Having problems with your 1996 Isuzu Rodeo ?

I have a 1994 5-speed izuzu rodeo 4WD. I haven't had any problems with it until today it started making a high-pitched hum/squeel while accelerating. There doesn't seem to be any loss in horse

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Answers :

Check the fan belts, they are manually tightened on the rodeos.
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I have a 1994 5-speed izuzu rodeo 4WD. I haven't had any problems with it until today it started making a high-pitched hum/squeel while accelerating. There doesn't seem to be any loss in horse

Check the fan belts, they are manually tightened on the rodeos. ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

1996 Honda Accord. I've had my Accord for around 3 years now and when I first purchased it, I noticed that it had a slight rattling noise when I revved the car to accelerate, but it seemed to cause no problems with how my vehicle ran. 3 years later, it still doesn't effect how the car runs, but the noise is much more noticable, occuring when I accelerate, start the vehicle, and when I am in reverse. The noise is not high pitched whatsoever and the best way I can describe it is a rattle. Any info

Are you sure it the engine making the noise or the exhaust system could be loose check on that , let me konw back ... 1996 Honda Accord

Hey my excel is smoking from the exhaust a bit when i accelerate from rest, doesnt seem to smoke any more than usual at other times, also has high pitched ringing from the injectors(i think) when backing off the accelerator? any info would be appreciated.

Injectors don't ring. backing off the accelerator may reveal worn sun gears.. nothing more. When was the timing belt and balance belt replaced? Sounds to me you should have the problem diagnoses by a qualified Hyundai Technician.. OR Go to ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 00 audi a4 quattro, occasionally while taking a right hand turn ususlly from a stop, there is a clicking noise I believe to be comming from rear right? But the main problem seems to be vibartion in steering wheel and most noticeable at highway speeds and a shutter or vibration throuhout the vechile along with a high pitch but faint noise everytime I touch accelerator pedal. Mechanic changed rear diff. fluid with synthetic still problems I am thinking trans? please help????

The clicking and vibration in the front end sounds like a tie rod in need of replacement possibly due to potholes. Could be a bent alloy wheel from the same as well which could be causing all of the above problems ... 1999 Audi A4

I'm hearing a high pitched whining noise that seems to be coming from the rearend of my 2003 jeep liberty sport. It only happens when I accelerate. And my rearend housing is extremely hot. This noise happened all of a sudden.

... 2005 Jeep Liberty

High pitch whine seems to come from alternator, higher when accelerating

... 2000 Toyota Camry

It is making a high pitched release sound. It is a turbo. sounds like when you stretch the top of a full baloon and let the air out. It usually happens with acceleration under load. Like going up a hill etc. It has been happening for about 1 year. It is happening more often. Does not seem to effect power or performance at all.

Souns like the pop off valve is releasing prematurly ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

When I first noticed a problem, before it started to smoke, I heard a high pitched whine from under the hood. The next day when I started it, it would smoke and when I accelerate, more smoke comes out. The smoke does not smell sweet, more rich and the smoke looks white. There is a slight loss of power. Where the downpipe meets the turbo there is a crack and after the car is running, a little bit of smoke comes from there also..

The turbo is faulty and leaking oil into the exhaust system ... 1993 Saab 900

Front end whining noise. Just had new rotors and pads fitted on the front and now have a high pitched whining noise coming from the front at 15-20mph upwards. It stops if i release the accelerator and coast and stops as i slow down below the 15-20mph. Gear changes are as quick and smooth as theyve always been and seems to drive perfectly normally apart from this noise!! Any Ideas anyone?

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2003 Ford Explorer has a high pitched whistle around 2000 RMPs. If I accelerate or decelerate the whistle stops. I've replaced the idle aircontrol valve, as I read this could be a possible solution to the problem but this did not solve the problem. It doesn't seem to matter if the engine is cold or warmed up.. It just always whistle around 2000 RMP's and actually sometimes will whistle when I first start the engine in the morning.

You may have a tensioner or idler pulley starting to go bad. They make a high pitched whistle when the bearings are on thier way.\015\012\015\012Simply have someone slowly bring it up to 2000 rpm and listen with the end of a wooden broom ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I have 2 questions 1st- about a year ago i had a new fuel pump installed. (delco) In the last week i have noticed a sound like a high pitch squeal. I crawled around under the van while it was running. The noise seemed to be coming from the gas tank area. I hope its not the fuel pump going out. It cost $900 dollars to have it replaced. 2nd- i have an occasional popping sound in my right front on accelerations and sometimes when i hit a bump.

First of all $900 for a fuel pump? You got ripped! Sorry ,I just replaced one myself and fuel pump only cost me $214 with life time warenty. if you are the least bit mechanically inclined? Get a piece of plywood about 2ft-x2ft and place on floor jack ... 1998 GMC Safari

The rear fuse box in my 2007 chevy trailblaer is randomly making a loud high pitched whirling noise (the best I can describe it). It seems to get louder when I accelerate and quieter when I take my foot off of the pedal. It has recently become louder and more frequent. Any ideas on what fuse is causing the problem. I've checked that all of the lights, radio, locks, windows, wipers and turn signals work.

Hi! The one you're hearing could be the noise filter of the radio. WHen the noise filter of the radio is faulty it makes a whirling sound specially when you accelerate. Try to have your noise filter replaced and you'll be good. Hope this helps and ha ... 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

'95 F150 4.9 Weird high pitched whistle that seems to be coming from the passanger side engine compartment, front area. Pretty random when it whistles but it usually does after running for a little while, while driving, it stops during acceleration and resumes when I let off the gas. When I stop and it idles, it will whistle for a couple minutes and then all of a sudden its gone...I'm guessing the smog pump because it sounds like its in that general area. Anybody hear of this happening before?

... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

High pitched squealing sound while driving...sound speeds up when you accelerate. it is a constant sound...not just when turning corners....seems like it is related to the engine speed....just a continuous noise. We just had the alternator replaced last week. I am wondering if something is going to break on me and i will be stuck.Kathy 300M 1999

Alex53245,\015\012Try checking your brakes, some might need replacement due worn out. If you open your brakes, you will find that your wear limit indicator is causing the squeal / francisjdies ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

Power (acceleration) loss at mid-high RPM only

Loss of acceleration, the backpressure noise and such are kinda tell tale signs of that converter having problems, feel the exhaust out of the tailpipe it will be warm normally have someone step on the gas and if its super hot it'd be a step in the r ... 1991 Buick LeSabre

My 1991 Pathfinder seems to have accelerating problems. When I step on the gas slowly, the idle seems to go too high and when I place my car on park, the idle seems to still go high... I was wondering if the problem could be that when my dad checked the transmission fluid, he put too much of the transmission fluid and now that's causing the accelerating problems??? Please help me... its my only way of transportation and I need to fix the problem right away before it gets any worse. Thankyou.

Yes that can be causing the issue and if it is not fixed ASAP you will have REALLY big problems instead of just having to drain some fluid. Please rate ... 1991 Nissan Pathfinder

High pitched electronic/dentist drill sound when accelerating.

Probably the front differential, your probably hearing the famous differential gear whine. Change the oil, put Lucas for gears in it. You can get a ... 2007 Nissan Xterra Off Road

My 94 Mark VIII Seems to idle high all the time..My rpm gauge isn't working so i can't tell where its sitting...It just seems to be running high all the time though...If im stopped at a light and let off the brake it will accelerate to about 45 or so on its own..Its really odd..When im on city streets i almost never have to accelerate..I have to ride the break because it's doing it own thing..

That is dangerous. Plus you will fry your brakes. Usually the computer will set a defect code. I suspect you may have a vacuum line off or a leak in the intake manifold. A TPS throttle position sensor could be bad. With the leak part the idea is ... 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

2001 Isuzu Rodeo 54248 miles on engine. rough start and engines dies. Restarts easily, idiling high and engine will move car without my using accelerator. Check engine light was coming on when accelerating and when accelerator disengageded check engine light would go off. Now check engine light staying on and engine seems idiling high when at stop light unless brakes fully engaged.

Hi.If problem is only on startup and when idleing, then the problem is likely IAC system, also a vacuum leak will cause the same problem.If problem is not only on startup and idle, but also when driving, then MAP sensor and EG ... 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

2005 Kia Sportage. Looses acceleration going up hills. RPM's are up, but no acceleration. This has happened in the past (during hot outside temps), fuel pump was replaced and it seemed to solve the problem. Replace the fuel pump 4 months ago because of hard starting problems when the engine was warm. Didn't seems to solve that problem. Now there are high outside temps again and having the same acceleration problems going up hills. Help?????

When going up hills is the engine bucking and missing? Also for the hard start warm problem, check the fuel pressure regulator for leaks into the vac line. ... 2005 Kia Sportage

My 1995 monte carlo is running at high idle, and when I depress the accelerator the engine dies. I seem to be getting gas and air fine. I "assume" it's getting gas because of the high idle. I pulled the catillitic converter thinking it was clogged. The night before the problem The car hit a big bump and drove through a deep puddle but under the hood seemed to stay dry.

Faulty idle air control valve or throttle position sensor. ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 2001 Saturn Sc with the 1.9L. It has a high idle but seemingly no oil leaks. It will idle about 2500 rpm for a few seconds then go down to normal when sitting. When I drive, it seems as if the idle stays high when I release the accelerator then goes down after a few seconds. Any suggestions?

My 2001 Saturn SC2 would randomly rev itself, i did a diagnostic test at auto zone and found the temp. sensor was going out fixed the problem. Ya its fun when your car keeps going when you let off the gas O_o. Hope this helps! ... 2001 Saturn SC

When first driving, I hear a high pitched whistling sound while my foot is on the accelerator. As I pick my foot off the accelerator, the sound will stop completely or after a moment or two and then return as I again apply my foot to the accelerator. What is happening? Sometimes it is very loud and one rare time it continued even after I turned off the ignition. In most cases, it will stop once I accelerate again. It does not stop if I put my foot on the brake. It is noticed on short distance dr

I have the exact same problem, however reversed. My whistling sound stops when I accelerate and starts when my foot is off the accelerator. Frustrates me and am afraid to have it looked at for fear of the cost of fixing this problem. Have you sinc ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 volkswagen passat sedan automatic transmission - lately, rather frequently, while driving the car it will begin to shake badly - it seems as though the car might stall out but doesn't. As i try to accelerate the car will not accelerate but will move slowly. the rpms needle goes high - the engine will rev but will not accelerate or accelerate poorly.

It sounds as thought you may have a transmission pressure issue. The first thing I would do is to take the vehicle to your local Auto Zone store and ask them to scan your vehicle for trouble codes, they will do it for you at no charge. Write the code ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

Accelerator Loss 99 VW JETTA TDI loses accelerator, goes into high idle. Sometimes restarting will correct, but getting worse. Cruise control will hold speed position even when accelerator is not functioning. Manual transmission will allow starting the car while in motion, and the accelerator will return to functional use as long as the gas pedal has pressure on it.

From my experience in owning a VW it souns electrical. Most issues with VWs are electrical related. Most likely a realy of some type. Could also be fuel injection but that is electronic too. ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
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