Having problems with your 1995 Volkswagen Golf ?

Batteries are fully charged, hiwever,cart will not move

\015 Cart will not move foward or backward, cart is electric, can you give some idea of what it might be\015
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Hi guys, i just but a 2001 Prius with180,000 mile, It starts and runs but dose not drives, when i move the shifter to D or R position nothing happens, , in the other hand when you leave the car running after few min it turns off (looks like the battery is fully charged,on the screen the triangle warning light is on, when i touch the screen to see the charging system, non of the burs are green the back up battery looks new (metal cover looks very old but seems like some one replace the cells, The

I don't think it's the battery. i would start with the basics on your project. surely there must be voltage regulator. i would start in this area. there also maybe a transfer area to power-train system. this tells it when to engage. hope this directs ... 2001 Toyota Prius

1997 Nissan Quest XE Starting Problem. Battery fully charged. When ignition is move to start position, all that is heard is a ''click''. No fluxuation in battery power. Lights remain on when key move to start position. Can you tell me what the problem is?

Starter gon ... 1997 Nissan Quest

On my granddaughter's 2003 - I ran driver's side, electrical seat back, drove the car up the driveway, and parked it. About a week later I tried to start the car but battery was dead. A brand-new, 3-year battery was put in this car in January, 2010 and my granddaughter drove this car to WY (from IN) and back returning just less than a week before this (moving seat) happened so battery should have been fully charged. When I tried to jumper her battery, I got very large spark when making last c

I think you have a short in the seat motor. Doublecheck circuit breaker for electric seats. It has a reset button on it. Perhaps it has tripped. If yes, need to find short in seat. ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Ok today I went out to start my car and it wouldnt start and my check battery light has been on for a while so I went and go it recharged and the person at Kragens told me the battery was still very good, I put it back in and the car still wont start but everytthing in the car tuns on the battery is fully charged and I need help to find out what is the next move to troubleshoot.

Check for a broken connection on the starting motor, they usually rust off right where they are bolted on. ... 1992 Ford Crown Victoria

After I fully charge my E-Z-Go golf cart the battery meter light does not show a full charge. It never moves from the position is was prior to charging. Any idea what could be causing this problem?

... 1995 Volkswagen Golf

Deutz D400G Tractor stopped running after mower deck got tangled in vines. I restarted it, moved forward then shut it down. Now it won't start. The battery was fully charged and still showing charged. First I got clicking when engaging key and diesel starter button, now nothing. Can it be a starter? or what? Need a free manual to locate the part and find the correct part number. Live on farm and work for living facility. owner out of state. 40 acres to mow. Help please, God Bless Aleta DeMarco

... Chevrolet C2500

I have a truma twin axle motor mover. When I try to move the caravan it keeps cutting out. Both batteries are fully charged. If I put the handset really close to the controller, it moves for a short while, and then cuts out. Any idea what the problem might be? Thanks, in anticipation, Andy Wiggins

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My daugther has a Saturn sl2 v6, she went to give her grandpa a jumstart using cables but grandpa decided to start up his car before i turned the ignition on her saturn. Grandpas car started right up but after cables were removed and she went to start up the saturn the key won't even turn, steering is locked, cant move gears. The dash lights up the remote to lock/unlock still works. I tested the battery and is showing fully charged (only 6 mons old). My options are limited...i need to move the c


Batteries are fully charged, hiwever,cart will not move

... 1995 Volkswagen Golf

Will not start or turn over. its like it isnt getting any power to anything. battery is fully charged and new if that helps. you put the key in and nothing. no door chime, dome light, headlights, or radio. the only thing that comes on is the service engine light and the fuel hand moves to show how much is in there. possibilities of what it might be ?

Does the horn honk? Headlight come on? Emergency flashers? If these things work it's time to check fuses. If they dont work you have a failure in the electrical system. Check the main fuse block under the hood or a shop needs to be visited. ... Ford ZX2

My 2000 olds bravada will not start, no lights come on, and it does absolutely nothing. My key is stuck in the ingnition and wont come out either. There is no power getting to any part of the vehicle. My battery is brand new and saying fully charged. It is in park, and the steering wheel moves when you try to turn it. What is going on?


1990 Audi V8 Quattro. Several issues: Battery will not stay charged. (It's new.) Auto-door locks will lock with key but not unlock with key (but will do both from interior) Transmission is finicky for first 20 mins or so (most of the time), particularly when using reverse. Will not engage, or will move backwards a foot and then stop. Usually in 1-3 minutes, gear engages fully and car can reverse. There are several relays (fuses?) in the forward floor of the front passenger footwell,

... 1990 Audi Quattro

No power. Battery fully charged. There is a black box that hooks to the ground cable with two wires plugged in to it. If I play with that, move it and stuff it seems to restore power. What is the black box called.

IF you have cleaned both ends of the battery ground wire - and a confident that it is well connected.... follow the black box wires to their ground connection....\015\012the battery ground goes to the two small wires. Those two wires provide gr ... 1997 Ford Escort

When I parked my '98 Olds Bravada truck in the garage last night, it went into 'park' kind of weird, like something was blocking the shift. The key came out of the ignition fine, so I thought nothing of it. Today, when I turned the key, nothing happened. The battery is fully charged and I tried jiggling the shift while holding the key on. Also, I cannot move the transmission out of park with the key on and my foot on the brake( I should be able to). It seems like the truck is not in 'park', bec

... 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada

My daughters 2006 chevy cobal wont crank the battery is fully charged . i tested the batteryit has 12.75 volts at the battery and at the jump start terminal under the hood i also connected a fully charged jump start battery and it still wont crank lights come on strong checked all starting fuses and relays . i ran out of day light i havent checked to see if there is power to the starter yet will do that tomorrow . any outher things i should check thanks

Sounds like the starter itself has gone bad. If you can access it easily you can try to jump across the solenoid. Use a jumper wire from the hot lead to the exciter lead. If your not comfortable doing that DONT. Im pretty certain your starter is ... Chevrolet Cobalt

I was charging my flat car battery using a selmar gaurdian professional battery charger, the fully charged light came on after about halfe an hour, i don't know if the battery is charged as i have not put it back in the car yet and i don't have anything to test it with someone gace me the charger and i don't know if it is working properly although all the led lights came on, could the battery have charged that quickly?

If the charger is rated at 10 amps or more yes,it received a 'quick charge' enough to render it serviceable.the charger should be 'overcharge protected' so you could give the battery another 'zap' just prior to installation. ... Ford Escape

I was charging my flat car battery using a selmar gaurdian professional battery charger, the fully charged light came on after about halfe an hour, i don't know if the battery is charged as i have not put it back in the car yet and i don't have anything to test it with someone gace me the charger and i don't know if it is working properly although all the led lights came on, could the battery have charged that quickly?

If it was stone dead it would not charge over 1/2 hr. Probably bad battery. Take it to pep boys/auto zone, they usually test batteries out of the car 4 free at the parts counter ... 1998 Ford Escort

I have a 2000 Sonata with an electrical problem. There is no power, but the battery is fully charged and the main fuse is good. When you first open the door the dome light works and you can turn the parking lights on. Once you turn the key, everything goes dead. I tried to jump the car, but still there was no power. I removed the battery and had it check and it was fully charged. Any ideas???

Sounds like a bad wire/ground connection.Make sure battery cables are secure to battery and follow them from the battery to there posts.Check to see if they are loose or posts are corroded ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

2003 corvette, parked inside a heated shop last year. boosted the battery & started on a dime let run and moved to another place in the shop. It sat for another year and we want to move it again, would not start. I charged the battery like last time and it will charge up when you turn the key as soon as you turn the key to the 3rd position it will show all the dials going down to nothing and nothing will happen. A friend looked at it and thought it was something with the security on the vehicle.

Hi and welcome to FixYa,Initially, have the battery externally charged and load tested. A possibility to consider is the deterioration of the battery on the long period of non use. Even if it has a security system (to my ... 2003 Chevrolet Corvette

The battery will not hold a charge. Took it to Service center two years ago for a new battery but said the battery was now fully charged and I did not need a new one. BUT since that time the car would not start because of dead battery four more times. And had to give it a jump. The dealer at the service center said that the batterys are so small in the Accents that it will not take much to have them go dead. This being true in the cold weather. Could I up grade to a regular size battery ?

You can upgrade your battery,i suggest that you do so. the more cold cranking amps on your battery the better.if theres an advance auto parts store near you they will have what you need and also install it for free. autozone does the same thing also. ... Hyundai Accent

Hi we charged the battery you fully & changed the alternater but it will start the battery light will go out but wont charge the battery when started like it is been drained but its not charging of the car. can someone tell a solution to this problem thanks.

Is your serpentine belt in good condition? If not, replace it. You'll need a volt meter to check out how much the alternator is charging. Attach it to the negative & positive terminals of the battery & start car. It should read 13.2 to 14.6 volts. If ... Toyota Previa

Car would not start. No lights, radio, etc. Was able to jimp car and let charge for a few minutes. Was able to move car for a few yards and then car just died. Recharged again and moved car a few yards and car died again. I noticed on the first charge, then my gas gauge was empty when I had filled up the car. I noticed as I continued the first charge, that the gauge started to move up towards "F". I seem to think the problem is more than a dead battery, because the car just died once I g

SOunds like the ALternator went out, thats what charges the battery and keeps it charged ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a Chysler 300 3.5, 2007, v6, 50k miles.. No problems for 2 years until I went to start it and had a dead battery. Door locks would not open with fob had to use manual key. I checked battery and it said I had %50 charge so I put charger on it and left it for 2 hours and never could get 100% charge, it stopped charging at 85% and stayed there. It was enough to start car so I thought the alt. would fully charge after driving. My wife drove to town and in town at @ 35 mph the speed odo. went

Hello\015\012When the battery goes dead in many new cars it plays heck with the electronics, and i am sure that this is the case here as well. As far as a brain on the battery yes all cars have about a 30 milliamp drain, this drain is for the k ... Chrysler 300

1995 Lincoln Continental - 4.6 li engine. Car was running fine. Then charging system error began and car eventually drained the battery and left me on the side of the road. I replaced the alternator AND a blow alternator/ generator fuse (10) under the hood. Following replacement , car started right up and ran - but was running off battery and not alternator. Put battery on charger overnight. Today, I go out to start the car - and it will not start at all.. with battery fully charged. Turns over

... 1995 Lincoln Continental

The battery of the Volvo S70 was down and another battery was used to start the car. The battery was removed and after starting the car and the flat battery was put back on the car for charging. The tracking arrow was now flashing and it was discovered that the vehicle could no longer move properly but the reverse engagement is still moving nornally

Not sure what year this is, but newer models require that there is no interruption in power to the vehicle, especially on vw's,. or otherwise you may have to take it to the dealer to get it unlocked via a computer. With the vw's if you do not go to t ... Volvo S70
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