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Leaking power steering fluid and rattling - 1996 Ford Mustang

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Leaking power steering fluid and rattling - 1996 Ford Mustang

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Might just be a loose connection on the power steering hoses. You'll need to get under (BE CAREFUL) your car or get it up on a car hoist. You or a mechanic, should be able to trace where the leak is and either tighten the connections or replace the h ... 2003 Ford Taurus

If there is a leak in the power steering and makes this rattle sound, does that mean they need to replace the power steering pump? how do you fix a leak? for the 97 toyota avalon. The power steering fluid was flushed out and replace and all was great a month ago and now the sound is back. Can you drive like this till its repaired?

If power steering pump is leaking your options are:\015\012replace w/new or rebuilt or have yours rebuilt.\015\012\015\012They make stop leak for pwr steering units but it's a very temporary fix. In answer to "driving it" - it's at your own ris ... 1997 Toyota Avalon

I have a 1979 Ford Fairmont with a pinhole leak in the power steering line. When I put Prestone power steering fluid with stop leak in, it held for 4 months. Unfortunately, the pinhole must have become to large because it has now resumed leaking. Aside from replacing the metal line, is there a product that I can use to cover the line on the outside that will stop the leak?

None will be permanent, eventually the line will fracture and you will end up with a destroyed pump and who knows else. Replace the pipe, it will be cheaper in the end.\012\012\012If you still  want to "fix" it then you can do that: empty ... 1983 Ford Fairmont

Power steering my 2004 ford f150 is leaking power steering fluid and its doing it so fast i can fill it up and drive about 5 miles and its empty again but i cant find where its coming from i have let it run and looked for the leak but you cant find it. where is it coming from

Normally if dont see it while its running and your underneath or looking under the truck, its probably only occurring when the system which could me a seal at the pump. Have you tried having someone turn the wheel hard left and hard right while you a ... 2004 Ford F150

On our 2004 Ford Escape, we had power steering problems, after taking it back to the mechanic 3 times that finally got fixed. Now the engine is surging in idle up to 1000 rpms several times a minute. Is this a serious problem? What could it be? We had many instance in the past month of leaking power steering fluid before it finally got fixed properly by the mechanic. Could the fluid have damaged something else?

No it sounds like a vacume leak some where,or the IAC,Idle air control valve ... 2004 Ford Escape

I have a 99 ford windstar that has had a power steering fluid leak for a while but i went out to drive this morning and its leaking buckets when i turn i cant find a leak the reservoir was covered in fluid but i checked for cracks or breaks and it seems fine the pump looks dry as does the pressure hose from what i can see of it there is fluid splatter in the wheel well but not on any of the other hardware in the area anyone have suggestions or ideas?

Did you fill it up while it was running if you did you probably overfilled it and when you shut it off it raised up in the reservoir and sprayed out the cap. Fill with vehicle off. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Loose steering 1993 ford bronco. lifted 2'' 10 years ago. too much play in steering wheel. new tires, old shocks. power steering line leaks at steering box. everything else sound. what next? is it safe to adjust steering box? will replaceing leaking fluid line take care of it? bob

Bob, yes you can adjust the steering box with out problem. ... 1993 Ford Bronco

The steering wheel does not turn fluidly. power steering fluid was low but was filled up and still seems to stick a little when turning right or left. I can't find any fluid leaks. I was wondering if this is a probelm that others are having with the 2006 ford f150.

On idle the rpm should rise when the steering is turned and their is a switch /sensor for this on the steering rack at the top where the drive goes in , ... 2006 Ford F-150

Power steering hose was leaking on my 1999 Kia Sephia and I had the hose replaced, now every time I turn the steering wheel past a 90 degree turn it whines like there is no power steering fluid. it almost is like the old ford trucks noice when the pump was going out.

The first thing I would do is check the power steering fluid and make sure it is full. If the power steering fluid was low after they replaced the line, it is possible that there is air in the system in the form of tiny air bubbles. This will take so ... 1999 Kia Sephia

I have 1993 Ford Model Falcon Variant GLi Series ED Year 1993 The power steering is leaking but from the the underneath the car not where fill and top the power fluid up it is bone dry so i have top it what do to fix and what may be the problem. It is coming out of where the two hose go into the power box where the steering goes into.

You gotta remove all the connections and take out the hose to see what excatly is causing the issue ... Ford Fairmont

Power steering fluid leaking and there is a whining noise along with a rattling sound on my 2000 Nissan Maxima.

Doesn't matter you have a leak You should have stopped using it when you first noticed the leak & hadit resolved,now you may need a new pump ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

My 2000 Ford Windstar is leaking power steering fluid from (what I am told) is the power steering pump pressure switch. I'm looking for an image of this switch so I can make sure I get the right one.

... 2000 Ford Windstar

2001 ford focus LX, power steering fluid is leaking even while vehicle is off. Power steering pump belt pulley squeels while turning, I don't know if they are related... How can i troubleshoot what I need to fix?

... 2001 Ford Focus

Power steering pump whines 88 Ford Bronco II Pump an gear are new the lines to the steering box were leaking i fixed them its full if fluid it never ran dry or to low it would leak about a tablespoon a day it may have air in the line somewhere can i fix this easy or do i need to take it to the shop

Jack the front up put it on supports. Then make sure there is fluid in resivore. Start turning wheels back and forth all the way from stop to ststop. It sounds like air to me. Leave the cover off have a buddy look in while you go back and forth if yo ... Cars & Trucks

Leaking power steering fluid in 1999 Ford Taurus

No,no,no, all these products are supposed to do is help seals that have dried out, they do not fix worn or leaking hoses and seals ... 1999 Ford Taurus

2002 Mercury Sable 6 Cyl. 3.0 - Another question about the power steering pump. When I start up the car, the power steering fluid drains down and when I turn the car off the power steering fluid comes back to its prior level. The rack was leaking so I replaced the rack so that was part of the earlier problem I had with fluid leaking out the top of the pump. My question is now: I'd like to know how to check the power steering pump itself and also I looked for a filter in the return line

You will need to bleed the system. With the vehicle running, turn the wheel fully left then fully right several times. When the fluid level is low, turn off the car, add fluid and repeat the process until it no longer drops fluid level ... Mercury Sable

2007 ford focus power steering fluid leaking

... Cars & Trucks

Power steering fluid leak on my 2000 ford explorer

Most likely the seals on either the pump or the rack and pinion. Could be a leaking hose between the two. Might be a loose or leaking hose connection at the pump or at the rack and pinion. If you lose the fluid in a short period of time it shouldn't ... 2000 Ford Explorer

Power steering fluid leak on 2003 ford f150

... Ford F-150

1999 Ford Windstar leaking LOTS of power steering fluid

... 1999 Ford Windstar

How to fix 2004 ford escape leaking power steering fluid on belt

... Ford Escape

2001 Chevy Silverado 3500 6.0L V8 4x4 Dually, I replaced the power steering pump about 2 months ago, now I have power steering fluid leaking from underneath drivers side dash and carpet is saturated, also fluid is leaking from inside the firewall. I am replacing power steering fluid daily. I believe it is coming from somewhere in the steering column but I am not 100%. I need a diagram and directions for the repair.

This sounds like the hydroboost unit is leaking.behind the master cylinderThe braking system on this using the power steering pump to provide power assisted brakes instead of a brake booster. The hydroboost unit most likely needs replaced. ... Chevrolet Silverado 3500

My 2000 ford mustang is running really rough. I added a gas additivie, a tad bit of transmission fluid, a little power steering fluid and some oil recently. I'm hoping I didn't cause this but now my ck engine soon light is going on and off....all the fluids were low so I just added a litte. :(

... Cars & Trucks

Power steering fluid leak 1992 ford ranger - 1992 Ford Ranger

... 1992 Ford Ranger
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