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Engine misfiring. I have a 1996 GMC Suburban with a 454 ci engine and 235,000 miles. The misfiring started a month ago, I have replaced the plugs (ACDelco Set at 0.035), the Spark Plug Wires (2yrs old/15,000 miles on them) look to be in goog shape My next move is to replace the rotor and cap. Question: Am I correct on the gap for the plugs? What is the firing Order? Where is number one on the distributor cap? Should I replace the wires again?

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Engine misfiring. I have a 1996 GMC Suburban with a 454 ci engine and 235,000 miles. The misfiring started a month ago, I have replaced the plugs (ACDelco Set at 0.035), the Spark Plug Wires (2yrs old/15,000 miles on them) look to be in goog shape My next move is to replace the rotor and cap. Question: Am I correct on the gap for the plugs? What is the firing Order? Where is number one on the distributor cap? Should I replace the wires again?

... 1996 GMC Suburban

Low Vacuum For the last 25,000 miles (currently at 192,000), my engine has had a miss. I replaced the spark plugs, spark plugs wires, distributor cap, and rotor. I also replaced the EGR valve, ignition coil, and fuel filter. There is still a miss. It is most noticeable when the engine is cold. I drive a 1994 Chevy K1500 4.3L V6, AT. I did a vacuum test and the dial read 15 inches Hg. I don't know what Chevy says it should be, but that sounds low. My question is, is that low? If so, what are comm

You might try having someone run a compression test on it it or something you can do easily . might be valves are leaking by some and you might be loosing compression. with that amount of miles very possable its getting there. thanks Jerry ..holler ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

I just bought a 2000 dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine it runs great at a constant speed for 6 or 7 miles then it starts acting like its not getting enough fuel sometimes it will actually die. I was told that the fuel pump had been replaced. when I had the codes there was a misfire problem so I have replace the plugs, wires, cap, rotor bug and the coil as well. Now the codes are still saying that there is a misfire but also a high low fuel pressure. So do I need to try replacing the fuel pump or is th

Just a quickie ,try it with the fuel cap off ?? ... 1989 Dodge Dakota 2WD

1999 Chev Suburban 110K miles well mantained. It started with a check engine light, misfire, code computer indicated cyl. #5. Checked plug, compression, wires, cap...all OK. Switched wires no change. Found on Chev a recall for bum injectors, the fix was a strong cleaner solution, if that fails replace injectors with a different type(kit from Chev). I did the cleaning thing no change. Brought a injector kit, installed it and still have the same misfire on #5. Any ideas? This is getting expensive!

Had same problem with mine. Misfiring turned to burned plugs. Try replacing distributor cap with high performance replacement . ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Dealer Mechanic replaced the spark plug wires on my 1994 Impala SS. Three weeks later the engine started to misfire. I took the car back to the dealership and asked them to replace the spark plugs (at 66,000-plus miles). The mechanic did but when I got ready to drive away, I noticed that it was misfiring worse that it was when I brought it to them. The mechanic said the engine was not misfiring. He even revved up the engine in hopes of convincing me he was right. I have had this ca

What kind help you need?You already know the problem is. So just replace the burn one.and make sure secure it. Do not let it loop to touch the exahustyou should be good to go.(Dealer machanic is same as the other one. They only ha ... 1994 Chevrolet Impala

97 mazda 626 dx 2.0. manual shift, crank but won't start,install used engine w/less than 50k miles, after original engine lose power replace valve stem seals, timing belt, w/pump,oil pump,distributor cap & rotor,wires,fuel pump, MAP sensor(after code), timing marks are aligned correctly.engine starts and run on 3 cyl after 1 plug is removed,no matter which plug/wire,but after re-installing plug,engine cranks but won't start,i am getting fuel and the wires are sparking at plugs,should i replace E

First check the spark plugs.\015\012\015\012If your engine cranks normally but will\015\012not start because it has no spark, or it stalls and won't restart because it\015\012has no spark, the problem may be due to any of the follo ... 1997 Mazda 626

I bought this 2000 mercury cougar,v-6 2.5 two years ago.It had 98000 miles on it,had to replaced the engine within 6 months.Now im having problems again,engine light stays on,misfire on cylinder one and catalyst effciency below threshold bank one.This new engine was only suppose to have 60000 miles on it,same engine but out of a 2001 cougar.Nobody can fix it,i've replaced the rear catalytic converter,the ignition coil,spark plugs,spark plug wires,fuel filter,#1 fuel injector,and vacuum hoses.Eve

As you have replaced all the possible parts for this proble,But you mentioned in your problem that there is idle problem,it idles really low and RPM always low. So as per that did you checked the Idle Air Control ON YOUR CAR.The iac may be stic ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

My engine is cutting out badly on '96 dakota 4-cyl (2.5). Coil replaced, along with plugs &wires. I replaced crank sensor last July. Tonight replaced dist cap & bug. Found some oil residue in bottom of dist. What should I look at next? - Another crank sensor, EGR, Ox sensor? I am losing water, engine froze this winter and had 6 of 7 freeze plugs replaced, #7 is okay. I also have little compression on 200,000 mile engine. Head gasket sound about right?

Burn It .. Sell It.. Ur stupid for owning it ... 1996 Dodge Dakota

1997 S-10 4.3 6 cyl, 5 speed, VIN X, 250,000 miles, Misfires under load, Fuel Pump and pressure good, Plugs, Cap, Wires and Coil replaced, Timing Chain replaced, Gets random multiple misfire code 0300 and now catylst below efficiency which I suspect is now a bad cat from misfire issue. Had a 0440 emmision code but found a hole in tank vent hose and worn out gas cap replaced both didn't help with misfire but I assume code will go away. Idles fine but stumbles off idle and badly on road. Doesn't s

Check the ohm's reading on the fuel injectors, they should each read around 14-16 ohm's cold for most 1997 GM engines, and if any fuel injectors are not within range replace them. ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I bought a 2000 civic with 67000 miles on it and it ran ok and was getting 38mpg notknowing about the car i bought plugs wires and distributor cap ingition rotor it had autolite plugs in it so someone had put plugs in it anyway i bought the good stuff 115.00 worth for 4 cyl and replaced all cap and rotor showed signs of being oringinal anyway i LOST 4mpg and it won't come back any ideas, i did put old plugs and wires back on made no diff .MY question is can a cap and rotor make 4 mpg diff or sho

The only thought that comes to mind is to re-check your spark plug gap, the reason is that if the gap is slightly larger, plug efficiency will drop, thus fuel economy and power, please confirm that some platinum plugs the gap is not adjustable, (.044 ... 2000 Honda Civic

I have a 92 wrangler 4 cyl. it only after warming up misfires and idles really rough. it doesnt do it when its cold. i have replaced the cap,rotor,plugs,wires,02 sensor,and coil. i was just on this site with the same question and "guru" told me to check the egr system and the engine coolant temp sensor. but i forgot i already called about an egr and kragen and another site said this year and model didnt use an egr valve. should i just check the coolant temp sensor, or does this change my course

Well if it does it after warm up then yes it is more than likely a coolant temp sensor gone whacko or its the thermostat that may be stuck when trying to expand. Other than that the stuff that you replaced should have fixed it. Have a good one! ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and it has 106,ooo miles on it. I have a trouble code p0306 misfire of the 6th cylinder. I have tested the plug wires and replace the rotor and cap. it still has the check engine lite on. What next?

Did you change the spark plugs? ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2005 Jimmy 4X4, 4.3L, P300 multiple misfire. Have had on scanner, misfires Cylinders 1 and 4. Have changed: both spark plugs and wires, coil and coil lead, distributor cap and fuel filter. Engine does not miss or show any signs of any problem until I exceed 55 MPH (93 KM/Hr)then within 1 mile engine light comes on and shows multiple misfires. Can drive hundreds of miles with engine light off until I exceed 55 MPH.

Try some injector cleaner in the fuel--there might be some water in the fuel also. Check the air cleaner. ... GMC Jimmy

Misfire code on cylinder 7, 5 liter engine 99 Explorer Limited. I will first replace the spark plug and check. If still a problem then will replace spark plug wire. My question is this, is there anything else I should be looking at? And since I replaced the spark plug wires recently is it possible to buy just the lead for cylinder seven? This is one with the heat shield on it.

Hi yes you should be able to buy them individually if you got to the ford retailer they should be able to supply you with one, as for the misfire, there are a couple of things that could cause this, firstly you can check the ... 1999 Ford Explorer

The vehicle, a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 5.2L V8 has 209,000 miles on it, the engine which is a factory remanufactured engine has 130,000 miles on it. The car has been running fine for a long time and I've tuned it up in the past. Recently it started running a little rough at times. if I turned the car off then turned it on again, it would run ok again but I went ahead and tuned it up since it probably was way overdue. I replaced spark plugs, plug wires, rotor, cap. It runs but it's

... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 3.9 ltr with 99500 miles on it. The code im getting is misfire cyl # 2. Ive changed the plugs wires rotor cap etc reset the code and it still comes back on after a second complete trip in the truck. Just to make sure my scanner was working i pulled the wire off of # 1 and sure enough i got two codes then. Misfire on 1 and 2. Reset the codes engine light went off and drove to work code came back on. Drove home from work check engine light is back on. There is no hesit

Check compression in cyl #2. If ok, the listen to injector on #2 with stethoscope and compare sound with other injectors. Remember also, that anything that slows the engine for a split second, ie acsessories can cause that crank sensor to pull up a m ... 1999 Dodge Ram

I have a 1995 honda accord it has 210,000 miles on it i replaced,spark plugs,wires,dist. cap,rotor,thermostat,valve gasket and alternator since ive had it for 4 months,prior to doing this the car has ran fine..ive since replaced the heater hose as it was leaking coolant through there and eventually had hole busted through it after doing all this i washed the engine with engine bright and a few days after that the oil light has started to come on after driving it for about 3 miles or so,can it be

The oil pressure sensor is locatred on the back side of the engine above the oil filter kinda by the fire wall and under the intake manifold. check for a lose wire. but they do go out from time to time so you might need to replace it ... 1995 Honda Accord

Engine has random multiple misfire code,I have replaced cap rotor plugs plugwires coil coil wire and EGR valve. Engine is a 99 4.3 v6 in a1500 pick-up . Original cap seemed loose and was tightened this seemed to cure problem for a day or two, the system is not wet,and wires are in correct order. Is it possible there is a problem under the rotor as the problem seems to stem from the distributor.Also could it be a sensor problem?

I had the same problem, and it ended up being the gears on the dist and the camshaft...after time and miles they wear out and wear grooves which will cause it to be out of time. have your timing checked on a computer, and easy solution is to take di ... Chevrolet 1500

Cylinder Misfire I recently found out that I was having a cylinder misfire on my 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada. The car has 150k miles on it and has never had a tune up or the plugs replaced (I bought it from my Brother who kept it clean and shiny but wasn't good at regularly schedule maintenence). I am wanting to replace the spark plugs and wires myself to see if this fixes the problem. My question is this....how difficult is this process on a 99 Bravada? Is this something I can do myself or is th

Shouldn't be a problem for you. Use OEM rated plugs, and replace one plug and wire at a time to reduce miss wiring and head aches. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

Random misfire cylinder 1 code check. one spark plug wire #1 differant wire than rest hard one to get to. can't get #1 plug wire tight enough around think it is the wire, have new gas cap reset code stayed off for a while wire loosend up and check engine light came back on, thought i would replace all wires (Spark) code check it see if it runs better and reset code, you think?

Yes if it is loose can cause a misfire replace the wires as a set ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

1996 Toyota Corolla #1 cyl misfiring. Rebuilt engine with 20000 miles. Repl spark plugs, wiring, rotor, Dist Cap, Coil. Ran better for 80 miles, hesitation became worse at low speeds. Trouble ligh

... 1996 Toyota Corolla

Vehicle died with driving down the road and will not restart I had one other instance about 3 months before when it did not want to start it finally started and ran rough for a couple minutes and smoked a little-- the engine lite came on, checked the computer and it said ignition problems but the plugs wires distributor cap were replaced about 35000 miles ago when the engine was gone through at 90000 miles about 125000 miles on the car now It turns over rapidly but doesn't seem to fire

Mcdevito75 here, it could be the ignitions coils that are bad or a faulty ignition module, have your shop check these items. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

2001 Pontiac Bonneville. Service engine soon light stays on. Went to Auto Zone and had them check out why the service light stays on, does not flash. They suggested to disconnect the battery, replaced fuel filler cap, had a misfire on #5 cylinder (replaced coil pack for 2 and 5), replaced plugs and wires. Haven't driven on the road yet. Let idle and rev'd up. Light is still on. How can I investigate further what the problem is. Can I jump some plug to clear the codes or read them at home without

The scan tool that they used at autozone should be able to erase them and tell you whether they are existing codes or just stored. Hope this helps. ... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

HI I have a 99 Jimmy with 4.3 engine. I have bad missing in the engine, I have replaced all wires, plugs, cap and rotor. I have replaced the EGR valve, I have replaced the fuel pump and now the injector spider. This unit is still missing and setting a general misfire code. I have no vacuum leaks either. What is up with these systems? Can't seem to pinpoint the problem and ready to burn it down. thanks richard

Please help us. I have the same problem with my 99 Jimmy. I was driving on the highway going 70 and then it started missing. Changed all the plugs, wires, rotor and cap but to no avail. HeLP! please email me if you have a solution to this problem. ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

Auto question,I have an 96 Dodge Ram w/ 5.2L V8 eng.the problem is dtc codes P0300 and P0301,random multible cylinder misfire detected,and cylinder #1 misfire detected.Ive replaced the spark plugs, plug wires,rotor cap and rotor.what else do I need to check or change? camshaft sensor?,crankshaft sensor? coil? or do you know which sensor detects the misfire? or do I need to do a cylinder compression check?How do i solve this problem? Thanks Danny

I would check the injector. Pull the plug and check for corrosion. Use on ohm meter to check the injector. The resistance should be 11 to 15 ohms. Check it against another injector. they should be close. You can also check the injector plug. best to ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab
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