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Water leak on front drivers side engine - 1995 Mercury Sable

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Water leak on front drivers side engine - 1995 Mercury Sable

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I have a Kia Sorrento 2005 diesel. There is water leaking into the front passenger side of the car. When the engine is running there is no heat through the blowers and there is a strong smell (possibly antifreeze). Plus there is white smoke coming through the front console (driver side). Any ideas?

... 2004 Kia Sorento

My problem is finding the DPFE on my 1996 Mercury Sable. I have a 3.0L Duratec engine. My Haines repair manual shows the EGR and DPFE at the top center rear of the manifold (looking back)- EGR solenoid, EGR backpressure sensor and then the EGR. In my engine the EGR valve is in front driver's) side of the manifold with the lines running forward then down then back under the throttle body to the rear of the engine. With all the lines and wires it is hard to see where the lines from the EGR go to.

Dear FixYa,\015\012Thanks for the past help but at $10-$20 a question keeping my old car running can get expensive. And it would be an abuse of your help to send in a long, multi problem message to get away with one payment. Yes, you are chea ... 1996 Mercury Sable

How would I replace the water pump on a 1998 Mercury Sable with the 6.0l DOHC engine. The pump is mounted on the passenger side of the engine, low and towards the front. Is this a do it yourself fix?

... 1998 Mercury Sable

Someone put water from a cooler into the engine where you would put the coolant. it then began to boil out out the top where you put the coolant and coolant was leaking from underneath the car from right behind the driver side front tire. its a slow leak and i cant tell exactly where it is coming from but the car still starts.

You have a bad hose or lose connection. By driving the car it will only get worse from the internal pressure. Putting water into it from a cooler is OK as long as you do it slowly and with the engine running. Take your car to a mechanic you trust and ... Volkswagen Jetta

98 lumina. coolant dripping from behind engine front cover on the cabin side vs. front bumper side.- difficult to see where the leak is coming from. replaced water pump - did not solve problem. drips onto frame by right wheel. I am thinking maybe crack in the Aluminum cover or possibly gasket? or are there other possibilities on for a drip leak on that side of the engine?

Leaking timing cover gasket or intake manifold gasket. ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

I have an 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis. The Freeze outplugs on the passenger side when I look by the mount I see one freeze outplug that is torward the front but thats not leaking water. But there is water leaking from around the mount area. I was wondering is there another freeze out plug besides the one in front just behind the mount and the back of motor on passenger side

Yes there are three on each side ... 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis


... Mercury Sable

I have a 1996 Honda accord. Its leaking coolant from the front driver side of the engine. Hoses are good. N I don't know where its coming from. Im thinking bad water pump I hope???? Im constantly putting antifreeze in it. Plz help...

You would have to jack it up and pressurize coolant system to see for sure. ... Cars & Trucks

Pontiac sunfire, coolant leak front of car. head gasket and water pump replaced a month ago. it is my daughters car and i can only go by her description of problem since she is 200 miles away. she says it is leaging coolant from front of engine i.e. front of the car, so since those engines are sideways, i guess that would be the left side of the engine. any idea what could be leaking.

I dont have a solution but i am having the same problem and taking my car in next wednesday to get looked at and i can let you know what my problem is to see if that can help you. ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XL that is leaking a brownish colored fluid. It appears to be thinner and more watery than engine oil. It is a very slow leak that looks like it is pooling in the lower plastic fender and then dripping down from the very front center of the vehicle. There also looks like there is a small radiator that I can see through the lower front grille that has an oily appearance on the passenger side but appears dry on the driver side. My problem is that I don't know where the

Your coolant is that color. Pressure test the cooling system and look closely for leaks. ... 2003 GMC Envoy Xl

(1989 Oldsmobile V-6 Regency (130,000 miles) suddenly the v-6, 3.8L engine is over heating. No leaks! I can fill the overthrow bucket and the radiator before bedtime and come out in next morning and all the water is gone! And there are no indications of a leak or any water or moisture under the car, in the oil or in the street!. No steam at the exhaust when first starting the engine. I am going to replace the thermostat, because a click occurs at the driver side near the air intake) , and the pa

The thermostat is too the front of the engine,, close to the exhaust system however i dont think thats your problem.. I'm thinking a broken cylinder head gasket.. causing the radiator to pour off into the engine..try this.. fill the radia ... Oldsmobile Regency

My son's 1997 honda accord starting smelling hot, like something burning. He saw the temperature gauge was getting hot, so he pulled into a parking lot and opened the hood, there was steam coming out from the engine.....Green (anti freeze?) fluid was spilled onto the passenger side front of the engine, and dripping onto the ground. We filled the radiator with water and turned the car on, there doesn't seem to be any leaks in the hoses up top or the top side of the radiator, but the water was com

I have had a similar problem with my son's Accord. You are lucky that your son knew to stop immediately, this happened to my son and we ended up having the head rebuilt. A leak may exist but not show up until there is adequate pressure o ... 1997 Honda Accord

I have a 2003 oldsmobile Aurora everytime it rains its leaks really bad from my roof in the front on the driver n passenger side water is always on the floor in the front n back seats the trunk leaks as well my whole car fogs up due to condensation from the water in the car really a headache and mildew in the car....HOW CAN I FIX THIS BIG PROBLEM!

... Cars & Trucks

I think the water pump is leaking. the car gage doesnt go over the driving temp but i smell fluid ive checked the hoses it just came up about 2 in low of fluid i added and now there was a puddle under the car. I cant see the leak after taking off the cover or down the sides or front of the engin but it was there and the cross member under the front of the engin is wet

Try to borrow a good size make-up mirror from a female friend. With the mirror in hand and as good small flashlight, look under the area of the waterpump while the engine is cold. You should see a greenish or redish stain on the bottom of the waterpu ... 2005 Cadillac CTS

2007 Toyota Corolla Water leak driver side front & rear floor and passenger front

... 2007 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1997 olds lss that is clearly leaking water through the firewall on the drivers side and puddles up on the floor in the front and makes its way to the back it is only on the drivers side and lets make this clear we cleaned and dried this car out this fall and we havent driven it this winter so it has been sitting and somehow between the snow melting and the rains we had last week the floorboard is soaked again it is clearly coming in somewhere on the drivers side against the firewall i

The leak is probably at the intake fresh air vents under the windshield wipers. The only other thing is the windshield seal and that would not make such a mess. You can remove the mesh and clean out the pocket. Then you might be able to seal it with ... Oldsmobile LSS

Water leaking inside the car front floor on drivers side?? toyota corolla touring wagon 1997 no idea where the water is coming from or what the cause of this could be??

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 95 ford windstar with a 3.8 liter engine and I am leaking alot of antifreeze. It is leaking on the passenger side of the engine of the front. We can not find the leak and it is now leaking so much i am scared to drive it. We have already replaced the water pump and freeze plugs? any ideas

Check the radiator hoses and heater lines that lead into the firewall, you may have a freeze plug that slipped too ... 1995 Ford Windstar

Have a coolant leak and wanting to make sure that it's the water pump!!! the leak is on the drivers side of the engine and the coolant only leaks when the car is running....when i fill it up after it's turned off the coolant doesn't leak... was already warned the water pump would go aqround 290 00 kms is that what's happening...

It is possible you need to pressure test the cooling system and inspect the engine while it is leaking ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

2007 toyota sienna leaking water, driver side carpet and front passenger side

... 2007 Toyota Sienna

Transmission issue. I was going up a hill (IN WV)... and my engine started to smoke. When i pulled over and examined my car it was pissing transmission fluid. ..it was more so near the front of the engine I want to say that it is coming from in between the engine and transmission...that would make it most likely a front seal leak.... BUT ..i was wondering if any one had any other input as to what it could be Mercury Sable GS 1997

In your comments you say front of engine then you say coming from between the engine and transmission. By your description of your engine starting to smoke it sounds like a sudden rather large leak that sprayed or splatter on your exhaust system wher ... 1997 Mercury Sable

Rain water leaks through front driver side speaker.

Most of the door panels have a plastic liner - usually white between the door and the door panel. It normally is glued onto the inside of the metal door itself. There is a formed indentation for the speaker that are supposed to keep the moisture from ... 1999 Toyota Camry

2003 Jeep Liberty 4WD 6-cyl, 65000 miles. Last year, my car overheated. Front driver side, orange-red coolant was leaking. Granted, I never had it flushed. After the car cooled, I filled with water, and was able to drive home. Next day, I had the coolant flushed, and everything was fine, until it overheated a month later. Turns out it was slowly leaking. I had it topped off, and was able to get home. The water pump blew out, and the car started spewing coolant. Brought it in, a

If you have a "check engine" light on then a bad temp sensor would give a \015\012wrong reading. Do you get heat from your heater core? Also make sure you\015\012 are getting a good flow from catalytic converter.Are you using ... Jeep Liberty


... 2006 Fiat 124
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