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1996 Chrysler T&C won't run after PCM change

\015 Took my van to the store one day, went inside and when I came back out it would not start. When I got it home and checked, there was no spark. \012\012I changed the TPS, Coil pack, and Idle air control valve.\012\012I replaced the PCM with a new one that was coded to my vehicle. I gave them the VIN and the mileage to program it. After I changed the PCM it turned over but it ran very rough and backfired through the manifold. It doesn't want to idle unless I hold the gas pedal all the way to the floor.\012\012I thought maybe it was the cam sensor affecting the timing so I changed that yesterday. No luck. Still doesn't want to run right and backfires. I'm at a total loss here. Any ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

A bad sensor will set a dtc in most causes but not all ck the wires and sensor with a meter wiggle ck. also ck your timing and fuel if all seem good try new pcm or good used one.
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1996 Chrysler T&C won't run after PCM change

A bad sensor will set a dtc in most causes but not all ck the wires and sensor with a meter wiggle ck. also ck your timing and fuel if all seem good try new pcm or good used one. ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

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\012HelloThe\012Engine and Automatic Transmission (not applicable to manual\012transmissions) in this vehicles drive train are fully\012electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM and TCM (Power\012Train Control Module, ... 1996 Chrysler Concorde

Hi,i have a 96 accord 4 cyl. vtec. just recently there has beeen a power loss issue. i have changed the alternator,check the ignition switch,tested fuses , battery seems fine,connections are good no corrosion,but cannot find problem. the car will start drive for abit then gauge lights start dimming out ,speed and tact go to 0, till the car dies out it wont restart.its jumps fast,ande runs for alittle while then same,everything dims out and dies

Check the alternator voltage , it has to be 13.8 to 14.4 vdc. it sounds like your car is running off the battery alone. Sometimes a bad battery will take out an alternator,and after replacing it goes again.Check all connections,and check the feedback ... 1996 Honda Accord

Our 98 3.2 l no spark ,, no injector pulse but the fuel pump run . i change the cam sensor the crankangle sensor , the pcm and wont fire

A computer scan is needed,not knowing your kownledge level about cars it can get expensive,i suggest rent a scaner so you see what ecm is doing ... 1998 Chrysler Concorde

2000 dodge status 2.4 it had an internment run and not run problem and then threw a code ( ignition no signal form the crank or cam sensor) forgot witch one so I scanned it again and no code so I changed them both and nothing checked for spark anew nothing so I changed the coil and still nothing checked all fuses all good and have power change all relays to the pcm and computer nothing so I changed the pcm thinking its getting power but not putting out still nothing and I did the timing belt a

I think it could be the wiring between the crankshaft and/or camshaft sensors. Check for reference voltage at the sensors. ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Wont run 1985 ramcharger 318 4wd, sat for 4 years outside, put in a new battery, 3 gallons of gas and it started right up, drove it three miles down the road, changed the oil and filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires ( one at a time to not cross them), changed the distributer cap, now it wont run, when you try and start it it will run for 1/2 sec then nothing, put in new ignition coil and still nothing, im not getting spark! any ideas please!

The problem may be with the distributor try to find a cheap used one at a junk yard, the same thing happened to my dads 1990 ramcharger ... 1985 Dodge Ramcharger

Took our 2001 Caravan SE to local mechanic because rear wiper quit working. They diagosed proble as faulty PCM. Thought they were doing us a favour by putting in a used one from a 2002 that they thought was correctly coded. Everthing ran fine for a couple of minutes until they went to drive it and then everything quit. Tried putting the old PCM back on and van still wouldn't run. Ordered new PCM from Chrysler but still can't make the van run. Now it has been towed to Chrysler shop and th

I dont see why they would diag the pcm for the rear wiper, power from fuse to switch to wiper!! no pcm in between this operation. I would have had this fixed in a hour. Have mechanic pay for the bill to get it running. It was running fine when you to ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I was driving and my car died and wont restart. long cranks but wont turn over. I changed the battery still no start.I checked faults codes and got p0340. I changed the cam sensor and code went away. I checked codes again and got p0522. changed oil and oil pressure sensor and car still wont start. I disconnected the battery 1 hr to reset pcm. still getting p0522 how can i get the engine to build pressure for the sensor if the car wont start.

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You might have to take your dodge to the dealership so they can flash the computer.... call them and ask..... ... Dodge Ram 2500

My 87 t bird coupe wont run, changed the fuel filter and fuel pump but still wont run. It will idle at 500 rpms for about a minute but wont stay running.

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1987 Samurai idles fine. Above idle goes lean, runs rough, mc dwell 0. Rebuilt carb., no change. replaced with rebuilt carb., no change. Timing bounced around when engine running bad, replaced dist. w/rebuilt, no change. Replaced ECU with known good one, no change.

87 has no ECU. so must be an engine swap to a 89 or newer trackeror last sammi that did have EFI.you said EFI and Carb in same paragraph and that is a contradiction.post to my bbs for more help.http://www.fixkick.com/bbs/post ... 1988 Suzuki Samurai

I have a 2000 dodge ram 1500 4wd pickup.. it was running rough.changed the cap rotor wires and plugs.that helped,but when the engine warms up the truck wont run except at full throtle..it wont idle or run on the road unless its at 3/4 or full throtle..I thought it might be the throtle sensor but I got a throtle body from a friend (from the salvage yard) and no change in performance..I also checked the fuel presure, but why would it run wide open if there was a fuel problem..no difference. I keep

Sounds more like a timing problem, probley the timing chain and gear ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Hyundai sonata 2000 gls. v6. HAs no EGR. Emission test, first try, HC(0) CO (0) nox 1033 mechanic said my engine seems hot (there was also heat out of vents blowing out. I cleaned my maf sensor and put on high octane gas and fuel cleaner drove for a week and retested. ssecond try HC(0) CO (0) nox 1250. failed agian. I changed my mass airflow from anotehr car and change my 3 front spark plugs myself not the three at back. Car seemed to be running better and engine definitely cooler no mor

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I shut the truck off and tried to start it back and it wouldnt i checked the fuel pump and it wasnt running, i changed the relay and still nothing, so i pulled the bed off and changed the pump, turn the key on and the fuel pump still doesnt run but crank the engine over and it runs very low you can barely hear it, We have power at the plug in and i cleaned under the ground wire and put it back on the frame and it still wont run

Check fuses in box, pull them one at a time and check to see if any are blown, replace blown fuses and maybe that will get you going,hope this helps you, robert b. ... 1992 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 95 gmc k1500 5.7 tbi i have no power it seems to take a long time to start full pump seems to run for ever befor shuting off (gets up to presshure) changed the fule pump a few months ago with no change changed the fule filter at same time just cant get no power out of this truck it is very slugesh wont even turn the tires on gravel had no codes cuming up changed the modual under the distributor , knock sensor, coil, cap ,rotor,wires,plugs,coolent temp sensor,run seafome through it ,spre

If catalytic converter and muffler not stopped up.the throttle body injector unit fuel pressure regulator could be faulty its built in the throttle body unit.you have to replace the whole unit.also you could have a intake manifold vacuum leak.or your ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

1999 mazda 626 v6 2.5l barely starts, runs/idles horrible,smells very rich,stalls, pretty tough to keep it running. after a few minutes of keeping it running, its even harder or wont restart, ive tred a crank sensor, i have good fuel and pressure, i have strong spark although I suspect spark timing off. I only get pcm dtc p1604 pcm comminication error with immobilizer. From my automotive experience on other makes,the immobilizer only is involved in starting not running the vehicle, could an inte

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2002 toyota camry xle v6. I had the air filter changed and the battery changed and now my car will start but wont stay running unless I am pressing the gas pedal. My car was running perfect before I let the shop change these two itmes. What is wrong with my car?!?!?!?!?! HELP!!!!!

You know the answerThe shop put the problem in thereRetrace their workLoose Air Filter box cover & unmetered airentering the ductingNow the MAF Sensor can't get a correct read on theincoming air flow ... 2002 Toyota Camry

2000 suburban ls. the vent wont change from heater to air. If i'm running the air and turn it to heat the vent still blows cool. If i'm running the heater and turn it off it still blow hot However if the heater is turned off and you turn the truck off for a few hours it will change back to cool. I changed the 3 knob controller in tthe dash. That didn't fix it. what would be me next step? Thanks


Missfiring will not run changed plugs changed fuel filter changed pigtail on 2002 sportage still wont run

Take a plug wire off and use a pair of pliers with rubber handles to hold the wire.hold the wire next to the plug and have someone crank over the engine.(make sure none of your loose clothing is close to anything that turns.)and if you dont see a spa ... 2002 Kia Sportage

93 jeep cherokee 4.0 H.O.... symptoms:go out crank it, will idle till runs out of gas,put in gear and take off right away will run fine till you go a few miles and try to stop it dies and most times wont start for a min of 30. if you let it idle awhile cant go 45 ft and try to stop.if you can get on the freeway will run great till you have to stop for fuel then you better hope you brought a good book cuz you stranded for 30 min to an hour. THINGS TRIED SO FAR:clean TB,changed wires plugs ,change

Have the codes been checked again, need u to do that so i can see what is going on, bet there is a fault code stored, I also would have changed the coil long before replacing the ECM, ECM failure rates are about 2% of every one ever made, so that is ... 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country

Have 1989 toyota 4 runner with v 6 engine the only way it will get enough power to the fuel pump to run truck is to take the relays out and put them back then the truck will run until you get where you are going then it wont start until you do it again any takers on this one????????? if so please helpi changed the relay on drivers side foot panel also changed the fuse under engine there is a circut open relay in passenger side floor panel havent changed that one but test ok on ohms test have cha

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