Having problems with your 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier ?

Engin light keeps coming on and the engin keeps jumping.

\015 Everytime I'm driving the car jerks back and forth all the time. My car is a standard by the way. If someone could tell me what this means and approximetly how much money it will take to fix if its a major problem and ,if you guys know.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

1st u have to find out what trouble code is turning on the CEL (check eng light), then we can talk possiable causes and fix estimates, go to Kragen auto or Autozone and ask to have a trouble code test run, it is free.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

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Engin light keeps coming on and the engin keeps jumping.

1st u have to find out what trouble code is turning on the CEL (check eng light), then we can talk possiable causes and fix estimates, go to Kragen auto or Autozone and ask to have a trouble code test run, it is free. ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi .....EF fford falcon , the alt light comes on , light go dim , dash gauges go to zero , the lights buzzer goes off , and will stall the engine , if you jump start it , it may go back to normal, and start fine , or it will keep flatting the battery it seems , please hlep thanks russell

Normally it is a power steering leak and the oil leaks onto the altenator, causing a short in the altenator. ... 1995 Ford Escort

Engine light kept comeing on then it would not start we jump started it now the stop light keeps flashing.

U may have sort curcuted the ecu suggest take for service ... 2005 Peugeot 405

Check engine light keeps coming on my 2002 Honda civic si. After MANY times at the same Machanic he keeps throwing codes to the car resets the light. After 30 miles or more it comes back on. Things he has trown at me to for him to fix: cam shaft sensors, vtec, and some other sensors. Just months before I had to change the timing chain also and is correctly in? Had to change it because there was an oil leak. This is information in what I've done and the check engine light is still on.

If its throwing a code for cam sensor but new sensor does not fix it given the fact of recently replacing the timing chain id say it sounds like the timing was not set correctly which is causing the cam sensor to receive abnormal readings throwing th ... Cars & Trucks

2000 Buick leSabre - sensors keep coming off & on. I'll be driving along & then the radio will turn off, the seat belt light comes on, the service engine soon light comes on , then lights will go off, the traction control light will come off and then go off, the doors will lock & then unlock. This happens maybe once /week but quite freaky when it does happen when your driving along. The car still keeps running fine. It's just the bells & whistles going off & on.

Sounds like a battery ground,check chassis ground strap coming from - batt terminal to the body. Also the one bellhousing bolt in front of engine down by the starter has ground for sensors.\015\012 Check there ,make sure it's tight. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Check engine light is on, went to auto zone ,checkers and the dealer to have them check it out, came back with transmission slippage, have not notice any slippage, the overdrive light keeps blinking when the check engine light comes on. the ck. eng. light comes on for a few days then come off for a few days.

It needs transmission work. Just because you cant feel it, doesnt mean its not there, the trans computer compares shaft speeds and knows theres a problem. If you keep driving it, it will get worse and leave you waliking. ... 2002 Lincoln Navigator

The check engine light keeps turning on after I have the oxygen sensor replaced. I've had the sensor replaced 3 times as the light keeps turning on and the shop keeps telling me that that's the only thing that is coming up. I need to get a smog check by then of this month in order to pay my tags but the check engine keeps turning on. After I leave the shop they instruct me to drive the car for 20-25 miles before taking it in for the smog check but the light turns on before I reach the 20 mi

Ok, i think we need a sanity check here. it sounds to me that the Ox sensor is doing what it is supposed to do, it checks the exhaust gas to make sure it is "clean". It does this by measuring the amount of oxygen levels in the exhaust gases as they ... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1996 GMC Sierra 4X4 5.7 litre engine. It keeps throwing a code that indicates the ignition control module is bad...I replaced it and it ran great. But the check engine light keeps coming on. It will intermintally come on and go off when I restart the engine. Now the engine is dying when it gets hot again, just like it did before i replaced the module. Why woud it keep making the module go bad?

Wow, that's a toughy. Perhaps there is some sort of ground to short going on. Other than taking it to a dealership or mechanic, the only thing you can do is change out parts and check voltages. There could be a short in the ignition switch itself. Ha ... 1996 GMC Sierra

My 2006 passat 2.0t keeps losing power while im driving! i have to turn it off and turn in back on and when i park and turn if off for more that 30min i have to get it jump started. The battery is only a few months old and i just had the alternator changed. The code that comes up for my check engine light is P0089 which says fuel pressure

... Volkswagen Passat

2007 Buick Rendezvous, had to jump start it and now the service engine light is on and the tempurature gauge won't work? Also the cooling fan keeps coming on like the car is running hot?

Have your charging system and battery tested before anything. ... 2007 Buick Rendezvous CXL SUV

The car keeps jumping gears sometimes and air gets in the pistons. service engine light only comes on randomly. i went to autozone for the code scanning and nothing showed up twice. took it to mechanic they said nothing wrong and it never messed up for them as soon as i left it did it to me it only happens when i have to stop and start a lot or accelerate too fast. the fuel pump is new and the filter is about a year old. a year or two ago i messed it up and they had to replace all of it and it

Auto zone can only help you when the check engine light is "on" SUGGEST THAT YOU HAVE IT CODE READ AT AUTO ZONE THE NEXT TIME THE LIGHTS ON,WHEN IT DOES COME ON,LEAVE IT RUNNING THEN when you have someone with you,leave the car running,go inside auto ... Saturn L300

My check engine light keeps coming on! The code that keeps coming up is p0105! What exactly is it? The map sensor has already been changed and still the check engine light stays on and the same code still appears!

Well, something related to manifold pressure is at issue. Look for intake leaks, cracked or dislodged hoses. Check engine compression, it appears that the Map sensor was a victim and not a cause. This is often the case with error codes. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My Fusion wont start, I have had the battery checked and it is ok. When I turn the key only the oil lamp and safety lock light comes on and it keeps on going click, click, click. If the I jump start the engine for a couple of minutes the car starts no problem and remain ok all day, if I don't use the car for 1 day or so I have the same problem. Any ideas please. Kev

First make sure your battery terminals are clean and tight. If this doesn't fix it, the problem may be a short in your system that is draining the battery. This case will require troubleshooting. \015\012Please see my tip at ... 2004 Ford Fusion

First Gear I have an 98 Oldsmobile Bravada, and when I get on the freeway my check engine light comes on and when I get off it jumps in to first gear hard. What could this be? When i turn the car off it does not jum p in to first gear hard anymore, again what could this be? They tell me the check engine light comes from the hvac hose and its a small problem, and that it could be something electric for the gear jumping. I dont think electricity has a part in changing gears. What about you?

A bad vehicle speed sensor can make them shift hard ... 1996 Oldsmobile LSS

The battery keeps draining and it sort of stutters when i go to turn on the engine. It charges right back up when i jump it but the minute i turn off the car the battery is drained again. the battery light also comes on when i drive.

This may be over-simplified, but to find the battery drain: Remove the positive battery cable from the battery and insert an ammeter in series beween battery and cable. If something is draining the battery, it will show on the ammeter. Remove fuse ... 1992 Chevrolet Corvette

Vacuum hose boot doesn't "snap" on, like a spark plug boot would (the inside part is missing) what can I do to keep it from coming off? It just fits on loosely, so I continue to get the "check engine" light. I take the ground wire off of the battery to reset the "check engine" light, but it keeps coming back on after driving it for a while. The car is a 1999 Taurus.

Try an auto parts store that stocks a wide variety of boots that may replace the current boot or hose which isn't fitting correctly, causing a vacuum leak, causing the check engine light.\015\012\015\012May have to cut off a portion of th ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Warning lights My car is a golf gti, turbo. when i start the car, the oil engine symbol keeps coming up , it says ''oil engine workshop!'' when i drive, then it keeps saying STOP. i have put more engine oil in twice now over the last two days, but still keeps flashing when i drive and makes a beeping noise three times everytime the sign comes up?? please can you advise me what i need to do???

Either you have a lubrication problem or a bad oil pressure sender. You need to have it scanned for DTC and do an oil pressure test before you seize your engine. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

Tire pressure light comes on even when i put air in tire also check engine light comes on often!! the car dealership keep just taking it off and the light keep coming back on. what do i do?

AC condensation is leaking on front and rear floor mat ... Buick LeSabre

Installed a used engine in a 2006 chevy optra manual transmission and the engine light keeps coming my engine light comes on, sometimes it flashing, sometimes it a solid light. the diagnostic reading

Need to scan it when light is on ... Cars & Trucks

My abs light comes on my traction control light comes on my air bag light comes on then they will go off the engine light has never come on then when it sets for a few hrs it want start no power at all. Then when u jump it off the h3 2006 will run fine and then lights come on again then go off and as long as u don't let it set for a long time it will start fine. I had the battery checked it was fine it was putting out 12.7 volts

... Hummer H3

Peugeot 406 1.8 (1999) - Car shaped (slipping car) warning light on dashboard. what is it? and Oil pressure too low also comes seperately Warning light is in between Engine & Airbag warning lights. It keeps coming from last two days. But before I had Engine oil too low error . But when I accelerate it disappears. But the warning light (car) is still on) Please help

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1987 cutlass and the engine light keeps coming on but then going off again and repeating itself over and over the engine idles rough. There was a vacuum hose running from the back of the engine to the firewall that was collapsed and i unplugged the hose and the gas pedal is a whole lot easier to depress and the engine seems to have more power now and the idle isn't rough anymore but light still coming on still?

Replace the vacuum hose with anew hose & reconnect to firewall & engine, have an auto parts store read codes 4 OBD system, they do 4 free! You may have 2 disconnect the positive side of the battery 4 at least 1 minute than reconnect. Some vehicles re ... 1987 Oldsmobile Ciera

Warning light keeps on coming on saying that coolant level is low , going throu bottles of the stuff had it checked on a journey down south in aug by a guy in green flag as the engine was also over heatin he thought maybe the cap hadn't been screwed back on properly when we put the coolant in?? We left the car over night and its been fine since until this wk warning light keeps comin on I keep opponents it up to no avail only difference this time is the engine is not over heatin it keeps at a st

... Insignia Cars & Trucks

Epc light comes on/off randomely merc diagnostics say its a code p1190-128 and y74 and n3/9 The ml270d the epc light came on and the engine went into limbo and lost all power and egine went off. Restarted the car and the epc light went off and drove ok and now the epc light comes on and only goes off now and than. The car drives ok but i keep it below 2.5k rpm sometime it doesnt have that full power you would expect from a 2.7cdi engine bit sluggish. previous owner says that the battery went dea

... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

The ECL and check engine light come on everytime the car starts. that is if it starts. In the heat or just randomly the car wont start. it will crank but wont start.the only time the car does start is when the ECL and check engine lights come on. this usually happens during the day. also, at night the computer keeps the right headlight from working and the brights from working. when i flick the brights on the lights go out. This problem even messes up the LCD screen in the center of gauge cluste

WHAT YEAR AND TYPE? ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
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