Having problems with your 1996 Chevrolet Astro ?

1996 Chev Astro Van V6: where is the knock sensor located? how do I replace it - step by step? thanks

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Answers :

The knock sensor is located on the top of the engine toward the front. Best bet is to get the part first then you will know what to look for. It goes into a hole that is exposed to coolant. near the thermostat.
\015\012Generally a knock sensor code does not mean you have bad knock sensor. If the codes indicates open (high voltage)or short then it could be unplugged or failed internally.
\015\012A knock sensor code usually points to a pinging issue caused by bad fuel, try running 91 to see if the code goes away. Winter fuel is different than summer fuel.
\015\012Also clogged fuel injectors or a weak fuel pump could cause a knock sensor code. If you experience lack of power or pinging then the sensor is doing what it is programmed to do. Or if the van is running hotter than normal this could set a knck sensor code also because the hotter the engine is the less fuel is added and the more friction is created in the cylinders.
\015\012Also carbon buildup in the cylinders will cause pinging. A good fuel injection service will clean up the injectors if they are clogged and also clean the valves and cylinders.
\015\012You could try chevron techron additive with a full tank of chevron 91 to see if this helps. I would do this as my first choice not knowing what the code was you retrieved.
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1996 Chev Astro Van V6: where is the knock sensor located? how do I replace it - step by step? thanks

The knock sensor is located on the top of the engine toward the front. Best bet is to get the part first then you will know what to look for. It goes into a hole that is exposed to coolant. near the thermostat. \015\012\015\012Generally ... 1996 Chevrolet Astro

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The check engine light came on in my 1995 Nissan XE 4 cyl pickup and I took it to the shop. They said it was the O2 sensor & Wanted 385.00 to replace it. I went to autozone and got one for 20.00. Also replaced the plugs and plug wires. Disconnected the battery cables to reset light but it came back on. 1. What would be the next step now that the O2 sensor has been replaced? 2. Where is the computer located to see what codes come up now? 3. What are the codes for the 1995 pickup?

I would recommend you have Autozone lookup the code on your vehicle, and then report back here with the code. Here is a list of the Generic Codes: http://www.obd-codes. ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

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Check engine light on for many miles, showed EGR error and knock sensor error. Replaced egr valve vacuum hoses, check engine light off. Knock sensor error still showing. Heard it was a glitch in the internal monitors but cannot find info on this. Do you know where I can locate that?

Do not ever replace knock sensor.\015\012\015\012go here for help\015\012\015\012http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/ ... 1996 Mercury Villager

I have 1990 chevy corsica 2.2 engine turns but no spark replaced the ignition module still no spark no fuel have been told could be knock sensor can tell me where the knock sensor is located

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Hi\015\012\015\012Guess it’s the pad moving in the caliper.A set of anti-squeal shims should sort it....pugs also use a strange wire setup to hold the pads...have a look if you have alloys on, this might have been put on incorrectly ... Dodge Ram 1500

Sluggish when you step on the gas. From a dead stop when you go to take off it has a lag of power. Once you get going it is fine. Already replaced fuel injectors, fuel filter, spark plugs, the cam shaft and crank shaft position sensors. Replaced the throttle bottle position sensor, cleaned the throttle body out, new coil, fuel pump and coil is only a year old. Van has only 160,000 miles.

You did mention the oxygen sensors or the PVC valve..\015\012\015\012I would try replacing them..\015\012\015\012Please dont forget to rate well ;o) ... 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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Check out you tube, replacing knock sensor ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

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The truck broke down and cut te power send it to shop to fix it the mechanic replace the distributor and whe i pick it up from the shop iddle was from 500 to 750 i was running good then 2 day after i was on the freeway and rpm start to go down from 4 to 2 and back to 4 the cut off and after a towing the truck start i drive in the city with no problems just the iddle up and don it turns of but starts i believe it may be knock sensor or computer but i dont know where is located knock sensor or com

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