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I have VW Jetta 2.0 1995. When I start cold engine-it starts great but than it cut out by itself. It can't hold engine speed without pressing accelerator. When I start driving- car is shaking in each gear especially when I hold pedal in the same speed. If I press acelerator down-it is not shaking but once I hold it-it start shaking again. Moreover it is shaking in neutral if I press accelerator a little especially in 1000-2000 rph range. No CE light. I replaced Throttle position sensor and distr

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VW shaking I have VW Jetta 2.0 1995. When I start cold engine-it starts great but than it cut out by itself. It can't hold engine speed without pressing accelerator. When I start driving- car is shaking in each gear especially when I hold pedal in the same speed. If I press acelerator down-it is not shaking but once I hold it-it start shaking again. Moreover it is shaking in neutral if I press accelerator a little especially in 1000-2000 rph range. No CE light. I replaced Throttle position senso

Sounds like the fuel pressure regulator but first try new fuel filter and maybe clean spark plugs and reset them ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

I have VW Jetta 2.0 1995. When I start cold engine-it starts great but than it cut out by itself. It can't hold engine speed without pressing accelerator. When I start driving- car is shaking in each gear especially when I hold pedal in the same speed. If I press acelerator down-it is not shaking but once I hold it-it start shaking again. Moreover it is shaking in neutral if I press accelerator a little especially in 1000-2000 rph range. No CE light. I replaced Throttle position sensor and distr

... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

Sputturing engine two days ago my 2000 expedition started sputturing out of nowhere. When i press the gas to accelerate it shakes like crazy. When i go off the pedal to let it coast it will be fine until i stop at a light or intersection it will jus shake and then when i take off it shakes as it accelerates until i go one speed. I have checked all fluids and the oil was changed about 1500 miles ago. any ideas?

Have your spark plugs, coil pack boots checked for moisture,on many ford water will accumulate around plugs,expeually if it has rained recently. ... 2001 Ford Expedition

The frontend starts to shake when I reach 55mph but goes away at faster and slower speeds. I had a nissan dealer replace a front engine mount not long ago which gave the same symptom. The tires are new and have been checked again. The front end alignment was checked including the suspension. It shakes only on the acceleration and not the coasting at 55mph. When the engine mount was bad it shook at 65mph on the hills while accelerating. After the engine mount was repaired it now starts to shake a

I could be one of the drive axles. ... 2001 Nissan Quest

Toyota 2003 Car of 85kW 2.0 D4D diesel. Who have a similar experience with some of these engines. The problem is this: if the engine is warm and then lowering the engine speed, the car starts to twitch. The car starts to lose power. When holding the accelerator pedal at the bottom, nothing happens. Motor is thinking for 5-10 seconds, then throws a cloud of black smoke from the silencer. When the engine is cold, there is no problem. Cold start, idle, and acceleration is very good with a cold engi

... 2004 Toyota Avalon

I have a Chevrolet silverado 2000 V6, 4.3L The engine is start right away if i turn the key to start. At park (P) position or drive (D) position the engine try to stop if I press the paddle to accelerate, the engine mostly try to die, no idle any more (the engine tries to stop and it stop if I keep holding the accelerate paddle). Also the air (smoke) from muffler tail come out low and high...low and high. Can experts help me to solve this problem. Thank you very much!

Does the engine accerlerate in neutral? Or does it die at higher speed in neutral??? If so you may have a plugged up exhaust system. Try disconnecting or loosneing up the flange before the catalic converter and then see if it runs normal. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


Sounds like a fuel problem to me. check on the fuel rack for a valve that looks exactly like a tire valve,turn your ignition key to 'on' position,then take a nail and push in on the tire looking valve{caution!!!} wear protective glasses as the fuel w ... 1997 Nissan Pickup

Shaking engine... hello, i have a 02 honda accord and after about a month or two of having a the belts changed (all the works after 60k mile )in the engine.the engine starts shaking everytime i change gears from P to D or even when i have it on P(idle). its not a constant shaking but its about every 20 to 30 sec when idle. also after i had the jod done and i accelerate at speeds of 5-20 my engine sounds like jet airplane engine. Thank you in advance.

... 2002 Honda Accord

I have an 2005 Volvo S60R 6 speed manual transmission with 89,000 miles. Recently I have noticed a problem with acceleration in the 4th, 5th and 6th gears. When I press on the gas peddle to accelerate, I can hear the engine rev up as a I press on the gas (without an increse on the RPM's on the tachometer), however there is a short delay before the car actually starts to accelerate. Is the clutch going? Will it have to be replaced, or can it be adjusted? Most of my driving is on the highway.

This is due to a worn clutch, Replacing the clutch is best as otherwise it wont engage the transmission at the correct time when u depress the clutch pedal, It cant be adjusted as it will just wear out again after abit so replacing it is the best opt ... Volvo S60

I own a 1992 mazda 121 and the engine is cutting in and out. When i press the accelerator and hold it in one spot, the revs go up and down, even when the pedal is pressed at one spot, the engine turns off as soon as i relese the pedal. The revs seem to drop very suddenly, and the engine cuts out. This has just happened all of a sudden, im not sure if it has anything to do with the fuel as i just put full tank e10 last night. When i started the car this morning and drove off, the car was runn

... Mazda 323

Hi All! I have a 2000 Mercury Sable, a DOHC 24 valve engine. I have an issue with 1,2,3 cylinders. They misfire especially when the car is cold. When the car starts initially, the RPMs go under a 1000 and the car shakes badly due to engine. There is also a gas odor once the car is initiated. Once I increase speed, for instance on the highway, the car is fine, but if the speed is unsteady and I have to make stops at the lights, the engine goes off and the car dies. On this model, any spark plug h

The air fuel control mod can cause the prob you are having 1990 to 2000 ford rangers are bad about doing what yours is doing and it is always that air fuel mod ... 2000 Mercury Sable

I left my VW Jetta 2.0 1995 for about 3 month and that came back and started it. It bacame underpowered and the check engine is on. Moreover it is shaking when I push accelerator. But it was not like that before I left it. It was staying open air. I brought my car to mechanic-he told me that my problem is in distributor and he replaced it. Absolutly like before(bad). Later he told me that it is throttle position sensor. I replaced it. Now it is not shaking but it is underpovered and I can start

Your problem is not having the correct air:gas ratio of 14.6:1 to begin with. When you accelerated, throttle valve open but gas is not delivered to mix with air in a correct ratio that why you felt underpowered.\015\012The main problem is that you ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1994 chevy cheyenne 3500 dually 1 ton. I got in and went 2 drive home and noticed shaking which it wasnt doin at all b4. Almost like the ebrake stuck a little or a low tire. It has a manual trans. with a slave cylinder. When i press in the clutch and coast it stops shaking. when i let off the clutch it starts again without me pressin the gas. It seems to do it at any speed but especially when im speeding up or turning. Its like there is some resistence slowin me down along with the shak

The first thing you should do is pull the drive shaft. The vibration you describe sounds like a universal joint going bad, so after the drive shaft is out check the joints for stiffness or play. You may have one or more bad. ... 1994 Chevrolet C/K 3500

My engine starts fine, but when it is put in gear and the accelerator pressed the vehicle doesnt move. I can get it to move if i hold the rpm right at around 2500 and then it just barely grabs and starts to move. It is the 4.6L V-8 with automatic transmission. It also has been sitting for about 7 months prior to me trying to move it. Prior to it being stored, it occasionally had problems where it would have trouble staying running and when brakes were applied the engine rpms would be pulled d

Check oil of the transmission.. your transmission is slipping that's why you need to rev it alot to move ! ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

Engine Mechanical problem 2004 Kia Sedona 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100K miles the mpv has a 2.5L, Problem: 1) when press a little hard at the pedal to make the car move, the engine shake hard. however in idle the engine run smoothly. 2)engine jerking when start acceleration (after the mpv had move) Error code detected: P0150 - O2 sensor circuit malfunction (B2S1) is it have any thing to do with the valve control?

Nothing to do with valve control but o2 sensor should be replaced and also sounds like the engine is misfiring when gas is applied, this may be caused by a bad coil or sparkplug.when was your last tune up?, i would replace sensor and also make sure t ... 2004 Kia Sedona

Hello, I have a Mazda Demio 2005, automatic transmission. Of late I have discovered that when I start cruising and reach about 80 km/hr speed, the car seems to hold at that speed and pressing harder on accelerator cable the revolutions increase so much but the speed is low. What could be the problem?

... Cars & Trucks

Choppy idle when i start the engine it idles choppy and the engine shakes than as the engine warms up it idles fine...... while driving: after shifting into 2nd gear when i press the gas it doesn't want to accelerate i just did an oil change and trying to get her in to selling condition.... any help? Car: 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio 2.0L 140,000 miles

Check your IAC or Idle Air Control Valve. They often gum up and would likely cause a problem like this. You may be able to clean it yourself. If you risk getting cleaner fluid into the IAC motor, then you may ruin it.\015\012\015\012Also, your ... 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio

1996 Buick Century- When accelerating from stop, engine revs but car won't move in Drive. Once up to 30mph in another gear (2nd, etc) will move in Drive. Problem started with stall-like shaking during accelerating from stop. Also, loud revving noise from 45mph to levelling off at 60mph. Seems like car wants to continue running even when I stop accelerating. I am able to coast at full speed for approx. 1/10 mi. Breaks checked-fine. Is it transmission or fuel line issue?

Low on fluid!\015\012transmission pump failing or converter loose or cracked drive plate where converter bolts up to\015\012could be slipping clutches or bands\015\012or even the control module\015\012get it to a workshop asap ... 1999 Buick Century


This sounds like the Mass Air Flow sensor. The sensor acts as a choke. The engine will run ok at an idle, but when you give it throttle the throttle responds but the MAF sensor will not let enough air to mix with the gas. Try unplugging the MAF senso ... Dodge Pickup

I need serious help! Not a single mechanic has been able to solve my problem! After a night of resting, when I start my 95 Maxima up, it starts up fine. As I drive and as the engine warms up, the car will start to skip. As the driving continues, I experience all of the following issues: 1. There is very little acceleration and the harder I press the gas, the RPM needle goes down and the car will threaten to shut off or it will shut off if I continue to hold it down. 2. It shuts off when I come t

The mass air flow sensor is more than likely causing the problem. The mass air flow sensor is on the hose that runs from the air filter box to the fuel injection. Try to unplug the electrical connection to the mass air flow sensor and drive the car. ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Auto Trans. 2010 Cobalt. Engine can be either warm or cold. Have noticed first start of the day. Very cold outside air temp. Accelerator response practically non-existent. lever in "D," but have tried lower shift positions. Engine revs, but BARELY any forward motion, especially on even the slightest of inclines. On level road, engine revs to 3500, speed barely 10 mph. While attempting to cross traffic from side road to make left turn, car would not get out of its own way - have nearly been

Real cold tranny fluid maybe,,., r u letting it completely warm up first? ... 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

Hi my 2001 Nissan Maxima VQ30 engine , when I starting the car It's won't start but if I start with press accelerator It will so I release accelerator then It's stop so again I do the same way and keep accelerator press few minute and release accelerator then it's fine every time when the engine cold it's happen same please help me to solve the problem thanks

Try a cts coolant temperature sensor if it is out of range. ... Nissan Maxima

Prado 2001. Having problem with fuel pump, the engine start but it vibrates and does not accelerate the speed on pressing the speed paddle?

Check the fuel filter and then make sure that the engine is tune up and check the timing belt. ... 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser

My 1997 Malibu is holding up very well. Recently, I have noticed a slight chirping noise whenever I idle (especially after starting the car) and when I accelerate to about 45 or 50. It is NOT a whine yet--just a chirp. When I'm driving, I can only hear it chirp when I press on the accelerator. It's worse when it's cold. I looked all over the website and didn't see much about this problem. Any ideas? If I didn't provide enough information, please let me know! Thanks, Joe

Remove the serpentine belt notating the direction of travel. Start the vehicle long enough to confirm the chirp is either still present or it has stopped.If the chirp stops manually spin all the pulley by hand to see if you can duplicate ... Chevrolet Malibu

When the car get above 40 miles per hour ( Highway Driving ) and you accelerate the car get a very pernounced shake, only while you have your foot on the gas. It seem to only shake when you torque the engine especially at hign speeds. Also the brakes are new, Tires are good

It sounds like one or both of the drive axle inner joints are worn out. This condition will give a very pronounced vibration on acceleration only and will be worse with increased speed. ... 2004 Honda Accord
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