Having problems with your 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis ?

Shift interlock can;t move from park to reverse

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have ford grand Marcuse 1999 my transmission got locked in park cant move the shifting gear its automatic I can move it backward but cant take it to reverse or any other gear with this problem same time brake light stooped working and emergency signal stooped working .

Hello Khaled.Your car has a shift interlock that is designed so you must apply the brake to shift gears.The brake light switch activates a solenoid that allows the shifter to move.You have a defective brake switch or the fuse has bl ... Ford Crown Victoria

Hi. I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana. I started it today and went to shift from park to reverse. The gear shifter just moves up and down. It doesn't feel like its hitting any gears. The indicator light does move from P. The gear shifter just moves freely up and down. The van has been shifting hard lately--I would say about 40% of the time. I've noticed when I start it sometimes that its hard to shift out of reverse--mostly when I am parked at an incline.

Sounds like a low pressure problem that commonly is due to low ATF \015\012fluid condition so check your fluid level and color first. If the fluid \015\012is at the right level with the engine warm running and in the park \015\012position, there are ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

We have a 2005 f150 king ranch v8 5.4L with center console shifting that will not shift out of park. We moved the truck and put it in park. We changed rear brakes and rotor on the right side. We get in the truck to move it again and the shifter will not move. Tried jacking the back up again and moving the tires a little (thought they may have moved slightly taking the lugs off.) Checked owners manual to find out that it may be brake lights or the #16 fuse that is for brake shift interlock. Chec

SO you didnt have any problems before the brakes ..right. How does the top of the shifter feel? does it feel like its lifting the lock or does it feel like its not doing anything. I had one of these in yesterday that the screw holding the shifter kn ... 2005 Ford F-150

I am in park at my house about to go to work , when i notice i try to put the shift the car in reverse to back out od my drive way and it will not move. I applied the brake s i usually do but still no movement. So I am stuck and cant make it to work. PLease Help---- ASAP

Go to the back of the car and have a friend step on the brakes, if the brake lights do not come on you have found the problem. ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Shift interlock can;t move from park to reverse

... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter 318, it has 148k miles and has run like a dream for the five years i have owned it and out of no where my reverse gear has no power, drive, park, 2nd, and 1st work fine but when i put it in reverse i can hear it shift to reverse but wont move, no grinding or slipping, i lifted the rear and did same thing and it will definetly shift to reverse and it spins the wheels but when its down on ground the weight of the truck keeps it from actually moving, its almo

You could remove the valve body and clean\015\012You will not see anything at all by looking\015\012You will need a diagram of where the check balls go,because your upside down,with the case facing down.\015\012You will need to put ... Dodge Ram 1500

My 1997 Ford taurus transmission wont shift. I was driving and it stalled now it wont shift. If i put it in neutral i can push it and if i put it in park it wont move. If i put it in drive or reverse it wont go. The car turns on just fine. But if i put it in drive or reverse all it dose is rev up. I checked the shift cable and its good its shifts on the transmission but the car wont move.

Have you checked the transmission/gearbox fluid is at the correct level ? This will also cause this. Hope this is of help. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Shift stick is not moving, so I am unable to move from parking to drive or reverse. If order to do so I has to can da pump a bit hard at the brakes. After a few hard pumps the shift stick will move. But everytime a put it back to parking, it will not move or permit me to change unless I do the same producedure. Thank you

... 2000 Kia Sportage

My gear shift is stuck and will not move from park to reverse. I had backed out the car and turned it off. when I went to move the car, my gear shift will not move out of the park position.

Do the brake lights work? the system has a lock out that keeps you from moving out of park unless the brake circuit is activated, hence no brake lights no park lock out release, if the brk lights do work u most have a stuck or defective park lock out ... 2005 Chrysler 300

Was running perfectly, great milage, drove 35 miles home from work. Parked at grocery store. Got back in, started fine, shifted fine into reverse. Put it in drive and it shifted hard, then things were fine. Got back in 10 min later to pick up children about a mile away. After stopping at stop sign, the car wouldn't move forward until I put it in 1st gear. Tried shifting up but wouldn't move. Back in first and still no go. No reverse either. Just finished 2000 mile trip with no problems. Here sli

I was having problems with 2001 Lexus also at the end of November beginning of December of this year. I needed inspection, the 3rd oxygen sensor was replaced. Mechanic stated that the noise from my car seemed to be coming from the Transmission. m ... 2001 Lexus ES 300

When shifting from park, reverse or neutral to drive (D), I must shift all the way to (2) and then move back up to (D). Otherwise, the transmission remains in neutral whenever I shift directly from park, reverse or neutral to (D).

... 1999 Ford Taurus

After backing out of a parking space, something didn't seem right when I went to drive I did not move so I put the shift into park and turned off the engine to hopefully reset. It never started again. When the key is in and ignition on, the dash thinks the SUV is in reverse with the reverse lights on. After towing it home and removing the console, the sylinoid switch is in question. When the piston is manually depressed the shifter will move, but the SUV still thinks it's in reverse and will not

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Check fuses related to the transmission and make sure all wiring and electrical plugs are in good shape and tight fitted. If all this is OK,\015\012I believe you hava a faulty transmission control selenoid, You ... GMC Envoy

When trying to get car out of park to get in reverse to drive car, shift doesnt move out of part, i put a screw driver in the shift lock release to get car to move out of park, what do I have to do to fix?

2005 Nissan Altima\015\012Took car to dealer and found out it was an electric component called a shift lock controler solenoid which was an extented warranty and it solve the problem . ... 2005 Nissan Altima

2013 Ford Escape will only shift to Park and Reverse. Shifter DOES move all the way through the gears but only engages Park and Reverse. (I descibe problem in more detail in the detail section.)

Make sure you tested the level correctly. Sounds strange to be high, unless it got flooded. ... 2003 Ford Escape

In order for me to move the shift in park, reverse,or neutral, I have to insert something in this little hole(beside the shift,it says unlock I beleive) thats long enough to reach the bottom to move the shift. Hopefully, someone recognizes my problem and can help. Thanks

Try a new neutral safty switch on the brake pedal ... 2001 Daewoo Leganza

It is extremely hard to move the shift lever from park to reverse to drive and then going back the other way on my 99 explorer. All gears work..shifts good once I get in gear but difficult to move the shift lever on column. What is problem. i had a new cable installed...didnt help.

Your shift cable needs to be adjusted. I would take it to the garage that installed it and have them adjust it.\015\012 Hope this was helpful. ... Ford Explorer

I have a 1997 Saturn SW2 Wagon with 101,000 miles. In the last couple of weeks it has become very hard to shift the automatic transmission gear shift from Park to Reverse or Park to Drive. A repair shop has told me that the subframe is completely rusted through and that the parts above it have dropped into the frame. What is causing the shift to be hard to move?

... 1994 Volvo 850

2000 Chrysler 300M automatic. The shifter has always been stiff and difficult to move when shifting, since I bought the car 2 months ago. Recently, I tried putting the car into park, but it would not go. I just kept moving the shifter from D, N R, but every time I would try to get it up into park it wouldnt go. After moving the shifter for about 15 mins, now it wont go up into reverse either!!! I have no idea what is wrong with it, any ideas???

Did u get the shift nob fixed cause mine is messing up now ... 2000 Chrysler 300M

2002 Infiniti I35 with known power steering leak problem. Car was running fine, but had mild "moan" from power steering leak. While at a stop light, with the car in "drive" the light turned green and I stepped on the accelerator and the car would not move forward. I shifted into reverse, and the care would not go in reverse either. I pushed the car off to the side of the road. I shifted it back into drive, and felt the car engage, but still would not go forward. I shifted back into park and re

... 2005 Infiniti FX35

My 2002 Nissan Sentra will not move shift from park to anything(reverse, drive, etc) unless I stick something in the shift lock hole. Usually, you can press the button and move the shifter and it will change gears but even when I try to just press the button on the shifter and try to move the shifter it does not work.

Hello! Check the following two fuses...fuse 2...and fuse 10...Both 10A...If good...Turn the key to ON... and press the brake pedal while someone watches the brake lights...Do the brake lights come on? If they do that eliminates the brake pedal switch ... Nissan Sentra

2003 Ford Escape only shifts to Reverse. The shifter DOES move all the way through the gears but only engages Park and Reverse. (More Detail in the detail section.)

... 2003 Ford Windstar

When i try to move my 1998 chevy cavalier from park to drive, it either stops at neutral or stays stuck on reverse or park, but the lever still moves back and forth it just wont shift gears.

Could be linkage calbe may need to do it slower and twice ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2001 Olds Alero. Went through the little surging and fuel gage fluctuation. Went through the intake plenum gasket leaking water into the oil (fully rebuilt the engine and used upgraded plenum gasket). Car worked great. One day my wife parked the car and, when she came back to it, it would not shift from Park to Reverse. I was finally able to get the shifter to move, but the car acted like there were blocks at the tires. The car was finally backed up enough to move out of the space, and

Here are two links to your transmission shift linkage system, inspect all moving parts for damages or anything that may be binding your shift linkage. Also when you get a chance, inspect your transmission fluid or bring it to a transmission shop and ... Oldsmobile Alero

My 95 Aerostar won't shift into park. When I move the gear shift all the way to park it goes into reverse instead.

... 1995 Ford Aerostar

I have a 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and it has the following strange problem. when it is shifted out of park, into gear it acts like it is still in park. It can be felt going into reverse,and all forward gears firmly. To get the car to move, it has to be rocked back and forth several times, then it can be put in gear,and it will move as normal. When I helped a friend drive it off a dealers lot to his place before I bought it from him, we rocked it several times, I put it in drive, and it took off

One of three things. Inside the trans are clutches, bands, sprags and planetaries. I believe that either a set of clutches is sticking together or the input sparg is not free wheeling when it is suppose to or th ... 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight
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