removed of course) and see if machining will not over exceed the flatness of the entire head to correct ... BMW 318

2005 ford focus ZX5. When it's -10 or colder my car won't start. New battery in it. It turns over strong. I plug the engine block heater in nothing!!!! For a few months i was taking a hair dryer and heating up where the relay switches and fuses are under the hood and it would start about ten minustes later. Now this no longer seems to work. Someone told me that if the car has ever been in accident or jolted the gas shut-off cold be part of the issue? I reset it this morning and the car finally s

... 2005 Ford Focus
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