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When 'ABS" light comes on, vehicle has no power...

\015 I thought that the rear brake was binding, but it is not. The brake pads\015\012are still good., adjusted it. Still doing it very often. When the light comes on, the vehicle has no power especially on acceleration...\015\012\015\012Any input will be greatly appreciated...\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

If the abs light comes on, it means you have an abs issue. If you do, the brakes revert to normal power brakes with no ABS function.
\015\012WHen the vehicle has no power, do you feel the brakes slowing the car or do you hear the abs chattering?
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Tried to jump start my 2004 lexus GX470,battery was no good replaced battery vehicle starts right away but the engine check light, Brake, ABS and VSC light will not go out. The power windows, seats, sunroof, radio not working, also when I mashed the brakes the lights wont come on. The power lock and horn is working. The vehicle on has 39000 miles.

Try disconnecting the battery for about 30 minutes. Let all of the voltage out of the computers, and let them reset. Then hook the battery back up and start it. The ECM has gotten corrupted. This should reset it and go back to normal. ... 2004 Lexus GX 470

Battery dead? 2006 Honda Pilot I thought my battery was dead. Turned out, some how I blew the 120 amp fuse. Replaced the fuse, vehicle starts fine now. Although, on the instrument panel, the brake light, VSA, and ABS lights remain light at all times. Also, the radio has absolutely now sign of power to it. Nothing on the radio comes on when I start the vehicle or attempt to turn the radio on or press any buttons. The manuals, to this point, have not given me much guidance.

Something big happened to blow a 120 amp fuse. The vehicle needs some time at a good shop. ... 2006 Honda Pilot

When 'ABS" light comes on, vehicle has no power...

If the abs light comes on, it means you have an abs issue. If you do, the brakes revert to normal power brakes with no ABS function.\015\012\015\012WHen the vehicle has no power, do you feel the brakes slowing the car or do you hear the a ... 1995 Mercury Villager

Hey, I saw that you helped someone else who had a 99 chevy cavalier who appears to have the same problem I do. My car won't start and none of the idiot lights come on in my instrument cluster when I have the key turned to the on position. My fuel pump isn't priming or getting power either. I checked all the fuses and relays under the hood and in the vehicle and none are blown and my test shows they are getting power except my mini ABS fuse and my fuel pump relay. Luckily my freind has a 99 caval

Realy sounds like a wiring problem-may want to check wiring for corrosion around the battery area-even the wires on the bottom of the under hood electrical center beside the battery ... Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am Track off light and ABS light and Sevice Vehicle Soon light stays on all the time. Sometimes the emerge light comes on.(i, P light). For the Service Vehicle light, I unscewed the fuel cap and put it back on but the service light still comes on. I even lubed the O-ring on the fuel cap. But sometimes the parking brakes comes on. Pulled on the emerge brake and put it back to norm position, still brake light stays on. Stll all thre lights stays on. Car seems

The traction control system works off of the abs system so there is a code in the abs module that needs to be pulled so you know were to start to check the system out.the service engine light is a different system all together and there is a code in ... Pontiac Grand Am

2003 Mitsubishi Galant electrical problem: When you step on the brake pedal of the vehicle, the parking lights come on with the braking lights. When you have the headlight switch on the ON position all vehicle lights come on including the brake lights, but the brakes lights stay on permanently if you have the headlights on only! Also the radio, power door locks and interior lights are no longer working. I have checked all the fuses inside the vehicle and engine bay and they all seem in working o

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Parking brake light, abs brake light, four wheel drive light, and hazard flasher lights on instrument panel come on when key is turned in the on position and stay on when vehicle is started, abs module makes a clicking sound when key is in the on position my abs light is on and I noticed a clicking sound for a week or so before the light come on.

Callipers and brakes and disc need to be fixed ... 2001 Ford Escape

1995 Ford E350 ABS light is illuminated. It goes out when ignition is turned off and engine is restarted. It comes on when vehicle is rolled to about 3-5mph. Took to Ford dealer and after few hours troubleshooting was told control module is bad ($800 part). Tech said he checked voltage levels throughout system. I sent module to Borg Warner (Blue Streak Electronics rebuild department), unit reported to be good. Called Ford dealer back and found codes had been noted on RO as follows: C1115, Power

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Driver door body module - radio lights go off and on, door locks lock by themselves, intermittent power to start vehicle, traction light on continuously, ABS light stays on - no power at all to vehicle so slam door and it will start! Air bag light on, battery warning light on!!! Just crazy! Showing fuel empty and it is not. Tachometer is working! Hit the brake and dropped it in gear and everything started working exception traction light!! Had rear brakes replaced and the car has not wor

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I have a 1999 cadi deville, the abs and traction control lights come on and the car steers like the power steering belt has came off and the car acts like the brakes are being held on. When these lights come on you can press the gas pedal to the floor from a dead stop and in about a 1/4 mile the car reaches about 55mph. Sometimes while driving the car with the lights on the abs light will start blinking and the lights will go out, when the lights go out there is sometimes a loud noise that sound

A few things could be wrong....it could be your brake control module, anti-lock brake system or a wheel speed sensor. The best thing to do is to get it into a garage and have them take a look at it and give you an idea of what is wrong. Either way, i ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with approximately 138,000 miles on it. The ABS light comes on periodically but will normally go back off. I have scanned the vehicle when the ABS light is on and have not found any stored codes. I have cleaned and checked the wheel speed sensors. Any ideas on why the ABS light is coming on with no stored codes?

The only time there will be any codes stored in the ECM is when you get a check engine light. The sensors will sometimes become loose or out of adjustment over time. Check this out and if all is ok then you will need to check the wiring. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My abs light comes on my traction control light comes on my air bag light comes on then they will go off the engine light has never come on then when it sets for a few hrs it want start no power at all. Then when u jump it off the h3 2006 will run fine and then lights come on again then go off and as long as u don't let it set for a long time it will start fine. I had the battery checked it was fine it was putting out 12.7 volts

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I have a 94 chevy cavalier z24 with a 3.1L engine. The ABS light comes on and sometimes the e-brake light stays on as well. I can clear the lights if I just shut off the ignition and turn it back on again. But the lights periodically come back on. I tried pulling codes by jumping power to ground on the dlc. I get a flash code 12 wich apparently means nothing as it pumps that code out at the beggining and end of the flash code cycle. So Do i need a separate scan tool to get the abs code or shou

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I have a Jaguar x type v6 sport 2.5, 2001. Sometimes when slowing down towards a junction or roudabout, or turning left or right the engine cuts out loosing the power steering, which is very dangerous as you are turning. My ABS light comes on once I have drove for a few minutes, I have had the sensors changed and am now going to get changed the ABS ring which may be damaged. Also the engine managment light is still on, I had the oxygen sensor changed but the light still comes on. Had the diagnos

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Mechanic light 2002 holden barina vehicle runs fine with enough power until the mechanic light comes on and when you put your foot flat there is not enough power, as soon as you switch the ignition off and turn the key back on there is no mechanic light only when you drive a little does it come back on?

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2004 Infiniti QX56 multiple problems. Vehicle keeps stalling service engine soon light comes on and the cruise control light comes on. Second problem brakes feels as if the ABS is kicking in and makes a funny clicking sound. This problem was fixed about a year and a half ago now it,s happening again. Third problem when I hit a bump in the road the vehicle jerks to the right almost hit a car beside me. I had the vehicle realigned but still experience the problem. Can you tell me whats wrong with

Hello. If you have an AAMCO repair shop nearby drive there as they offer a free scan of your vehicle's computer. The scan will tell you why that service engine light is coming on and why the cruise control light is coming on. It will also indicate ... 2004 Infiniti QX56


You need to get a Haynes or Chilton's repair manual for those directions. Now as far as your problem is concerned it's not a sensor, it's a kinked brake line, bad Brake Compensator or bad Caliper. The compensator is the part that comes off the Brak ... 2004 Pontiac Aztek

I have a 94 GMC Safari, it won't shift out of 1st gear, the ABS light is stuck on, and the speedo doesn't work. At first the ABS light would come on and off, when the light was on the trans would't shift, when it was off it shifted fine. Now it's stuck on and won't shift. The computer was flashing a vehicle speed sensor code. I changed the vehicle speed sensor and the van still has the problem. There was a trans flush and a front pump seal and rear tail shaft seal, and trans filter changed.

... 1994 GMC Safari

While driving my BMW, the ABS light comes on,dash and exterior lights start to dim,check engine light comes on. At this point the car starts to lose power and eventually stops. I forgot to mention tach goes to zero. At this point battery voltage too low to power MDE.

Get a normal multi purpose multimeter. Charge your battery fully, with the multimeter on Volt setting check your battery before starting, it should be mid 12s. Start the vehicle and check battery again, it should be reading 13-14, if it is reading ... BMW 525

Intermittent Problem vehicle looses power, service engine light comes on and stabilizer system light, also when you turn the a/c switch one notch off of cold it blows hot. Vehicle completely broke down within 5 minutes of the dealership saying there was nothing wrong. They replaced the catalytic converters, switch and plugs. Problem continued. They divided the wiring into 5 separate circuits and put a new load center on it, within two days same problem occured, low power and engine lights came o

Not sure if my situation helps or not, but here you go.....\015\012\015\012I have a 2006 H3 that has 21,000 miles, last week my husband was driving and lost power, service engine came on, and it kept flashing stabilization problem. Calle ... 2006 Hummer H3

Just got a 2001 Lincon Towncar /Exec-L series from a friend. The ABS, Check engine & Brake lights kept coming on & off. Ran codes and got U1039 & P0306. Replaced the #6 Coil and all plugs(P0306 ) - RUNS LIKE A CHAMP - smooth, powerful and quite again! But the U1039 code won't resolve & the ABS, Brake & Check engine lights still comes and goes. Also, the speedometer comes and goes with it. I am a bit of a car buff, you just point me in the right direction and I'll fix it! Thanks guys!

Congratulations on getting it to run like a champ.\015\012\015\012The ABS light is likely due to a bad wheel speed sensor, which would be consistent with the speedometer coming and going.\015\012\015\012Try to get an Actron Br ... 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

My service vehicle soon light comes on. I took it to service center,and was told it needed oil compression sensor. They put it on and I am still having it come on. The security light had come on a time or two before,but did't stay on. Also had trouble with ABS and tracking light coming on. I have a 2001 Grand AM

I'm sorry but there is no oil compressor sensor, ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

My rear anti lock light as well as brake light comes on. If you drive the vehicle BEFORE the light comes on the brakes are "mushy" but if you wait for the light to come on the brakes then seem fine. Is this the rear abs sensor? I took out the sensor or what i think is the sensor, it looks exactly like the part DESS10261. I tested it with a voltmetre and it shows zip.

The brake light and Rr Abs light come on with my 1996 Rodeo also. Sometimes the light turns off while I'm driving. The brakes work fine either way. What's the deal? ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

Mazda 626 (Capella) ABS fault. I have a Mazda Capella (626) 1998, 2.0 l sedan (ex Japan) A few weeks back the ABS and TCS warning lights began to come on intermittently. I took the vehicle to a service dealer who replaced the left rear wheel speed sensor, but the problem persisted. I have since extracted the fault codes by linking the TBS pin to ground as my vehicle is not OBD II compliant. The codes obtained were 14, 44, 48 and 87. After resetting the codes, the fault code 44 comes back and th

\015\012Hi,\015\012Code 44Oxygen sensor voltage was under 0.25 volts for up to 4 1/2 minutes of closed loop operation, lean exhaust. Check the ECM wiring connections. Check for vacuum leaks at the hoses and ... Mazda 626

When the fuse in the FWD box in the engine compartment is installed, the FWD light comes on and the vehicle is only in FWD mode. No power is appeared to be distributed to the rear wheels. When you remove the fuse the light goes off, power to rear wheels is restored, yet the rear wheels seem to fight the front wheels when you are turned the vehicle at low speeds. This happens particularily when in turning in reverse.

The FWD fuse is working the right way from what you describe. The problem with the wheels sounds like a alignment problem. ... 1994 Subaru Legacy Outdoor
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