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Changed out alteranter and battery still not chargering

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Changed out alteranter and battery still not chargering

... 1996 Ford Explorer

My son has a mercury cougar and we have changed and put new altnator and replaced the cable on the battery charger red and black and the stupid car still will not start on its own we have to keep geting it jump he can not let the car sit for more than 16 or 18 hours if he does drive it every other day we have to get a jump we changed fuses pulled the clock fuse out and had a guy that does car stereos check and make sure everything is connected right, something is draining the battery if you have

Is the glove box switch broken leaving the light on inside when closed? ... Mercury Cougar

Left overnight truck wouldn't start. with charger on it ok, but left standing for 4 hours, no start. Changed primary battery still same. disconnected both negative terminals overnight and today both batteries were down to 10.5v. By itself the secondary battery charge drops like a stone suggesting that it's cooked. However with jumpers attached to the secondary batteries engine cables (not the battery terminals) and the primary battery showing 13.9v attempts to start the truck result in 2-3 seco

Your battery may have a dead cell, take it out and test it, use a charger and a volt meter, after the charge if the volts are still low then replace it, or you could take it to a parts store and have them test for the dead cell. ... 2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty XLT

What would cause my 96 gt to crank but not start?? i get no fuel pressure under the hood nor do i get 12 volts to the pump, i have changed the fuel pump and the CCRM (the box inside the right front fender) and still nothing... it quit starting after having a battery charger hooked up, thinkin this had something to do with it, any suggestions??

This sounds like a fuel pump relay.Since it cranks,that means everything input to the PCM is good.These are start relay,start solenoid,starter,ignition switch and brake safety switch.The direct output are the fuel pump relay and a relay called an aut ... 1996 Ford Mustang

My 2002 deville will not start, the starter just clicks and the voltage does not change. if i put the charger on it and put it on starter boost it still just clicks. i got a new battery and it does the same thing but if i send 12volts to the purple starter wire it will start and my voltage on dash only reads 12.8 to 13volts now and my speedometer is all over the place. and car is not giving any codes. what could be the problem?

... 2002 Cadillac Deville

I was driving and my car died and wont restart. long cranks but wont turn over. I changed the battery still no start.I checked faults codes and got p0340. I changed the cam sensor and code went away. I checked codes again and got p0522. changed oil and oil pressure sensor and car still wont start. I disconnected the battery 1 hr to reset pcm. still getting p0522 how can i get the engine to build pressure for the sensor if the car wont start.

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

A friend serviced my 2000 3.3 dodge grand caravan. He changed the power steering pump, and the CV joint. When we went to start the car the dash lights came on, but no start. ( no click no nothing). We changed the ignition switch and tumbler, nothing, we changed the starter motor, and when we went to start the car, still nothing, we tried jumping the battery and now the tach needle went all the way over and is stuck at 7K Rpm. We disconected the battery and the needle is still stuck.The car STILL

This sounds like a bad connection at the battery terminals.or at the engine.with all the clicking noises that what indicates to me that the van is losing voltage check the voltage at the starter relay on the starter.also check for a bad ground.If thi ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Hard to start, new battery Son installed amp and subs for his stereo, now hard to start. Had to jump start to get home, thought it was battery. Disconnected all of the **** he hooked up left on charger 6 hours, still hard start, pulled down battery, installed new battery left new battery on charger for three hours now still hard to start.

The sound system may have damaged the electrical system burned up ground straps,overheated relays/solenoids and damaged alternator by pulling all that power to operate the system have starter and alternator tested and check the electrical system for ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 3500

2003 honda accord dx remove the starter and hot wire it to see if the drive gear of the starter extend and spin. i found out it dont extend or spin just click, click. it sound like being installed in the car. is this means the starter is bad that is why the car will not start. we change the battery twice. first change the new battery was bad. second battery still wont start. then i tried another battery fron another car and still wont start. prior to this work, i remove the starter and have it c

If you removed the starter, and placed battery voltage to the starter, and it clicked just like it did when installed, then the starter needs to be replaced. When you had it tested and they said it was good, did you verify this claim? ... Honda Accord

I noticed my truck didnt want to start like it had a weak battery. I drove it anyway and first my abs light came on, then I started losing all my accessories like radio power windows, etc. I got towed home after truck quit running. I charged the batteries up last night, truck runs but still no gauges, glow plug light doesnt work, radio doesnt work, and I still have not changed the alternator. I took it to auto zone and had it checked they said it was not charging my batteries, but if I do change

All of you accessories can't run from the battery. The alternator has to produce 13-14 volts to you battery to keep the battery charged fully so all the accessories will work. Soon as a power source is powered on it will drain the battery quickly if ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

I have a 1999 eclispe and having problems getting it to start. At first we thought it was the battery cause we junped it and it started so we changed the battery and it still does it. Then we changed the battery terminals cause we thought that might be it but still nothing.. I just don't know what it could be.. somebody help?

Check your battery fuse. And your alternator, and its fuse. This should cure your problem. ALSO, clean any corrosion that is on the battery wires, or terminals. Hope this helps, James Booth Please rate this. :) ... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I changed the battery on my 2002 Cavalier and after I had changed the battery. All the gauges don't work, all the fuses are still good. I took off the battery cables to see if the computer would reset and it still didn't work. The car starts perfectly and the only problem is the gauges.

... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

I got a new battery when my car completelty died after having trouble being stuck in some mud. The battery light was still on and my mechanic told me I more than likely needed a new alternator. So on the way to get the alternator my car died again. I got a new alternator and put that on but my car still hardly made it home. We put it on a charger ,thinking that because I drove it with a bad alternator it pulled down the battery. ...the light and battery meter still are showing low batt charge(li

Is the ceck engine light also on when its running if so find the diagnosis for the trouble code you probably should check for a trouble code even if the light is not on.you always must totally recharge a dead battery with an outside charger the alter ... Ford Mustang

I changed my car battery and now my keyless remote doesnt work. I have a change the remote battery code but after changing the remote battery it still doesn't work. Do you have to hook the keyless remote system to the car battery?

... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2005 GMC Envoy Denali XL. just changed the starter, but the truck still gives me problem when starting. Auto Zone did a battery check and checked the following, BATTERY,ALTENATOR, AND STARTER. The starter came with a failure diagnose so I changed it. the truck still does not start. What could it be?

... 2005 GMC Envoy Xl

1998 s10 pickup changed out alternator put charger on battery to jump charger said revers polartiy have no power to switch no start how did battery change polarity? or is new alternator wrong?

... Ford Explorer

I changed the starter and alternator and the car battery still acting like its drained and wont crank. but when its off the lights and every thing are still going on full. so the battery is not dead, whats goin on. when i changed every thing i drove it for a lil while befor it done it.

Have the battery tested. clean your battery connects. ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

2003 Toyota Rav4 low voltage light is on after changing Mass Air Flow Sensor, alternator, and battery is good as it's 1 year old. Battery was checked and is good. Car is still stalling and voltage light is still on. Took it for free diagnostic at Auto Zone for a second time and code reads Mass Air Flow Sensor. Sensor has been changed. What else could it be?

Did you have the computer reset after the part was changed? That is what you need to do. It may also take some time for the computer to relearn everything. Was it a bad maf sensor or a probem in th circuit itself? There is a difference. If it was jus ... 2003 Toyota RAV4

2003 dodge caravan gigving starting problem then it won't start battery light keeps coming on change battery still no change found out it was the computer bought new computer and car is still not working what could be wrong

Start by having your alternator checked for output amps and volts while running ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

My 1999 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ V6 won't start after it sat for almost 3 days while I was out of town and got really cold. It won't turn over, but "turns on". I changed the battery, but it still won't start. I also changed the cap & rotor in the distributor as well as spraying the stuff to check the fuel pump. I've cleaned the battery and replaced the fastners. Scanning it brings up no problems, though I was told that is because I 'reset' it when I changed the battery. My neighbor who knows a hand

... 1999 Mitsubishi Galant

Car won't start. Parked car, two hours later, got in turned key, all went dark. No dash lights. Did not even try to turn over. Battery was caroded, cleaned posts, no change. Fuses under hood all okay. Haven't added or change anything about car or stereo. same key i've always had. when put battery charger on battery seemed okay just a little down. tried to start again no change. Everything will even go dark when I touch the brake pedal.

Hello,\015\012\015\012Check that battery connection again real real good. If your batter was just "a little low" then there is plenty of juice to at least run your lights. For every single thing to be dead with 0 response you have a failed powe ... 2001 Ford Mustang

I have a 2006 ford taurus. I have changed the battery and alternator. Check charging system light and battery light come on. I changed alternator again figuring that it may be bad. Still get same result. I also changed battery terminals with same result. Help!!!!

... Ford Taurus

Battery change!! I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage DE coupe. My battery is dead and I am trying to change into new one. However, everytime i am trying to connect battery cable, security aram is on. I put in plus cable first, but still aram activate everytime negative one is approached. I don't know what to do, and I was looking for security aram right off panel or fuse, but I cant find it. How shoudl I do? How can I change it without aram activation. Please give me advice. Thanks a lot.

If your alarm system is an aftermarket system..it will have a valay switch to diss arm..it is usualy a small talgo switch located under the dash near the drives feet..if so just flick it off and install your new battery..then flick it back on when do ... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

2005 pontiac GTO - Oil change light came on. I change the oil and filter, it took almost seven Quarts. Drain it by jacking up the left side, right side and back of car. I then tried to reset the the change oil light by turning on the key, pressing the gas pedal to the floor slowly twice in five seconds many many times. Change oil light still on. Hmmm? Then tried to reset the computer by disconnecting the battery and pressing the break pedal for thirty seconds. Change oil light still on. T

No need to fear, this is a common problem. all you need to do is turn the key to the on position, push the pedal three times, then turn key to the off lock position. this is a typo in the manual. not sure why they have not corrected this issue. hope ... 2005 Pontiac GTO

The red battery light came on so I changed the battery, that didnt fix it so I had the alternator changed and the red battery light is still on. took it to kragen where i bought both battery and alternator and they tested it and said the battery was getting no charge from the alternator. what could the problem be?

This is happening with me right now, and I keep blowing the alt fuse..I'm stuck. ... Toyota Paseo
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