Having problems with your 1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab ?

I have a 96 F-350 with a 7.3 diesel skipping on number 1 and 2. It passes injector buzz test. It fails cyl. cont. test on 1 and 2. It has new valve cover gaskets, and i have flipped injectors around. It has a new IDM controler in it as well. The truck didn't run when it got here and after changing the oil it was skipping on 1,2,3,4 but it ran. I replaced 2 injectors and that seemed to take care of 2 cyl. however regardless of new or used injectors in cyl. 1 or 2 they still skip. Engine has equal

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I have a 96 F-350 with a 7.3 diesel skipping on number 1 and 2. It passes injector buzz test. It fails cyl. cont. test on 1 and 2. It has new valve cover gaskets, and i have flipped injectors around. It has a new IDM controler in it as well. The truck didn't run when it got here and after changing the oil it was skipping on 1,2,3,4 but it ran. I replaced 2 injectors and that seemed to take care of 2 cyl. however regardless of new or used injectors in cyl. 1 or 2 they still skip. Engine has equal

... 1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab

92 jeep wrangler 5 spd 4 cyl skipping and bogging down replaced timing chain distributor plugs wires injector o rings cleaned out fuel tank new map sensor and new crank sensor sometimes it runs fine but mostly skips pops and bogs down and smells like raw gas what to replace next????

Replace the catalyst convertor. When a convertor goes bad, the guts of it break apart and end up clogging the exit port. One of its functions is to remove toxins from the air. Helps the emission system to run rich or lean gas exhaust. ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

1999 ford ranger p/u with 4.0 litr engine with engine light on code po171 engine missfire #2 cyl and engine code po174 system too lean code [bank1 and bank 2] ran comp. test on #2 cylinder good comp. replaced plugs and wires [no change]replaced injector [no change] ran cylinder leak down test on cylinder less than 10% leak down. runs good off idle and good acceleration but idles rough. any recommendatoins?

Please re-post if you have further issues.Thank You ... Ford Ranger

Skipping 6.0 tested all the injectors tested out ok. New fuel pump new fuel filter new plugs and wires started to replace coils. I gave 2 years and $2000 invested in this issue. HELP.

Whats the problem u having first. ... GMC Cars & Trucks

2005 c7 has trouble code 164-11 and 164-2 have checked the basics, this engine has 6 new injectors, it originally had a very dirty fuel filter, sent injectors out to be tested all failed, replaced with new ones, ran great for several days then returned with these codes and smoking, the huei pressures seem to be right on

... GMC W3500

Rough idle i have a 93 intrepid 3.5L plugs and wires wer done 4 months ago ,all 3 cats wer replaced,now has developed a rough idle.I have tryed some fule injector cleaner additive,checked vacume lines,checked for vac leaks around the intake,compression test was verry consistant,checked fuses,cleaned grounds,tested ing.wires with ohm meter,pulled plugs and placed in different cyl,did a ohm test on the tps,even pulled the front off to check if belt skipped a tooth,final check on codes was code 12

Make sure the trottle if free of carbon built if is not clean it with toot brush and carburetor cleaner ... 1993 Dodge Intrepid

92 jeep wrangler 4 cyl 5 speed skipping and bogging down idling rough replaced fuel pump/filter injector o rings fuel pressure regulator timing chain distributor plugs wires map sensor crank sensor idle control valve cut cat off and replace head gasket also cleaned all electrical connections jeep halfway ran before head gasket job now it only starts when you spray gas into the throttle body what seems to be the issue???

Have you checked the cam sensor? Also does that vehicle have a "throttle position sensor"? Some cars use both MAP and MAF sensors, not sure about your particular vehicle but if it is one of those, cleaning the MAF wouldn't hurt. Good luck. ... Cars & Trucks

Villager rough idle, idle speed correct 750rpm+-, but rough (270k miles). New catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and cleaned the ERG valve and intake port to EGR valve in July for emissions testing (passed). Idling problem started right after that. Ran injector cleaner though the gas. Replaced most vacuum lines, PCV valve, fuel filter new 2009. Tuned up engine within last 3 months (plugs, wires, cap, rotor and timing). Cleaned the IAP valve but no significant deposition (not like the EGR

Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\012\012clean MAF sensor heated wires with spray carb cleaner first ... 1995 Mercury Villager

Hi, I have a 1994 Chevy Cavalier with the 2.2L 4Cyl Engine. We bought it off a private owner and it was running good. We went to autozone to get a new fuel injector because one was leaking, we replaced that. When we went to start it back up it wouldn't start. We tested the starter and battery and alternator all checked out good but still no start. We had it towed back to the house where we could work on it. We ran our own test with a tester and turned out the starter solenoid switch was ba

The smaller wires that hook to the big post on the solenoid. These are fusable link wires. It sounds like one is burnt or not hooked up. These feed all the power to the car. Did you hook the grounds to the top of the starter bolt? ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

Got a 99 silverado 4.8 misses intermittant missing bad, mostly in mornings and rainy days. Does it for about 10 min and after warm up it does better usually, sometimes not? hasnt ran right for 4 months. Replaced,Mass Air sensor and 4 other semsors on intake (got package deal), repl,NEW intake,all fuel injectors, rail,fuel filter, plugs, wires, and do regular fuel pressure tests when running bad and good. right at 60lbs. HELP PLEASE. I have spent over $800 in last couple months

Sounds like a cracked distributor cap or a bad coil. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I just replaced the engine on a 93 pickup 4 cyl 2wd when I test drove the truck everything ran great (about 5 mi) until I pulled in the driveway. Without any warning the trans flat out quit working. I HAVE NO LEAKS, Trans is full of fluid. Could this be a vacume line or possibly a dirty filter caused by the new fluid. I also thought it may be a bad pump. I sure could use some help before I have to pull the transmission.

Just an idea, are the tourque converter bolts still there? ... 1993 Nissan Pickup

95 s10 blazer 4.3 HARD TO START/NO START new injectors(spider) new fuel pump(replaced 2) new float(replaced 2 also) was initally getting 20psi at fuel guage so i changed the fuel pump/float assembly.... had to start with starting fluid.....truck would start with starting fluid and get 50/60 psi at guage... ran good for ten minutes....when i turned it off to start again, i had to use starting fluid.....ran for ten more minutes until i turned it off.....with the key off the pressur

Your blazer has to have 55 psi or better to start and starting fluild is possible to flood the plugs now their too wet to fire. Sit awhile and they should dry on thier own. The injectores won't past fuel below about 40 PSI while cranking the volta ... Chevrolet Blazer

3.4 GM v6. dead skip on #4 cyl. Spark plug ok, wire ok, replaced injector. Still dead skip. Found cyl. by disconecting wires to injectors. #4 not affected.

The very first thing that you should do after finding a cylinder mis-fire that can not be easily explained such as a fouled spark plug, is to take a compression test especially of the mis-firing cylinder to be certain that the mis-fire is not caused ... 2003 Buick Rendezvous

1998 gmc suburban runs great when it is drove for anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. It will either die when coming to a stop or will not start after being ran for awhile and turned off. fuel pressure checks out, replaced coil, replaced pick up,ran fuel injector cleaner through a tank of gas, tested alternator, starter. battery tests at 12.7 steady. should it be 13.4 volts? could it be a battery problem or is the fuel pump (WHICH IS ONLY 2 YEARS OLD, however my wife did run it out of ga

You said a would not start but you didn't say if it would crank. if it does not crank it sounds like it might be a bad battery. Dirty battery terminals, or if there's an alarm on the car that could be a problem. When it cools down if it starts to ... 1998 GMC Suburban

Vehicle came in for check engine light on and running rough,i scanned 1 dtc present p0306 misfire detected cyl #6,the coil had been replace a month earlier same problem,i tested injector pulse with noid light its good,i replaced injector and spark plug,I performed power balance and its still misfiring at idle,but it smooths out at cruise, checked for vacuum leaks,compression test 150psi,vacuum gauge 23hg,no water in oil or plug well,fuel pressure @28psi,fuel filter good not restricted.maybe stic

A misfire at idle that smooths out at cruise is ALMOST ALWAYS caused by a vacuum leak. Take a hard look at your fuel trims at idle. If the Bank 2 Long Term Fuel Trim is more than + a couple points higher than the Bank 1 trim, your pr ... Ford Crown Victoria

2007 Ram 2500 with 6.7L Cummins 23K miles. Ran rough. Error code 205 and 307. After driving for a day the truck would run just fine and error codes would go away. If truck sits for a week same problem re-occures. Took it to the shop, they replace all the injectors. Truck ran fine for about three miles then rough running and error codes came back. Already Tried: Fuel additive, Replace all injector,New 2-micron fuel filter and FUel pump

PCM ... 2008 Dodge Ram 2500

2005 4.4L trailblazer set dtc p0304. What are possible causes? Runs rough. Replaced #4 cyl coil and injector. Still misfires. Nothing coming back through intake but can feel it in exhaust pipe. Tested following: Compression 200psi all cyl., Injector resistance all 12.4-12.6 ohms,Fuel pressure key on 57# running 62#. Replaced spark plugs.

\015\012P0304....Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected\015\012could be a burnt out valve?? ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Long story but detailed to assist proper diagnosis. Noisey harmonic balancer was replaced at local shop with correct new balancer, key was messed up, shop said he had to remove timing cover to replace messed up key. Both sensors replaced, new timing chain, since we were in the same area and car has 102,000, all was replaced, vehicle ran for about 25 miles and quit. Went back to shop, said not his problem. Had other shop look at vechicle, went to start vehicle and gm code 58 came up, tested key k

Dodge neon 2005 as code p0300 engine keeps chuk cunk...like jieking ... 1992 Pontiac Bonneville

Terrible miss and loss of power at high speeds after driving for 15 minutes orr so. found to have a error code p301 306, misfire codes, replaced plugs and coil rail. driving action continued and same codes came up. tested fuel pump found it to be weak and shakey so I replaced. ran great, codes returned and repeat of driving action. found an answer (at a differ site) that carbon build up in injectors would send misfire code. replaced injectors. codes came back any idea. Thanks Ralph

The dancing needle is caused by a bad contact at the battery clamps - the battery is left out and the voltage at the alternator varies wildly.\012\012\012That voltage variation is definitely capable of causing all the other problems so clean th ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 2002 Dodge Durango & my PCM needs to be replaced as the P0601 code poped on my dash. Although the PCM needs to be replaced the car still ran great, maybe suffered a little gas mileage but still ran great. Recently the battery went bad so I replaced it, now the new battery died & when I had the car jumped it won't stay on. It turns over & starts but won't stay on & stalls. My first thought is it's the alternator but it was tested & is fine. Question, can the PCM kill a battery or burn ou

You may be able to get it replaced under warranty if it's less than 80,000 miles on the odometer.To answer your other question, it all depends on how the PCM was blown. It may have shorted out just enough to cause a constant draw in the ... 2002 Dodge Durango

Last year I was able to get my Emission test no problem. this year I have a problem. Original the car would stutter (starve for fuel) when we made turns or went up steep hills, but it still pass the emission test. We decided to make some repairs to fix the problem. We found that the gas test was full of mud and rust. We replaced the tank (brand new) and went to pull a part for a new fuel pump and assembly. Once everything was in the car started idling erractically. We thought it was the injector

I would look at the fuel filter first. When you replaced all of the fuel system components you should have replaced the fuel filter. This is one option. Another possibility is that the idle air control valve could be acting up. You should also ch ... Toyota Corolla

Truck has been sitting for almost a month in colder temps. Started running rough. Scan Gauge gave code relating to cyl 8 misfire. 4.6l engine. Found potential burnt plug wire boot. Replaced wire. Truck seemed to run better. Next day, truck running rough. Same code plus new ones. Recent codes: P150A C0051 C2081 B28C0 P0308 - CYL 8 MISFIRE P0301 - CYL 1 MISFIRE Put in new tank of gas. Also added gas line anti-freeze and injector cleaner, both 250ml bottles to 55l of gas Within past 3 mo

Hello! Sounds as if you were successful..However, this is being listed as a trouble report...Is the F 150 running OK; Or does it still have a problem?....Guru...Saailer ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Car off rd for 1yr. when i picked car up drove it ran rough on like 6 out of 8 cyl 1990 cad deville, mech. checked every thing said posibly fuel injectors at cyl 2and 4, car runs rough, miss or stalls new plugs, wires cleaned top heads injectors. thank you

Did you use the gas that was in the tank? when gas sits for that long the oil and water separate. this is the most common reason that cars run like **** after sitting for so long. you may want to siphon the old gas out and put new in. ... 1990 Cadillac Deville

1999 f250 5.4 cyl 5 missfire code i took to dealer they replaced computer coil plugs and boots and ran compression test cyl balalance test however it still is not fixed help

If you got a PO305 Code Replace COP Coil #5\015\012You don't need a dealer\015\012You will be doing a lot of them,as time goes by.\015\012\015\012I get so frustrated with this dealer thing.\015\012I have a Lincoln LS, th ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

I just tested my spark plugs, and two of them are not sparking as bright as the other two. The car just recently ran out of gas. I replaced the fuel filter. The fuel pump IS good. NO fuel regulator leaks. MAP sensor is good. Put a new temp. sensor in it. And a new clutch. This didnt start happening until i ran out of gas. Also, It boggs down BAD at low RPM's. Please help!! Thank you. I will rate whoever answers this. :)

Well, you can try lightly sanding the contact point ( where the spark is inbetween the gap). If that doesent help at all, just to be certain that there is another issue, take one of youre good spark plugs and insert into the wire where the spark isnt ... 1996 Saturn SC
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