Having problems with your 1995 Pontiac Bonneville ?

Engine hesitates and starts popping when on a hill

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Answers :

Verify the fuel pressure is ok and the fuel filter is not plugging up, it should be changed at 30,000 miles
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Engine hesitates and starts popping when on a hill

Verify the fuel pressure is ok and the fuel filter is not plugging up, it should be changed at 30,000 miles ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

2004 Kia Rio - sputters and hesitates when going up hills. Automatic transmission but I have to shift into low gear to start up a hill. Once I shift into second gear, the engine hesitates and begins sputtering at times, but sometimes climbs a hill with no problem. Very erratic. Changed fuel filter and it doesn't help. Check engine light is on. Is there a sensor that could be causing this problem?


I have a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT pickup. During the holiday the truck sat idle for seven days. When I started it up again, the check engine light came on and truck would shudder while idling. And when I press on the gas, the check engine light flashes and the engine hesitates and struggles to get up to speed or climb hills. Gas mileage is down. I was getting 26 mpg before and now I am lucky to get 16 mpg. My guess is that there may be a hole in the exhaust pipe near the engine. Any ideas?

The flashing engine light gives it away, it has a engine misfire. It needs to be checked with a scantool to see which cyl is misfiring, then see what is causing it, bad coil, injector, ect. ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

I have a 1997 grand prix with a p0302 code. what can be the problem. i have replaced the spare plugs and wires but thr check engine light is still on. when i drive it idles low then jerks to the desired speed amd the check engine lights starts flashing. when it gets to the desired speed it is find an the check engine light is still on but not blanking. also when i go up hills it hesitates then the cel is blinking again . what do i do

The blinking light is telling the driver the problem is serious. You need compression, fuel, and spark at the right time for the cylinders to produce power. I'll assume compression is ok, so that leaves the fuel injector or spark from the coil. ... Cars & Trucks

I love my 1997 T&C but just turned 200,000 miles and it is starting to give me issues. We had a problem w/it just dying for no apparent reason, tried a few things and the last thing was a crankshaft sensor; so far so good on that. This past week it started running weird, at first bucking under a load, usually low speed up a hill, would usually clear up if you gave it some gas. Now, it's much worse and actually popping through the engine. Thought at first I may have gotten some bad gas, but

You are on the right track it is the either the spark plugs or the spark plug wire, you don't need a lift to change the plugs but it does make it easier, if you remove the upper air plenum it will make the job m ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

2006 honda civic hybrid. Problem intermittently occurs after car has been sitting overnight or a while. when going up a steep hill or going onto the freeway, (heavy load) the assist indicator maxes out and engine starts to buckle, hesitates losses much of the power, can only crawl 5 mph at most. When I recycle the engine (turn off then on) problem disappears. Has anyone ever experienced this sort of problem?

... 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

I own a Mazda 323 Lantis 1997 model. Recently the transmission started having problems picking up the drive, particularly when cold. When making a quick stop and start it would hesitate before selecting a gear and sometimes stop.momentarily. On hills it tends to labour if it does not achieve a good pace from the beginning. Otherwise, when it the engine is warm it drives okay. What is the best solution to this problem and would the cost be worth the money for another couple years? Colvin.

Hi and welcome to FixYa!As a first course of action, I strongly suggest that you replace the automatic transmission fluid. If the fluid is burnt, the car hesitates specially on cold start ups. Once replaced, a smooth ride and shifting wil ... 1994 Mazda 323

1999 JAGUAR XJ8L Got a problem, was driving normal under heavy rain, then going up the hill an a very steep hill, when I reached the top of the hill the engine started to shake, made it home like that, engine under restricted performance,the the naxt day the engine just died, and did not want to start anymore, but if I press the gas all the way in, it started but as soon as I let the gas go, the motor dies, then it did not want to start at all. car gave codes P0174 ,P0300, P0301 ,P1313, P1642

P1642 is a possible PCM failure\015\012\015\012Oil on top of the plugs may of stressed the computer.\015\012\015\012All the other codes point to a misfire issue.\015\012\015\012The valve covers gaskets should be re ... Jaguar XJ8

Engine hesitates when going up a hill or just starting out

... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

I was driving and all the sudden my 05 Saturn Vue engine makes a "pop" sound and I lose engine power. Its starts to sputter so I pull over and then I start losing electrical power. When I cometo a stop and the engines dies, it starts to smoke a little. It has oil, noting running hot and when I pop hood, no oil had sprayed over the engine or inside hood. So what happened?

Possibly timeing belt. how many miles on engine? check owners manual for frequency of timing belt replacement. ... Saturn Vue

Replaced up stream 02 sensor heard popping in engine whit smoke comes out sometimes not all the time when first started only sometimes it boggs a little bit especially when going up hill

Sounds like you could have a blown head gasket. Or even a clogged CAT converter. Hope this helps, James Booth ... Mazda Protege

Just bought a pre owned 2011 ford fiesta with only 6600 miles on it. The engine cuts off when I'm driving and the hill start assist light pops a message saying it is not available. Any suggestions what might be wrong.

... Cars & Trucks

I replaced the front camshaft sensor bank 2 on my Infiiniti, and cleared the code that i was getting but now my car hesitates to start... and the code keeps popping up with the service light engine...what do i do

... 2004 Infiniti I35

2004 Honda Accord 4 cyl: Runs excellent until acceleration going up hill it hesitates to the point that there is no acceleration, feels like there is no fuel. Depres the acceleratosr and start to go again until it does it again. Flat payment no problem, Check engine light comes on.

Could be the sighns of a partially plugged fuel fuel filter you can moniter o2 sensor to see whats its doing to varify that ... 2004 Honda Accord

Why does my ford crown vic engine shakes when I start it up? When I put it in reverse or drive it hesitates when i accelerate especially going up hill. When I'm braking it feels like the tranny is having a hard time down shifting into first gear. I have changed the throttle positioning sensor, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, and i also got it put on a smoke machine to see if I had a vacuum leak. No leaks were found. I have not changed the spark plug wires in a year and a half. I found a li

... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2006 gmc yukon xl with flex fuel engine. The check engine light went on solid and acted like it hesitated when it started, but ran fine after starting. The light stayed on, but no missing or problems. It did hesitate upon starting the engine a few days later.

... 2006 GMC Yukon Xl Denali

Jimmy has problems starting when its cold. the egr code popped can this cause a starting hesitation problem?

Yes the egr valve could cause starting problems. If it is sticking open it would cause a huge vac leak.I would want to know what the trouble codes are in the computer first. Those codes would help a mechanic nail down the problem area and what ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Rough idle I just changed my spark plugs and the EGR valve in my '96 tahoe and finally got the check engine light to turn off. But then I was driving on the highway going up a hill, the engine started running rough and the engine light started flashing. It ran better at the top of the hill but the light stayed on but when I turned it off and turned it back on after a while the light was off . It happened to me a couple of days ago and it hasn't done it since. If the light goes on I can check it

... 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

Everything is fine with the engine its getting gas and the timing is correct ive looked at the engine and its deffinently not that but i tried to pop start it and it wouldnt completly start but i waas wondering if there is a sensor that would be by passed by the pop start?

There is a earth wire on the inlet manifold beside the throttle body clean and or repair wthout this connected it will crankbut not fire earths are crutial on the engine and they behave radically without contact ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

2005 Hyundai Tucson won't start when parked on a hill. We live on a rather steep hill. When I'm out and about it starts up just fine and runs great but when the vehicle sits on the hill parked at a 45 angle, it hesitates to start or won't start at all. It will fire and run when starting fluid is sprayed into it, but then it just shuts down. Will be going to the dealer soon. Maybe fuel filter clogged?

... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

I have a honda 1997. the engine temp start to increase from the normal level once i accelerate the car to above 2000 rpm and when the vehicle starts to climb over bridges or long hills. but after the engine temp rises, upon reaching a stop light and idling the engine temp starts to decrease to normal. i have already changed the temperature released value but still the same thing happens. when i brought it to honda casa and they suggested to overhaul the engine but could not give guarantee and th

It can be a number of things. it can be air in the cooling system, which you would need to bleed the air out. if you changed the large cooling hoses recently? sometimes when accelerating, new thinner hoses or even hoses that have worn out over time g ... Honda Civic

Engine Light is on. The vehicle will hesitate at 2200 rpm. yesterday just quet and would not start. let set still would not start. next day it started, engine light still on, sometime engine light on run good. started three days ago

Get the onboard computer scanned for error codes !The car knows what the problem is........When you get the codes let me know.CheersGeorge ... 2004 Dodge Neon

Hard start and engine hesitation at highway speed

The PO441 has to do with your HO2S 2 (Oxygen sensor). You need to check to make sure the wire is not off of the sensor and check the grounds to the Oxygen sensor. Could be a bad Oxygen Sensor. The other code has to do with your Evap system Purge sole ... 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Jeep Liberty 2006 - Check engine light flashes when starting and then stays on solid after gaining some speed. When the engine is off for a period of time, like overnight, it starts normally and the check engine light does not flash. However, if the engine is off for a short period of time the check engine light flashes and then remains on. Also, it does not happen every time but about half the time. When this happens the engine hesitates and shakes until the check engine lights stops flashing.

... Plymouth Reliant

Fuel pump relay flutters light a machine gun, engine will not start. Once it stops and the engine starts, the check engine light stays on, while it is on, the engine runs very rich. If the check engine light goes out, the engine no longer runs very rich and operates normally. Also, while the engine light is on, going up hill is almost impossible.

Check your fuel regalater sounds like you are getting to much pressure ot the injectors ... Cars & Trucks
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