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Have a 1996 honda accord 2.2 non vetech i replace the head replaced the timing belts it starts fine when applying the gas it falls on its face no power rechecke timing and vavle adjustment

\015 I replaced the head becuse it got hot got a reconditin head replaced both timing belts engine starts but when aplling the gas it falls on its face and misses replaced the plugs stil the same\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Have a 1996 honda accord 2.2 non vetech i replace the head replaced the timing belts it starts fine when applying the gas it falls on its face no power rechecke timing and vavle adjustment

... 1996 Honda Accord

When i start it for the first time everyday it idels ruff and when i give it gas it just falls flat on its face. its like it only gets enough fuel for an idel even though the gas pedal is on the floor. but when it warms up it almost goes aay. it just does it a little. some times when its ideling and i floor it, it just idels and back fires then it picks up and runs until i let off the gas. any ideas??

Try changing the pickup coil in the distributor? This one had a lot of mechanics baffled, the guy at Auto Zone nailed it on the head. Cheap fix if that is it. Always overlooked ... 1992 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 94 camaro that has alot of power loss when you push the gas. if you match the gas to the RPM with out pushy past to much it has all of its power but as soon as you step on it the car just falls on its face. i changed the TPS and the Idle are sensor and the spark plugs.

... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 91 xj auto trans and 4.0...it sometimes ides down to about 250rpm then back upto 1100 or so then back down and so on...but if i touch the gas in park it stops this idle issue and most of the time levels out..the same issue is related to another issue..when in drive sometimes it will (WHEN GIVING IT GAS)fall on its face then if i let off the gas it will go just fine ..until i press on the peadel again...so i have to ease into the trottle..also it is getting bad gas milage ( about 12.5 to

Try idle air control valve ... 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited

My '94 Tempo just started sputtering, with loss of power. If I floor it from a take off it'll get up to speed then, I can take my foot out of it and it runs ok unless I have my foot into the gas pedal at all then, it misses and falls on it's face. So, floor it from a stop and foot barely on the gas pedal it runs ok. gas pedal between barely idling and wide open it runs poorly. any one have a suggestion? Thanks.

Your welcome. Please rate as problem solved for me, thanks. ... 1994 Ford Tempo

1998 honda civic, when driving it will like fall on it face, like gas is cut off. you push down on the gas pedal and accelerate it will pick right up. in 5-10 secounds it will do the same thing.push down on the gas and it will acelerate fine. it will do this 5-10 times then it stops. it might not do it again for 3-6 days. there are no codes coming up. could this be fuel pump

Your right, it COULD be the fuel pump, but also could be a dirty fuel injector or clogged fuel filter. Get this checked out. Hope this helps, James Booth ... 1998 Honda Civic

When i accelerate after i get up to speed the rpms jump and fall or they jump way up and stay until i let off the gas, while at the same time giving me no power, but if i ease off the gas it will drop rpms and start pulling again, i have a new fuel filter already

If you have a manual transmission it mught be a bad clutch ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I have a 1989 gmc sierra 1500 4x4 it runs perfect in park when it is just sitting but when you drive it it cuts out real bad it want let you give it a lot of gas if you push gas down hard and quick it cuts out and falls flat on its face and a lot of times lets out a very loud back fire sounds like a rifle shoots flames out of both tailpipes and want hardly pull itself runs very ruff but when you come to stop it runs perfect

Is the check engine light on ?Have you checked base fuel pressure with a gauge ? ... 1989 GMC Sierra

I have a 1994 Honda Prelude Si non v-tech i recently changed distributor and spark plugs. Before i changed sparks car was running rough it had a lag to take off and sometimes lost power while at around 40-50mph (had to really gas it or would slow) so adjusted timing. After it would just idle at like 300 rpm and couldn't take off at all now it doesn't start gave code 8. We check spark plugs they have sparks, checked compression was like between 120-123 was pretty balanced but low and found theirs

Sounds like the catalitic converter/s are clogged up. This would cause low air flow and low compression. I've seen them so bad that they dropped the compression down to 60 lbs. ... 1994 Honda Prelude

95 Z28 Lt1 My engine seems to miss fire under a load and below 2000 RPM. Fresh rebuild-new opti-plugs-wires-coil-ignition module-MAF-TPS-fuel pump-8new injectors-IAC all done within last year.. Oh I had cat pressure checked for back pressure.. Was good. Romp the gas and it falls on its face. Pops and jerks no power until 2000rpm and the runs like a champ.. Where else could I look. Scanner shows running lean during the problem yet no check engine light comes on... Help I'm 8000$ dollars in and st

... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2002 lancer es. i was driving home from work and the car wouldnt shift into fourth. i got home and checked the atf. it was burned so i drained the pan and refilled it to the mark with the proper procedure. didnt help any. a couple days later it completely went into limp mode and i lost all power. the car runs and moves but tops out at 10mph and falls on its face as soon as you give it any gas. i havent had a chance to check the MIL(malfunction indicator lamp) yet. however i had rammed o

... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

P01690 code trips on hard run motor falls on it's face but eventually recoops . Found pump woodruff key messed up replaced it with correct key number. Problem still exsits. Will recheck pump timing tomorrow any other ideas ?

... Dodge Pickup

The rear passenger window fell (slipped down) when we closed the door. There is no tension to hold the window up and the power control doesn't effect it. You can push the window up and down by hand but the slightest vibration will make it fall. Can I fix this or is it time to take it to a mechanic? 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo. If it is an adjustment I can try but motor replacement then I will take it in.

... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1997 Chrysler sebring jxi 6cyc, it idles fine, but when you press the gas it falls on it's face. It doesn't stall, just no go power. I did a tune up, changed the throttle position sensor, even loosened the exhaust manifold to see if the cat. converter was clogged.

Try cleaning out the throttle body really good. Let air dry before starting it afterwards. Open the throttle as you spray it all over. \012\012Sounds like maybe vacuum or air/gas mix totally off. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

My 95 tahoe loses power when climbing hill or when i am doing 55 mash the gas its stumbles and falls on its face.

... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

My trooper is experiencing a slight loss of power while shifting and applying gas resulting in a misfire or stuttering but only occassionally, most of the time it runs perfect. Clutch and clutch master cylinder are new, recent tune-up and fuel filter just replaced

If the vehicle has a mass air flow sensor it may be dirty remove and clean the mass air flow sensor with carb cleaner and it should take care of this. ... 1994 Isuzu Trooper

During acceleration it falls on its face no power if you let up on accelerator sometimes it comes back this doesnt happen all the time. i have completed tune up, installed new fuel pressure regualtor there are no warning lights on, could problem be in throttle position senser

... 2001 Kia Sportage

After 10-12 miles my car goes into failsafe engine mode after car is warmed up.Shuts off immediately at times. .falls flat.no power. smell raw gas

... 2005 Ford Mustang

Just started. no power when taking off and on hills. ant suggestions ran fine that morning. went to leave at lunch time an it falls on it face when trying to accelerate. weak accelaration even on flat and down hill surfaces

First place I'd start is have fuel pressure tested to make sure it's within spec, or at least change fuel filter if not done recently, and see if that helps first. Was tune-up & air filter change done at regular intervals? ... 2000 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Have replaced ECM ' fuel pump and given it a tune up, but still wont run smooth.Ive also replaced idle sensor ,trans speed sensor and now it starts hard idles for ashort time and stalls. Then when it does turn over itidles smooth til you apply gas from the petal and it begins to miss , has no power and runs rough. When you put it into gear it stalls.

That sounds exactly like a problem with the PCM. (Powertrain Control Module) \015\012\015\012I have heard of aftermarket stereos and even the passenger side air-bag switch causing similar problems, and a "No Bus" message means that the PC ... 2000 Dodge Ram 3500

Loss of power when applying gas pedal not fuel problem changed fuel pump filter all sensors hear rattle around timing chain cover would this explain it 9needs chain0 or is that symptom of other had friend scan it came up air/fuel prob

You can have a air/fuel code when your catilitc converter is getting plug up and will give you the systoms that you are having.I hope this helps you,your converter is part of your exhast system ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Am

Throttle problem I have an 1986 325 bmw, I can drive it for a bout a mile then as I apply pressure on the gas it simple gives the car spurts looses power and wants to die... I changed the throttle possitioning sensor a while ago and adjusted the throttle body..... the car doesn't have an oxygen sensor in it right now could that be the issue? thanks for any help.

Sounds like your MAF sensor needs servicing ... 1986 BMW 3 Series

Changed main fuel pump and filter about 2 months ago. Car now looses power at times when you step on gas and makes stuttering noise (94 Volvo 940 Turbo) MoreChanged main fuel pump and filter about 2 months ago. Car now looses power at times when you step on gas and makes stuttering noise (94 Volvo 940 Turbo) Comments:Jan 27, 2010 - Changed plugs, added injector cleaner a week ago Jan 27, 2010 - changed plugs and added fuel injector cleaner. have intank pump out of the car right now See less

This sounds like an intank low pressure pickup pump problem, the intank pump failing causes the symptoms you have, that being a lean condition, the larger rail pump has no real suction, it needs about 10 pounds of pressure on it to pump correctly, th ... Volvo 940

HI, my 91 integra sometime start up and idle really good but other time it start up and sputter and dies. while it sputter if i push on the gas it will keep running and not die but if i dont push on the gas it will die. it runs good sometimes and other times it sputter while driving and feeling like it doesn't have any power and all of a sudden it will pick up power. what could it be. i have change oil, spark plugs, rotor, ignition coil, ignition module, o2 sensor

I would start with washing the throttle air intake out ,it looks like you are trying same as most of us some times we over look the simple things,have you checked the air filter? intermittent are ruff to find does it happen like on rainy day or high ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

2000 nissan xterra~ feels like i got watery gas (checked, no) or running out of gas (not). sputters and jerks and loses power badly until can push gas pedal to floor and won't go above 5 mph. first time it happened was on hwy and saw manifold was glowing red hot. ONLY code it throws is for knock sensor. vehicle has been to 3 mechanics for weeks at a time and no one can figure it out. only happens sometimes, other times runs fine! please please help!

... 1987 Nissan Pickup
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