Having problems with your 1996 Ford Windstar ?

Starting problem, it only crank ones thats all he do.

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My 2001 mitsubishi spyder was having problems ...took it to dealership .thjey told me a week later i needed new computer. purchased refurbished one. they told me timing needed adjusting still, then after told me computer was faulty. returned my computer w my purchased one. in turn they mailed a new one my old one and original purchase as well. car wont start . cranks but thats it. any ideas whats going on?its been at dealership fot 2months. i need my car

Check crank position sensor ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 1989 Ford f150 XLT Lariat. I drove her up to the store and she was only off for about 2 minute when I tried cranking it. It gave a few clicks, then just one loud one and quit. And ever since then all its done is give me one very loud click and nothing happens. All the lights and gauges light up but it doesnt even act like it wants to start. i replaced the starter relay(solenoid) on the fender thats mounted by the battery and I'm still having the same problem, and suggestions?

Have you checked the battery? That's what it sounds like to me. Classic symptoms. You battery has enough juice for the accessories but a LOT is required to crank the engine. If your battery is weak it won't start. Try jumping it, see if it start ... Cars & Trucks

BMW 316i SE2001 plate power problem i have a problem with my bmw 3161 SE 2001 plate i was having a number of problems but the one thats left to sort out now is that the car has hardly any power what so ever and doesnt like going past 2000 revs after a little driving it starts to judder past 2000 up to arround the 4000 mark but then gets stuck arround there i have replaced so far water pump a few months back then 4 days ago replaced a oxygen breather and the breather hose and a crank sensor, then

Bmw 316i se blower not working ,where is the fsr located any help would be helpful thanks ... 2001 BMW 3 Series

Starting problem hi there. I have problem, my maxima QX 3.0 automatic was starting very hard, i've had to crank it good few times for a long time before it started but one day my wife came back from work, shut it down and the next day it didn't start at all, you could crank it and crank it for ages.I've had a same problem few months ago and in a nissan service they changed starter and catalic converters and it was fine for month before i've got that starting problem again. to the point.

Try the idle air control valve it is located near the throttle body it has a four wire plug and has two small hoses attached to it this is a small stepper motor that controls the amount of air on start up this part will cost about $200 from a popular ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

97 GMC Safari. It is taking a long time to start. cranks and cranks... about the 3rd or 4th attempt, it will start. This problem just happenend.. One minute it started on the turn of the key... then, this problem.. seems to be losing fuel pressure... van will restart immediatly... but, will show problems if let to set for more than 5 mins... Any ideas on where to start looking ?? thanks

Replace the FUEL PUMP RELAY. Its located in the under hood relay center. This relay primes the pump with the key on, about 2 seconds, then the pump will not run until the engine has oil pressure, then the fuel pump is energized. ... 1997 GMC Safari

Starting problem, it only crank ones thats all he do.

... 1996 Ford Windstar

I took my ml320 out. When i wanted to start it, it cranked a few times without starting. I soped it before it could finish. I tried starting again this time, no crank no starting. All the lamps in the dash come on but non was flickering. Start and Error message was displayed one after the other on the dash. I tried many times but it was the same problem. I went home and brought the spare but the problem remained

... Mercedes-Benz ML320

96 jeep cherokee. Started acting up a month or so ago when I was driving in the rain and started driving over a rough road. Problem escalated to point the jeep wouldn't start. I noticed the ground that went from the firewall over to the the top of the valve cover was nearly severed. I replaced this and it still wouldn't start. Ended up being the crank sensor. I had just put a crank sensor on this about a year ago but it seemed to fix the problem. Or at least I though it did. One week later I was

With any loose wire situation, I'd have as much luck telling you which wire to look at as if you would to try and guess which persons shoe was untied in a dark movie theater. There are just too many of them, all of which are important.One thing ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

New starter and one new battery on 2002 e350 cranks for 3 seconds then clicks where is starter relay What are the other possibilities problem 1st occured when van wasn't starting I ws cranking it turning off and repeating and may have tried to start while the glow plugs were still on the starter stopped and just clicked . Switched battery problem still there...suddenly better!! 2 days later same problem switched starter 3seconds of turn over then clicks

When u open the hood! on the passenger side near the head lite ! youll find the starter solenoid on the inner fender ... 2002 Ford E350

I have a 1998 jeep wrangler sport and it is having starting problems. i usually have to crank, release, then crank again to get it to start. it always ends up starting, but it takes a few tries. it occurs after the jeep has been sitting for a while. i rebuilt the fuel pump, and still having the problem. also check the fuel rails for a leak, but didn't find one. any ideas what else it could be?

... 1998 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8l. Yesterday when I would start it up, it would crank for about 5-10 seconds before it would start. This morning it just kept cranking and wouldn't start. After a while I smelled fuel and knew it was flooded so I stopped trying. I pulled the spark plugs, one was black with carbon and the other three were wet with fuel. What could be the problem? Is it a common problem with Nissans?

I have the same problem with my 2003 nissan sentra gxe. I don't know about under the hood, but I was told that the gas filter needed to be changed. Something's wrong with the gas intake to the engine. I had it "fixed" but it still does it a little bi ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

Starter Problems Have a 59 Beetle. Not very proficient with car repair. Replaced originaly starter moter last summer with a new one. Continue to have problems starting car. When turning over I get one of the following: very sluggish crank once or twice like battery can't complete the job, or what sounds like air but no turning over, or the air sound turning ing to maybe one crank. Or, if I'm lucky, it fires right up - but very rarely. Have had to recharge the battery several times because o

If it cranks at all than you probably installed the started correctly. You need to check and clean the terminal ends on the battery and at the starter. Turn on the head lights and try starting. If the head light get real dim ... Volkswagen Beetle

Why would my mother in laws 1996 toyota corolla start fine one day and be reallly hard the next day? my mother inlaw called me to look at her car and i went over to see what the problem was. well when i tried to start it it would turn over fine but acted like it was not getting fire or not getting gas. i then just kept cranking and after a lil bit it finally cranked it ran fine for the rest of the day and the when got in it the next day the same problem ocurred. what should start checking?

While you are comparing day to day events, you are overlooking the problem is consistent with the Mornings' first start. The engine is hard to start after sitting overnight.The cold start routine is a setting that is suppose to reboot after ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1992 sidekick that is beginning to have problems starting. Usually it happens when the car is warm, has been stopped for a few minutes and then restarted. Sometimes it will start immediately, run a few seconds and then stall. Other times, it will take 10 to 30 seconds of cranking (cranks fine) before starting. Then it does not stall again. The problem is quickly becoming more common, now happening maybe one in four or five times that I try to restart after it is warm. Than


Starts Intermittenly 2001 Dodge Grand Garavan - 3.3L Vehicle starts sometimes on the first turn of the key and sometimes it takes up to 20. I will hear a click and then either nothing (no spin), a partial crank, a full crank or, when held in the start position one time, a click followed by a starting crank about 3 seconds later. I have replaced the battery about two months ago and the problem went away for a few weeks. There was corrosion on the battery terminals and this was cleaned. I thorough

Hi I have a 2001 dodge caravan 3.3Liter but wend I start the van it stoils out and wend I keep it start by the throuthal,it back fires and the RPM nedell keeps on jumping up and down,plase what is my problem at this time. ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2000 gti vr6 2.8l. i recently took my car out of winter storage, never had a problem before like this EVER! I went one morning to start my car and it just cranked and cranked no start. I again tried to start it later that day it turned over with some long cranking. when i let the car warm up the engine light stayed on and the EPC light also came on. My mistake i didnt leave the car on long enough to store the code i turned the car off and i am not able to start it eversince.I checked th

Are you getting a spark when you are cranking it? if not check the connection at the camshaft senor or the senor ... Volkswagen GTI

I own a 92 jeep wrangler 4 cyl 2.5L. my jeep sputters like it wants to turn off. sometimes it does turn off it will turn off while im driving and or stopped. ive changed the plugs the wires and crank position sensor twice in one month problem continues i ve replaced the crank position sensor twice in one month. fixes the problem for a short time then it starts again.

... 1999 Jeep Wrangler

93 ford with 7.3 wont turnover or anything. I replaced the starter and had an extra quickboost to one of the batteries and it started. Ran for a minute..switched off and tried to crank again...no problem...drove to town and cranked 2 or 3 more times no problem. tried to start the next day and same thing....would not turn over or anything...The alternator is running strong, both batteries test good, not sure about solenoid...your thoughts?

So, if when it happens you don't hear anything, perhaps it is your safety interlock switch acting up. Have you tried starting in neutral (assuming you have auto transmission)? \015\012Please see my tip at ... 1993 Ford F250

2002 intrigue engine starts and then dies, usually starts and stays running on 2nd or 3rd try, engine runs fine while driving. one guy says its the fuel regulator, the next guy says its the ignition switch and the next says its the crank sensor. is there anyone who knowthe real problem. it sounds like this is a common problem some one should have a solution

... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Problem with starting our 2000 Saturn LS2: Please help! Symptoms: 1. Frequently won't start ( maybe one out of every ten times)... strong engine cranking when it doesn't start .... Accelorator pedal not depressed before or during cranking as should be the case with this fuel injected engine. Usually waiting ten or more minutes ... it will start. Have tried a few times when it wouldn't start to depress accelerator pedal to floor and hold it there while trying to start it again to try to ''unflood

I had the same problem with my 2000 Saturn LS2 and after replacing the fuel filter, fuel pump, ignition module, and coils I still had the same problem, I found out it was the crank sensor the whole time, after replacing the crank sensor the car is ru ... 2000 Saturn Ls 4dr Sedan

I have been having problems starting my 7.3 turbo diesel van the last week or so. I end up having to turn the key three or four times in order to get it to start, smoking the entire time I'm cranking it. I did have to replace one of the upper metal gas lines over the weekend but this problem was going on before this. If I cut it off after driving and have to start it right back up it does with no problems. Thanks

It sounds like your haveing glow plug problem ... 1999 Ford Econoline

Its a 1997 chevy cavalier smells gaz in the car when im stopped when i drive no smell changed one of the injectors that was visibly alittle wet but now my car wont start i pull the plugs out turn the key and fuel shoots out from where the plugs go 2nd one or the third i plug everything back try to start the car and the car wont start one or two turns and thats it whats my problem ?

The root cause may be a batch of dirty gas, aggravated by a fuel filter that was long overdue for change. I would start by replacing the fuel filter. then replace the injectors that feed the fuel-drenched cylinders. Those injectors have contamination ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi, I have a Acura CL 2001 and i have problems getting the car started. When I turn the key, it cranks but it wont start. It usually takes 5 to 20 tries to get the car started regardless of the weather or temperature. Once the car is started, it will usually start the whole day through but after it sits overnight the problem begins again. If it is the fuel pump relay, any recommendations on which one to use and what the part number is?

Check your Crank sensor. ... 2001 Acura 3.2CL

TRANNY PROBLEM HELLO,, I have a problem with my 2000 Mitsubishi galant 2.4 .. my timing belt both broke and broke the crank sensor and bent the peice that the crank sensor reads... i rebent the piece back.. now i have a problem with the tranny.. wanted to know if the timing, mess with the tranny or if its separate issue... my rpm goes high at 50 miles per hr. doent it sopose to shift one more time?? overdrive problems???? or tranny starting to go bad....?????

... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Runs bad when i start my car it cuts off and takes some time to get it started. when it gets started it idials bad, i have to put one foot on the brakes and gas it up to shift and it some times still cuts off.but if it stays start it funs bad when i accellerate the runs good for 5 seconds then runs bsd again. when i changed the crank sensor it runs smooth for a week then goes again, and i have changed the crank sensor three times already. please help me fix this problem

Check fuel line ... 1992 Buick LeSabre
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