Having problems with your 1995 Mercury Sable ?

1995 mercury sable 3.0 litre no start car has spark and cranks over and has fuel pressure car has not been bumped or hit

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1995 mercury sable 3.0 litre no start car has spark and cranks over and has fuel pressure car has not been bumped or hit

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1989 Chevy Cavalier z24 my car will turn over and will start but only runs for 3 four seconds than dies, if i try to hit the gas it will die right away. sometimes i will get lucky and it will run for an hour than die. new fuel pump, sending unit, fuel pressure regulator, crank position sensor, computer, great spark, it has good fuel pressure up to the fuel rail. i dont know what else it could be maybe electrical problems? thanks

... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

1984 300zx non turbo......the car was running fine and then it wont start. it has spark. and i disconnected the fuel pressure regulator and turned it over and fuel comes out of the fuel lines going to the injectors. The car turns over just no spark. i noticed a little leak in one of the fuel lines that runs into the fuel regulator and the regulator has a hissing noise but i couldnt find any holes in it. I am guessing that the leak in the fuel line wont let the fuel system pump up to pressure and

If the car has been sitting up for a while like months or a year or so , its possible that the fuel pump stuck, the gas now a days is very bad about turning into lacqure like substance an that could be the problem? you need to check fuel preasure, au ... Nissan 300ZX

My 1996 4 cylinder, manual trans, dodge avenger buckles/jerks while driving after 20 - 30 minutes. Engine light is on - multiple misfires. Performed cylinder pressure test, each cylinder is 160 psi. Performed fuel line pressure test 65 psi. I also noticed that during the cold weather the car drives smoothly, however if it rains or extremely hot the car starts jerking vigorously and rpm needle jumps all over the place. Replaced fuel filter, coil, tps, spark wires and spark plugs.

On the side of the engine near the oil filter is the crankshaft position sensor. some time those get heat sensitive .noamaly the sensor is not to pricey. so its more cost effective to just replace it. ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

Hello I am pulling my hair out because i cant find the problem to my car. I have an 89 Oldsmobile Cruiser and The car will Not start it will turn over but just not start as if were not getting any fuel. i have changed the fuel pump, Filter, the Throttle position sensor, spark plugs and still nothing. we know it has fuel pressure up to the injectors because we have had that tested and we know it has spark as well because we can get it to start every once in a while with a little either But as soo

Crank position sensor?Have you checked for voltage to the injecters?The two things I would look at.Not sure if it has crankshaft sensor.Chilton repair manual might be a good investment.Well hope this helps. ... 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

I have fuel, and fuel pressure. Have replaced cap and rotor, they were kinda corroded but I've seen worse running. The car sometimes had ruff idle when the intermittent ignition problem did happen. Sometime hard stating then rough idle. Now the car won't start and has no spark. The previous owner had the car at a garage where they said they changed ignition module in the past. Knowing this after I changed the cap and rotor and still had no spark I changed the coil and still nothing, I purchased

Check crank position sensor if it has one, check all fuses and relays, check all connections for good connections ... 1993 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 97 Eagle Talon. 2.0L 4CYL non-turbo! I changed the headgasket and pressured and resurfaced the head. Now the engine tuirns like it wants to start but isnt. I checked the spark plugs there sparking, the coil is fine and there is power to the fuel injectors and coil.Fuel injectors were cleaned and i usesd a stethescope while trying to crank and the injecters all make a clicking sound. Fuel pump is working and i found no leaks. fuel rail has pressure. The timing was done, New belts! Car w

... 1997 Eagle Talon

My 89 Ford Taurus SHO wont start. it appears that my fuel pump does have that," second or so on time " when turning the key on. I was an auto mech by trade 20 years ago, so I did the checks line powering up the fuel pump to see if it would run ...the car didn't start but produced the P.S.I. required.aside from checking fuel pressure I checked for spark with an old gm spark tester called a, "st-125" . I tested the front three plug wires for spark. they did have spark. I checked fusible links, fus

Test also the vacuum system, and connect a code reader to car PCM module ATD Tools 5657 Deluxe Vacuum/Fuel Pump Tester KitCheck al ... 1989 Ford Taurus

My 96 Chrysler Concorde turns but won't start. It does not seem to be getting a spark. I am getting spark, I am getting fuel presure, after the car turns over (then dies) the injectors are getting juice. Then none. The fuel pressure value is ok. And yes I sprayed starter fluid in and the car RAN. But here is a question.. Is the BCM and PCM the same as a 1996 Eagle Vision TSI 3.5 and a 2000 Chyrs Intrepid 3.5

I had this same issue in my older bmw, it drove me crazy! not sure about your second question, but I replaced a CPS (crank/camshaft position sensor) and the TPS (throttle position sensor) all around 50 bucks each, and it started up fine and runs! ... 1996 Chrysler Concorde

Have a 93 park ave 3.8 car shut off and wont start had very little fuel pressure put new one on have fuel pressure now ckd spark and nobodys home replaced ignition module/cam sensor/crank sensor/knock sensor/ coils ckd out still wont still have no spark im thinking a fusable link or a short but i dont know were to look thanks rick please help

Try this website for resolving car problems by downloading a FREE\012service manual for your vehicle. This is not an owners manual but a\012factory mechcanic's manual.\012\012http://ezinearticles.com/?Find-the-Free-Auto-Repair-Manual-You- ... 1993 Buick Park Avenue

1994 S10 Chevy Blazer 4x4 w/4.3 Vortec engine stops after 6 minutes. Car runs 6 minutes then stops. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, temperature and spark ignition all good. Fuel injectors not energized. Exhaust coming out of exhaust pipe when running. Service engine soon light doesn't come on. Wait half hour, car will restart for 6 minutes, then stop again. Changed ECM and still has same problem. Do you think ECM, PROM or sensor problem?

... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have now changed the spark plugs in the 1993 sentra and the car still want start. if i let it set a while and try to start it the car will try to hit but will cut off. if i try to start it again it will not hit like the first time but will attempt to fire but will not. any other suggestions.. also the fuel pump has been checked, the fuel filter has been checked also.

If you change the sparkplug recently, and the car is work fine before to this, I suggest check...- Choke Thermostat / Stuck or Improperly Functioning Choke Thermostat.- Fuel Filter / Clogged or Dirty Fuel Filter- Relay - Fuel Pumpat ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

Fuel pump stays on, car won't start, good fuel pressure in manifold, good spark to plugs


1987 nissian maxima The car is getting way to much fuel replaced the egr,fuel pressure reg,spark plugs and wire, check fuel pressure,checked for vac leak

Engine miss caused by many things,weak ignition from bad ignition coil, ignition timing off if you have high mileage engine low compression from worn burned valves.could have something minor like stopped up air filter, clogged dirty fuel injectors, ... 1987 Nissan Maxima

1987 nissian maxima The car is getting way to much fuel replaced the egr,fuel pressure reg,spark plugs and wire, check fuel pressure,checked for vac leak

... 1987 Nissan Maxima

Ok i have a 1996 olds aurora its been sitting up for 6 months.i just replaced spark plugs,wire,etc. i started it with starter fluid & it started. then i pressed on the gas then the car cut off. it has a new fuel pump could it be the car is not getting enough pressure from the fuel relay, although the car is getting gas to the engine. there are no cracks in the fuel delivery system.

There might be a good chance the gas may have turned in to varnish. If the gas has turning in to varnish, try to drain the gas tank and run high octane with fuel injector cleaner through the system. Gas that has turned in to varnish will ... 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

2000 chevy 3500 7.4L cranks and hits every once in awhile, but wont stay running. checked fuel pressure had 60psi, checked fuel flow appears to be good . checked for spark it has good spark, removed plenium and ohmed injectors all turned 12.4 . checked all injector plugs with a noid light and i have pulse. no codes in computer , replaced crank sensor , replaced fuel filter, replaced fuel pump,

The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission control is\012only for ... 1998 Chevrolet C3500

Hi Car wont start .Spark plugs are new checked each one and have good spark.New fuel filter .Fuel pump is fine getting clean fuel to the injectors.Got a new air filter which I disconnected and sprayed ether into air intake ,turned starter over still didnt fire.Then I took plugs out and sprayed a bit into cylinder still to no avail.I do not have a pressure guage to check compression but do you think this could be timing belt maybe? I have spark ,clean air and fuel and cannot think of anything els

Sounds like it could be. (without checking to see if you have a "pulse" at the injectors) You can usully hear a difference in the way it turns over with a cam belt issue. ... Nissan NX

When i push the throttle, the rpms rise very slowly. also, when driving the car will sputter and shake. when at idle, the car idles very rough. i have checked fuel pressure, compression, all the fuel injectors, and my entire electrical system (spark plugs& wires, distributer& cap, etc). when i rotated the distributer, the car ran a little better, but not for long. also, my top speed is now about 30mph, and when i reach my new top speed, the car rocks back and forth. i have been told by several p

Have you checked you'r "o" rings on your fuel injectors my car does the same thing but i still have my speed my uncle has been a mechanic for 30 yrs and he said it could be your oxagine cencer or your "o" rings i don't spell ... 1993 Eagle Talon

I checked my spark plugs and have a spark going to each plug. I changed the fuel pump thinking I didn't have enough fuel pressure. I sprayed some starter fluid in the intake and it started for about 5 seconds. I checked all of the fuses inside the car and out. My spark plug cables are new. I verified that both coils are sending a spark. What am I not seeing?

If you are getting spark and the engine tries to run on starter fluid, then you have lost fuel.\015\012Check that you are getting injection pulses at the injectors and check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail at the injectors.\015\012Check for power ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

I need someone better than me! 1997 honda passport, 3.2 auto. car has had starting and driving problems. When put into drive gears, it fell on its face i changed the trans filter and fluid and wham, it ran fine all day yesterday. this morning it would not start. has spark and good fuel pressure. I replaced the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator last week, also intake gaskets. just now it still would not start and the fuel gauge showed empty, and it has a half tank. low fuel light is blink

Try sticking a can of petrol in just to satisfy me then try again and see what happens ,wouldnt be first time er indoors has crept out on the razzle and took a fella out whilst iam working ,dont mind that as it saves me another boring chore,but hey , ... Isuzu Rodeo

Mazda 323 died and won't start, has fuel, spark, good charging system and battery, disconected fuel line from filter no pressure, turned over motor with fuel line off and I could stop output with thumb. Replaced fuel pump and car still won't start. Car has 80,000K on it. What do I do?

It's possible you have a clogged fuel filer. change it out and try the thumb plugging again. ... 1988 Mazda 323 Hatchback

I have a 1992 Mercedes 190E 2.6L . I was driving on the freeway, and it die on me. I checked fuel pump, and it has spark comeout from spark plugs, and it have good pressure from the fuel pump, but the car still would not start, no fuel come out from injectors. Please give advise.

Check your crank angle sensor when they go bad you will get no spark.at first when they go bad it will be intermittent.its a heat related problem,when the car warms up the sensor will cause a open circuite,then when it cools down it will start again. ... 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190

My car cranks but will not start. It threw an error code before that said P0017 crankshaft/exhaust cam sensor misalignment. I replaced the sensors and I know the timing chain is not broken. I replaced the exhaust cam actuator solenoid. Car has spark and I hear the fuel pump and checked pressure at the fuel rail but the car still will not start. 2006 Cobalt SS Ecotec 2.4L

Try disconnecting the knock sensor see if it will at least fire if it dose replace the knock sensor. But the problem could be with the vehicle speed sensor mounted in the tail stock of the transmission. Bolth of these sensor create an ac voltage that ... Chevrolet Cobalt

Ok,I've a 1993 volvo 940 (non-turbo) recently the engine was change,and now won't start,sparks plugs,sparks,cap,rotor,fuel pump relay,coolant sensor have been change,oil and filter too.the car won't start,it turns and I've already check the cam and it rotate,I get spark and fuel pressure its good.Sometimes the engine start but it will keep runing with your feet on the acelerator,once you step off it will die and it won't start at all.I'll apreciate all the help you can give me,Thanks

Perhaps the Carburettor just needs a clean of all the soot and old oil build up. Go to a motor factors or ebay and get some Carb cleaner.\302\240Find Two pieces of old rags.\302\240And an old chisel or wide screwdriver.With the car ... 1993 Volvo 940
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