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How to replace front brake pads - 1996 GMC Sierra

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You'll need a few Metric wrenches and a large C-clamp or brake caliper piston tool to collapse the piston back into the cylinder. Unbolt the caliper, remove the old pads, install the new pads. Lubricate the areas where the caliper and pads go. Push the caliper piston back into the caliper and reinstall the caliper and tire. Make sure you pump up the brakes before you drive, to get the new pads seated.
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I have a 96 gmc sierra I replaced the front rotors and pad and lost brake pressure I've bled the brake replaced the mc the booster and front calipers and still no pedal even been power bled and still goes to the floor any suggestions

Did you bech bleed the master cylinder before you installed it. Does it have a vacuum line attached to the vacuum cylinder and when you removed this line did it have a vacuum suckshin sound did you check and see that it did not get disconnected from ... Cars & Trucks

Replaced front pads on 2006 gmc sierra now brakes go to floor at times

Sounds as though there is air in the system get them bled to remove air then should be ok if not somthing worse going on ... 2006 GMC Sierra

2001 gmc sierra 1500. The front brakes drag. I have replaced pads, calipers and hoses. Resevoir is full and gasket on cap is new. Can the brakes be adjusted?

No, there is no adjustment aside from being certain calipers are not binding. Be sure the M/C is fully releasing. ... 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD

I can't find the right nuts and bolts to remove in order to replace the front brake pads on my 1990 GMC Sierra

You will need a big c-clamp to compress the piston back inside the caliper too when you remove your old pads. Otherwise you will never get the new ones to fit over the disc. ... 1990 GMC Sierra

How to replace front brake pads - 1996 GMC Sierra

You'll need a few Metric wrenches and a large C-clamp or brake caliper piston tool to collapse the piston back into the cylinder. Unbolt the caliper, remove the old pads, install the new pads. Lubricate the areas where the caliper and pads go. Push t ... 1996 GMC Sierra

Replace front brake pads and rotors on 2009 GMC Sierra 4WD

... GMC Sierra 1500

Front brake pads rattle on a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500HD

Is it new hardware?....older pre used hardware should be replaced....also, check the dust shields behind the rotors....could be rusted loose....happened to mine ... 2001 GMC Sierra 1500HD

2007 uplander rear brake repair - what type of brake pads came as original equipment? Ceramic or semi-metalic? The dealer service states that the original were semi-metalic. I've replaced the front pads twice and replace the front rotors once. Does anyone have any photos of the stages of rear brake pad replacement? An inspection at the dealer resulted in their suggesting replacement of both the rear brake pads and rotors. Where may rear jack stands be placed in order to service the

Pads last about 20k, rotors about 40,for the fronts and about 30/50 for the rears,they are all semi metallic.if you look under the car you will see the places for the jack(not to be used when working on the car OTHER than replacing a tyre.)for all ma ... 2007 Chevrolet Uplander LT Minivan


Hi,\015\012\015\012This is an extremely annoying problem especially as you have already replaced the components most likely to be causing it. A few quite often undervalued issues can be causing the symptoms you describe.\015\012 ... Cadillac DeVille

My rear brakes on my 1996 GMC Yukon lock up fairly easy (pads are good) when the brakes are applied. It's like they get most of the stopping power vs the front brakes (new pads/rotors). The booster is new, however, the problem was happening before it was replaced as well. What could cause this?

W hen the rear work fasterr than the front or any wheel grabs faster then you need to check the brake hoses. In your case the front brake hoses could be starting to clog up. they deteriorate from the inside and collapse ... 1996 GMC Yukon

1996 gmc Sierra 1500 brake pedal goes to the floor wen braking, new front brake pads and new master cylinder everything has been bled to the max. What do I do?

... GMC Sierra 1500

2010 GMC Crew Cab 2 wheel 4.8 L Front end vibration when braking to slow down at highway speeds. Hammer on the brakes and you do not feel the vibration. Have replaced pads, rotors and had rear drums turned true. Problem started at 4K and now 23K and problem still there. ????

... 2010 GMC Sierra 1500

1992 GMC Sierra pickup front brakes pad not releasing after letting off of brake.

There can only be a few reasons for this. 1, the piston is stuck in the caliper. 2, the brake hose has collapsed in the middle and won't allow fluid to flow back towards the master cylinder. Pull the caliper off and see if it can be pressed back w ... 1991 GMC S-15 Jimmy

The brake light on the dash stays on i have replaced the rear brake shoes wheel cylinders and drums master cylinder front pads caliper and rotor on my 1988 gmc 1500 pick up the light will not go out

There is a level switch in the master cylinder if the fluid level is low it will turn on the light and If you pressure or vacuum bleed the brakes you will center the proporting valve switch that warns of low brake pressure in either Front or rear. ... GMC C1500

Brakes just dont seem right.. dealer said they put on new front rotors when i 1st complained.. but only got alittle better, brakes still seem like i have to apply with alot of force, when with my wifes older car i can just touch them and the pedals stiff and hard and i trust it will stop me. The 2004 GMC 1500 4x4 pedal seems to travel to far. should they replace pads..or something else?

If the vehicle has rear drum brakes, I would check the adjustment on them, if they are too loose, this will cause the brake pedal to go down low. ... 2006 GMC Sierra

My 2005 gmc sierra modulates the front left brake (only) at low speed causing the truck to pull hard to the right. I can feel the pulsing in the pedal, and I do not an abs light on the dash. I've already replaced the left front wheel speed sensor.

... 2005 GMC Sierra

What special tool is need to bleed brakes on 1999 gmc sierra? Had to replace all lines due to rust. I can only get the front driver side to bleed. The brake peddle is like steeping on steel. Thank You,Harold

You can actually bleed each caliper at the brake line connection to the caliper...you will need someone to depress the brake pedal, or you can borrow the auto bleed brake pedal tool from your local auto parts store...sounds like you can fix this your ... 1999 GMC Sierra

1994 GMC pickup front brakes are sticking. Replaced brake pads, rotors and calipers. What next?

By "sticking" I am assuming that you mean that the brakes are staying applied (calipers are not releasing)and burning the brake pads and rotors up.\015\012\015\012The most common cause of this is brake hoses.\015\012\015\012Th ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

Troubled brakes ok had a mechanic replace brake pads on my 05 liberty 4 wheel drive all disc brakes. a week later rear calipers locked up i loosend brake line took a pry bar and was able to release brake caliper. i then drove home with front brakes the next day sunday i replaced calipers pads rotors tried to bleed system and was unable to so i called the mechanic who replaced the pads and i explained the situation he drove it to his garage and said it was a master cylinder i said cant be but i s


I replaced my front brake router and brake pads today. when i bleed the front left brake, a line which im assuming is a brake line near the rear left tire burst and is leaking brake fluid. when u tried bleeding the right front brake the pedal is going right to the floor when i pump it up. and the pads arnt tighting up around the router and no fluid is coming out? would the leaking line at the back wheel be why its affecting the bleeding the front brake?

First, there is NO Pumping of the brake pedal\015\012involved in bleeding brakes\015\012\015\012I think your smart enough to know you\015\012need to replace both rear brake hoses,\015\012before you proceed with the bleed ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1996 Chrysler Town & Country. The front brake pads were replaced about 3 months ago, the rear pads were replaced about three weeks ago. The brake lines or cylinders were not touched. I experienced a total loss of braking about two weeks after the rears were replaced. Took the van to Big O. They replaced the rear cylinders and completely flushed the brake fluid. The van now has a hard pedal the first time you press it, then goes to the floor if you release the brake and press it agai

All this is because the brake lines have not been 'bled' properly. That's why when you pump the brakes, it changes how they feel. Air in the line does that. Have them bled again. ... Chrysler Town & Country

On my 1998 Grand Caravan, the ABS light has come on and I know that I need to replace the front brake pads as I heard them squeeling this weekend but also now the front blower stopped working for the AC with the rear blower still working, as well as the turn signals have now stopped working. I'll be replacing the brake pads tomorrow but I don't see how the ABS light turning on can affect the turn signals and the front blower? Any ideas?

The ABS light is most likely a bad Wheel Speed Sensor.\015\012\015\012The Blower is most likely a Blower Resistor that rusted away. You should have a couple of blower speeds left.\015\012\015\012The directional issues are the ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Brake Noise I recently had the front driver side brake pad slip. I got the pads replaced and rotors resurfaced. There was then a squealing sound from the front driver side so I brought it back and the techs cleaned and greased the brakes but didn't solve problem so they ordered me OEM GM brake pads. The sqealing went away but now there is a pulsing grinding/moaning sound from that same brake at low speed light braking and no one can figure it out. What could it be?

Does the car have an anti-lock braking system? Could be that the wheel is sensing a brake lock when there is none and the pulsing is coming from the ABS motor activating, and the grinding/moaning sound is the ABS motor running. If you have never chec ... 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Brake problem i have a 2001 gmc yukon xl and my brake pedal is almost down to the floor when i brake to stop. I've bleed the system, replaced brake pads every year, no leaks on the lines or any brake system parts but i've noticed the brake pads hardly wear out every time i replace the pads. what else can i do to fix it? please help

Hi Tora, Go to the back brakes. This is where the prob could be. But with you bleeding the brakes, the peddle has went beyond its normal travel causing the rubbers in the master cylinder to get messed up. Happens too often! Replace the master cylinde ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

Brake pedal needs to be depressed very hard to stop,pedal is mushy,pads and shoes have been replaced, rear wheel cylinders have been replaced.calipers have been replaced, front brake lines have been replaced,master cylinder has been replaced,brakes have been bled till they run totally clear. seems like front brakes will lock up on snow and ice and skid this is a 1996 suburban k1500 with 112,000 miles,I'm completely stumped what am i missing?

The pedal goes down a long way(Rear brake shoes out of adjustment) or the pedal is hard to push and you have to about use two feet to stop the truck? (booster problem) ... 1996 Chevrolet Suburban
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