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Air supension light on no compresser sound

\015 Air bags dont pump up\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Is it turned on, switch in the trunk.
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Air supension light on no compresser sound

Is it turned on, switch in the trunk. ... 1995 Lincoln Continental

X type jag 3.0 V6 petrol, engine management light illumunated, doesn't sound right on intake, all codes relate to engine misfires, changed plugs, coil packs, compressions ok, no air leaks on or around manifold, fitted new timing chains and tensioners also noticed fuel pressure drop on live data only for split second when fault occurs so fitted new fuel pump still no different, codes showing at moment p0300 random/multiple misfires and p1313 coil pack no2 but sometimes changes to p0300 random/mul

Hi,\015\012What causes a cylinder to misfire? Basically, it's one of three things: loss of spark; the air/fuel mixture is too far out of balance to ignite; or loss of compression. Loss of spark includes anything that prevents coil voltage from jumpin ... 2004 Jaguar X-Type

My 1999 A6 works fine when cold, after it runs for some 15 minutes the ABS light come on and stay on, the red BRAKE light blinks on an off, the tachometer goes to zero, the oil light flashes in the center, three beeps sound, and the air conditioner stops kicking out cold air. The fan continues to work, but there is no cold air. Sounds like an electrical problem in the transmission harness maybe. Any thoughts?

I agree with your concern over the wiring harness. Unless you have all of the electronic testing equipment required, I would recommend that you call an autoelectric shop and make an appointment for them to scan your auto and isolate the problem. go ... 1999 Audi A6

When i turn my lights on while driving A code reads, at the odometer, NO BUS - My warning lights flashed on and a dinging sound could be heard. my oil light and engine light came on. My gas, speed and RPM hands do not work. My air bag light stays on as well. i do have head lights but the light will not come on to tell me that I am on high beam. My radio works, no problem. My dinging sound detectors that lets me know my keys are in the switch or that I have left my lights on does not come on anym

You may need the dealer for this. NO BUS means the body computer, engine computer, and instrument cluster are not talking to each other correctly. It could be a wiring problem or something in one of the components. ... Cars & Trucks

Is this vehicle worth repairing? My father purchased a 1998 Buick LeSabre which smells like mold (rust under seats and engine on all medal); air bag light won't go off; turn signals don't work auto; car STOPS for no reason - STOPS; really hot spot in middle/left side of steering wheel; no air conditioning; oil light won't go off; when driving sounds like emergency brake engaged; emergency brake pops up and down; gas pedel goes to floor for no reason at times; interior lights come on for no reaso

Check out popular mechanics auto , about dealers selling flooded cars, all the details are there ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid...Tire Low light came on...I continued to drive and the tire lost more air. Then a horrible sound came along. It sounds like something hitting the wheel well. I thought for sure the tread was stripped off the tire and slapping around and hitting the body or the car...The tire was in good shape. Aired it up and noise disappeared.....What's up? Have the tire manufacturers built in noise makers to really get your attention when you need air?

Try to do your inflations when the tires are as close to cold as \015\012possible, ie: at the closest practical gas station. The further you've \015\012driven the more they will warm up. The tire pressure spec. on the \015\012sticker in door well is ... Honda Civic


U may have a vaccum leak. if there was a problem with the MAF the scanner should of said circuit input/output malfuntion, fuel air metering or some thing along those lines. the code they gave you doesnt sound correct. the car running lean isnt going ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Steering Wheel Radio and Cruise Control stopping work today and the Air Bag Light came on while driving through a parking garage. I heard a crunching sound as I turned the steering wheel to go around a curve then the light came on. It sound like something plastic broke.

This is due to a broken clockspring behind the steering wheel. It works as a constant contact for all acessories on the steering wheel to include the air bag system. It is a simple ribbon of wire to allow for turning of the wheel incased in a plastic ... 2001 BMW 325

1991 mazda 626 dx (non-turbo) 2.2 liter. Bough a remanufactured air mass sensor, NEW pcv valve, NEW fuel filter, and NEW cold air intake filter. When the engine starts at cold, the check engine light comes ON, it runs fine for 15 minutes, and when the engine warms up the check engine light goes OFF. Now when this happens, i can't floor the accelorator with out the engine sounding like its about to bottom out, and then i'll get the response. And when i come to a stop the engine idle is between 14

... 1991 Mazda 626

1997 sc2 has a chattering and squeeling sound comming from the air conditioner compresser and pully or clutch. sound does not change whether air is off or on. any solutions

Could just be loose belts or bent pulley.Lastly the compressor could be on it's last legs and the bearing is shot or the a/c clutch is shot Start with the little stuff first. ... 1997 Saturn SL

A code read at the odometer NO BUS - My oil light and engine light came on. My gas, speed and RPM hands do not work. My air bag light stays on as well. i do have head lights but the light will not come on to tell me that I am on high beam. My radio works, no problem. My dinging sound detectors that lets me know my keys are in the switch or that I have left my lights on does not come on anymore. Thsi is a 2004 Jeep Liberty.

Locate the fuse in the fuse box the =Bus fuse may be blown, if the fuse is not blown then the voltage regulator on the back of the instrument panel has gone bad and you will have to pull the cluster out to fix it. ... 2004 Jeep Liberty

1998 f-150: While driving, my parking break light turned on, then the air bag light turned on. Shortly after my head lights dimmed. 5 minutes later all of my gages bottomed out to 0. One minute later the truck died. The interior lights would not turn on but the bed light did turn on. I tried starting it up agin and it would not turn over it made a click, ckick, click sound. Is it the altenator?? Computer??? Thanks for your time.

Get an exorcist... ... 1997 Ford Expedition

I have 2000 Toyota Solara, V6 3.0L 1MzFe, idles low & sounds like it's going to cut off, sputters when accelerates, if gas pressed to quick will simulate a sound that sounds like a backfire, when in park revs up normal sounds okay in park. I have replaced all spark plugs/wires, cleaned throttle body & idle air control valve, also replaced one ignition coil based on taking it to the shop & having it put on machine & was advised only one was bad. Check engine light is still on. Next thinking ca

Did u ever figure it out? ... 2000 Toyota Camry Solara

This morning the 97 960 sedan was fine. This afternoon, car cranks up normally after sitting in 110 degree temp all day....except that the idiot lights in the dashboard all come on and stay on until my wife starts to drive it. The ac is blowing hot air, but not much, and all the lights have gone out except the red light with the battery symbol. Put on the brakes and the ''abs'' and ''srs'' lights come on. Car does not run hot and sounds normal. Has 110,000 miles on it.

Please there are multiple problems with your car though not too serious but requires urgent attention.1. The alternator (Charging system)2. Brake system3. ABS Sensor4. SRS (Air bag)But I recommend you run a s ... 1997 Volvo 960

Nissan D-21 Truck (1991) Oil light came on, didn't seem to need oil, but it wouldn't go out. Added a quart of oil. Light goes out. Next morning, same thing. Thought I was losing oil somewhere. Then it started to stall out when coming to a stop sign or intersection. Changed the oil, light still won't go out. Changed air filter. Still no change. Changed the plugs, Oil light still on. Now it will run rough, but will stall and takes forever to restart. Sounds like it's missing. Not sure which direct

Dont run it put a new oil pump in it or it will get a bad motor ... 1986 Nissan Pickup 4WD 1986

I have a 1.4 8v vw polo 2001. 60bhp (i think) Engine light "Check" coming up then going out for a couple of days then coming back on. I have replaced the Oxygen sensor at the fron tof the engine, reset 4 days later light back on. Found a spilt in the breather pipe at the back of the engine allowing air in, taped that up to seal, reset. week later light cam e back on. Replaced ht lead to cylinder 3 as garage test said 3 was not firing correctly. Light still on. Compression test carried out, ctlin

... Volkswagen Rabbit

Engine light I am having problems with my accord. The engine light comes on when the car gets up to temp. When the light is on it limits at 4000rpm and one of the enjectors makes a clunking sound. Could the problem be Standard Air Temp. Sensor

Sounds like the air temp sensor to me ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 2005 Honda Pilot. Just recently, I am hearing a light whistling sound coming from the passenger side of the car. It almost sounds like when you have something in a container that is hot and the air or pressure is escaping from it slowly. I had my brakes replaced a few months ago and the brake rotators were also resurfaced too. The sound comes on when I am driving but not when I am at complete standstill. It lasts for 10 -15 seconds but happens every 10 minutes or so. Thanks!

If it started after the brakes where changed it might be a problem with installation (maybe brake wear indicators [metal tabs to allert when brake pads are low]) or could just have a pebble stuck inbetween pad and disc. sometimes if the pad /disc we ... 2005 Honda Pilot

When driving my 2005 Toyota Corolla, the oil light starts flashing and eventually stays on. The car is making noise... vibration? ... but it doesn't sound good. Then it stalls. I start it up after a few minutes, it's okay, then repeat: oil light flashes, then the oil light stays on, the car gets loud, steering wheel is shaky, then the car stalls. Checked the oil and it's full. Brought it to a mechanic, and they changed the engine's air filter and spark plugs, and said I wouldn't have any m

... 2005 Toyota Corolla S

The a/c in my 2004 Ford Explorer does not blow as hard as it should. it sounds like the air is coming out hard and fast but you can barely feel anything. Its cold air, just really light air.

You may have something clogged in the fins of the blower motor. Check that first. I'm always pulling plastic grocery bags out of them. ... 2004 Ford Explorer

On a 2004 Lincoln Navigator. Where is the suspension compressor relay located. My vehicle was working fine. After I stopped to get something to eat, as I turn my vehicle On the lights flickered and the air suspension compressor didn't go on. Went to refuel. After I started the vehicle again the lights flickered once again and I heard like a clicking sound at the same time the lights flickered.

Okay the switch is in the back trunk area(I know it a SUV) in the back where you access the jacking tool youll see the switch make sure its on. Now some Navigator some have a shrader valve to pump up the suspension on the front area on driver side. ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

03 H2; air conditioner makes a clicking sound when on AIR and you accelerate. Does not do it when air is off. Also, back tail light keeps going out even when you replace bulb. Thanks

Clicking sound you hear is the belt tensioner, due to a malfunctionig a/c compressor ,\015\012\015\012the reed valves of the compressor are broken causing unstable pressure that makes the belt tensioner vibrate ... 2003 Hummer H2

2001 chrysler sebring oil pressure light comes on when the car is stopped at red lights while moving the light never comes on .Another question i have is why does the air conditioner sound so loud outside of the car

The oil pressure light is a serious problem...this needs to be looked at right away, or you face a seized engine (one that no longer moves). It sounds like the oil pump will need to be replaced. The reason the light goes out while moving, is that the ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I have a1999 Subaru outback wagon, it was running fin last night, but this morning when we turned it on it started flashing the check engine light, then the light remained lit. The car sounds fine, but is idling about 1500 rpm with occasional jumps up to 2000 rpm; it normally rests about 700 rpm. When I run it, it feels fine with maybe just the slightest hesitation when accelerating. The engine light also went back to flashing. I tightened the fuel cap and in the process of cleaning the air filt

Best thing to do in your case is take it to a mechanic and put it on a computer scanner to bring up a code # to detect the faulty part. The Check Engine Light usually represents a problem in the emissions system. ... 2000 Subaru Outback

05 pt cruiser air bag light coming on every 20 seconds with beep sound

... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser
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