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98 dodge avenger es 6 cyl., won't start

\015 Just got a 98 dodge avenger es 6 cyl., replaced serpetine belt, air conditioner belt, oil change. since then car wouldn't start tried jumping nothing, had to take battery connectors off and clean them then jumped and started, ran for an hour shut it off and dead. brought it in and was told alternator was bad, bought one brought it in to install and they said it was fine so didn't replace it. after car starts my radio time is reset but my programmed stations are still there. what could be going on? i have to keep my battery charger with me at all times, cuz you never know if the car will start back up.\015
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Answers :

Is you battery going dead? How old is the battery? After 4-5 years a battery is bad and needs to be replaced.

It sounds like you didn't replace the alternator?

Do you get a click when you try to start and it wont start?

Also check the grounds on the starter they could have corroded and this would cause an non-normal starting pattern. To chech these locate them, usually close to that starter and screwed into the frame of the vehicle. Unscrew them and take a wire brush and clean them very good making sure to expose bare metal. Do the same to the frame where it is screwed into.

Make sure to unhook you battery before doing anything!

Reply with the answer to the questions and we can go from there.

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I have a 1998 dodge avenger se 6 cyl,, an it wont start its not the battery or the Fuel Pump not the Starter it just dont have any spark it acts like its out of gas but has a haf tank all looks good an is acting like it shood. i was driving down the road an it just quit any ideas

When you turn on key, do you hear the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds ? check fuses, & fuel pump relay,(it has a fuse also). fuel pump cannot be ruled out. next, your coil provides spark to plug wires, with an assistant, in drivers s ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

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98 dodge avenger es 6 cyl., won't start

Is you battery going dead? How old is the battery? After 4-5 years a battery is bad and needs to be replaced. It sounds like you didn't replace the alternator? Do you get a click when you try to start and it wont start? ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

Avenger 1998 6 cyl, from time to time wont start

A good place to start with this issue is with some code diagnostics. Since it is intermittant in nature, it may not reveal itself immediately, however, there should be faults stored in the PCM. You are correct however, the problem is electrical or ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

1998 Dodge Avenger .Where is the a.s.d. relay located and is this the reason why it wont start ?diagnostic test shows no codes. Engine turns over,no ignition, will not start replaced fuel pump, and checked anti thieft system can i bypass a.s.d.relay and or anti thieft system to determine if a.s.d. or anti thieft system is causing no start problem.

I thought that I already answered your question. But I will do it again. This link will help you very much. Just click on the link and it will open a new window. http://theavengerforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=582 ... Dodge Avenger

I have a 98 dodge avenger sport. when i start the car i turn key half way, wait for fuel injection to kick in, then start it. several times at the turn of the key to start it, it simply stalls out. wont run at all unless i keep foot on gas. after gassing it heavily sveral times for quite some time it will then idle out. have changed fuel filter. didnt help.blows out black smoke and smells gas when it does this. any ideas? im frustrated and usually late due to this problem.

The fuel injection pump should keep fuel at the top end all the time.it sounds like your fuel pump has failed totally. ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

98 Dodge Avenger wont start sometimes

CAR NO START PROBLEMS:-----\012\012 \012\012It\012can be the issue with weak battery or faulty battery or if battery is ok,then\012its faulty starter causing the issue.\012\012 ... Cars & Trucks

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My 1995 dodge avenger wont start just cranks over is hitting on cycliner 2 and 3 not i and 4 changed computer crank and cam sensors and coil still not starting

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1999 dodge 1 ton 4x4 dually 6 cyl. cummings auto trans all the guages go from normal to full on then all off then truck dies sometimes it will start up but most of the time it wont start, control comp. was swapped, as well as most of the computers modules have been swapped out with no luck, runs about 10 -15 min then dies. any ideas?

Probably bad instrument cluster very common problem on Dodge trucks. They also have issue with outside power distribution box. ... 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD

95 dodge avenger cranks over but wont start

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96 dodge avenger my oil light comes on and stays on wont start for a few hours

You need to pull the trouble codes out of the powertrain control module. ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

My 98 dodge avenger wont start i think its the starter pleas help

Sounds like the solenoid not grounded if you try to start and all it does is click then the solenoid is not grounded and if it's built on to the starter which it might be you might have to replace the starter. Try cleaning the wires going to th ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

Dodge avenger wont start it has nothingto do with the gas pump or alternarator

The alternator is not in the starting system,but most people think it isThe fuel pump has to be on until it sees a crank signal and suppliespressure at fuel rail. Do you have that ?Do you have spark while cranking?Is the i ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

I have a 1999 dodge avenger 6cyl. that was running on idle around 2000 rpm then all of a sudden dropped to under 100 rpm and now wont start. it will crank over but not run and if it does it for a seco

First a 2000 Rpm for idle is too high, it should run around 600-800 Rpm.Now check the spark and fuel pressure. ... 1999 Dodge Avenger

Im 98 dodge avenger died going down the road and now wont start.

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1997 dodge avenger wont start not gettting spark

If its a cap and rotor ignition, I would replace the distributor, ITS HAPPENNED TO ME~! no rhyme or reason just stops working, or doesnt start next time.. that was a sundance, I would bet on it if I was a betting man, or knew you... hope this helps, ... 1999 Dodge Avenger

2008.avenger turns over but wont. Start - 2008 Dodge Avenger

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My 96 dodge avenger wont start but i have gas cuming out of filter and when i spray gas in to the thorle body it srart for a sec

Probably clogged fuel injectors. ... Dodge Avenger

I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus that refuses to start in the rain. It will crank but it just wont turn over. Its a 6 cyl 3.0L engine, if that helps... Ive had many suggestions but none of them have panned out. Any Ideas of why this could be happening or what I may need to do to fix it?

Hi, the most common reason for a car not starting in the rain is found in the spark plugs. Wire insulation can wear thin and this causes the voltage to arc to the metal of the car engine rather then going into the spark plug. You can check for this v ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Sometimes when I start my 2009 Dodge Avenger the audio controls do not work. The touch screen is working fine but the volume wont go up or down and nothing will play out of the speakers.

Sounds like the audio/stereo unit is (going) bad.Take it back to the dealer - should still be under warranty.GL,Td ... 2009 Dodge Avenger

1995 Dodge Avenger. 2.0 liter 4 cyl. 166K miles. The automatic transmission will shift down into a low gear and get stuck there. Can't change with the shift lever, accel/decel, O/D switch, etc. Have to stop, turn off the engine and start again. Worse when hot. Or if its in the low gear at a stop, it is hard to accellerate. Seems to slip until it gets up to speed. Bought the car used, so not sure if trans has ever been serviced. Should I have the filter and fluid changed? Why does shutt

It could be a couple of different things. Getting the tranny serviced will for sure not hurt anything. If the fluid is dark and not a pink color, then I would have the fluid and filter changed. The automatic transmission relay could be bad. This woul ... 1995 Dodge Avenger

I have a 2008 Dodge avenger and it wont start and has a lighting bolt light on what's wrong with it

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My car started smoking by the left speaker on the dashboard in my 1998 dodge avenger it smelled like burning plastic. I pulled over to check if the car was ok under the hood and nothing was wrong. Then I had a friend look at it they couldn't see anything. Then took it to a mechanic a week ago to check why the engine light was on they said it was emissions. now the check engine light wont read when you plug it in????

The dash will have to be taken apart to fix the wires. sounds like some wires from the main harness got shorted out on some sharp metal under the dash. could have been there and finely warn through. ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

99 dodge avenger 2.5L V6 will not start at times and when it does it will run fine but without hesitation just shut off and wont restart for a period of time. I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, distributor, spark plugs, wires and drained and added full tank fuel with injector cleaner additive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

There are so many things that could cause this issue, including crank sensor, cam sensor, and too many to list. But i would start with those first.\015\012There a few simple tests that your local repair shop can do, and will usually cost you an hour ... 1999 Dodge Avenger
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