Having problems with your 1996 Ford F250 Crew Cab ?

My 1996 Ford F250 3/4 Ton pickup overheats. I've replaced the thermostat, and the radiator fan is working.

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I would look at the water pump. Check for leaks at the pump. The water pump may have a "weep hole" and if there is any coolant leaking out of the hole the pump is bad. Hope this helped.
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My 1996 Ford F250 3/4 Ton pickup overheats. I've replaced the thermostat, and the radiator fan is working.

I would look at the water pump. Check for leaks at the pump. The water pump may have a "weep hole" and if there is any coolant leaking out of the hole the pump is bad. Hope this helped. ... 1996 Ford F250 Crew Cab

I am having a problem with my t reg ford ka. It overheats when I am stuck in traffic and crawling along in first and second gear. The fan does not kick. I have tested the fan with a different power inlet and it works. I have had the temperature sensor tested and this works too. I have also replaced the thermostat. My radiator pipes have recentely been replaced and I have just had the car serviced. I am at my wits end with this now and panick everytime I get stuck in traffic after overheating 3 t

Run the fan directly to the battery and run a switch to the inside of your vehicle that way it has no choice but to run when you want it to its a cheap fix I have done it on four diff vehicles and if your good at it you can hide all the wires and mou ... Ford Focus

My jeep overheated, took it to shop, they stated it was the thermostat and radiator cap, they replaced both, now they are stating that the fan is not working, when it was working before they replaced the thermostat, is this possible? It is just hard for me to believe that fan was working before they replaced the bad thermostat, and then once replaced, the fan stops working. Please help me to understand. Thanks.

Hi...\015\012Your guess could be correct. But i think the now there is no option you have to get the fan checked.\015\012Very less probability that it could be the fan, it should be the relay.\015\012Firstly check if th ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

In my 1995 Ford Probe, we replaced the heater core hose and thermostat. The water pump is fine, and the radiator doesn't leak. The fan is working also. The alternator just went bad. Would a bad alternator make the fan or water pump not work well enough to keep the car cool? Until the alternator went completely, I could only get a mile before overheating.

Yes, It could affect the cooling fan. R&R the alternator. Good Luck, Ned ... 1995 Ford Probe

Temperature control i have been having problems with my car overheating, first i had the radiator fan replaced, the problem was the same, i drive it a few miles and it over heats, so i decided to stop paying to have ford just guess at the problem, i heard from a few people that in an older v8 you can remove the thermostat and leave it free flowing which worked for a little while but again my car overheated, i have since been unable to find something that works other than running the heater at al

Check the radiator isnt stopped up. thats what my problem was. wouldnt overheat till u would drive it. ... 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

I have a 98' ford contour that keeps overheating i have replaced the water pump and thermostat and belched the coolant system but it still overheats. when i turn on the a/c the radiator fans work, and it blows out hot heat when i turn on the heat..... help me please what should i look for next?

Check the radiator itself by feeling the radiator while hot, being careful not to burn yourself feel from the top to the bottom while going side to side, it should be hot at the top and generally cooler as you go down with out any cold spots, if you ... Ford Contour

1990 LeBaron 3.0 engine. Radiator cooling fan replaced not turning on to cool engine, thermostat and sensor was replaced also. Worked for awhile, now not working. Any suggestions? Wiring? Water Pump is okay. How many relays or sensors is there to turn on the radiator cooling fan?

Those old style relays in the steel cases mounted on th fender under the hood were good for falling arart inside.check the fan reay ... 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

I have an over heating problem. Symptoms, overheating, radiator fans not working but both work when you have air conditioning on so guess wiring and relay are fine. I have replaced the temperature sensor and the thermostat, flush radiator but no change. Have discover that there is no water flow, ran car till over heating, fans did not come on, boiling water bubbling out of overflow tank, top radiator hose is hot but the bottom radiator hose is cold. Could this be an air lock? I am wondering if i

Fan switch on thermostat housing is bad replace it ... 2001 Honda Civic

I have a 1993 Honda Civic EX (2dr) which continues 2 overheat! The radiator has been replaced 3 times. The 1st time it had a hole, 2nd time it was determined that it leaked @ the seams when a pressure test was done & this last time it was leaking from somewhere. The water pump was checked as well as all other hose's. The thermostat(s) were replaced, the system flushed & replaced with new fluids. Also the radiator's fan motor was replaced, the fan works, but doesn't prevent the overheating the ot

Any motor swap? have a block test done to check for the headgasket... it's possible you have warped the head with the list of cooling issues you have had. ... 1993 Honda Civic 4 Door

Overheating have replaced water pump, belts, flushed radiator, pressure tested coolant system w/ good results, replaced thermostat, replaced radiator. before replacing the radiator, we found that coolant on one side was much cooler than coolant on the other. I thought replacing the radiator was the answer. the fans all work, there is no combustion stuff in the coolant, no excessive smoke in the exhaust, and it only overheats on a hot day with the AC running going up hill. I can turn off the AC a

Recharging the a/c will not help. if you have electric cooling fans, they ore probably not going to full speed with the a/c on, this could be caused by a faulty pressure switch on the hi side of the a/c system, that would be located on either the ba ... 2004 Cadillac Deville

My radiator crack right in the middle of last summer. I patched it with a two parts epoxy glue because i didn't have any money to replace it and it was working righ until cracked again then i stoped using it. I ordered a new ratiator that i will receive next week but now the fans are not working and the antifreezer is at the same level and not going into the radiator. I think I messed up the water pump, the fans and the thermostat for driving the car with a cracked on the radiator. The car start

First off over heating is alot more serious than people take it, you can get away with a few times but the more you do it, the sooner it will catch up to you. It hopefully is an easy fix or not, but try replacing the thermostat, they usually fail in ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I just changed the radiator of my 2001 Maxima and the fan stopped working. It was working fine before I changed it. We checked the fuse, thermostat, wires and they all good. the mechanic told me that the ECU need to be replaced, but I can't beleive him cuz the fan was working fine before I changed the radiator. Any suggestions?

The ECU drives a relay which in turn drives the fan. Trace the fan wiring back to the relay and check the plug connection. Does the fan turn freely by hand? If not, replace it. The fan needs a solid ground connection as well as power from the relay. ... 1988 Nissan Maxima

I have a 1998 ford escort sport the fan does not work if we plug in the coolant sensor we just replaced also the temperture gage does not work we have replaced the fan and the thermostat what sensor or what is going on I have listed all the symptoms it is not over heating if we have the fan on

... 1998 Ford Escort

2001 jeep cherokee overheating have replaced radiator thermostat thermostats sensor There is an electric fan that does not come on it works when you hook power strait to fan have also replaced relay in fuse box and water pump. Please help

You sound pretty good at this\015\012Go to a local repair shop and have\015\012them print out a wiring diagram\015\012They will have to be successful enough\015\012to subcribe to All Data,Mitchell,etc ... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1996 ford Ranger 3.0/V6, my temp gage is always on cold. It worked when I bought the truck but recently quit working it just jumps a little. It eventually messed up my radiator and I just replace the radiator and don't want to have to do that agian any time soon. If it is my thermostat can some one tell me where its located and how to replace it.

Replace temp sensor and thermostat.sounds like your engine has been over heating while the gauge was not working. ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

2000 jeep grand cherokee is overheating, replaced the radiator, face works, water pump seems to be working, replaced the fan relay. thinking of replacing the thermostat and wondering what it could be if that doesn't work.

If the fans don't come on to cool the radiator then maybe it's the thermal fan switch, which sends the turn on signal to the fan relay, that might be bad. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car came in overheating, fan working then. Replaced water pump, thermostat. Roadtested car and still overheats after about 20 minutes of driving. Elec. cooling fan does not come on unless turn on the a/c. Replaced cooling temp switch, radiator fan switch, fan clutch, and also the resistor pack. Need to know if there are 2 relays for the electric cooling fan and where they are located at. The engine code is Awm, also is there 2 fuses for the relay also appricate any help here. We also hooked up a

Tech Bulletin from Nov 9 2004.....Engine Coolant Temp Sensor issue....\015\012\015\012It is 13 pages.....if you email me at [email protected], I ca ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

The fuel gauge is not working as the needle is hanging down almost vertically way past E. It was working fine until the dealer did the following all in one day: 1) did the passenger airbag harness recall @ nc 2) replaced both radiator cooling fan motors -- warranty 3) did transmission & diff service -- nc 4) did checkout & diagnose as to why drivers seat wouldn't move -- nc 5) replaced thermostat & bled cooling system -- charged 6) replaced drive belts -- charged 7) replaced compression rod bush

First, go under the car and make sure that the sending wire from the tank is connected (It will be on top of the tank, look for it going up to the top, and jiggle any wires. If they come loose, bad sign.) Then, go check to see if any fuses are out/ ... 2005 Infiniti G35

2004 jeep liberty overheats with a/c on after driving it in town. ...showed coolant temp switch bad code...replaced it, water pump, thermostat and radiator cap and checked hi and low relays for fan and have 13 volts on both at fan plug....fan is working while driving and overheating. ...no coolant in oil and no white smoke out of tailpipe to eliminate the head gasket...both the upper and lower radiator hoses are hot making flow. ......?????

... Cars & Trucks

Radiator fans don't turn on when temp is reached at manufacturer temp of 212 degrees spec. The temp sensor does work and both fan sensors were replaced. Is there a possibility the thermostat could be the problem and if so, why would the thermostat prevent fans from kicking on.

The fans doesn't come on at 212 F, they come on at 225F-230F I know this from allot of field experience, if the fans work when the AC is on then chances are u have a functional system. if not then you most likely have ... Cadillac Catera

My Voyager is overheating, Ive flushed the radiator,changed the thermostat,radiator cap & temp.sending unit. The fan works properly but Ive replaced the relay that runs the fan,A/C,& temp. sending unit twice already. So as of right now I have the cooling fan bypassed to where its always on when I'm driving. But where im stuck is when it starts getting hot It will start to cool down when I drive very fast between stoplights,or when I turn on the heater.What else could be causing it to over heat?

It's the radiator cap """" just take the cap off and change evreything underneath it LOL ... 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 07 chevy aveo ls 5 with a 1.6 ltr engine and it's automatic trans so here's my problem my wife was driving home from work and the car overheated and shut off when i got there i found that the cooling fan had rubbed a hole in the radiator we towed it home i replaced the rad water pump thermostat and hoses but the fan still wont kick on not even when you turn on the ac so i replaced the all the relays still no fan i think it's the temp sensor but i can't find it any help would be great

Check for power to the fan and for a good ground. If those are both present then you would need a fan. If your old fan rubbed a hole in your radiator then I would definately check to see if the fan has play in it that would case it to hit the radiato ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

When I unplug the temperature sensor the radiator fans work. I replaced the sensor and the thermostat and plugged the sensor back in and the radiator fan is still not coming on (causing overheating). What's up? A Fuse? A short? Patrick

Does the temp gauge go over 240 degrees? these coolant fans do not come untill 232 degres try turning the ac on and see if the fans come on then,if these 2 things are true this is normal,ck this 1st,hope this helps ... Pontiac Grand Prix

1997 Subaru Outback 2.5l. Last week I had the timing belt and seals replaced, power steering pump repaired and the thermostat and housing replaced. Drove it home with no problems approx 70kms on mainly highways. The next day it started to overheat. The fans work, thermostat seems ok as the top and bottom hoses heat up. Have tried bleeding it with the car jacked up so the radiator bleeder is the highest point. There was been minor improvement in the time it takes to overheat whilst driving. Now u

Try running the car's interior heater at full blast while bleeding the system. ... 1997 Subaru Outback

I replaced the radiator,hoses,thermostat ,radiator cap,fans r both working well,there is no water in my oil so I don't think its a cracked gasket, I bled the the air from the system but it still keeps over heating and is getting costly and frustrating. Don't know what else it could b please give me more ideas of what it could b need this car 4 work and financially can't buy another car right now. I greatly appreciate it. Charlie

Since all the above checks point to the fact that your car cooling system is in order the fault remains that the engine overheats due to poor settings.\012So it is important to have your engine tuned up. This means that the timing is most impor ... 1991 Acura Legend
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