Having problems with your 1996 Ford Crown Victoria ?

Got a 96 crown vic that runs but smoking white smoke from under the hood and it runs hot ....the resevoir is full so there is no leak there and i replaced the thermostat but it didnt work

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Answers :

You ether have a coolant leak or one of these are the problem thermastat,fan clutch,water pump,radiator, try this start car when it reachs normal temp open hood and pinch the top radiator hose if it is hot water is flowing thermastat is good now open radiator with a towel slowly while it is runing see if the water is moving if it is you water pump and radiator are good, now at some point in this time you should have heard the fan get loud if not your fan clutch is not work it mounts to the front of your water pump and is normal to go out because they lose about 250rpm a year which does not give them much of a life, dont forget to check your heater hoses they could be leaking
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Got a 96 crown vic that runs but smoking white smoke from under the hood and it runs hot ....the resevoir is full so there is no leak there and i replaced the thermostat but it didnt work

You ether have a coolant leak or one of these are the problem thermastat,fan clutch,water pump,radiator, try this start car when it reachs normal temp open hood and pinch the top radiator hose if it is hot water is flowing thermastat is good now open ... 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 2003 lincoln ls it keeps running hot I replaced thermostat, radiator cap, water pump,and had lines drained. After replacing water pump and thermostat car ran fine for a month I went and got an ol chane and 2hrs later car started running hot replaced radiator cap and it drove fine for a week car started running hot again while at work put water in it to get me home and water leaked onto ground 15 mins later started running hot again

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2004 cheverolet impala 3.4L engine - Started running hot. Had never changed antifreeze, bought a flush and refilled with antifreeze. Ok for several weeks, started running hot again. Replaced the thermostat. Ran hot again, but no steam or bubbling. After that the temp gauge would fluctuate alot, up and down. Replaced the heat sensor and it stopped fluctuating. Now the car runs hot sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I have not leaks (and water pump is not leaking) and radiator is full. ?

Sounds like you have an air;lock in your cooling system.Try placing a bleeder on the return hose to the heater core ........looks like a small tap ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Hi, I have a 1997 chevy cavalier and its over heating. So here is what happened when the problem first started. I was on my way to work about 10 miles into the drive my heater stoped blowing out hot air and then the car begain to over heat. So that night I replaced the thermostat and test drove it. well that didnt work so i replaced the water pump, lol, that didnt work. Now I did a little research and opened the bleeder valve and left it open with the vehicle running. Ok now the car isnt over he

Sounds like you might have a air bubble in the system, the thermostat might be upside down and/or faulty. Make sure the the spring is toward the car and if it has a hole/valve for air bubbles make sure it is at the top. as far as the bubble. Place th ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

2004 Mercury Mountaineer ran hot so I found the poblem and replaced complete thermostat housing, thermostat, hoses,flushed and replaced antifreeze. Once put back together and refilled with antifreeze, I cranked it and let run to check for leaks. There are no leaks where the work was completed but there's a constant drip from a relief hose are something from underneath the vehicle. Please tell me why it would be leaking from there and how to fix this issue. Thank You

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Hi there, I am having a problem with steering fluid leak. Coming from under the steering rack, near the steering gears, nothing on the steering rack itself or the high pressure hoses or pipes as I just got new hoses and pipes replaced and got a working secondhand rack and had it reconditioned, didnt need any work on the rack they told me but got new hoses and pipes replaced, now its leaking steering fluid and its running out of steering fluid in the pump.

Ok there's a few possible cause for this:Leak from the shaft/spline where the steering column mounts to it. Could be caused from the rack having been through accident trauma and the column hitting or slightly bending the shaft. ... Ford Fairmont

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L- Started over heating a week ago, replaced radiator cap, that didn't work, replaced thermostat, that didn't work, replaced plastic coolant resevoir with a brand new one from dealership, and that didn't work! I am running out of money, and I still owe 3,000 on this truck. So I guess it will have to sit in the yard until I can save enough money to try to fix it.

As long as you reseached the problem and have confirmed that head gasket is not leaking. Blowing out coolant, coolant reservoir appears milky or oily. The next step is to replace the radiator. \015\012\015\012These are single core cheapy ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2000 mitsubishi,its overheating,i admit i haven;t had an oil change in a while,i took my thermostat out,tried that for a little bit,then i replaced it with a new new one,i admit i din't run the new thermostat long,but should you notice a difference immediately if the thermostat,so now i took it out again,and my car is still running hot;i took my radiator cap off to check to see if the water is flowing through and it is;my resevoir tank is full,and its still running hot.The main thing is

Not positive unless i done some checks but i would hazard a guess and say head gasket,but i would have to do some checks first to confirm ,forget the oil in water thing i would suspect a blow between two compression rings so its only running on 2+a b ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Overheating have a 1998 disc. with a 4.0 liter I have replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and a new head gasket. the engine runs fine until after about 15 mins then it starts to run hot. Water will bubble out of the cooler jug that runs to the radiator. there is no steam or smoke of any kind coming from the head or engine. I have no leaks that I see.I have took the thermostat out and bypassed the heater core. Nothing works?

Ckeck thefan clutch if you can spin it easy by hand eng. off! make sure the air is bled out of the cooling system if the fan is easy to turn its junk ... Land Rover Discovery

Frontier 2000 2.4L King Cab 100K miles. Temp guage indicates overheating. Will intermittently spike then drop to normal. Engine does not "smell" hot or run rough at any time. Grab upper hose, you can keep your hand there, hot but not excessive hot. Lower hose is cool. Replaced temp sensors - no change. Replaced thermostat, no change. No leaks. Coolant is full. Borrowed OBD, and got temp reading while driving several miles uphill- engine running hot but within spec.

I've had problems with Datsun (later Nissan) engines hanging the closed thermostat until it boiled, then the thermostat released and operated normally. If you increase the small vent hole in the thermostat valve plate a small amount, the problem disa ... 2000 Nissan Frontier

My 98 deville had a cracked radiator. replaced it. all was fine till a couple weeks ago when it overheated due to coolant leak from purge tank. replaced it. no more leaks but still ran up to 140 w/ air on and runs 222-224 w/out air on , removed thermostat and no change. no coolant in oil or from exhaust and water pump belt looks fine. fans also working fine.Whats causing it torun so hot

... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

Ford runs hot and all sensors seem to be off lower thermostat housing unit need to be replaced It seemed to have been leaking from the overflow and I kept putting water in it, then one day it ran hot and i started putting water there because te overflow was full. When you go somewhere and cut the engine off it won't start. You have to wait a few minutes, I was told I needed to replace the lower housing thermostat I'm concerned about other damage, the car was driven about 3 months

Oh yes if the vehicle has been running hot for that long. Look at replacing the engine. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

On my way home I noticed my car was running warmer than usual. I attempted to put the heat on to cool it down, but it wasnt working. So I pulled over to let it cool on its own, still didn't work. I made it home and found that the water pump was leaking, and I need help on how to replace it. I'm also thinking that the thermostat needs to be replaced and im not sure how to do that either. So any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Water pump on that model is easier to excess from bottom,manual says differently.HA HA ! im a saturn tech.Thermostat is right bellow ac compressor.Remove cooling fan assembly and make sure you yse very good six point socket on all of these bolts.Bolt ... 1998 Saturn SL

88 s-10 PU 2.5 TBI hard to start after sitting overnight. Misses, bucks and kicks like a mule till it finally starts. Runs good after warmup but I also get no heat. Replaced heater core, thermostat, radiator. No leaks,not blowing out steam from tailpipe so head gasket cant be bad. Replaced it anyway 3 months ago. 2 problems need 2 solutions. I suspect maybe EGR valve is not working properly on hard start issue, but the heat issue has me stumped. Any suggestions? Limited cash, so I cant spend too

As far as the poor running and hard starting, yes, it could be egr or valves or timing or almost anything. Your heat problem : I suspect the heater core may be air locked. With the engine running, loosen one heater hose with the heat control on hot, ... 1988 Chevrolet S-10

Car is running warm, but not all the way hot. we have replaced the thermostat and flushed the radiator. Also the car seems to be losing water and antifreeze, but we cannot find any water leaks. the fans are working fine, and water pump is working as well. What else can we check or do?

You should have a block test done. there are different names for it but it requires a special tool that you set over the radiator or reservour cap opening and a special fluid changes colors if exhaust gases are detected in the coolant. this usually s ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

I'm dealing with a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 3.7 litre V6. I just replaced a leaking radiator and thermostat and the car still runs hot. The fan is working and I see no leaks. What's next? Tell me its not the water pump!

The rise in engine temp after replacing the radiator and thermostat could possibly be caused by air pockets trapped in the cooling system. You will need to run the engine with the radiator cap off and let the air escape. DO THIS only when the engine ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 chevy malibu temp gauge stopped working.. car didn't run hot but coolant was also empty. But saw a signs of a leak. Replaced coolant and after 20 mins.. gauge worked again.. not sure if it was a sensor or thermostat. Maybe neither..

With no Hot Coolant going past the Sensor, you get a false reading.Low coolant is why the sensor wasnot telling you the engine was running hot. ... Cars & Trucks

My car has overheating out of ordinary found that water pump was leaking replaced it, drove 2 blocks car said overheated again. Replaced thermostat and it still said was overheating. Even after I let car sit over night for 12 hours I went out in morning to turn it on and it still said was to the max temp. and flashing hot on dash. The fans didnt seem like they were not working on there own so i hooked up wire to battery then to fan and it did kick on, but still not sure why it says its overheate

Your temp Gage is toast along with temp sensor if the coolant drops pass the temp sensor it maxis out the temp Gage damaging it. It will have to be replaced. If your car has overheated you might want to get a coolant flush a ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Hi there...My 98 Expedition was running way hot then, within minutes, would drop to way cold. I replaced the thermostat and topped off the fluid. It didn't leak and seemed to work but then started dropping to way cold again even after driving for a while. It did it again tonight and, after driving around a parking lot for a while, I got it to come back up but once I praked in my driveway it leaked a good portion of the fluid out of the resevior. Any thoughts? THANKS!

Is cooling fancoming on? if no pay close attention to the fan, when temerature rises, is fan coming on? you'll need to raise the hood to see for sure if the cooling fans coming on.you may have a bad temperature sending unit.for the cooling fan.please ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Engine overheats 1994 Toyota Pickup/3.0 VZE 3 liter------------ We replaced the radiator with a new one because it leaked. -We then discouvered that Water does not pump from radiator to the Engine (no circulations) . So we took the new radiator out to check the thermostat and water pump. The engine was full of antifreeze while the radiate had new, clean water in it which confirmed our notion that the water was not circulating. We found that boh the thermostat and water pump were in good working

There's got to be something up or wrong with the pump-that's the sole source of circulation for the entire cooling system. Did you pull it off to check it? Sometimes the impeller can shear off. Or did the blades show any signs of wear? Check the be ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

Braking system wife complained brake pedal went to the floor. i checked brake lines and found no leaks. brake resevoir is still full. pedal travels about 4" towards floor. what i have described happens when the car is running. i pumped the brakes when the car was not running and the brake pedal traveled only 2 to 3 inches to stop, when i started the car again, the pedal traveled the 4" inches again. pads are at about half gone. i was told by one guy that the booster will need replacing but i see

That guy may be right.\015\012To check booster function, press firmly on the brake pedal with the engine off, then start the car.\015\012If the pedal sinks and inch or two, then the booster is probably OK.\015\012\015\012If it was mine, I'd tak ... 2000 Lincoln Continental

1997 Buick Riviera 3.8L Supercharged. Car is running a bit hot (210 degrees). Had small radiator leak last week, replaced radiator and even replaced thermostat too. Car is still running warm. When I noticed the coolant leak last week, I also noticed that the engine cooling fans only run when the AC is turned on. Why would they only run when the AC is turned on? Shouldnt they kick on when the temp reaches 195 degrees (the thermostats setting)? Any ideas on what I should do?

Check the fan cooling switch on the intake to see if voltage runs through it when hot.It may be the problem. If not the cooling fan relay is bad ... Buick Riviera

Overheating but radiator is full of coolant, replaced thermostat and a sensor.it seems thst fan is not kicking on. tomorrow we will run a toggle switch fromj battery. did a pressure test on engine to see if it was head gasket but did not leak at all.seems to overheat quickly fromj cold start.

Is it runng smooth?\015\012 if it is its probly a bad waterpump!! \015\012a blown head gasket will make it run rough!!!!!!!! ... 1995 Buick Regal

Engine overheating. replaced thermostat and put new clutch fan on it, flushed the system and put antifreeze in. what else could it be? running out of options and do not have any antifreeze leaking out. it remains full. water is circulating good. is there a sensor that controls any of the cooling system

Could be waterpump or either the radiator is bad ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

My Sienna is a 2000, it runs hot after driving for about 15 minutes. The resevoir is full. I dont know what the problem could be. My mechanic is trying to roup me off by saying that I need to replace the radiator, hee thinks it has a leak because it over flows when coolant is added. Please help me.

Before replacing the radiator replace the thermostat if it is stuck closed will force antifreeze back out reservoir and overheat the car around a 10 dollar fix hope this helps but sounds like the problem ... 2000 Toyota Sienna
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