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I hear a loud knocking noise coming from the engine

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I have a 1995 Jeep Wrangler. I needed a new muffler and a good tune up. The mechanic replaced the catalytic converter and muffler, including a tune up. The check engine light remained on (steady light) and fan belt continues to make noise. I informed the mechanic less than two days later. His reply was that he also replaced the oxygen censor and that would be the reason why. Less than 2 weeks later my Jeep began to lose battery power and hear very loud knocking coming from the engine. The engine

If work was performed either without permission from you, ie: o2 sensor? they cannot charge you for it. If work done is sub- standard, you have the right to a refund or correction to problem (at no charge) If any work done fails within 60 days, Same ... 1994 Jeep Wrangler

Infiniti G35 - 2006 Sedan - 37,000 miles. Knocking noise in engine area: Happens only in gear (drive or revese); loudest after engine is warm; took vehicle to dealer twice. First time, changed engine oil with additive. Second time, dealer claims the idle tension pulley system was missing a bolt, which cause the knocking noise. Drove vehicle today and I swear I can hear the faint knocking noise... although not as loud as before. I've read a few threads online about similiar issues. Any though

Smoke on start? Could be a valve problem where all your oil is in the bottom at start? Belts are squeaking too? Maybe a tensioner went bad?Saw this service bulletin---TAPPING / KNOCKING NOISE FROM ENGINE AT COLD STARTTh ... 2006 Infiniti G35

I hear a loud knocking noise coming from the engine over 2000 rpm

Whatever it is, it isn't good. You better get someone who knows about cars to check it out. Probably a rocker arm/cam follower or bad rod bearing. Either one needs to be fixed ASAP. ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

I hear a loud knocking noise coming from the engine

... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

I hear a loud knocking noise coming from the engine

You have a connecting rod bearing out, and your engine is about to blow. You need to either find another car, or look at getting a different engine, or rebuilding the engine you have. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

I own a 2001 galant es 4cyl. automatic and started my car up 2 days ago and noticed a loud knocking noise coming from the engine. I opened the hood and the noise was coming from the area where the timing belt cover is located. I just replaced the timing belt last year and had some problems with the work done and took it back. What could the knocking noise be? The noise is constant when idling and driving and I think it may be getting louder.

Yoy could have a bad t belt tensioner or bad t belt pulley. get this looked into right away. you have what is known as an inteference engine. if you lose that belt for any reason, it WILL drop a valve, and your're looking at a lot of money for an job ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 1997 2.5 jeep wrangler.when you first start the engine it runs and sounds fine, then after about 20 seconds it begins to have a knocking sound only at idle. when you press the gas you cant hear the noise but when you let off it comes back. when driving you cant hear the noise unless you stop and idle. if you let off the gas quickly you hear a slight rattling then it begins the knock again at idle.

It may be piston slap. This is caused by either engine wear with the piston bores being too large for the pistons, or by poor manufacturing tolerances, or a combination of both.\015\012To test for this, start the engine up first thing in ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

2001 Dodge Neon Slight Knocking Sound I have a 2001 Dodge Neon ES with 160000 miles on it. Runs great but for some reason there is a slight knocking sound coming from the engine. When I say slight I mean the sound is not loud enough to hear in the cab unless beside something hard like a wall in a drive thru then you hear the echo. Once in the engine compartment you can hear it but if you didnt know it didnt make the sound before you wouldnt notice. My best description of the sound is it sounds

... 2001 Dodge Neon

Knocking Noise Have a knocking noise coming from out of the engine. Sometimes keeps the engine from starting. The noise is real loud sounds like something hitting metal inside.

You have a rod going out on the car ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2004 Merc Mountaineer It has a knocking noise coming from the very back driver side inside the cargo area, when i open the little compartment i hear the noise coming from it, it makes the knocking noise as long as engine is on. do you know what this might be? Thanks

... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

Engine was running well then just started knocking loudly sounds like the noise is coming from the #2 or #3 cylinder sounds really loud as if a rod knock.

... Cars & Trucks

The engine was making a tapping noise and then the tapping became a loud knocking noise, then it sounded like something broke. Now the engine wont turn over to start. Could it be a broken rod or piston? The engine didnt overheat nor did the oil light come on.

... 1997 Kia Sportage

Humming noise I have a 2008 dodge grand caravan, as I am driving I hear a loud humming noise coming from front of van. It sounds as if the engine is revving up, but the rpm's still go up and down as it shifts like normal. This noise goes away as I slow down and come to a stop.

... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 92 chevy silverado for two days it has been making a poping sound coming from the engine that increases in repitition when rpms are raised . today it made a horrificly loud grinding noise , and when i turned it off it sounded like a slow sliding noise like pistons against the wall , but i have full oil , put in a ppint extra and noise stopped momentarily but could still hear sliding when i turned engine off . Is this due to a faulyty oil pump ?

Call the scrapyard,92 its 16yrs old and cost of repair is greater than value of car ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Too much oil was put in my 2003 clk 320 v6 petrol, which caused a loud bang and now a loud knocking noise comes from the engine and white smoke from the exhaust! Have drained oil and put correct amount in but loud knocking and white smoke continues? What parts should I be checking first? P.

... 2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

My 1984 mustang only has 60,000 miles. When i put my car into drive I hear a loud noise coming from the engine. it has enough oil, its not the brakes, or driving belt. the car drives fine, like nothin

Not much we can do without knowing where the noise is coming from. It could be something rubbing because the engine is shifting. It could be moving around when in drive such as a weak motor mount. Or the crankshaft could be moving under load.Y ... Cars & Trucks

I took the car for repair and they fixed my oil pan valve cover gasket and the oil pan gasket. they put the knock sensor wire direct to the knock sensor since they didnt have a connector. i drove off and check engine came back on and loud noise coming from engine every time i accelerate. don't know what it is. and now a ticking sound. could this be a blown motor or any other thing.

The knock sensor changes the timing of the motor when it senses knock ,it sounds like the wire may have come off ,it sounds as if when you press the gas the timing should advance and it sounds as if its not advancing thats why you are hearing a clatt ... Toyota Tercel

My air conditioning is acting up. When i turn it on I eventually begin to hear a humming type noise that gets louder. When this starts I feel a loss of power from my engine. At times I hear a loud screeching noie coming from one of my belts (along with the humming) and when it gets too loud it sounds like something gives up and I lose my cold air. I have checked the levels and recharged my coolant (R134a), that has not solved the humming, loss of power, screeching and occasional loss of cold

That would be your a/c pump. It likely is lacking lubricant which is in the freon itself. If the pump is dry it won't hardly move and you will get noise. The motor will try extra hard to spin the pump and cause lack of power to the motor.The pump cl ... Nissan Frontier

When my engine first starts cold (1998 Dakota 6 cyl) it has a loud knocking noise. It will slowly go away as the engine warms up but I can still hear it at higher RPM's. I was told it was a lifter knocking, but I am not sure. What is my problem and how do I fix it?

... 1998 Dodge Dakota

There's a loud squeaky noise coming from the engine when the car starts. It's there when the car is stationary and goes after around 5 seconds. We hear it when the car is stationary at traffic lights too and it goes as the car speeds up. Seems to be coming from the belt area on the left hand side of the car engine as you stand in front of it. Any ideas?

Sounds like this may be a bad drive belt. check belt for cracks and glazing. while belt is removed you may also wish to listen to pulleys while spinning by hand. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

We have a 2010 ford expedition with 10k miles. As my wife was driving she hears a loud knocking noise from the engine and the car won't go above about 20 mph and has a very hard time going up hills. The check engine light also came on at this time. We had it towed to the dealership. They look at the engine and say it shows signs of oil starvation on only 2 of the cylinder heads with one being cracked and all the others are ok and we need a new engine. They wanted to blame it on the oil change

Yes in many cases its seen that non -factory oil filter gets cracked and it leaks the oil.And if cylinder head got cracked then it can damage the engine.But did you noticed any over heating or stalling or any kind of misfire while driving then yes th ... 2008 Ford Expedition

My 08 Sentra is making a very loud pitched humming noise on top of the regular engine sound, now the sound only is made when i go over 40km/hr and get louder as i go faster. The sound only comes when I'm pushing down on the gas paddle. You don't hear the noise if lets say I'm going 80km/hr as soon as i lift my foot off the gas it stops making the noise. Now I;'ve had up to 12 different Techs. look at it and all i'm gettin is it sounds like: the wheel baring the

It is possible that you have a leak in your intake manifold... when the gas peddle is applied the manifold takes in more air and makes a high pitched sound because of the crack. ... 2008 Nissan Sentra

When I start my car I hear a loud humming groaning noise coming from the engine. When I put my foot on the break the humming groaning noise gets louder and when I also change gears with my foot on the break the humming groaning noise gets louder. What could be the problem?

... 1987 Toyota Camry

2000 lincoln ls started making loud engine knocking noise and in drive just dies.

... 2000 Lincoln LS

Tried to start up my 2003 galant (31,000 miles) only to hear a loud clicking noise coming from the engine. The batttery was not dead, and i didn't leave the lights on. When I put the keys in the ignition all the lights show up on the dash like usual, but the car just wont get past the clicking noise to turn over. What could this be? I tried jump starting the car, but the car i didnt start. I just replaced the battery and the same thing is happening. Any other suggestions for why its clicking and

Its the starter itself ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant
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