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Cranking but not firing

\015 Car just died while driving down the road .. tried to restart . cranked but would not start\015\012replaced fuel pump .. fuel getting through inline filter now but still will not start\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 1998 dodge ram 5.9 liter truck cranks over but wont fire replaced a crank sensor truck fired but acted as it was bogged down with fuel so replaced the map sensor fixed the problem truck ran great drove it a few miles and parked it for the next day went out to start the truck she cranked over but wont fire she has fuel and spark but seems to back fire through intake manifold whts the problem

... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Having intermittent starting problems with my 99 Accent. Some times I will go to start and it will crank and crank but will fire. As I am cranking I will press the gas pedal and that will change the the way the engine sounds (tone) during cranking but will not fire. I can get a push and pop the clutch and it will start and run just fine. Or if I leave it sit for 8 or 10 hours and try again it will fire on the first try. HELP

It seems you have a problem with sparks being sent to the plugs...It may be the coil that have a wiring connected to it which in turn goes to the plugs..It may need replacing.Also do you have a check engine light coming on?If yes you may need a diagn ... Hyundai Accent

Truck will crank but not fire up. The problem started about two weeks ago. It would crank and crank but not turn over right away. Eventually it fired up after maybe 8-12 tries. Over the last several days the problem progressed to where it would no longer start. I replaced the fuel filter and with three cranks it fired up and did fine for a couple of days but then quit on me again.I have used some STP fuel injector cleaner but have not had luck. I replaced the distributor cap and cylinder b

I think you may be on the right track with the fuel pump idea. Check your fuel pressure - it could be the pump or just the fiter screen in the tank. You don.t say what kind or year of truck you have - I am guessing the pump is in the tank. (Although ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Not cranking I have a 1992 XJ6 Sov Jaguar That will not crank I can not get any fire out of the Coil I have change the Crank shaft position senisor the coil and coil wire and the ignition control module and still nothing no fire I do have fire at to the coil but nothing will come out. The code I see are PAO or PRO and it says fuse 1 and fuse 2 but all fuses check ok what am i missing??? Or what does these codes mean?

Did you change the camshaft position sensor? ... 1992 Jaguar Xj Series

4.6L engine cranks over, no fire to plugs, will crank the next day, and after about three days will quit firing again after it is turned off, it does not fail when running, problem is when it is turned off, the next day the engine won't fire, hot battery, cranks over fast but no spark!

... 1993 Cadillac Eldorado

I have a dual over head cam 97 neon.It is not firing, i changed the crank sensor,the coil,and still no fire. the relay was switched.no fire. The last time it run yesterday, it run horrible. Backfiring, sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders.Then would fire every now & then. Now wont fire at all. thats when i replaced crank sensor & coil..PLEASE HELP

Remove your valve cover and have someone try to crank it over while you watch the camshaft to see if it turns, your timing belt may have jumped a tooth ( causes bad running and back fire ) and then broke ... 1997 Dodge Neon

I have a 94 s10 blazer 2wd 4.3 vortec vin w. when the engine is hot (normal operating condition) the starter will drag a couple of times and then it will crank over a bunch before firing off. sometimes it will drag a couple time and fire right off. sometimes it will just fire right up. the drag a couple times and then fire off happens right after it was just shut down. the drags fallowed with the cranking tends to happed after it has been shut down for like 30-45 mins. the drag seams to me like

Check all the battery and starter cables,particularly the earth cables off the battery.Also check the battery clamps.Check the earthing between the engine and chassis.if this is bad you can get this type of problem. ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 1996 Lincoln Cont. it will crank and fire most of the time but sometimes it will not fire I have replaced the ignition coil, coilpacks, and idle air motor, the alternator is relatively new. I need to know why it cranks and fires most of the time and on occasion will not fire. when it does start it will get me to where I am going. But it is a guessing game of it will start when I shut it off.

Have u tested and verified that u have fuel pressure when u have the crank no start? based on my 20 years Ford dealer experience it sounds like a sticky fuel pump. ... Lincoln Continental

Got a good one. my 91 coupe original 5.0 car. motor is new. it ran for two days then went to fire on third day and now will crank and crank but wont fire. got 42psi on fuel pressure 148psi compression on all 8 cylinders and timing is dead nuts. spark is great but the car just wont fire. ive tried new tfi modules, new distributors, new computers, new ignition coil. i even pulled the computer harness out to check for any bad wires and they all look good. it seems all 8 injectors are firing at th

The fuel injectors are fired by computer producing a ground signal to them. so its unlikely they are fireing at once.possible power supplie problem but that would cause no injector pulse.beings how the engine was just replaced i would go over every w ... 1991 Ford Mustang

Miss fires when it's cold and when it get's hot. seems to be after the crank sensor was changed. I changed the coil,distributer,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel pump,fuel filtre,checked the grounds,had it on the computer at the dealership 3 times and it just says miss fire in cylinders 2,4,6 but it doesn't say the cause. it all started happening after the crank sensor went and was replaced. anyone got a clue? I'm thinking on changing the crank sensor again to see if it was a bad one that was put in be

Your right to replace the sensor again. It's like a bulb, some bulbs working 20 years, some only 3 minutes. Make sure to install the new one in the right way and that is no mud, old oil or so on the rotor that supports the sensor. Keep all parts clea ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine turns over, won't start, no fire at plugs. There's plenty of fuel, and no fire from any of the plugs. All fuses and fusible links are good. I pulled the plugs to check for a spark, and there's no trace of spark, not even a weak one. Car was running fine, rode for an hour, parked it, cranked it up again and went somewhere about ten minutes, parked it, got out about a half hour later and it cranked right up, drove back, parked it, and when I tried to crank it up about four hours later, it w

What are you wondering is correct.\015\012Let check the coil first. if coil is good the there is a problem with the ignition module. If the ignition module is good then a problem with the crankshaft sensor.\015\012The coil can be checked by measure r ... 1995 Honda Civic

When I start the car, we have an intermitent "dead zone" . It either turns over and runs fine. Then the next time it cranks like it has no fire or fuel. After 2 to 4 tries it fires right up. When all this is going on, the tach and other gauges "flutter and come to life a second or two after start. Also, each time before I crank it, I always let the idiot light sequence run out before I crank. We are concerned that whatever is wrong is going to stop working altogether. Local garage was no help i

Have them Check the Timing sensor ... 2005 Ford Taurus

My 2002 chevy 1500 van , 4.3 liter v6, will not fire. ran great, no signs of trouble leding up to now. Cranks,cranks, & cranks but no sputter, fire, anything

... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

I put a 04 motor in a 02 intrepid at first it had crank right up after about 10 minutes of driving the car cut off it took about another 10 min. To get it started again within 45 min the car cut off about 5 times now it won't crank at all. Its not getting any fire i changed the crank, cam, and map sensor and the pcm box still no fire.

Its a distributor-less engine in your car most probably and yes the 6 coils connected to spark plugs.to get more details with proper diagrams and instructions.Please click on the link below:----\015\012 ... Dodge Intrepid

My 2002 pontiac grand am2.2 suddenly wont start,drove it a few miles to the store, came out and it cranks but no fire. the fuel pump is new and pressure with key on is 60+ compression is 150+ no codes all fuses are good if I crank it long enough it starts, one time it did start and it idled and sounded fine for 10 minutes or so??I shut it off and it just cranks again with no fire?? what gives with this things?


My car will start sometimes and sometimes it will not, i have replaced main relay, fuel pump,fuel filter and its getting fuel, but when turning the ignition to crank it, it jus spends and will not start or try to start until you let the switch go, so i pulled the #1 spark plug to see ifit was firing and it doesn't fire will the car is cranking over, but it does fire when you let the switch go, so i replaced the ignition switch and it still did the same thing, i tried install a push button switch

The ignition module is bad,they act just like that when they go out,there is a start mode,and a run mode in the ignition module,when releasing the key switch,it contacts the run mode for a second and tries to run,but of course,it will not run,replace ... 1990 Honda Civic

Car was running well then just refused to start.Computer indicated throttle position sensor. Replaced that, then crank sensor, then cam position sensor. Then took car to a repair shop. They thought cam belt, all looked good. They then said wire to crank position sensor bad and replaced it. Car then started with miss fire. The repair shop then replaced all plug wires and plugs. car still miss fires, they then replaced the coil pack.Car still miss fires on passenger side cylinders. The car starts

Its possible there are multiple coil packs usually one for each bank or one for every two cylinders. Or check for a ignition control module ... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

Honda fourtrax hey, my 1990 foutrax 300 wont start, it just cranks over at full speed and wont fire, if turn the kill switch off and crank it then turn the kill switch back to run it will fire once then continue to just crank over.... the spark plug is fine and main fuse is good to..... wont start with electric or kick.... anyone no what this problem is

Where is the cdi box located?? ... 1998 Honda Accord

Hard Start. It is 32F, Block heater plugged in, 3/4 full tank of Shell Diesel. wait light goes right out, Crank maybe 2 sec., fires up, runs 2 or 3 sec.'s dies (like no fuel), if I crank, full throttle, for 20 to 30 sec.'s it will try to fire, wait 30 sec. try again (full throttle) fires up, runs a little rough, 5 seconds, smooths right out, no more problems the rest of the day, or until it goes cold again. (01 5.9L Auto Quad cab 4x4) any idea's?

Sounds to me like your check valve in fuel line is not working. If you have the original lift pump it located in there. ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

My 1999 Pontiac Sunfire now will not start. It will crank, but will not fire. I had the ignition control module checked, and it tested good. When cranking, it acts like the firing order is off, but all plug wires are in the correct firing order. the #1/4 coil pack has a couple of fine cracks in the outer housing, would that cause the problem? Please help!!


My car won't crank. i turn the key and it sounds like its trying to crank but it never fires. It fired once but while idling a few seconds later it died and hasn't cranked since

Most likely its the OVP relay behind the battery. Could be the fuel pumps are not coming on. Maybe the tune up is so old the ignition parts are not working ie cap, rotor, plugs , coil and wires. Also check fuses for corrosion and replace with new s ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 190

Have a problem with my TDI parked it on a hill yesterday saw it leaking from the washer fluid side in front. Checked the fluid smelled like diesel. Started the car and parked it on flat spot. Tried to start it all it does is crank won't roll over. Pump the gas pedal and it fires up. Today it won't even fire up just cranks and cranks. ANY HELP PLEASE???

You may have a leaking fuel pressure regulator.\015\012A Fuel Pressure Regulator is a simple mechanical device that holds constant fuel pressure or relieves excess fuel pressure by way of the pressure compressing an internal spring and opening ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Cut off pulling into driveway, fired up 1 time then wouldnt crank again. Sounds like it is trying to crank but never catches fire to crank?

Check fuel pump ... 1997 Kia Sportage

Kubota ZG23 gas: After sitting all winter engine fired up immediately with a jump to the battery. Stopped and restarted several times in process of mowing with no problem. Three weeks later, when cranked it fired when first turned over but then nothing--would not run or even sound like it was firing. Fuse -OK Rplaced spark plugs. Checked fuel line. Everything looks ok--gas getting to the "bowl" on the carburetor. If I pour small amount of gas directly into the carburetor and then crank it,

... Cars & Trucks

Replaced timing belt on a 97 contour. i know that the cams are lined up (kind of a full proof methed that ford used). the second notch on crank pulley lined up with the oil pan marking (with the side of the v that is closest to fire wall) this looked to be TDC center, by settiing and watching a screw driver on the piston. now with timing light, #1 plug apears to fire when second notch on crank pully is just about to reach the front side of the v oil pan mark. car will not fire on its own or wit

... Ford Contour
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