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How to replace new battery cables on 1996 Geo Prizm. I've only always seen one thick wire going to the positive and one thick wire going to the the negative. The current and replacement wires have two wires going to positive and two going to negative. The two to two toward posts are too big to fit to the posts. Sharan Ganucheau

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How to replace new battery cables on 1996 Geo Prizm. I've only always seen one thick wire going to the positive and one thick wire going to the the negative. The current and replacement wires have two wires going to positive and two going to negative. The two to two toward posts are too big to fit to the posts. Sharan Ganucheau

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I went to replace the positive battery cable in the van and noticed 3 seperate wires all coming off of the terminal. The main cable and a smaller one go to the starter and a third, large thick black one go in towards the driver's side. I haven't found any store bought cables that fit this description (the old cable had a clamp they were fitted into at the terminal), so I replaced the bad cable (main red one) and jury-rigged the other two bare ends to the battery terminal. It now starts fine, but


I have a license plate holder with light that I bought from a third party. I do not have a back bumper so I am using the existing lights wire to hook to the new license plate light. here is the problem: the truck has two wires going to the bulb, I only have one wire coming from this new light. I am assuming that the two wires are a positive from the battery and wire to the switch, can I tie these two together on the one line? or do I only require the positive wire? need assistance.

I would get a voltmeter, hold the black ground wire to the chassis, turn on the lights and touch the red hot wire from the voltmeter briefly to each one of your wires. which ever one of them gives you 12 volts is the one to attach to your new light u ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

Bought a universal O2 sensor for my 2001 Mazda MPV...part is great but new part has one black wire, one gray, one plain white and one with small writing.. bad OEM part has two black wires, one BLUE and one white. Have figured out all but where the blue wire would go. Any clue? The paperwork with the new part has alot of info but says if the color code reference guide does not match to check your OEM manual. I have no OEM manual

If you are sure that the paper work does not have your combo on it, go to a local parts store that has access to a wiring diagram of your MPV. Use the info on the paper work to identify which wires are ground (usually the 2 white ones are) and then m ... 2001 Mazda MPV

I have a 1975 ford 100 with a straight 6. The ignition module is going bad. So I bought a new one. The new one has two plugs like the old one. But on one of the plugs it only has two wires. It is supposed to be the new improved module. But it will not work. I plug my old module back in and it starts. Any ideas?

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I just bought a new driver side mirror (just the glass) for my Volvo S40 1998. The mirror itself has two connectors and there are two wires that should be connected to the glass but I can't find any info on which wire should go to which connector. One of the wire is all black and the other is black/red. If I face the mirror as if it was correctly mounted which wire should go to which connector on the mirror itself?

I "solved" this by simply plugging the two wires to the two connectors, since the two connectors are only for the mirror heating I have simply assumed that it makes no difference which wire goes to which connector as the connectors aren't marked in a ... Volvo S40

I have a 1997 dodge grand caravan se 3.3. the cables that go to the battery. I have a problem with the negative side cable which is two into one. I know one side is grounded to the block where would the other one be going?????The wire gets very hot and burns.... Do u have a wiring schematic????anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Hi! The other may go as a body ground. Check if theres any body ground. If none then thats it, for body ground. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... Dodge Caravan

Engine cranks but does not start, I found a broken wire on what looks like an engine starter relay located on wall by battery. This is a small rectangle box about 1 1/2 " x 3/4" with two posts. One wire on each post. Once I reconnected the loose wire, engine started. Now the symptom is back, but the engine will start after two or three tries. I suspect this part, the supposed relay is going bad. I want to make a proper ID of this part to buy a new one. I had a mechanic which I paid tell me to b

Take the old one to a parts store. U have probably the correct diagnosisi as when you have a bad contact/breaking wire on a relay it causes the relay to "chatter" which wears them out. Your relay should be < $30.\015\012Is this gas or diesel ... 1995 Dodge Ram 3500

How do i wiring on my citreon c4 1.4 lx to the cooling fan in the engine apartment, at the end of my engine loom i have two thick wirers g/y and red and 6 or 7 small wirers ,the two trick wirers go to the fan and the small ones go to the comtorler unit put but some c4s i was loking at have a red and black thick wirers goin to the contorler unit for the fan and my car dosent hav them as i buy the car hit and fixin it can you help me out.

... 2009 Chrysler Town and Country

I have a new problem with my oil pressure sending unit. It seems that the unit is fine, but the actual electrical connection from the wiring harness is where the oil is leaking from. Where the two wires go into the connector, they have a white rubber grommet separating positive from the ground and acts as a seal for the connector. Do they offer these new or am I stuck going to a salvage yard?

I need to apologize for my typing. How anyone can read it is beyond me. A stroke wasted my vision a tad. A big tad.\015\012Let me ask without insult. Are you sure they are both wires? There should be no oil coming from there unless it is runn ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

M already changed the fuel pump (module) but ,the fuel gauge always read full,the new connector have 4 wires,purple,gray and two black (one is thick than the other), in the old connector have purple,gray and two blacks two. one with a thin white line ,How too conect the black ones?

The one with the thin white wire goes to the thin black. The thick black is the pump ground ... GMC Sonoma

Well i put a new coil in my 1992 triton and i forgot to mark the wires that come from the dizzy to the coil a black and white one and a green one there two more wires that come from the loom a black and white one and a black and red one there is a blue one that go's to a small black box that is earth there is also a white box on the coil it self a reg? Do you think you can help maybe a pic or something

... 1992 Mitsubishi Pajero

I have a 1994 Safari. I have removed the fusible link connector (at the battery) and cut it out of the wire harness. Now that have the new one I don't remember which circuits go to what fusible links. The connector pins are labeled A, B, C, and D. The circuits are the Anti-lock module, the HVAC blower motor relay (under the hood at the front evaporator), and two go to the fuse panel under the dash: one powers the front and rear HVAC blowers and one powers the head lights (among other things). Th

... 1994 GMC Safari

Does a starter on a 72 350 have two larger wires both going to the large diameter center stud and one wire going to the small stud facing toward the block, or should all three studs be used?

You will have 1 main wire going to the solonoid from the battery, another wire going to the alternater on the same terminal. the other thick cable {about an inch long}contact will connect from the solonoid through the housing of the starter to feed p ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

1995 intrepid, V6, 3.3 liters, automatic I arrived home from work one day and left the car in the driveway. Next morning it did not start. It cranks, but the cylinders do not fire. I have gas and the battery is new. All fuses are good. Checking the ignition system, I found that they is not spark. Next I checked the ignition system: with the key in the on position there is only one wire (Green / orange) of the four going to the ignition coil pack ( Red, black, white, and Green /Orange wire

Non start is the crankshaft sensor, always, cam sensor would not cause this problem it takes over when the car starts and runs. ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

I want to hook up a trickle charger to the battery using two small 'circle' ends that ultimately go to the charger. I see the negative terminal clearly but the positive side of the battery has a lot of connectors. Which one would I connect it to? I do not want to disconnect the battery as the power to the car will reset all the electrical settings.? By the way it is a 2007 Bentley GTC. If there is not a solution, where would I connect the positive 'alligator' clip to go to the battery cha

I remove the plastic cover over the positive terminal of the AGM battery and connect the alligator clip to the main lug though as indicated in the other post it schools not matter which wire connection is used in the hub of wires at the AGM battery p ... 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible

My two batteries where stolen from my 1994 dodge ram 3500 turbo-diesel, do i need to replace both of them ? they also disconected two large wires that come out of the alternator toward the driver side I dont know where they go ? and one large wire to the pasanger side not sure were it went as well ? many thank you to anyone that may be able to help

Yes you need to replace both batteries. It requires a lot of cranking amps for some Diesels to turn over. If you dont have both you might cook your battery from the strain on it. As far as the other wires, I dont know the specific wiring for that mod ... 1994 Dodge Ram 3500

Gfs car was lacking power big time seemed like an electrical or timinmg issue so i yanked off one plug wire from the coil no change in sound,yanked the one behind that same thing(right hand side of coil looking aft.tryed the same thing on the left side and either wire pulled killed the engine so i go buy a new coil from ford thinking its defective but it does the same thing so i pull the plugs they are fine.Im not getting fire on two cylinders and my coil and plugs/wires are fine....what is my p

It does sound like you have a plug lead out take one off the spark plug and plug another spark plug in to it place the plug to earth and crank the engine over there should be a spark there\015\012also get a compression test done because if ther ... 2001 Ford Focus

I went to change the solenoid on my 88 lincoln and I turned a bolt and the whole this disinegrated, now I don't know if all the yellow wires go on the one post of the new one and the red on the other or if any of the yellow go with the positive or what. And to top it off I shut my tools in the trunk and don't have the key, and of course it's power so I can't get in. I'm such a moron.

The wire going to the starter follow it down towards passenger fender down this cable depending on the solenoid is either bottom terminal or if solenoid bolts different it is on the right hand side if you are facing the solenoidThe skinney red wire g ... 1988 Lincoln Town Car

No current at line in with key on. Replaced pump replaced pump relay two wires feed into tank one for pump one for gage found current at purple wire that feeds to potientiometer of gage in fuel tank. new pump does not show current at hot in both circuits go straight to ground

Wheres the earth return?? ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

I am working on a 94 chevy k1500 front axle actuator. Replacing the old thermal with a new electrical one. New actuator has two wires but old one had a four wire plug. My harness has a two wire plug and the brown wire. Do i plug the new one into that? Hope i was clear enough.

... Cars & Trucks

Radio wiring my son has just put a new cd player in his daewoo nubira the stereo wont turn off when the key is in off position but the old one would we have the memory hooked up it will turn off at the stereo we have 3 wires left over but not sure where they go does someone have a wiring diagram to help. thanks regards john

I would check out installdoctor.com or the12volt.com you will find factory wiring diagrams and good tech help there. good luck ... 2000 Daewoo Nubira

I am changing out the washer pump in my 2000 hyundai elantra. the new washer pump has the red (+) and black(-) wiring. the old wiring is blue and blue with white stripe. which of the two blue wires is positive which is negative?

You'll need a test light, have someone turn on the windshield washer pump from inside the car , while you check washer pump harness with test light to check which of the two wires has voltage, that one will go on (+).the other on (-). ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 2006 Hyundia Sonata V-6. It has the Mach DSP AM/FM/CD player. Looking at the wiring harness going into the rear doors which ones are the speaker wires and which are the positive and negative wires for the speakers on both rear doors?

... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

There are two wires with no power at starter. The one with the fusible link and the wire going to the start. would the fusible link being burnt cause the other wire not to have power? The starter is new we just got it.

A burnt[blown] fusible link must be replaced with a new one ,usually soldered in place, starting circuit is only energised w/switch in start position.trace wires & check connectors. ... 1999 GMC Safari
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