Having problems with your 1996 Hyundai Accent ?

My battery died and was replaced by the NRMA. Now my stereo system does not work. What do I do?

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Good old Hyundai. You have to fire up stereo by entering the 'radio p.i.n. code' Nearly all manufacturers keep a database of p.i.n.nos per chassis number, but not Hyundai, if your radio shuts down,and you don't have a Radio Security Card (with the p.i.n.on it) then the set must be removed, model code and serial numbers recorded and then you contact the dealer (service division) with these numbers AND the cars VIN/Chassis number - they ay then supply you with the p.i.n, usually with a fee attached. In doubt, let dealer remove radio.
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The battery for my Kia Optima (2004) recently died. After that my rear speakers will not work. I've messed with the PIoneer (DEH-3200UB) stereo system audio options. All the fade and balance does is affect the front speakers. When I try to get the back speakers to receive all the power, all it does it lower the front speaker power. I checked the interior fuse box and there is only one fuse for "audio." I changed it with the replacement fuse and it functioned exactly the same. What on earth is th

Obviously there's short somewhere or radio have short out. \015\012You can change the radio one from junk yard or test each speaker individually @ where the connect to the radio. Want to go even more advance. Get a mutlimeter and check it resistance ... 2004 Kia Optima

My battery died and was replaced by the NRMA. Now my stereo system does not work. What do I do?

Good old Hyundai. You have to fire up stereo by entering the 'radio p.i.n. code' Nearly all manufacturers keep a database of p.i.n.nos per chassis number, but not Hyundai, if your radio shuts down,and you don't have a Radio Security Card (with the p. ... 1996 Hyundai Accent

My 2004 Mitsubishi Montero battery died and my Service Engine light had been on due to my O2 Bank2 sensor being bad. Multiple system lights came up on my dash. I replaced the old battery with a new battery and the service lights stayed on. I took it to Auto Zone to check the system codes which nothing other than the O2 sensor came up. Auto Zone was not able to clear the codes. I drove the vehicle home and during the drive the message LOW Voltage Connection Now. System shutting down in 7 sec

Sounds like your alternator is not charging your battery. ... 2004 Mitsubishi Montero

Back in august the battery indicator came on so i went and bought a brand new battery advanced auto ran the system check for any codes and none came back so about 2 days after i replaced the battery i was driving on the express way and the van completely died out. My brother in law came to give me a jump and the van started but would only stay on while the jumper cables were connected to his battery once we took them off the van died out immediately. so its been sitting in my garage since augus

ECM..engine control module ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I had a audio system put in my 2003 nissan sentra se r 2 months ago. 2 days later my car died. i still had the stock battery so we replaced it but i still have to jump start my car every morning and even midday sometimes. he has since put in a switch to "shut off" all power from the audio to the battery but it still died..he also says that the battery that was put in my car is a little smaller than it should be. he now tried pulling the fuse to the amp but leaving the deck hooked up..but it st

There maybe another wire thats receiving power. A radio comes with 2 power wires, one that hooks directly to the battery/fuse panel, and the other to your ignition switch. Check and see if the wires are connected the right way, usaully the red is t ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra and starts after 3-4 attempts to crank. when I turn the AC the idle drops really low to where it almost dies. When I place it in gear it dies. I have replaced the battery once and it seems like it is killing my replacement. I replaced the fuel filter, all the spark plugs and wires. I also got the fuel system cleaned. I have a K&N cool air intake installed but this did not happen until months after being installed. a friend says it's the fuel pump or the air control senso

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98 Frontier battery keeps dying, replaced alternator and battery. Had system check at advanced auto, checked good. Battery died again. What could be causing the problem?

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1996 tercel, charge the battery it will start then it will die after battery goes dead i put a new alternator on it replaced the charging system fuses and checked the wires i didn't replace the battery cause its only a year old so i don't no what is wrong with it

Hi,\012\012Check if the alternator output is 13 volts to 14 volts or when the engine runs try to disconnect the negative (- ) terminal from the battery, if it still runs your alternator is okay. Just to check if that new alternator ... 1996 Toyota Tercel

History: 2 days ago the battery light came on. Car ran fine that evening. The next morning. The tach stopped working. a minute later the speedometer stopped working. Then, another minute later, the car began running rough. Then died. Car would not start. Starter just chattered. Replaced battery and drove to nearest autozone. had charging system checked. Wasn't charging. Replaced 7.5 A Alternator fuse (#2 fuse). Car started. Battery light went off and verified charging. Drove it 97 miles without

Replacing the fuse the first time was the right move, becuase it could have been a fluke that it blew. Replacing it again and again was not! You should have found out EVERYTHING that the #2 fuse controlled and verified that the components weren't ... 2000 Ford Contour

My 1989 Deville's battery died in the driveway after several weeks of disuse. I replaced the battery, but it will not start. I replaced the battery again, but it still will not start. The headlights blink like hazard lights for a few seconds when I try to start it. Further, I've tried to jump start it, but to no avail. I'm told this might be the anti-theft system doing its job well, but it's very annoying and I don't want to pay to have the car towed to a dealer or mechanic. Please help. Thanks.

Hi! Yes the anti theft maybe activated prohibiting to run the car. I believe that you should disconnect the anti theft. Mostly its located underneath the dash. You can see it by resting the back of your head to the floor looking upward underneath the ... 1989 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

Computer system My battery had to be replaced. After the battery dies, the radio, CD player and the system that tells me my oil leverage went out. What can I do?

06 pontiac g6 wont shift out of first gear. need help please! ... 2006 Pontiac G6

2001 ford focus se. Charging system inicator came on briefly 3 times. Car cut out 25 min later. Recently replaced battery and terminals. Seems like alternator but after dying car wouldnt start 10 hrs later was able to start it. Turned on lights and ac. Disconnected negative terminal and car still ran. Replaced and upon slight rev of engine the power cut out and car died. Any suggestions if alternator isnt bad?

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I have replaced the low pressure fuel pump, the high pressure fuel pump, and fuel filter. The relays are fine and the check engine light comes on so the EEC is ok. It will turn over but will not start. I have gotten it to start for about 10-30 seconds but then dies. Also, my battery is about done but will jump start a few times but will die within seconds. What else can it be within the fuel system and can the battery be an issue???? Please let me know if you have any suggestions of what el

... 1988 Ford F 150

Ok, I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE. Someone stole the battery and broke the negative cable when doing so. I replaced the battery and cable, the dash lights continually flash while the car is being driven and gauges drop as if it was going to die, then my sister was driving it and it died, not sure the exact circumstances, but the car will not start. Have checked the charge, the fuel, and a few other items. What else should I check and could the anti theft system have something to do with this

Disconnect the fuse of the alarm system, if that dont solve the problem best to seek out an car electrician ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

2002 Kia Sedona Battery Drain This is similar to question at http://www.fixya.com/cars/t1497744-kia_sedona_battery_problem My battery is 2 months old, replaced when last one was bad after 3 years. Battery dies everyday or so (depending on how much van is driven). Mechanic says charging system is good and says that something is drawing power from battery when parked. He pulled relays and fuses etc to see if he could isloate source of drain but no luck. He says when the battery is connected

... 2002 Kia Sedona

I have a 1996 Saab 900S that the battery died in just from sitting too long. I removed the battery cables and put the battery charger on it. It charged up the way it's suppose to, but now the alarm goes off when I hooked the cables back up. I also replaced the batteries in the key fob thinking that it may be the problem.but that didn't work out either. Ant idea how to solve this problem, or what I need to do to manually bypass the security system?

Just reset the alarm system as per the book. ... 1996 Saab 900

2000 concord replaced alteranator and battery 3 months ago, car has died again, able to jump it once but not battery will not take a charge. Is there something in the system that could cause alternator and battery to go bad again without warning?

Yes your voltage regulator is bad ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

'96 Honda Accord battery dies overnight. My full charging system is fine. ALternator has checked out, Battery has been replaced (3x). It isnt a starter problem bc it will start up if i jump the car. It only takes about 2 secs once i have connected it to another car and it will drive fine after. Usually the longer i drive it during the day the longer the charge will last. Then i park overnight and next day battery is totally drained. car won't even start over so i have to jump start it the

All is fine-until the next morning when it's d?j? vu. A quick boost from your battery charger gets your engine running, and a charging-system voltage test confirms that your alternator is charging. Further poking around doesn't uncover an obvious ele ... 1996 Honda Accord

My 1995 corvette coupe will not start; it has gasoline, a good battery and turns over good but the engine will not fire; when it does (on occassion) the engine is rough running and will die. The optic spark system has been replaced 2 times. The mechanic who is holding the warranty on the opti spark system told me on the phone that it sounds like a problem with the security system. Any suggestions?

... 1995 Chevrolet Corvette

I bought a new Tucson 2006. The battery died in Oct 2009 and I replaced it, died again in May 2010, I replaced it, died again in Oct 2010 and I replaced it. Jan 10, 2010 it has obviously died again. Tucson won't start and I figure it is the same problem, the battery. I bought this battery from Walmart and they continue to replace it. I wonder if they are using recharged old battery. Also where should I purchase my "new" battery from. This problem is really getting old. I only have 30,

If the battery was made in china, Which walmart likes to buy from, I would go to another store and get one that will work for more than a couple of months. PS Don't get one from autozone either. ... 2006 Hyundai Tucson

Hi, I have an Acura MDX 2004. The car battery just died and I replaced with anew one next day. Now the audio system is asking for a code. I dont have that information and I cant unblocked it. Also the predefined seating position is not working after the battery change. Dont have a Acura dealership where I live. I hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance! J Stone

You\015\012 need to get the serial number off the sticker attached to the radio. It\015\012 will require pulling apart your dash; if it's not in the glove compartment,you will need to remove radio and call dealer with the number on ... 2004 Acura MDX

It seems when it gets warm it wants to die but if I put my foot into it, it will go. It only tries to die when the accelerator is held evenly, cruising and when it idles. I have checked the ignition module, coil. replaced plugs, wires and cap, rotor. Timing is perfect, runs smooth when this is not happening. It also have a all new starting charging system, new battery, alternator, and soon the starter. I have traced all wiring and no obvious damage to harness, or loose conection's. All wiring se

It sounds like a tps issue. try unplugging the tps and compare the way it runs. ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

I am working on a 1989 Olds Cutlass Supreme International with a 2.8L V-6. It sat for about a year and when I got it I tightened the negative battery cable and it fired right up. It ran for about 5 hours and then died and hasn't really run since. I have been through the entire fuel system, the ecm, the idle air control valve, and the ignition coils. When I replaced the iacv, the car started up and ran for about 10 minutes and then died and hasn't run again since. It's back to its old trick of fi

Try having the ignition module checked. The ignition module is located underneath of the coil packs. Usually Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts can test them. Another possibility is low fuel pressure. There is a schrader valve on the fuel inlet line tha ... 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Replaced battery..battery light still on tho car starts and runs for a while then stereo and gauges turn off and car dies

Hello the battery light isn't the battery it indicates charging improperly cause is your alternator but if you keep draining the battery it might not be any good soon replace alternator this is your problem. ... 1995 Dodge Stratus

Hi, Please help me- the battery died on a 2002 audi tt and after replacing the battery the system needs to be reset so I can get gas! I can't open the gas tank or open the trunk, Please help! Thanks~

... 2002 Audi TT
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